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Kim Spradlin On Avoiding Survivor’s Booby Traps

Kim Spradlin talks with Rob Cesternino about the latest episode of Survivor Philippines

Angie really has some huge coconuts

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On today’s edition of Rob has a Podcast, Rob Cesternino talks with Kim Spradlin, the winner of Survivor One World. Rob talks at length with Kim about how she went about playing such a dominant game in her season and her opinions on this season of survivor, Survivor Philippines.

Before the Survivor talk, Rob asks Kim about her recent engagement and his fears that Kim’s fiance may just be after her million dollar winnings from Survivor One World. Kim assures Rob that is not the case and Rob and Kim begin talking about the downfall of Roxy Morris from the Matsing tribe on this week’s show. Rob asks Kim about the showmance that has developed between Angie Layton and Malcolm Freberg. Kim says that she was able to resist the Survivor showmance by just cuddling with the women in her alliance during the game.

Rob asks Kim about the search for the immunity idol from both Jonathan Penner and from RC Saint-Amour. For Penner, Rob and Kim discuss whether the hunt to find the idol was worth it if the ultimate price was being at a social disadvantage with the tribe. As for RC, she found the clue to the hidden immunity idol and shared with Abi-Maria Gomes. However, when Abi-Maria saw RC talking to Mike Skupin, they quickly ended up in a fight.

We also took plenty of questions from our listeners via the Facebook Fan page for Kim including why same sex pairs aren’t considered as big of a threat in the game as a showmance, what would Kim have done if Colton remained in the game, we rehash Troyzan’s final tribal council questions and Kim tells us what animals the entire cast of Survivor Philippines looks like, plus Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach.

Later, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to discuss the firestorm created by Elisabeth Hasselbeck in her recent interview with President Obama on the view. She has made Conan O’Brien so upset that he now wants to ban reality stars who did not win their season from criticizing the president. Plus, Rob and Nicole visit some of the funniest tweets of the week from the Survivors and take your comments as well.

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Barack Obama on The View – See Elisabeth’s Question that got Conan so upset.

Conan’s Petition – The proposed 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution – Play a free fantasy football game this weekend for a chance to win real money.

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  • Kim Spradlin On Avoiding Survivor’s Booby Traps via @robcesternino WOW Kim @Kim_Spadlin for the female Kim Peak :)

  • Jason

    Kim is a great guest commentator. I think it’s because she knows the game so well AND is a fan of the podcast. She even gets your jokes as fast as Nicole! If there is a night Fishbach can’t call in, you should get Kim for Survivor know-it-alls.

  • Fantastic interview with Kim! I totally get why everyone felt so comfortable around her; she’s so easy going and a great conversationist. I feel like she’s more of a female Dan in that she’s got the same kind of misting abilities

    • Love the comparison to Gheesling! Kim definitely has mist powers.

    • Falcon Rob

      As discussed Kim is a huge threat to win every time she plays the game. As for Dan, Kim’s more low-key style gives her a huge advantage as a returning player and I hope we get to see her play again someday.

  • Derek_Sye

    I am extremely disappointed in you Rob. Kim mentions that she cuddled with Chelsea and Kat, and you completely failed to follow up on this. So many questions left unanswered! Who was the big spoon? Did they take turns or all cuddle at once? Inquiring minds need to know! :-)

  • FYI Rob, The Immunity Idol is actually a chicken, your correct, Its called “sarimanok” a legendary/mythical bird, and a symbol of a particular ethnic people her in the Philippines. And about Kim, I always compared her to Parvati, Their composure and calmness, despite all the dramas, they’re very in control.

    • Yeah Rob was talking about the tribal immunity idol and Kim was talking about the hidden immunity idol.

    • damnbueno

      There are many differences between Kim and Parvati, but the two most glaring ones are:

      1) Parvati makes Jury members angry with her during the course of the game. Kim earns their respect.
      2) Parvati gives bad answers to the Jury. Kim does not.

      • Not to forget, Kim controls the game. Parvati does not.

        • damnbueno

          Very true. Without question Kim was decision maker in her alliance, and came up with the ideas that got her, Sabrina & Chelsea to the finals.

          Parvati did what she was told — be it by Adam, Cirie or Russell. — to advance. I don’t think Parvati could do it if she had to do all the thinking.

          Kim can also convince many others to vote how she’d like them to. Parvati has only done that with Danielle.

          • lol @ Adam doing the thinking

          • damnbueno

            Exactly. That’s why that tribe blew an 8-4 advantage.

          • s cott

            In fans vs favorites Parvati makes (and then pulls Amanda into) an alliance with the fans girls (Natalie, Alexis). In HvV Parvati tries to convince Russel to vote out Sandra with her (at final 4) correctly identifying her as a jury-vote threat. She fails to convince Russel but my point is I disagree that she goes through the game just letting others do the thinking for her, these are just 2 examples off the top of my head.

          • s cott

            Also in HvV Parvati plays 2 idols at merge (for Jerri and Sandra), results in JT being voted out. Russel couldn’t have told her to do that because he didn’t know she had 2 (that week he gives her 1 to save herself) and Amanda also told her to play the idol for herself – that the heroes would be voting against her (which Parvati saw through as a lie).

            I think there’s very little to support that Parvati just lets everyone else do the thinking for her.

          • damnbueno

            And exactly where did Parvati get the idea to give an Idol to someone to earn their loyalty?

            Could it possibly have been when Russell played his Idol for her a couple of votes earlier? A move that resulted in Russell securing loyalty from Parvati, Coach and Jerri?

            Parvati merely copied Russell’s idea, but failed to secure Sandra’s loyalty when she did it.

          • s cott

            Where did she get the idea? We might as well say nobody in survivor has thought for themselves since Hatch made an alliance in season 1.

            How someone uses a previously exploited tactic is part of how they play the game.

          • he meant to say she did it without merit.. whilst russel did it and gets results..

            but Sandra did get with Villains in the end, I still think Parv should won HvV, and russel is great tv

          • Mike

            I love Parvati both as a character on the show and whenever she comes on RHAP, and consider her one of my three favorite females to ever play the game (along with Cirie and Kim) but I really don’t think she deserved to win Heroes vs. Villains. To win Survivor, you really need relationships with people on the jury, and she didn’t cultivate a relationship with any of the heroes. The only vote I truly consider contested on that jury was Amanda’s, because there was literally no way in the galaxy she could get her vote (and she wasn’t on Parv’s tribe to get her out pre-jury for that reason) because of their falling out outside of Survivor, but Parv still loses 5-4 if you just spot her Amanda’s vote. Rupert, Courtney and Candice actively voted FOR Sandra, because Sandra had bonds with them in the game, and Colby and JT had no bond with Parvati at all.

