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Vote NOW for the Winner of Miss Survivor & Mr. Survivor 2015

Click to Vote for the winner of Mr. Survivor & Miss Survivor 2015

Click to Vote for the winner of Mr. Survivor & Miss Survivor 2015

NOTE: The Mr. Survivor debate will be held on Tuesday, Feb 17 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT. Feel free to wait to make a decision until the candidates debate the issues.


Click to Vote for the Winner of Mr. Survivor & Miss Survivor 2015

Official Rules

1.  Voting will begin at 12:01 ET on Mon, February 16, 2015 and run through 11:59 pm ET on Sat, February 21st, 2015.  You can cast your votes directly on the poll page using this link:

2.  Voters will select 1 eligible man and 1 eligible woman to win in each category.

3.  Voters may vote once from any computer, tablet or mobile device they own.  Intentional ballot box stuffing will be discovered and those votes will be discarded.

2.  There will be no write-in candidates



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Rob Cesternino

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  • thesoftcommenter

    voted! :-)

  • Michael Norris

    So I’m guessing Tony and Jeremy both dropped out of the debate? I guess that would make Spencer go from my last choice to my first.

    • Nobody dropped out of the debate… it’s Tuesday night.

      • Michael Norris

        That’s a relief. I think I’ll wait until then to vote.

      • robert sichelstiel

        I think the delay of the debate is definitely in Spencer’s favor.

  • FC

    Rob you posted January 21st for the end of voting :)

  • Matt The Golem

    Could not listen to Tony bragging about himself for an entire year so voted for someone else.

  • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

    Team Spensha!

  • Patrick

    Spencer/Tasha get my votes.

  • Jake Everts

    After the Tightie Whitey Remix from Tasha, I can’t not vote for her and “the lad”

  • robert sichelstiel

    seriously, had to vote for Spencer and Natalie.

  • Legionwrex

    For Mrs. Survivor, there is no excuse not to vote for Tasha. She is all around great.

    For Mr., it’s more difficult. But when in doubt, go for entertainment, and that is without a doubt Tony. Plus his interactions with Tasha will be funny.

    • Debbie

      I am waiting for the debate.

    • damnbueno

      An acceptable reason not to vote for Tasha is because she’s most likely shown us all she’s got in her campaign. If elected, there will inevitably be a letdown.

      Tasha and Tony don’t get along at all. I doubt there would be laughs between them.

      Just sayin’. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

  • David Healy

    Don’t draw rocks! Vote for the Fox! (and the Lad too)

  • joethehobo

    NATALIE!! And either Jeremy or Spencer.

  • Keeron

    Voted for spencer and tasha #TeamSpentasha all the way!!

  • toast

    Meat ‘n Beer , baby. Meat and Beer.

    • Debbie

      Me too! The Valentine’s special with Franny where both Rob & Nicole decided to create Tinder accounts together sealed the deal! Nat will be able to do a hilarious Tinder podcast with both of them now! Tinder is now a RHAP official topic.

      • toast

        Rob Has A Tinder Profile.

        • Debbie

          He didn’t have one until he did the podcast with Franny (unless it was all a ploy and I fell for it). He was curious about Tinder, so Franny explained (very bare bones) how it worked. Rob was afraid to set up an account just to see how it worked because he was afraid Nicole would be pissed. But Nicole wanted a profile as well so she could have fun judging people’s profiles. Rob is most interested in seeing if he can attract women…to boost his self esteem. It is a slippery slope (from experience years ago with….LOL

  • waggenx2


  • Miss BB15 Blogger

    Leaning with Jeremy and Tasha!

  • Nathan

    I wish you waited until the men debated since the women’s debate changed my mind on the girls. Gahh I have no willpower to wait

  • guest

    My vote goes to Spencer and Tasha…I want that know-it-alls in chitown!

  • Edita

    Jeremy and Nat! Go twinnies!!

  • Ron

    Happy to have voted for Kelly and Spencer, the only two who care about the community and who are in this for a reason other than to be able to say they “won something.” The others are all fun to listen to, but will vanish from rhap as soon as the contest is over.

    • Craig Ngu

      They got my votes too

  • waggenx2

    Kelley is the only one of the girls who I feel will stay with the community. The other will take the win and leave right away.

  • Andrew Aramini

    Spencer and Kelley had the worst interviews and debates but I still think they’re the best and most relatable candidates.

  • Liam Carlson

    Am I the only one who did Spence and Nat?

    • Alexander Clark Campbell

      Obviously not because they won My Friend – but I voted for Jeremy and Tasha. I voted objectively – and let the contestants earn my votes. If I had voted for my preference – it would have been for Tony and Kelley. Spencer was my number 2 – both objectively and personally. Natalie was my number 3 – both objectively and personally. I am glad that Nat is becoming a fan after winning.

  • Alexander Pointe

    Tasha blocking her fans on Twitter certainly isn’t doing her any favors. Guess I know one person that I’m for sure not voting for. Tasha being block happy not only lost her a vote but also a fan.

  • Dman

    Team KELLY
    And Tony

  • Deb

    Just want Jeremy to know he lost a vote playing the race card. I”m pretty fed up with that.

    • Nadia

      Pointing out that he’s black is a race card? Had no one noticed before he brought it up?

      • Deb

        Should it matter when I’m voting for someone? I’m voting for someone to represent Survivor & RHAP.

        • Nadia

          then he wasn’t talking to you, just like Spencer and Tony weren’t talking to anyone who doesn’t care about KIA shows in Chicago or who won their season. Other people do have Midwest events or increasing the diversity of the title as things that are relevant to them so it seems a bit of a leap to, how dare they bring it up. “I’d be the first black Mr. Survivor,” was a completely true statement.

  • Karl Kostik

    Kelley and Spencer, no question. I want RHAP involvement.

  • Michelle Deveraux

    Spencer and Tasha

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