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Spoken Words: An Interview with Semhar Tadesse

Semhar Tadesse from Survivor South Pacific

The Tribe Has Spoken Word

Rob and Nicole get to speak to the first person eliminated from Survivor South Pacific, Semhar Tadesse. In our exit interview with Semhar we will discuss:

– What does Semhar think of her former tribemate Jim Rice? In her opinion, how did the fight over the first challenge really go down and what does she say is the real reason she had to step up in the coconut throwing part of the competition?

– What was Semhar’s experience like on Redemption Island? How did Semhar get along with Christine Markoski during their time their together?

– Does Semhar have any hard feelings toward John Cochrane, whom the tribe decided to keep instead of her at the first tribal council?

– Was there really a possibility of a showmance between Semhar and Ozzy Lusth on the island?

It’s a spoken word podcast that you won’t want to miss… it’s Rob has a Podcast.

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  • HDHill

    love the amazing race reference

  • Paul K.

    Rob, I think the term for someone who loses a Redemption Island Duel is “Redumped”.  As in: Semhar was redumped from the island after giving a heavily edited speech on tribe dynamics.  This is both a play on the word redeemed, while also signifying the fact that the person has been dumped once from their tribe, and then re-dumped from the game.

  • “It’s amazing” 

  • Connard

    Classic. Semhar telling Jonny Cocks to get wood at 5:45 into the interview.

  • RobHasALifeVest

    Semhar seems pretty cool.

  • It makes me sad that some casting recruits seem so indifferent about the game. I’m glad that Semhar was voted off, leaving players like Dawn and Cochran a chance to really do their best.

  • Intern

    semhar seemed like a cool chick. its funny how one decision can change your entire fate. If Jim had done that challenge instead, then Semhar would have been safe. She probably would be in the same position as WHitney and Elyse right now

  • Ross H.

    Oh what you guys did with the amazing race quote… phenomenal!

  • rachel is not prego

    will there be a regular podcast for last night’s episode?

  • TDawg

    R&N: Have you ever had to edit a podcast after a verbal game slip up by one of the departing survivors? I know that you don’t like spoilers but how can you avoid it so close to the game. Is there training for the players before they are released to the masses to avoid game slips? Great show!

  • Jordan Kalish

    Sitting at my desk
    Not knowing what to do.
    Should I just go to sleep,
    Or maybe sip a brew?

    But then I thought
    Maybe Rob has a new podcast.
    So I opened google chrome
    And typed the URL real fast.

    I listened to Semhar
    And the friggin’ 5 too.
    For the entertainment,
    Rob and Nicole: Thank you.

  • ian

    Nicole must be tried for plagiarism

  • Hey Semhar, I’d toss my coconuts into your basket.

  • I had really low expectations for Semhar, but she actually did a nice job. The Amazing Race quote was great, especially since she had no idea it wasn’t Nicole’s creation. I’m still glad that Semhar went home since she didn’t seem to know the game at all.

  • hilarious that the ad banner at the top of the page is for poetry publishing, LOL…

    Semhar was actually more interesting than i anticipated. good job.

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