            Parv played Heroes vs. Villains too much like Russell plays Survivor. No need to play a social game, just use idols to get through. And that’s fine to get to the end, but doesn’t work to win the game. To win Survivor, you need relationships with the jury.

          • damnbueno

            “How someone uses a previously exploited tactic is part of how they play the game.” — This statement is 100% accurate.

            But we’re talking about comparing Parvati vs Kim, and which of the two was better at coming up with ideas that advanced themselves (or their alliance) in the game.

            Parvati always looks to others for strategic ideas. Kim comes up with the ideas herself.

            1) Hatch was the first to come up with the idea of a voting alliance.
            2) Brian was the first to make multiple “final 2” deals, and intentionally bring the game’s most hated player to the finals.
            3) Vecepia was the first to gain control by inspiring others to defect from their original alliance by convincing them they were at the bottom of that alliance
            3) Rob C. was the first to have multiple, multi-person alliances.
            4) Todd was the first to give away an Immunity Idol.
            5.) Yul was the first to use an Idol to secure a defection.
            6) Yau-Man was the first to try creating a phony Immunity Idol.
            7) Russell was the first to try to control the game by making everyone miserable (hiding the machete, burning socks etc.)

            In that respect, neither Parvati or Kim came up with an idea that hadn’t been used before.

            But part of what makes Survivor different in every season is the individual personalities. The best player is always the one who figures out what motivates the other players, and uses that info to advance.

            The most important move of last season was when Mike was voted out. That gave the women total control of the game. Kim was the one who correctly observed that Mike and Troyzan didn’t like each other, and wouldn’t compare notes about the voting. She played them against each other to gain the edge.

            Parvati hasn’t done anything nearly that observant in any of her 3 seasons. She waits for others to show her what the best moves are. That’s another reason Kim is a better player than Parvati.

          • I really don’t know where the perception comes from that Adam and Russell were more in control than Parvati was. You could even argue she was more in control than Cirie. If you look at the other people in each of Parvati’s alliances, most of them were far closer to Parvati than they were to Adam, Cirie, and Russell. You have to think she was the one responsible for getting them onto their side, at least for the most part. If you go through each individual elimination, you could probably argue her as the spearhead for a large portion of them, such as JP, Eliza, Alexis (Amanda wanted Natalie), Coach, and JT to name some examples. Tyson (from what I’ve heard) and Ozzy were group efforts. I think people who don’t like her would say Ashley Iocco was the spearhead if Parvati ever aligned with her.

          • damnbueno

            In Cook Islands, Jenny & Cristina were fed up with lazy J.P. and organized the votes against him. Parvati later found out from Nate that the guys didn’t like him either, but by that time, Jenny had already convinced Rebecca, Brad & Stephanie to boot J.P. Adam and Parvati were the last 2 to agree to it.

            James & Ozzy were fed up with Eliza long before the merge, and had already convinced Amanda, Cirie and Erik to vote for her. Parvati was sick of her too, but basically went with her alliance’s decision.

            Cire had already convinced Jason, Natalie and Alexis to vote for Ozzy before Parvati ever found out the blindside plan was on.

            Amanda didn’t like Alexis because she was cuddling with Ozzy earlier in the game. After Parvati distracted the tribe, enabling Amanda to find the Idol, Amanda specifically asked Parvati to blindside Alexis (not Natalie). Parvati simply honored Amanda’s request.

            Sandra got rid of Coach in HvV. She was sick of Coach saying he was working without actually doing any work, so she told Courtney she believed she could convince Russell he couldn’t trust Coach. At the next reward, Coach insisted Sandra and Courtney sit it out so they could win the food reward, which pissed off Sandra even more. The Villains lost that reward, and Coach blamed Sandra for not trying harder to participate. That was it for Sandra, so she put her plan into action by talking to Russell. At the same time, Parvati told Danielle she wanted Coach gone because she believed she could influence Courtney better than she could Coach. After the Villains lost Immunity, Sandra saw Danielle and Parvati arguing with Russell over who to vote for. Parvati FAILED to convince Russell to vote out Coach, but Sandra saw the argument, whispered to Courtney “our plan is working,” then went to Parvati & Danielle and told them they were also voting for Coach. Sandra stopped lobbying Russell since she already had the 4 votes needed to boot Coach.

            Parvati had nothing to do with booting J.T. Russell got his Idol, and instructed Parvati & Danielle to vote for J.T. All Parvati did was say “How did this kid ever win?”

            Russell also gets full credit for booting Tyson. He knew the only play Rob had would be to split his 6 votes between he and Parvati. He knew he had to flip one vote, and he identified Tyson as the prime target because Tyson wanted Parvati gone more than anyone. Russell convinced Tyson to change his vote by saying “I can’t win with Parvati. My best chance is by playing with you guys.” In an interview on this site, Russell told Rob he worked on Tyson all day, and wouldn’t play his Idol for Parvati unless he was absolutely sure she’d get 4 votes. He wouldn’t risk going home himself.

            Do you really think Parvati asked Tyson to vote for her?

          • Parvati told Tyson that she and Danielle were voting for Russell. He thought the vote would be 5-4, with Russell going home, so he switched his vote. Your argument about what Russell said gives Tyson absolutely no incentive to switch his vote. How does that benefit him at all with the information you gave?

            Regarding JT, do I need to play you the clip of that tribal council? Russell thought Parvati needed to play the idol. By giving one to Jerri, and one to Sandra, she ensured that JT was going home, and not one of the villains, by a rock drawing. For the record, Russell did nothing to get JT’s idol. It was Parvati’s idea to vote out Coach so they would think they had a girls’ alliance, another vote she controlled, because Russell wanted Courtney out, but Parvati had Danielle, and Danielle made the difference. Whatever Parvati wanted, between Coach and Courtney, was happening.

            Regarding Ozzy, even if Parvati wasn’t the swing vote, her decision still would’ve made the difference, because Natalie and Alexis were doing whatever she wanted, as they did the entire season. Obviously they wanted Ozzy out, but they wouldn’t have done it without Parvati’s permission.

            Alexis was Parvati’s decision, because Natalie was closer to her than Alexis was. I know you can’t look too much into editing, but Amanda did say she wanted Natalie. The editors didn’t make that up. It’s on the episode.

            I’m just basing JP’s vote on the editing, which painted her as the deciding vote, but that’s all I’ve seen regarding that vote. They showed Jenny asking Parvati and Brad separately, without showing either of their responses, so I don’t know where it comes from that Brad was on board before Parvati. That’s not to say it’s not true, I’m just saying I don’t know where it comes from, because it’s not how it was shown on the show. In any case, Parvati was the only one smart enough to tell Adam and Nate, so the tribe didn’t divide after that.

            The other two example is just pure revisionist history. Everyone was sick of Eliza, so you just decided James and Ozzy said it first? The episode made it look like Parvati, but that could be just editing. That’s at least where I’m getting Parvati from. I don’t know where you’re getting James and Ozzy from. It’s probably just an example of my Ashley Iocco theory.

