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Jeff Kent After Being Voted Out of Survivor Philippines

Former Major League All-Star Second Baseman, Jeff Kent joins Rob Cesternino for an exit interview after being voted out of Survivor Philippines

Rob gets to second base with Jeff Kent.

After an episode that was one of the most memorable and unpredictable in the history of the show, Jeff Kent was voted out of the tribe. After 17 seasons in the major leagues, the former All-Star second baseman joined the cast of Survivor Philippines. Rob speaks with Jeff Kent about his Survivor journey through last night.

Rob starts off by teasing Jeff Kent about which was the more disappointing vote, this weeks tribal council or the re-election of Barack Obama. Rob wants to know if Jonathan Penner voting for Abi-Maria was part of the plan that they came up with. Jeff says that he had no idea that Penner was going to vote for somebody other than Pete Yurkowski. Rob asks Jeff if he is bitter with Jonathan for voting a different way, but Jeff was nothing but complimentary about Penner as both a person and a player. Jeff responded to some of his criticism from last week stating that he could not have voted to stay with Penner because Denise would not vote with Kalabaw – so Jeff didn’t have the votes to pull off the vote against Tandang.

Rob asks Jeff about Lisa Whelchel and specifically about the five person alliance she described in the show between herself, Jeff, Carter Williams, Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley. Jeff felt like Lisa was not even playing the game when they first got out there. Jeff felt like she was just floating along strategically. Jeff said that he never recognized Lisa from “The Facts of Life” but then said that he was kicking himself afterwards because he definitely was a fan o that show.

Rob wants to know about Jeff Kent’s obsession with not letting the returning players get further than him in the game. Jeff says that perception of him was greater than his actual desire. Jeff said that he liked having them as threats in the game to keep the attention from being too solely focused on him. Rob wants to know why the conversation before the merge was only between Katie Hanson and Penner and not a vote to get Denise out of the game. Jeff felt like Denise would be able to bring Malcolm over.

Rob asks Jeff how he got on to Survivor and Jeff says that he was always a fan of the show. He went through casting like everybody else did on this season. Jeff also said that his knee is feeling better now that time has passed. Finally, Rob asked Jeff Kent if he is interested in one day returning to Survivor as an all-star and Jeff Kent left the possibility open.

Tune in later today when Rob speaks with Jeff Varner from Survivor: The Australian Outback about his former Kucha tribe member Mike Skupin and how he has played this season.

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  • Rob_jr

    you da man, rob c!

  • damnbueno

    I freely admit I’m a huge baseball fan, and never liked Jeff Kent — even though he punched Barry Bonds, whom I hate more.

    I’ll also admit, Kent was not as much of a jerk on Survivor as he was as an MLB player. But of course, as a player, he didn’t need anyone to vote for him in order to get paid.

    But I couldn’t be happier that Kent was the one voted out in what I consider to be the greatest single episode of Survivor. It was totally unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining. I loved every second of it.

    Jeff’s read on Lisa was incredibly bad. Total credit to Lisa for pulling off the impression that she didn’t know what was happening. Kent still thinks she was totally clueless at the merge.

    Overall, Kent was a pretty smart Survivor player. But to put it in baseball terms, he got thrown out trying to stretch a single into a double. He took an unnecessary risk in targeting Penner, and instead should have worked with Jonathan to draw votes to Penner, who’d play the Idol. Then they could have bounced anyone from Tandang.

  • ChanningTaintum

    Kent’s tombstone should read “Dying really Pisses me off”

  • You know, Kent is making excuses. They didn’t really need Denise’s vote at that point. He could’ve told Penner about the split vote, told Denise he and Carter were splitting the vote and then hopped on with Penner, Skupin, and RC and had solid five at tribal and still knocked out Pete, even without Denise’s vote.

    • Scott

      Seems pretty obvious at this point that Skupin was playing with Lisa, not Kalabaw and RC. Not saying that Jeff knew that at the time, but Tandang had 7 votes at that TC without Jeff and Carter. If he tells Skupin they are going after Pete, you get 7 Tandang votes for RC, not a split.

      • The point was he could’ve told Denise he and Carter would be voting RC out when in reality him and Carter could’ve joined RC, Skupin, and Penner and had a 5-4-2 vote to send Pete home.

