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The Worst Celebrity Apprentice Episode Ever

Holly Robinson Peete, Bret Michaels and Cyndi LauperCyndi Lauper might be the greatest Celebrity Apprentice contestant that ever walked the earth, but sadly she was fired this week. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri are back to break it all down on a Celebrity Apprentice 3 edition of Rob Has A Podcast. Rob and Nicole are joined by special guest Celebrity Apprentice corespondent who is out in the field with a Celebrity Apprentice breaking news story. On this episode we find out:

– The details of Jonny Fairplay’s recent run in with Celebrity Apprentice contestant Curtis Stone and gives us his Survivor thoughts about the success of Rupert Boneham and Sandra Diaz-Twine on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains.

The Rock and Roll Zen Den

The Most Beautiful Room Ever!

– We’ll discuss why Cyndi Lauper got fired and how she could have better defended herself against the attacks from Holly Robinson Peete (Whateva).

– Exactly how great was the Rock and Roll Zen Den that Cyndi Lauper created?

– Why was the Don Trump Jr. douche-meter going off the chart this week?

We will break it all down and try to figure out who the winner of Celebrity Apprentice 3 will be on a Celebrity Apprentice podcast that is more “fab” than a buddha statue.

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes

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  • MIGgles

    Fairplay thinks he’s alot better then Russel but they’re similar in alot of ways. Both made it very far into the game and if fairplay like russel had made it to the end he wouldnt have gotten very many votes, fairplay isnt as in your face or abrasive but it really seems to me like they both have styles of gameplay that gets them to the end but ultimatley not many votes

    • Disagree man… Fairplay had it lined up with Burton or Lil in the finals against him, there are no bigger goats then carrying two people that got voted out. That means he was thinking about the end the whole time. You want to compare him to anybody, it would be our website host, Rob, but in a more crude humor type way. Social, flip flop with a couple of goats for the end. Both also realized that they where on TV and provided for good moments.

      • MIGgles

        Watch the reunion show, Jeff asked the jury to vote if lil took fairplay to the finals and lil got the votes to win, the final tribal might have swayed them but lil would have won

        • To be fair, it was months later and they were on live tv in front of an audience of however many. If they said Jon would have won, people would have started throwing stuff. In my opinion, Jon would have had Burton’s vote for sure, Ryno hated Lil (one more for Jon), Tijuana may have voted Jon because she wanted a good answer to her strategy question, and the rest are up in the air. Only Rupert and Sandra for sure would have voted Lil, but Christa never seemed to have a problem with Jon. Who knows. I’m done speculating! I recently bought Pearl Islands on dvd so it’s fresh in my memory.

          • MIGgles

            i still think he would of lost, and you want to say hidden immunity idols are an unfair advantage, going up against an outcast is the biggest advantage ever, and also final 2 for players like fairplay, russel, hatch, and boston rob are alot better then final 3, so i feel like russel had more disadvantages then fairplay, and if brett didnt go on that immunity run who knows what would’ve happened

          • The outcast twist was definately a monkey wrench that would complicate a player’s chances in FTC, but I think Burton could have won if he argued his case well.

            Russell has the disadvantage of making people dislike him. And he hasn’t been in control of the game since the merge. And before I ramble on, I don’t think Jon is like Russell in terms of gameplay, but I see where you’re coming from! Both strategies are about staying 39 days and winning, but only one of them could actually pull off a win.

          • MIGgles

            Ur not really acknowleding any points i made ur kind of taking little pieces and turning around to make a point.

            u say russel has the disadvantage of making people dislike him, i totally agree hes screwed his chances of winning this time, but i feel like fairplay did the same thing. If you read my 1st post i say they have different styles of gameplay, but with the same result so i dont know where u got that from that i said they have the same gameplay, and you can obviously throw around points and make it seem like ur right cause we’ll never know if fairplay would of won, but if he did the only reason would have been because he was up against an outcast, and also if it was final 2 in russel’s season and say he brought jaison or mick to the end i think he would of had a fighting chance

          • If I misspoke, I’m sorry. I was trying to articulate that they are similar because they can make it to the end of the game. I shouldn’t have said gameplay because to me, that involves strategy and social skills. Honest mistake. I’m not trying to convince you, since you are entitled to your opinion. And since this is all speculation, there is no right answer. I just wanted to have a conversation because I think it’s fun to speculate.

  • BS

    nice mention of “jizz” by Nicole. Cocaine snot might be another celebrity juice.

    No Stephen :(

    Concerning Big Brother podcasts: Looking forward to what you guys have to say about the Chenbot.

    Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Summer podcast wishlist: Coach, Courtney, JT, Boston Rob, Sandra

  • Final picks for CA: HRP vs Brett Michaels. The logic is, I see them winning out as a team.

    Big Brother Podcast: I think after the veto ceremony is a good time for it.

    Speaking of “illegal” websites. Have you checked out ?

    • seasondays

      i don’t think there will be another challenge

      the preview shows JOAN RIVERS and BILL RANCIC interviewing the remaining contestants; there’s a TRIPLE elimination coming up next SUNDAY

      i think it will be HOLLY ROBINSON PEETE [whateva] vs SHARON OSBOURNE

      • Oatestache

        Considering they are doing an elimination without a task before the interviews, it’s got to be Maria at that point. It really doesn’t matter how they perform in the interview part, Trump will make it Sharon versus HRP in the final. So far they are 1-1 as project managers against each other and Trump definitely wants to see them settle a best of 3 with the final task.