          • damnbueno

            Russell’s lie to Tyson gave him ALL the reason to change his vote to Parvati. Tyson wanted her gone to begin with, and he thought changing his vote to her would guarantee it would happen.

            How in the world does Parvati telling Tyson she and Danielle was gonna vote for Russell inspire him to vote for her instead? Tyson is capable of doing basic math. He’d correctly figure Russell would get 5 votes and Parvati 3, with Russell’s vote unknown. Parvati’s argument alone is meaningless without knowing how Russell is going to vote. Tyson didn’t change his mind until he knew how Russell was going to vote. RUSSELL made the compelling argument, not Parvati.

            And by the way, it was Russell (not Parvati) who instructed them to vote for Tyson too.

            The ACCURATE record shows Parvati got the idea to give Idols away from Russell. It also shows that it was Russell’s idea to vote out J.T., and that Sandra came up with the successful plan to boot Coach,

            Re: the Ozzy vote, in that example, Natalie, Alexis and Jason agreed to do what CIRIE wanted them to. Parvati was NOT the first to ask them to vote for Ozzy. The “Parvati’s permission” you speak of is totally fiction. Amanda didn’t care about Natalie one way or another, but she wanted Alexis gone because she cuddled with Ozzy.

            James and Ozzy DID say they were sick of Eliza first. They said it when Cirie flipped the vote to Yau-Man. After he left, Eliza got sick and started complaining again. Ozzy & James ripped into her lackluster effort at a challenge. She complained some more and James said “You’re sick AND you got attitude now??” He and Ozzy agreed they should have voted her out earlier and wanted to fix that mistake ASAP, but Eliza was saved in the members switch.

            It sounds to me like you’ve been watching Survivor through Parvati-colored glasses.

          • damnbueno

            This particular discussion is about how much a player controls the game. As you said Parvati failed to convince Russell to vote out Sandra. But she ultimately voted the way Russell wanted her to, and helped get rid of Jerri.

            If Parvati truly thought for herself, she would have forced a tie, which would have made Jerri & Sandra do a tiebreaker — most likely making fire. Doing that probably would have secured Jerri’s vote if she lost the tiebreaker because Jerri would know Parvati was supporting her when Russell was not.

            But Parvati didn’t think of that, did she?

          • Then she can kiss Sandra’s vote goodbye, which she would’ve needed, if she even wanted to beat Jerri.

          • damnbueno

            Not necessarily. Sandra has never sat on a Jury. Nobody knows what criteria she’d use to cast her vote. Jerri had already shown she’d take her personal feelings into account if on a Jury.

            Part of the reason Jerri voted for Tina in Australia is because she was still angry at Colby. Geez, she was STILL angry at Colby during All-Stars, and happily bragged about lasting longer in the game than he did.

            Parvati had a better shot at getting Sandra’s vote (if Sandra lost a tiebreaker) than she would have at getting Jerri’s (if Parvati voted for Jerri). But Parvati didn’t think of that either, did she?

          • s cott

            Not really because all 3 of them voted for Jerri, Jerri could be angry at any one of the 3 (but most likely Russel then Parvati). If she forces a tie and Sandra loses she is the only one really voting against Sandra (Jerri is trying to save herself so she is obviously voting for whoever else is on the chopping block and that can be understood as necessity). By forcing the tie Parvati is the only one really voting against Sandra by choice, that is more alienating.

          • damnbueno

            Parvati voted for Jerri for three reasons.

            1) She FAILED to convince Russell to vote for Sandra.
            2) She wasn’t smart enough to force a tiebreaker.
            3) She followed Russell’s instructions.

            I repeat, nobody who has played Survivor could have any idea what criteria Sandra would use when casting her Jury vote because she had never sat on a Jury. The same applied to Colby, Amanda & J.T.. Courtney and Danielle had never sat on a jury either, but it was pretty obvious who they were gonna vote for.

            The smart players knew:
            1) Coach would most likely vote for the best challenge performer, because that’s how he voted in Tocantins.
            2) Rupert would most likely vote for whoever represented the positive values he cared about — honesty, integrity etc. — because that’s how he voted in Pearl Islands. In fact, Colby was all about those same values too, so it figured his vote would go that way too.
            3) Jerri would not vote for anyone who pissed her off.
            4) Candice was not impressed by challenge achievements, as evidenced by her vote for Yul over Ozzy. She most likely preferred strategy.

            If Parvati had thought it through, she would have known she most likely would lose Jerri’s jury vote if she kicked her out 1 step short of the finals. But there was no way to predict how Sandra would react if put in the same spot. Although it WAS a 100% certainty Sandra would never vote for Russell.

            Parvati had a 50-50 shot at getting Sandra’s vote. But a more unlikely shot at getting Jerri’s vote.

            As it turned out, the only reason Jerri ended up voting for Parvati was because she didn’t like the way Russell told the Jury he was solely responsible for the Villains’ success. Jerri confirmed on this site, she had originally planned on voting for Russell. But just like she voted for Tina because she was mad at Colby, she voted for Parvati because she got mad at Russell.

            If Parvati had really thought things out in advance, she would have, oh, I don’t know SPOKEN to the Heroes jurors during the game to work on getting their Jury votes like Sandra did.

            But she ignored J.T., Colby, Rupert and Candice during the game, then tried to lie to all of them by claiming she wasn’t Russell’s partner.

          • cameron w

            Don’t fotget that Parvati was playing in an All Star season her second time, while Kim had a very easy cast and great luck (colton’s evacuation, giving up tribe immunity). Parvati was targeted BEFORE the game even began (along with Cirie Fields) because of her reputation. I think until we see Kim play in an All Star season, Parvati will remain the better player. One thing to be remembered about Parv though is that no one controls her votes or her decisions. She hid the idol from Russell, refused to vote with him and won his trust so that he gave also played an idol for her. Kim is undoubtedly a great player, but we are yet to watch her on an All Star season.

          • damnbueno

            Parvati had great luck in her win too.

            Half the cast (the fans) were complete idiots who blindly followed the Favorites. Two people (Fairplay and Kathy) quit, a third (Chet) asked to be voted out (which is pretty much quitting), and two people (James and Jonathan) were medically removed. Parvati had better luck in her win than Kim did.

            Parvati also had the advantage of having played once before. She knew what to expect — how to find food, deal with rain and hunger, and how to strategize well. Kim was a rookie in her win, and didn’t have that advantage.

            Boston Rob was just as targeted before HvV began as Parvati was. But he changed his image in two days by working his ass off and showing he was dedicated to the tribe. The first thing Parvati did was raise her hand and say she should be on the Heroes tribe. I don’t think that scored her any points with the Villains. Parvati was also very lazy at camp. She criticized each of 3 attempts to build a shelter instead of helping to build a good one. She also prevented everyone from sleeping by giggling at night with Russell.