        • Scott

          And my point is it now appears Skupin was playing with Lisa primarily, which means he was never going to vote for Pete. So Jeff could gotten no more than 4 votes for Pete. And since he didn’t know Skupin’s loyalties, he would have told Skupin that plan, it would have gone back to Lisa and they wouldn’t have split the vote, and RC goes home 7-4. Jeff was not in a good spot last week despite initial appearances.

          • You’re right. Playing with Lisa is a foolish move on Skupin’s part. She acts like a strategist but really has no idea what she’s doing in this game. I’m not saying she’s clueless like Jeff Kent but depending on players like Pete, Abi, and Artis to have her back is pretty stupid since they’ll cut her loose soon if she sticks with them and doesn’t switch.

          • damnbueno

            Lisa definitely knows what’s going on in the game. She spelled out just about every possible scenario in the last 2 Tribal Councils — including one Probst forgot to address.

            Lisa’s problem is that she’s planning on going to the final 5 in a very weak position. If its her, Skupin, and the evil 3, she’ll have to win Immunity at least once, maybe twice, to get herself into the finals. She’d need a very-well timed win like Vecepia’s in Marquesas.

            But if she pulls it off, she’ll easily win the game. Its a good, but risky plan.

          • So Skupin playing with her isn’t good for his game because her goals don’t line up with Skupin’s. If she goes to the five with the axis of evil, she’s pretty much pushing Skupin out in front of the bus to get nailed at the final five, which isn’t too good for Skupin.

          • damnbueno

            Skupin sticking with Lisa may or may not be a good thing for him depending on WHEN she decides to flip.

            Skupin is still one of the 2 top targets. Penner is squarely #1, but I don’t think Skupin’s loyal vote improved his standing. So if Lisa decides to flip at one of the next 2 votes, Skupin should definitely stick with her.

            But if she decides to stay loyal, and targets Penner first, then say Carter or Malcolm, then Skupin is better off trying to rally the others to get rid of one of the evil 3 without Lisa’s help.

            Skupin can’t go to the final 5 with the evil 3. If he does that, he’s in a “win Immunity or go home” position, and so far he’s been average at best in the challenges.

          • Scott

            See, I disagree. If Skupin jumps ship without Lisa (and the only time he can do that successfully is next week, because he’d need 5 votes if she’s not there), he’s just moving from the bottom of one F5 to the bottom of another. UNLESS he’s been working with Penner in the shadows.

            This would be an easy path for Skupin and Lisa to get to a competitive F4 scenario if there weren’t immunity idols in play. Go to 7 as is and then flip on the evil 3 with the last with whoever is left. Immunity idols make that tougher because if you don’t flush Abi’s idol by 7, you run a strong risk of someone in your new 4 going home, especially if one of the evil 3 win that IC.

            Regardless, I feel that the longer you wait as long as you can before breaking up the evil (7 of course being the last real opportunity). As long as they are together, they are contained. They are attractive final TC opponents, but no one is going to want to work with them because they know they won’t be able to get to the final TC by doing that. The second you vote one of them out, the remaining 2 become very attractive free agents to another pair out there.

          • damnbueno

            Skupin has to look out for #1 first, and he’s shown he’s willing to do that — as evidenced by last week’s vote for Penner without telling RC. I believe he’ll ditch Lisa if he has to.

            Being at the bottom of an alliance with people who are willing to work with you is better than being at the bottom of an alliance with those you KNOW want you gone. Skupin’s chances with Carter, Denise, Malcolm and Penner are better than with Pete, Abi-Maria, Artis and Lisa — mostly because he might be able to bring Lisa with him if his side wins a tiebreaker re-vote, or if Malcolm’s Idol saves one of his 5.

            Idols do make it a crapshoot. Pete said in a deleted scene that Abi-Maria said she’d let him use her Idol anytime, but I don’t think for a second she’d do that. She’s too paranoid, and would suspect Pete is betraying her just by asking for it. One smart play would be Skupin flipping, then targeting Artis or Lisa. Most likely Pete or Abi-Maria would play the Idol. Then Skupin’s new alliance has the edge. In fact, his new partners might WANT to take Skupin to the finals because they’d believe Pete, Artis, Abi-Maria would never vote for him.

            Its not exclusively about the numbers, its about who is willing to trust you and work with you, even if its just for one vote.

          • Scott

            Oh, I agree he’ll ditch her if need be – I just question the wisdom of doing so. If Lisa’s idea really is to get down to F5 with Skupin and the evil 3, then yes, he needs to bail now. But if she’s willing to flip on them eventually, he would, IMO, be better off waiting until he and Lisa can forge a new 4 person alliance, as opposed to Skupin being the single flipper that swings a 5-4 vote.