      • Joey

        I had to look up Bill Rancic, first winner…who cares? Piers and Joan would have been better and made more sense. I think Maria gets fired right away, then Sharon. Bret has 2 wins as PM and Holly raises money like crazy. The final task is usually as giant fundraiser and Bret wins because he calls his friends that he hasnt yet (and will pick Sharon who will bring in a lot), and Holly used up all of her donors during the gym challenge (and her first pick is Summer who raises no money)

  • Michael

    Great episode. I, too, believe that Brett will take the entire competition.

    And fun fact: I will start watching Big Brother because of this podcast.

  • Fun Fact: Cyndi Lauper is the greatest Celebrity Apprentice player to never win.

  • Michael

    Much of that was because of Fairplay’s lie — in the game, he’s lost his grandmother, which he obviously would use in the final speech. I think he wins.

  • Subuhi

    Random comment before I finish listening to the podcast:
    All [future] Survivor Players should ask themselves at numerous intervals in the game “what would Rob C. do?” and then go about making their decisions.
    Also the audio quality on Jon’s end makes it hard to understand what he is saying sometimes…but I know you can’t do anything about it now.

  • MikeyMike

    you’re in a bit of a pickle with a Big Brother podcast:

    you could do a podcast on Monday and Thursday if you’re not worried about spoilers.

    Anyone who subscribes to the feeds or Showtime’s Big Brother After Dark knows by Friday afternoon who is nominated, by Sunday who won the Veto, and by Monday afternoon whether or not the Veto was used.

    my vote: let it be a spoiler-filled podcast; if you’re listening to a BB podcast, then odds are you’re a die-hard fan anyways and already know.

    plus, what are the chances of keeping the comment sections spoiler-free too?

  • Oatestache

    The fact that Bret was possibly going to be fired for not speaking up was typical Trump changing the rules on a whim because Trump usually is the opposite saying “You should have sat there and let them battle it out, but by speaking up, now you’re in trouble.” I thought he would have just sent Bret upstairs.

    Cyndi’s death stares in the board room were amazing.

    As for cutting things out from the show, why not get rid of the “coming up after the commercial” and Trump’s business lessons.

    Yes, the “Cyndi” room was the only good part of that apartment, but they only seemed to stress that they liked the red, not the random stuff she threw in there, so her good work in there was marginalized by Holly having picked the color.

  • Nicole, I thought your joke was funny! I would eat Curtis’ taco anytime.

  • Jen

    Holly picked seafoam green and they hated it! Am I right?? I’m hangin’ in there for Sharon!

    • I think the green would be nice for a bathroom. I hated the brown-themed living room though. My guess is one of the guys said “This couch looks like poop!” but it was cut out of the show.

      I’ll put $200 in Monopoly money that says Sharon and HRP are final 2 just for the dramatic tension of a creative and fun type versus a controlling and uptight type.

  • cjfast11

    i hvae a question for fairplay
    at the pearl island reunion he was asked do you regret lying about your grandma
    his response was no way are you kidding me
    but i thought he said are you shi**ing me.

    yeah me and some loser on youtube had an argument about it
    if he did curse he prob got fined

    • fairplayhatesyou

      i’m pretty sure i said r u kidding me

  • sshaaz

    Rob and Nicole,

    Loved the podcast. You guys could make crude remarks to each other for 90 minutes and I’d still listen.

    Wouldn’t you say that after this episode, it is obvious that Trump wants HRPw to be in the finals? Trying to drag Brett into the middle of the fight seemed like he wanted Brett to trip up so he would have an excuse to fire him. As far as the red room thing, Trump latched onto that so fast, it seemed like he found his golden egg: something to use as an excuse to keep Holly there. This episode really soured me on CA.

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Rob, you mentioned that you’ll have a string of Survivor HvV guests on after the show is over. Are we going to know ahead of time who will be on? Would be good if we could suggest questions to ask. I have a few:

    B-Rob: Considering how past winners were not as much of a target early this season as players who wanted to control the game, do you think it would have been a better idea to have had Amber make the trip to Samoa while you stayed home with the baby?

    Colby: Compare Captain Smollett’s leadership abilities to those of Long John Silver. The two men lead their crews in very different ways. What do their individual styles reveal about the two characters? Also, how are their leadership styles like/unlike the methods used by Russell?

  • G’Day,
    I think you said in another podcast (can’t remember if it was a lost or survivor one) you were going to comment on Trump’s comments that Celebrity Apprentice has been robbed at the Emmys, not sure if you had adressed that yet but would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Natalie

    Final two picks: Sharon and HRP. I think HRP can talk in circles about herself.

    I think Maria will be voted off first, then it is Curtis/Sharon/Bret/HRP go through interviews.

    I feel like Bret is not good with talking about himself and might not make it through to the final round.

    Once again I feel that Maria is just going along with what Sharon does. I thought her “truck stop taste” was funny.

    The unknown Osborn sister is pretty, from what I can remember. I think her story was she lived the “normal” life, went to college or was in college when they were taping and did not want to be apart of it.

    What I do not understand is why Bret did not try and ‘throw HRP under the bus’. Wouldn’t you rather go up against Cyndi in the end than HRP. It was her idea, her color green, etc. I also think just because she picked the color red…that is not her ‘creating the whole room’. It was Cyndi that picked out every last piece of furniture.
    I thought it was one of the most insane backwards board rooms. Poor Cyndi does not have thick enough skin, which is surprising because she is in the music industry.
    One of the things they said the apartment people hated the most in a list of only 3 things was…green color too much furniture and something else. But why did Bret and Cyndi just not hone in that those things were all HRP’s choices. Frustrating is the word I am searching for with the boardroom.

    Nicole: I laughed out loud with the taco comment! So it is not only funny in your head :)

  • Does this mean you guys won’t be podcasting live from your wedding!?

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