            If you want a pure Kim vs Parvati comparison, you should just compare their rookie efforts since that’s the only info available on Kim.

            Kim won, by totally dominating the social, strategic and physical game. Parvati tried to flirt her way to the finals, and finished 6th after failing to charm Yul and Ozzy by getting naked in a hot tub.

            Kim led her alliance’s strategic decisions in every vote except Kat’s. Parvati followed the ideas that Adam, Nate and Jenny came up with, which led to blowing an 8-4 advantage.

            Parvati fought with potential juror Jonathan, losing any chance at getting his vote. She also angered Candace when she cuddled with Adam, knowing that Candace had already fooled around with him. She also angered Ozzy who didn’t care for her consistently lazy work effort around camp, prompting him to hide food from her, Candace and Adam. Kim only angered Kat by leaving her behind on a Reward trip after promising to take her. Kim immediately smoothed things over with Kat. Parvati made no attempt to get back on good terms with Jonathan, or Candace (but she did try to seduce Ozzy).

            And Parvati rarely controls her own vote. Parvati didn’t lead any voting decisions in Cook Islands, and instead voted how Jenny, Nate and Adam instructed. Cirie controlled Parvati’s votes for Yau-Man, Ozzy, Jason, Erik and Natalie. Amanda controlled her vote for Alexis. Ozzy controlled her vote for Eliza, and Russell controlled her votes for Tyson, Rob, Courtney, J.T., Amanda, Rupert, Colby and Jerri in HvV.

            Parvati only controlled her own vote 1) in HvV when she voted for Coach when Russell told her to vote for Courtney; 2) when she voted for Rupert when Russell told her to vote for Candice, and 3) when she voted for Rupert when Russell wanted Danielle gone.

            In her rookie season Kim controlled the votes that booted Nina, Mike, Jay, Leif, Troyzan, Tarzan, Alicia & Christina. Chelsea controlled Kim’s vote for Kat. Parvati didn’t control any votes in her rookie season.

            When comparing their rookie efforts Kim blows Parvati away.

            And if Kim does return, no doubt she’ll also be competing with her reputation as one of the best to ever play the game — just like Cirie, Yau-Man and Rob C. did. When Parvati returned the first time, most knew she was cast for her looks, not her strategic brain.

            I don’t think there’s any doubt that Kim is a better player than Parvati.

          • That may very well be true and I have always felt Sandra was a better player than Parvati. She won twice with no alliance and no ability in challenges. That’s saying something about strategy. BUT Parvati playing both idols in HvV was absolute genius and my all time favorite survivor moment. She guaranteed loyalty from Sandra and Jerri by giving them idols. The real question is who is best between Sandra and Kim. That’s a tough one. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Kim dominate. I don’t know why Rob keeps implying she doesn’t have much of a “TV” personality. She’s bright, articulate, and psychologically, knew exactly what she was doing with every conversation out there. I, for one, prefer to see a Kim play than a Tarzan or Phillip.

          • damnbueno

            The thing about Parvati’s double Idol move is that the move was actually simply playing it safe. And she didn’t even think of the idea herself! She got the idea from Russell. He played his Idol for her, and as a result, he bought loyalty from Parvati, Jerri and Coach.

            Parvati merely tried to do what Russell had done 5 votes earlier. She knew Russell was safe because the Heroes thought he was defecting to their side. She also knew she was safe because Amanda is a horrible liar. Parvati watched Amanda play in China, then played with her all through Fans Vs Faves. If anyone was best equipped to know when Amanda was lying, it was Parvati. When Amanda told her to play the Idol for herself, Parvati knew with 100% certainty that she was safe.

            So she did what Russell did and tried to buy Sandra and Jerri’s loyalty by giving them Idols. But it didn’t work. Sandra & Jerri both voted for Candice when Parvati wanted Rupert gone. Jerri actually stayed loyal to Russell, and voted how he wanted her to all the way until the final 4. She didn’t help Parvati get rid of Rupert instead of Candice or Danielle. And of course, Sandra always works in her own interests. She was only loyal to herself.

            For the moment, I still rank Sandra ahead of Kim simply because she has beaten an all-rookie and an all-veteran cast. If Kim plays well against veterans, that might put her above Sandra.

            The tough part in that evaluation is wondering if Kim’s reputation would kill her chances. Rob C., Yau-Man, and Cirie all made early exits because the other players knew they were too smart to compete against. I don’t hold those early exits against them at all. However, it would be tough to put Kim above Sandra if Kim didn’t win against all veterans.

        • Parvati usually has a lot of control, but I agree that it’s not as much as Kim had. That doesn’t make her a better player though. I do think she is a better player, but not because she controls the game. There are many different ways to play.

          • damnbueno

            There’s nothing more important in Survivor than the votes. If you control how people are gonna vote, you control the game.

            I credit Parvati with influencing someone’s vote two times in her 3 seasons 1) When she convinced Danielle to vote for Coach when Russell asked them to vote for Courtney, and 2) When she convinced Danielle to vote for Rupert when Russell wanted Danielle gone.

            Can you name any other time Parvati convinced anyone to vote the way she wanted to?

            Keep in mind, Cirie had already convinced Jason, Natalie and Alexis to vote for Ozzy BEFORE Parvati knew anything about the upcoming blindside.

            There are a lot of reasons Kim is a better player than Parvati. Controlling the votes is just one of them.

          • I can name several examples of Parvati influencing someone’s vote. Alexis and Natalie’s answers to the Ozzy thing depended on Parvati, who they followed like sheep the whole time. That’s not really the point. If you can put yourself into a good alliance, or if you can bring people onto your alliance, both of which Parvati did very well all three times, then you’re controlling the fact that you’re staying. That’s all that matters. Natalie White aligning with Russell, and convincing him how stupid and weak she was, and that she’d do whatever he wanted, controlled his decision in who to take to the end. That’s the final three she wanted anyway, so why do anything different? The goal isn’t to get credit for taking out the most people. It’s to keep yourself into the game until the end, and get the jury votes, both of which Parvati did. Sandra didn’t control many votes in her two seasons, except for Tijuana’s, Trish’s, and Burton’s second elimination, and she’s the only person to ever win twice, so that shows how important controlling the game is. If that’s how you play the game, and it works for you, great, but it’s just one way to get there.

          • damnbueno

            Re: The Ozzy vote, the fact that Cirie had already convinced Natalie, Alexis and Jason to vote for Ozzy pretty much forced Parvati’s hand.

            Parvati had already decided she didn’t want to go to the end with James and Ozzy. But it was 100% her intention to maintain both of her alliances a little longer. Cirie’s actions forced Parvati to choose one alliance or another. Parvati had absolutely no control over when she had to make her choice. If things had gone according to her plan, she would have kept both alliances alive a little longer.