          • damnbueno

            Skupin doesn’t have a lot of options at this point, and there are only 2 players he can really trust — Lisa and Penner.

            Only Sandra, Vecepia and Fabio have navigated their way through the post-merge game with no solid alliances, and none of them were as targeted at this point as Skupin is. Skupin isn’t as smart as these ladies are, and he’s unlikely to go on an Immunity streak like Fabio did. Fabio also had dumber players surrounding him — two of them quitting.

            Skupin has got to trust somebody, and at least for now, Lisa is a better choice than anyone else in the game.

          • Scott

            I agree – which is why I don’t think he can ditch her unless her plan is the suicidal F5 with the evil 3. His options are not numerous, but I do think he’s got a really good one staring him the face if the idols don’t blow the game up.

            Regardless, I’m just glad we’re here talking through all these very plausible and interesting scenarios. If Pete and Abi weren’t so miserable at managing the social game, we could easily be in the middle of a run of the mill Pagonging right now.

          • damnbueno

            Going to the final 5 with the evil 3 isn’t quite suicidal, it’s just not his BEST option at this point.

            It would be very easy to use Abi-Maria’s hair-trigger temper against Pete or Artis at a final 5. I don’t know if Michael or Lisa are savvy enough to know how to do it, but that’s the glaring tactic I see.

            And who knows how Artis will feel once Kalabaw, Denise and Malcolm are gone? He won’t listen to Skupin, but he’ll listen to Lisa. She could be the go-between to flip him against Pete or Abi just like Twila used Chris as a go-between to flip Eliza in Vanuatu.

            But at this point, Michael should realize that he has to make SOME kind of move in the next 2 votes if he doesn’t want a final 5 with the evil 3.

          • Scott

            We’ll have to agree to disagree there. Abi is more of a variable than you’d usually have in that moment, but at that stage of the game, the only reason to change things up is for better final TC opponents, and I can’t imagine anyone thinking they’d do better against Lisa/Mike than each other. But there’s a lot of game left, and I’m not impressed with any of those 3 as players, so maybe. I really doubt we find out though.

          • damnbueno

            Sitting next to Abi-Maria and Artis appears to be the best and only way Pete can win the game.

            However he has shown he can :

            1) Make emotional instead of strategic decisions. He chose to boot RC purely because he didn’t like her. His best play at that vote was to split votes between any twosome of Penner, Kent and Carter.

            2) Be easily manipulated. Pete was dead set on booting RC first, but let Kent talk him into targeting Penner instead. It was Malcolm who suggested splitting the vote between Penner and RC. Pete was also easily fooled by Malcolm into thinking he did not have an Idol. Malcolm’s reaction to Pete asking if he had it gave a pretty clear answer, but Pete didn’t pick up on it.

            Also, in a deleted scene, Pete admits he’s really getting sick of Abi-Maria exposing their strategy, alliances and pecking order, even adding he’d like to get rid of her. But he’s keeping her purely because he has to. If he suddenly feels he doesn’t need her, that opens the door for Lisa or Skupin, who’d have no problem helping to blindside Abi-Maria. Pete just might figure that even if Abi-Maria is mad at him, she might be MORE disgusted with Skupin and Lisa, and still vote for Pete.

            There are so many moving parts, I don’t think we can say anything is absolute yet.

            We’ve got:
            1) Pete, Artis & Abi-Maria
            2) Lisa & Skupin
            3) Denise & Malcolm
            and two floaters in Penner and Carter.

            The social game will be the biggest factor. Whoever can gain trust in this volatile atmosphere will prevail.

            The safest person is the one nobody is thinking about voting out. Right now, I’d say those are in order: Abi-Maria, Artis, Denise, Lisa, Carter, Malcolm, Skupin, Pete & Penner.

            One last thing to consider: Does Skupin even know that Lisa wants to sit next to 2 of the evil 3? She revealed her plan to us viewers in confessional, but I don’t think she said anything like that to the other players.

          • Nikki

            Targetting RC might not be too bad of a move. I think it was pretty obvious that RC was no longer with them, she is just as much on the other tribe as Jeff and Carter was. And Jeff was willing to vote for Penner, so Pete was able to use Jeff to get in control. Also, RC was close to Skupin, and voting RC off seems to solidify Skupin with Tandang

          • damnbueno

            With the benefit of hindsight, we now know that Skupin’s vote has been controlled by Lisa, not RC. So since Pete already had Lisa’s loyalty, he also had Skupin’s vote. He didn’t need RC to gain control of Skupin’s vote.

