Survivor 33 Exit Interview | Latest Player Voted Out – 11/3/16

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Each Thursday after Survivor, Rob Cesternino talks with the latest player who got voted off Survivor.  Today Rob speaks with the latest player voted out of Season 33.  Then Jordan Kalish returns to play another round of the “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show “.

Exit Interview with Survivor Michaela Bradshaw, the Latest Player Who Got Voted Off Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X.

What Happened?

In this week’s Exit Interview, Rob spoke with Michaela Bradshaw about the shocking conclusion to the tribal council. Michaela said that she gave up too much, too soon and it fed people’s paranoia. Rob continued, saying that he felt that it was a wrong choice and how she provided a memorable reaction that will be remembered in Survivor history. Michaela expressed how shocked she still is with Justin “Jay” Starrett betrayal and was devastated.

Hidden Immunity Idol

Rob then asked Michaela why she didn’t reveal that Justin had the immunity idol when she was voted out. Michaela defended herself, saying it was because she wanted to be fair in the spirit of competition. Elaborating, Michaela explained that she could respect the move Justin made because it paid off and it was daring to do in this competition. Remaining true to herself, Michaela claims she isn’t bitter about the move and had no reason to try to expose Justin at that point.

Why Jay? Why?

According to Michaela, it is all about perspective on whether or not Justin made the right move to vote her out. While admitting it was a move she wished he hadn’t made, Michaela also confessed that she couldn’t imagine the alliance continuing much further down the line. Confidently, Michaela told Rob that she isn’t a competitor that an opponent would want to see at the end of the game. However, she commented on how valuable and trustworthy of an ally she was, and felt that it was ultimately the wrong long-term move.

Jay’s Point

Rob played a clip of Justin explaining why he decided to vote off Michaela and then asked if he was right in terms of her inability to be deceitful. Michaela didn’t believe that reasoning and pointed out that everyone else knew that he was in alliance with Michelle Schubert, Taylor Lee Stocker, Jessica “Figgy” Figueroa and Will Wahl. Explaining her point further, Michaela said that it wasn’t the fact that she couldn’t hide whether or not she liked you but it was how she could get rid of you if she didn’t like someone. However, she did agree with Jay in terms of how strong a competitor she was and how she does wear her heart on her sleeve.

Jay and Michaela

When asked if Justin and her had any conversations about concerns, Michaela wished she had picked up on the red flags. She blames the trust she placed in Justin for not picking on the warnings, when Justin asked her whether or not she was voting against him. However, Justin did teach Michaela a valuable lesson that you need to be on your toes if someone is paranoid about you.

Jay and Will

Michaela talked about how her and Will Wahl formed a relationship only when the Ikabula tribe formed. Will didn’t owe anything to her, according to Michaela, and she said that Will reminded her of kids that she used to work with. In conclusion, Michaela said that she was cool with Will but felt that he wouldn’t be capable of voting her out with Justin.

Bret and Sunday

The rumors did reach Michaela how people on the island believed that Bret LaBelle was a cop, however Michaela didn’t care whether or not Bret was a cop. She just enjoyed the determination Hannah Shapiro had to prove that Bret was a cop. Michaela then sang praises about Sunday Burquest and Bret and admitted how she was torn with the idea of voting against them.

Any Regrets?

In hindsight, Michaela wishes she could’ve just voted Jay out. Michaela said she could only put someone at ease for so long and mentioned how dangerous it would be if Jay went to the rest of his friends. With one of his friends being Taylor, who isn’t a fan of Michaela, then she knew that it would only be a matter of time.

Taylor and Figgy

When asked if she was on good terms with Figgy, Michaela told Rob that she wasn’t going to let the game carry over into real life. Michaela explained that she treated Figgy as a new person and she doesn’t harbor any ill will towards anyone in the game. While she admits that it’s doubtful that they’ll be close friends, she said that she doesn’t have any hard feelings toward Figgy. Michaela also predicted that Figgy and Taylor would break up and wasn’t shocked at all to hear of the split.

Adam’s Flip

Rob asked Michaela if she was confident that Adam Klein would flip on Figgy. Michaela explained that her conversation with Adam wasn’t showed. In this conversation, they discussed how Adam needed to flip on Figgy. Michaela was confident that Adam wouldn’t let her down and was happy to see that Adam followed through with voting out Figgy. When asked if it caused mistrust with Justin, Michaela believed that it did. With Michaela taking out a member of Justin’s alliance, he realized that she wasn’t going along with his plan. Michaela regretted revealing her plan of taking out his alliance and wished she could’ve kept quiet about it.

Michaela’s Journey

Rob told Michaela how he felt that Michaela was a great cast member of Survivor and asked her to tell her journey. Michaela explained she originally had Amazing Race, but was unable to find a spot. However, she was approached about Survivor and pursued the opportunity. Michaela was initially intimidated of Survivor, but ultimately decided to see it through. Later on, Rob takes on Jordan Kalish for another week of “This Week in Survivor History Quiz Show.”

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