            Controlling the fact that you’re staying is totally different from controlling the game.

            Natalie White never once had control over how anything happened in Samoa. In fact, at final 5, Russell told her he wasn’t sure he’d be able to keep her in the game if Brett won another Immunity. Natalie simply said “ok.” She didn’t offer any reason why Russell should get rid of Mick or Jaison instead of her. If she had convinced Russell to boot Jaison, THEN she would have exhibited a degree of control over the game. But that didn’t happen. Booting Jaison instead of Natalie or Mick was 100% Russell’s decision. Its laughable to say Natalie had any control over who went to the finals with Russell. She accepted whatever he decided.

            Natalie deserves all the credit in the world for getting into the finals, and getting a majority of the Jury votes. But she didn’t control a damn thing to get herself there. Russell was convinced she couldn’t win, but that was 100% his inaccurate perception. Its not like she told Russell “I’m fine with 3rd place” like Sandra did in HvV. Sandra exhibited a ton of control over Russell’s decision to boot Jerri instead of her. She manipulated him into making a mistake that pretty much decided the game.

            Both Parvati and Natalie’s wins can be more accurately attributed to mistakes made by Amanda and Russell than positive actions they made on their own. But yes, they both reached the finals and got the votes to win.

            And as for Sandra, she exhibited 100% control over the decisions to get rid of Trish, Burton (the 2nd time), Tijuana, Coach and Jerri. She sniffed out Trish’s plan to blindside Rupert, and turned the tribe against her. Sandra manipulated Russell, Parvati and Danielle to get rid of Coach. And she manipulated Russell to get rid of Jerri.

            That’s 5 more votes than Parvati ever controlled.

          • Are we just ignoring everything Natalie ever said in interviews? Is that what we’re doing? Well, okay. All you need to do is control whether or not you’re staying. Anything else is just a way make your way of winning easier, or more likely. If you can do it without that, why bother?

          • damnbueno

            Which interviews? If they were made AFTER Samoa aired, Natalie has the benefit of hearing Probst’ voiceover say she got Erik booted. After the fact, I could easily see her thinking “Hmm…the show said I was the one who got rid of Erik. I guess they were right.” But the fact is, Natalie never asked anyone to vote for Erik.

            Do you have any interviews of Natalie mapping out a plan to get rid of Erik taken DURING the game? I don’t think any of those exist. Besides, she doesn’t even think of the idea if Jaison doesn’t speak up against Erik first.

            And like I said before, there’s a huge difference between keeping yourself safe and controlling the game. Yes, its true that you don’t have to control the game to win it, but this debate was focusing on each player’s ability to control the game, not just to keep themselves safe.

      • Kim played a very dominant game, she is a great player. But her low key style is boring to watch, Id rather watch Parv come back 50 times than have to endure another season of Kim. Not that I dont like her, she seems smart and nice, she was interesting on the podcast, She just isnt fun to watch on the show.

        • damnbueno

          Being low-key is one of the most valuable traits to have to win the game. I’d say only Tom and Boston Rob have pulled out the win after embracing and publicizing their roles as tribe leader. And both of them sat next that season’s most hated player in the finals.

          If I’m a Survivor casting rep who needs to cast people who’ll get good ratings, I’d choose Parvati over Kim too. I’d cast 6 young, hot-looking people, 6 crazy people (like Tarzan or Phillip), and 6 celebrities/returning players.

          But I prefer watching the smart strategists who can maneuver their way through the game without pissing everyone off — which of course gives them the best chance to win.

          My “best of the best” season would include Kim, Yul, Earl, Sandra, Brian, Chris, Todd, Rob C., Cirie, Richard Hatch, Sophie, Yau-Man, Rafe, Ian, Tom, Ethan, Vecepia, Kathy, Jenna L. and Lex. Of these players, only Brian made any of his jurors mad at him, and it was only because he broke his final 2 deal with them.

          I’d include Amanda, but I just couldn’t take seeing her fall apart in front of a Jury again. And I’m more than sick of seeing Russell, Ozzy and Boston Rob.

          If I want a bunch of players who only want to mug for the camera, Parvati, Colby, Boston Rob and Ozzy would be my first choices.

          • Well you know what? Even the casuals get bored with idiots being cast just because they are crazy, young or famous. Kim winning FF last season proved that the viewers value strategic gameplay over crazyness. Of course Probst and Burnett don´t care about that and keep casting pople who haven´t even watched a single episode of Survivor before. But I guess they´ve done a decent job so far with this season.

          • The episode Kim won in is the lowest rated finale in survivor history. So no Kim winning definetly doesnt prove that casuals liked her or that her style could sustain the show.
            Im all for not casting crazy people for the same of crazy people (coach, phillip, tarzan). But casting very good player who also has a personality (parv) vs casting very good player who is boring (Kim), I have no problem with.

          • The fact that this was the lowest rated episode is irrelevant. Out of people like Troyzan or Tarzan she was one of the least entertaining people, yet the casuals voted for her as their favorite. Of course if there was someone with a similar gameplay and more colorful personality then that person would have won but Kim winning proved that the audience prefers the boring strategic players over the entertaining stupid players.

          • Sorry but the poor ratings for One World are not irrelevant. I gurantee you nobody in casting right now is saying “Where is our next Kim? We need her to bring in the casual viewers!” The fact is the season which she dominated is the least watched season and finale in survivior history. And even more damning the premiere was not. So it is obvious that the boringness of the season which Kim dominated turned off many fans.
            I am not saying it is necessarily Kim’s fault. I think casting had a lot to do with it as they gave us a lot of drones and crazy people that season who made for boring TV and never seriously challenged the winner. If she was surrounded by more competent people perhaps her march to victory wouldnt have been so dreadfully boring.
            Also bad luck played a role, if we got to have a Colton vs Kim showdown at the merge which Kim won, it probably would have done a lot to make her seem less boring.

          • agreed.. colton vs kim would be fun
            Troyzan vs kim would be fun.. if shown for more

            But I guess casting has drop the ball with that season, editing too.. I just hope for better off the field interviews.. because it just makes for good tv.. At least make it fun!

            and the fact that kim won audience vote you have to remember that most that vote are hard fans of the show.. what survivor needs now is new fans, and I agree that less and less colourful people have showed up.

            and lets be clear here, we only watch one hour of a 3 day experience.. we couldnot possibly get a summary of what happens as a whole. Just not enough material..
            I do hope for a survivor “The Truman show” theme someday where you watch whatever everyone is saying with anyone anytime via hidden camera and telescopic lenses broadcasted trhough the internet spreecast or something

          • Mike

            In fairness to Kim, I think she’d actually be very fun to watch if she was on a season where people could keep up with her strategically (which, is a pretty big ask.. since there’s like 10 people that I think could do that). Put Kim on a season with Russell or Rob or the Rob that sucks, or Yul or Fishbach or the like, and I think she could actually be a very interesting character. She’s just too good to play against that level of competition, so aside from the Mike play (which was awesome) and the Alicia play (with perfectly executed mirroring techniques and a perfect insight into Alicia’s psyche) she didn’t really have to do all that much because everyone was so in love with her, and listening to her do interviews, you can definitely see why.