            While RC was an obvious defector, she was a powerless one, much like Sierra in Tocantins. Pete knew RC’s words didn’t carry much influence. She didn’t know any of his long-range plans anyway. What could RC tell Kalabaw that would seriously hurt Pete’s alliance?

            RC was like Christina this season — she played hard and aggressive at the start and got spurned. But unlike Christina who saw the value in dialing it down and becoming more stealth, RC just kept pushing. She never implemented a different approach.

          • Scott

            See, I don’t think that necessarily is her plan, despite her thoughts about who she should get to the end with. Coupled with her scheming this week, I don’t take her comments about flippers last week to mean she’s never going to turn on the “axis of evil.” Instead, I think she’s showing she knows you have to flip at the right time. If she’s willing to flip when it makes sense, she and Skupin have a pretty clear path to a F4 with another pair, barring some idol shenanigans. I can’t believe they aren’t fully aware of where they stand in their current voting bloc.

          • damnbueno

            The end of this episode was so bizarre. Everyone’s allegiance and strategy was exposed. Its totally wide open now. The next vote could be swung on which player puts their foot in their mouth and pisses someone off.

            Lisa’s strength is that she sees ALL the angles and options — even those for the other players. She knows she and Michael need to APPEAR loyal to Tandang for now. Pete has proven to be pretty gullible (even though his eyes are wide open now). If Pete believes Michael and Lisa will still vote with them — even if out of fear — I think Lisa will know THAT is the perfect time to go after one of the evil 3. That’s the plan she wanted to use against Malcolm. She’s more than capable of doing that to Pete, Abi-Maria or Artis.

            If she’s really smart, she’ll get rid of at least 1 of the evil 3 in the next couple of votes. That will give her and Michael a better chance in the final 5.

            I still think Penner is the biggest target now, but the margin between him and whoever is next got a LOT smaller.

      • cameron w

        I think Mike only voted with Tandang once he knew Jeff was not flipping. Had Jeff gone with Kalabaw, mike would have definitely stuck with his closer ally, RC, rather than go with Pete just because Lisa is there.

        • Nikki

          I agree, it was obvious that everyone knew before the vote that Denise was not on with the plan. (Jeff said it in this interview, Penner said on twitter and playing the idol) So probably the plan has already been abandoned before the vote, and Skupin probably knew about it, so to protect himself he voted with Tandang. We have seen this many times where people vote for their ally when they are already outnumbered. It might be the editing, but Skupin was looking way closer to RC than it was to Lisa.

  • I have to be honest. I don’t care for Jeff Kent. At all. I’m not a fan of sports, but I’ve liked the former pro athletes who played Survivor (Gary from season 11, Grant from season 22) Even Jimmy Johnson was okay (though he was a coach). It’s clear that Jeff’s main game plan was to get rid of the returning players (especially Penner). Why else would he split the votes with Pete to get rid of somebody from his own tribe (given the fact he was already down in numbers)? Penner did have the ldol, but he could have used him and his idol, at least until they got back the numbers. That is what Yul did in Cook Islands, but he had the idol instead. When he no longer needed Penner, he got rid of him. That’s what Jeff should’ve done.

    Regardless of who Cesternino interviews, I’ll always be a fan of both his FB fan page and this website. However, there are some podcasts I refuse to listen to (i.e., Colton Cumbie, for way too obvious reasons.) My personal favorite is the first Russell Hantz interview.

    Can’t wait for the Jeff Varner podcast. His first one about the One World season was very good.

    • Thanks Ke Andre, I appreciate the support even if you don’t agree with every show. I did like Kent on the show, just because he played hard even though he is already a wealthy person who lives a very comfortable life.

  • I didn’t know Jeff before the season, but I loved him on the show. He was definitely one of my favourite players this season and I would love to see him back one day. Between him and Lisa, this has easily been Survivor’s best stunt casting.

    Also, good for Jeff for doing exit interviews. It’s funny how someone who was on National TV for close to 20 years, who has millions in the bank is fine with doing exit interviews, while a certain man who was on 3/4 of the seasons from 19-22 found himself to be too good for them.

    • damnbueno

      In the exit interview, you saw the real Jeff Kent — the same guy who was an absolute ass to every sports writer he met in his 17-year Pro Baseball career.