            P.S. Survivor isn’t getting new fans. Even American Idol is down huge from its heyday, shows eventually run their course. Even Russell Hantz resulted in a miniscule ratings boost.

        • Kim was fun on the show – they just didn’t show it. I blame the editors. She played fun games with her tribe and bonded with all of them. Then she kicked all their asses in the challenges and dominated the jury vote – that was fun for me to watch as a fan.

          • could somewhat agree that she was badly edited.. but still her interviews arent that fun/funny.. and certainly cant compete boobywise..

            I just feel sometimes that she’s not challeged often enough.. mentally or phisically by others.. I dont think she’ll be able to win/get far in all star seasons

      • cameron w

        The jury in HvV were NEVER going to vote for her to win no matter what she said. Amanda had personal vendettas against her, Rupert and Courtney were close friends of Sandra’s and in All Star seasons the jury is always more bitter than usual because their egos are bigger more jealousy is involved. In this case, Parvati and Russell put almost every jury member on the jury whereas Sandra only really put Jerri and Coach there (who both consequently voted Parv), so the bitterness was directed at Parvati and Russell. She didn’t give bad answers, she simply had no chance at all to win with people as bitter as Amanda, JT, Rupert, Colby and Candice on the jury, as she says herself.

        • damnbueno

          I agree that Amanda wouldn’t have ever voted for Parvati, and Courtney was gonna vote for Sandra no matter what anyone said. But those votes are cancelled out by the fact that Danielle was gonna vote for Parvati no matter what, and Coach always votes for whoever does best in the challenges. And in HvV, that was Parvati.

          Russell called Rupert a “dumbass” in front of the whole tribe. Colby didn’t care for that or any of the other nasty things Russell did. It was Russell (not Parvati) who lied to Candace about sharing his Idol with her, and it was Russell (not Parvati) who screwed over J.T. And as Jerri confirmed on this website, she changed her mind during the Jury questioning. Those 5 votes were up for grabs for Parvati and Sandra as questioning began.

          Colby and Rupert bought into their “clean cut” hero images more than any other Heroes. Parvati was well aware of that before the game began. If she were smarter, she would have made some attempt to appeal to them on their terms during the game. She could have done that merely by expressing her disgust at Russell’s actions. But she didn’t.

          Yes Rupert and Sandra were friends from Panama, but that friendship wasn’t strong enough for her to convince him to boot Russell was it? Rupert voted for the person who publicly stood up against Russell. His vote wasn’t motivated by friendship.

          During the game, Sandra made it crystal clear that she did not support Russell or any of the crappy things he did. She point blank said “I’m against you Russell.” Parvati didn’t do anything to show them she didn’t approve of his actions. No doubt the last 3 Jurors (Rupert, Colby & Jerri) told the other Jurors that Parvati and Russell voted together in those last 3 votes, reinforcing the fact that Parvati and Russell were indeed partners.

          Parvati DID give bad answers. Here’s a couple of examples:

          Colby: “Why was your strategy different than Russell’s?” Parv “I took a risk and saved Sandra and Jerri to keep my numbers and buy some loyalty.” Colby knew Sandra never gave her loyalty to Parvati. He also knew (from Jerri herself) that Jerri was loyal to Russell, not Parvati. He also knew that Russell bought Parvati, Jerri and Coach’s loyalty by playing his Idol for her. They used the same strategy, not different ones as Parvati claimed.

          J.T.: “How did you earn Jury votes?” Parvati “I love Sandra, she was a sleeper, I had to work for it.” This answer is bad because she insults Sandra, whom she knows the Jury likes. She implies Sandra didn’t have to work for it. The Jury knew Sandra wasn’t part of Russell’s alliance, and had to work harder than Parvati to reach the finals.

          Rupert: “Parvati, you chose a bad alliance.” Parvati “My only choice was Russell.” This was a bad answer because Parvati DID have a choice. She could have lobbied the Heroes to get rid of Russell just like Sandra did.

          In addition, in her opening speech, Parvati, claimed she didn’t hide behind Russell’s protection. She said she “kept Russell as a pet” and “used him as a shield.” It was her cutesy way of positioning herself as the leader and decision maker of that alliance. But the Heroes Jurors easily saw through the lame statement. The Heroes knew the primary use for a shield is to hide behind it. Parvati started off by lying to the Jury, which will rarely earn any votes. Perhaps the Jury also saw Parvati’s “pet” comment as more of a way to feed her own ego than as an honest statement. Parvati opened by saying she was glad to play with “the best of all time,” which some may have interpreted as a blatant attempt at kissing their butts.

          The bottom line is that Parvati had an opportunity to distance herself from Russell DURING the game. She should have done it right after J.T. left. But instead she chose to ignore the Heroes jurors and stick with Russell. Sticking with Russell, then lying about it is why she lost. Parvati didn’t make any jurors bitter at her, Russell made them bitter at him.

          Sandra knew the Heroes hated Russell, and expressed her own similar feelings during the game. That, and the fact that she got herself to the finals is why the Heroes voted for her instead of Parvati.

    • Oh yeah, I remember, telling people, how Danni and Kim could trade places with their respected season, and we could get the same result, do you agree?

      The thing with Parvati is that, she played with sharper people, it’s always depends on who you are playing with right, but, the way they they handle themselves, in the middle of tension and drama, the calmness, how they remained composed, (Kim with Troyzan and Parvati with Russel), that’s what I was really talking about.

      • damnbueno

        Parvati’s win can be attributed to Amanda’s failure to maintain any composure in the last 2 Tribal councils.

        Just before booting Natalie, Cirie told Probst she felt like she’s been at the bottom of every alliance she was in that season. After T.C. Amanda started a fight with Cirie, accusing her of “trying to make me look bad to the Jury.” That fight pretty much cost her Cirie’s vote.

        Then when Cirie was voted out, Amanda started crying. Natalie and Alexis were laughing, and Eliza was rolling her eyes. After the finale, Alexis and Eliza confirmed they were gonna vote for Amanda, but changed their minds because of Amanda’s horrible Jury answers, and “phony” tears. Cirie, Alexis’ Natalie and Eliza’s votes fell into Parvati’s lap because of Amanda’s lack of composure.

        Then in HvV, it was Parvati’s lack of composure that helped cause her loss. She decided to lie to the Jury about being Russell’s partner. But of course, she was facing Sandra, who has never lost her composure when facing a Jury, and did a much better job managing her Jurors during the game.

        • Say it like it is.. but Parv has a russel inside her whilst Kim has a sandra..

          That being said, Kim vs Parv, Parv would win in my opinion.. Would love to see that one though.. Much of my opinion is based on big moves that parv makes.. Flying out idols spring to mind.. Kim is not a great show, at least sandra has crazy moments and funny interviews.. Kim is too calm for a crazy show, respectable winner in her season though.

          • damnbueno

            “Big moves” aren’t required to win the game. Russell has made more “big moves” than anyone, and hasn’t come close to winning the game.

            Being liked, respected or seen as honest will produce more winners than those who make “big moves” or win a bunch of Immunity challenges.

            Parvati is more entertaining to viewers than Kim is, but viewers don’t get a Jury vote. Kim is MUCH better than Parvati at becoming liked, respected and seen as honest to those on the Jury. And that makes Kim the better player.

          • I agree that Kim is great. But I guess its a difference in perspective anyway.. I love the fact that she gets rattled by troyzan, gets mad.. not bring kat during rewards,, and gets frantic about it a bit.. I love to see people work it.. and I guess we just dont see that from Kim enough. and the challenge competitors just not out there.

            I still think had kat not give her speech at the end that way, sab would’ve won.. that speech is somewhat season 1 sue-ish.. result differntiating speech.. and the fact that people from this s24 season gets along well with each other says it all..

            All things considered, I want the best season for me. For what I see,, pleasure for my eyes and emotion.. and for that I chooses parv anytime.. big moves makes the episode and season so much fun, and you will remember it after a long time.. I dont really care who wins anyway, I care about watching a great season with great players and great moves.. losers gets to bitch in #RHAP :)

          • damnbueno

            True, if we were talking about the players who are “Most fun to watch,” Parvati would rank much higher than Kim. So would Russell, Rupert, Courtney, Boston Rob, Ozzy and several others.

            But if we’re talking about which player is better at giving themselves the best chance to win, Kim easily tops Parvati.

            I’m not sure why you think Kat’s speech carried so much influence with the Jury. I watched the “the Jury speaks” videos on, in which each juror shared their thoughts right before Jury questioning began. Kim had almost all of the jurors on her side.

            1) Jay said he wouldn’t vote for someone who tagged along.
            2) Jonas said he’d vote for who brought the full package, then added that Kim was the most strategic, and Sabrina’s game was weak.
            3) Tarzan said he’d vote for who needed the money the most, and will help others with the money.
            4) Mike said he’d vote for the one who beat him, adding that Kim called all the shots, and did well in challenges.
            5) Christina said Chelsea rode coattails, and Sabrina didn’t strategize much, but Kim was very crafty and did all the dirty work.
            6) Alicia said she’d vote for the best strategist, and called Sabrina “camp lazy” and Chelsea a “daddy’s girl,” and both merely followed Kim.

            Since Kat also voted for Kim, that means 7 jurors were already leaning towards voting for Kim when questioning began. Kim’s opening speech and answers to everyone else were excellent.

            I think their minds were made up long before Kat spoke.

          • Mike

            “Say it like it is.. but Parv has a russel inside her whilst Kim has a sandra..” Not sure what you mean by this. Kim controlled every single action throughout the entire season with the exception of one vote (and was still the swing vote on that one). For some reason, I suppose because Kim is sweet and charming rather than a more clearly machiavellian villain like a Boston Rob or Russell (or possibly latent misogyny… I’d certainly attribute that as why Probst doesn’t champion Kim as much as he should) people seem to ignore the degree of control Kim had in that season over every aspect of the game. She dominated all the votes, everyone deferred to her throughout the game, she had the entire cast in love with her (and looking at Chelsea, Alicia and the like’s twitters feeds, still does) and had no one even thinking about going against her ever. Kim may have been a benevolent dictator, but she was no less of a dictator.
            Kim is a lot more like Russell from a tactical perspective than Parvati, that’s for sure. Parv is great at the micro part of the game, but when it comes to macro, that’s the territory of Kim, Russell, Cirie, Boston Rob, etc. which is why she tends to gravitate to those players. That’s what made Parv and Russell and Parv and Cirie such a good combination. Parv formed alliances, Cirie formed plans. Parv was able to rope in Alexis and Natalie with her, Amanda, and Cirie, and Cirie was able to use those chess pieces to effect her plans. Kim, in her awesomeness, is expertly able to do what usually it takes 2 people (such as Parv/Cirie and JT/Stephen) to do.

          • damnbueno

            Parvati formed only one alliance — the one with Natalie and Alexis. And that one was pretty much a no-brainer.

            After the members switch, she found herself with James, Jonathan, Natalie, Alexis, Kathy, Jason and Eliza. She knew Jonathan wanted her out, and she’d already fought with Eliza more than once. There was no way she was gonna align with either of them. Kathy was already talking about quitting, so there was no sense in aligning with her. She was already in an alliance with James, and initially wanted to stick with him, but he made it clear he was sticking with Ozzy and Amanda. So after James rejected her new alliance, that left Jason, Natalie and Alexis. After Parvati saw Jason & Eliza plotting together so much, she knew she didn’t want to align with him either. Aligning with Natalie and Alexis was a pretty obvious decision wasn’t it?

            As for her other alliances, Ozzy & James formed the initial Micronesia alliance, and Amanda recruited Cirie into it. In Cook Islands, the white tribe pretty much stuck together. After the members switch, Adam recruited Nate, and J.P. recruited Cristina & Jenny. Parvati just went with the flow.

            And finally in HvV, Russell recruited Danielle first, then after seeing nobody wanted to align with Parvati, he realized she was the perfect partner because she had no other options.

            Kim & Alicia formed the initial 5 woman alliance, Kim later locking up a final 3 deal with Sabrina & Chelsea. After the members switch, Kim recruited Jay and Troyzan, who both asked her not to include Mike into any long-term plans.

            So the final score? Kim formed more alliances in one season than Parvati did in three.

  • So sad there were no talk about Angie being Delilah for Malcolm and how Roxy tried to be true to Brandon H. legacy. Beside that, great podcast as usual ! Great reference to The Godfather by Kim !

    • delilah? maybe you mean amber for malcolm, and its been reviewed on survivorknowitalls with fishbach.. Roxy exit interviews was fun,, and reminded me again why nicole has to be in every podcast, listen to the comments at the end of this kimcast..

      I dont get the godfather reference.. dammit,, now i have to hear it all over again to find that one out.

  • BS

    Kimsanity Returns!!!!!!

  • Rod Ironwood

    Awesome KimCast, Rob. I like Fishbach, and he has great insight into the game, but I liked Kim even better. She’s smart, quick-witted, articulate on-air, an enthusiastic fan of the game and your show, good-humored, and…and…and…
    Crap, I’ve got Kimsanity again!

    I don’t recall any awkward pauses, missed references, or the like during the interview. It was fluid, seamless, and fun, and you guys sounded as if you had a pretty good rapport…or RHAPport…going. Here’s hoping Kim makes repeat appearances in the future! Hearing her take on things around about Final 6 time or so would be interesting…

  • Kim is NOT the female Boston Rob. It doesn’t take her 4 times and a rigged game to win. JT and Tom Westman are the female Kims, if anything. Thanks for getting Kim on the show! She’s my favorite winner by far.

    • Beatriz Forlenza Camilli

      Couldn’t agree more, those were the 3 seasons that the jury people just want to hand the money to them, because they were really really likeable!! People almost didn’t discussed voting them out.

      • Mike

        What makes Kim’s win so impressive in terms of jury likability is that she was basically as dominant and in control as Boston Rob or Russell(or Dan just recently on BB), and yet no one really seemed particularly angry about that. What Kim did to those people really should have caused a bitter jury if she wasn’t so darn charming. (Even when Boston Rob won in Redemption Island, they were still pretty pissed, they just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for Natalie or Phillip, whereas Sabrina was actually a pretty reasonable option to vote against Kim).

        • Rod Ironwood

          Another point for Kim over Boston Rob is that Kim took who were perceived as the two stronger players with her to FTC and still won handily, whereas Boston Rob, while also winning, took who were considered two weaker players to FTC…on his 4th try.

          Boston Rob may well make for more entertaining TV, but that in no way makes for being a better player of the game. All else being equal, Boston Rob wins TV ratings, but Kim wins the game.

        • BigDan

          completely agree. i dont think people liked rob at the end, just that natalie and phillip were both sooo pathetic that they couldnt be voted for. i think that’s why people like julie were pissed at natalie, because they *wanted* to vote for her but still couldnt in good conscience.

          kim is really charming and i think that even more now, a year after S24 after watching her miss survivor interviews. my gosh this woman is far better than parvati w/ her people skills. i must admit i was a bit disappointed that she was willing to backstab people close to her tho.

  • BogDa

    Kim is a great guest. I’d put her on the Mount Rushmore. She’s funny and her answers are smart and dead on. She really knows the game and this history of all the seasons!

  • BogDa

    There are so many women who were either great players or had a lot of potential. On the big character front I’d take a return of these women any day: Corrinne, Eliza, Kim, Parvati, Cerie, Kathy, Shi-Ann, Amy.

    Some women who would be fun to see again who have NEVER played twice:
    Kelly (Borneo), Theresa (Africa), Deena (Amazon), Heidi (Amazon), Christa (Pearl), Twila (Vanuatu), Angie (Palau), Danni (Guatemala), Courtney (Exile), Pei Gee (China), Corrine (Gabon), Natalie (Micronesia), Brenda (Nicaragua), Holly (Nicaragua), Kristina (Redemption), Stephanie (Redemption), Dawn (South Pacific), Sophie (South Pacific), Kat (One World), Alicia (One World).

    • I could only agree with eorlins, Kim, Parv
      and Kelly,Heidi, Courtney, PeiGee, Natalie, Kat.
      And love to see Courtney yates, Chelsea, Angie, for personal reasons.

      But I do have to agree with probst.. Most women aren’t crazy by nature.. courtneyyates, jerri, doctor girl, changed a lot from their seasons and therefore aren’t quite crazy exciting.. or even funny at times..

      with the guys, come on, casting-wise I feel they are great.. I think its because they focus much on the beauty/body for women these days.. And those who are really2 colorful character just doesn’t have the body.. and vice versa..

    • s cott

      Women (off the top of my head) I’d most like to see return:
      (I hate returning player per tribe model they’re doing, but I wouldn’t mind an all stars season of players that had only played once.)

      Won their season: Kim, Sophie
      Didn’t win their season: Pei Gee (China), Tamara (“Taj”) (Tocantins), Michelle Yi (Fiji)… I’d add non-winner Courtney because she is entertaining but she has been on more than once.

      • s cott

        (Men, who only played once, I want to see return):
        won: Yul, Todd (China), didn’t win: Stephen Fishbach, Sash (Nicaragua), Jaison (Samoa).

        I would definitely include Rob C. but he has been on more than once.

  • Rei

    i wasn’t a kim fan during her season mostly because i was rooting for the underdogs. however, i’d like to see her play again, her control of the game was awesome.

  • After hearing Kim in the podcast, it is no wonder how she won. The gift of gab. Thanks for using my question too!

  • GlennHolford

    I’ve been a long time skeptic of the Kim-is-so-great argument. But, I also have never really heard her talk about the game in detail. She didn’t get into a lot of the really subtle stuff on this podcast, but I do feel like I got a glimpse of her game knowledge, and I was impressed. If you guys want to say Kim’s the best Survivor of all time, I’ll stop fighting you. I guess I can live with it.

  • I like Kim, but I love Nicole more, much more

  • Beatriz Forlenza Camilli

    It just me or Alice from Brady Brunch look a little like Denise from China? haha

  • Kos

    Damn, Kim is adorable.

  • Kim was great, and it’s sad to hear that she wouldn’t be open to a relationship with a younger man. Definitely invite her back in the future.

    If anyone has the time, I’d really appreciate if you checked out my Survivor blog and left a comment

  • I know I’m rather late to the party, this is not the first time Jerri’s disparaged Elisabeth’s point of “view,” pun intended.

    First of all, Jerri doesn’t know what she’s talking about. According to Wikipedia, Elisabeth graduated from high school in 1995, started working for Puma in 1998 while a full-time university student, and continued to do so after graduating in 1999. She didn’t get married until 2002. So, no, Elisabeth did not go from being financially dependent on her family to being financially dependent on her husband.

    In fact, she was able to exploit her 2001 “Survivor” fame a whole lot more effectively than Jerri. And maybe THAT’S what Jerri really resents. (I remember her being asked about her aspirations as an actress. She said something like, “A huge window of opportunity has been opened.”) Or maybe Jerri is bitter about the fact that she herself has never had a husband and/or a child.

    And even if Elisabeth HAD gotten married straight out of college, why would that make her any less qualified to co-host “The View”? (I disagree with a lot of what Elisabeth says, but that’s not the point.) Isn’t the show more interesting with a diverse panel of hosts, who come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences, have been influenced by different ideas, etc.? I guess Jerri prefers homogeneity over exposure to different perspectives.

    Maybe she would respect Elisabeth’s view if she too had stripped for “Playboy.”

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  • Tom Polite

    Love listening to any RHAP episode with Kim. You can always tell who the best of the best really are when you hear them break the game down with Rob. And Kim might just be THE best.

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