      That thunderous applause you heard when Probst read the last vote was from the Baseball Hall Of Fame writers who probably just confirmed their decision not to vote him in this year — the first time he’s eligible.

      • Damn, I thought Jeff was really gracious in his interview with me. I had heard that Jeff always had a contentious relationship with the media during his baseball career – but I thought he was amazing on the podcast… Which I might add he is not obligated to appear on.

        • damnbueno

          He very well may have mellowed several months after being voted out. Maybe he realized his Survivor audience is much bigger than any post game baseball audience he faced, and decided to soften up a bit.

          But I witnessed two of his sports writer rants first hand when he was a Dodger. He rarely chose to speak at all, but when he did he was always disrespectful, condescending and insulting.

          Maybe you noticed something different when he was a Met?

          • Phillip Stanford

            i dont think Jeff is a ahole or anything he seems like a nice person, i think he is somewhat cocky and Colton was very right that he was more surprised nobody knew who he was and wished they did, but i dont see him as being a prick or anything, no doubt the best “celeb” to play Survivor though, if he wasnt dubbed “The baseball player” he would just be a good player

          • damnbueno

            Kent was nice on the show mostly because he was very well aware that the other players would have to WANT him to be the winner in the end. It would be different if he didn’t need their approval.

            But yes, Kent proved to be a very smart player, who knew how to form loyal alliances, influence how others voted, and knew the value of siding with the Idol.

            But he didn’t know when was the right time to flip, and he also made the mistake of underestimating a very sharp player — Lisa. And at the previous vote, he traded a chance to be #1 on an alliance of 5 or 6, for the #5 spot in an alliance of 7. That’s what killed his game.

            I thought Quarterback Gary Hogeboom played a smarter game in Guatemala than Kent did this time. He’d be my pick as best celebrity player. He knew when he was being lied to, found an Idol, and finished 7th overall. Gary didn’t do anything to hurt his own chances.

            Kent got fooled by Penner, Lisa and Pete, made two huge mistakes that hurt his chances, and finished 10th.

          • Phillip Stanford

            very well, he was a very inconsistent player i guess you can say make a good choice and follow with a bad one, his overall downfall in my opinion is having no other choices to go home but the Vets and once Penner got immunity he just flopped, which proves once again that you must be able to adapt and cant have only one person in mind to go home, Boston Rob learned, then he came back and on

          • damnbueno

            Exactly. If Kent could have taken off his “returning player” blinders for one or two votes, he might have ended up running the entire game.

        • I was a fan of his when he played for the SF Giants and would have asked him about his time on that team and particularly his contentious relationship with Barry Bonds, if I had the chance to talk with him

      • I thought his interview was great, it seems to me that folks seem to be piling a lot of baggage onto him, he might have been combative as a baseball player but as a Survivor I thought he did pretty great and respected the game and audience.

        The guy might have been an ass regarding his sport, but I thought he was pretty great regarding Survivor.

        • damnbueno

          I agree he was cordial and respectful while playing the game and speaking to Rob C.

          But after being voted out, he chose to take a shot at President Obama, which had nothing to do with Survivor. THAT is the Jeff Kent I’d seen as a baseball fan. I laughed my ass off knowing that his vote out episode aired the day after Obama was re-elected.

          And for the record, I’m not very passionate about politics at all. I just thought that was not the time or place to make a political statement.

          • Rod Ironwood

            Idaknow, DB, I found his vote-off remarks kinda funny…and I’m an Obama Democrat, albeit not of the rabid-warrior partisan variety that’s so common on both sides nowadays.

            I also had no real knowledge of him other than knowing he played baseball, so maybe having no preconceived notion helps. He was a blank slate who I found mildly cocky (not nearly as bad as Pete) and who took the game seriously, played hard (if ineffectively), and respected the audience…not bad for a “stunt” cast, really.

          • He wins my vote for “sorest loser.” “Ah dinnet want th money anyways, it’s only gonna be like $650,000 after obammer takes it.”

  • Phillip Stanford

    I was very happy to see Kent go, it proves you have to be able to adapt to new situations and cant keep your sights on one person to go home, Penner, cuz as Boston Rob showed us that person always lasts longer, however, if he was to pass this week i think he would’ve went very farbut not being a fan of the nonchalant cockiness of Kent i was quite pleased.

  • Rei

    going to the final five with the evil 3 might not be so bad. as proven, you just have to shut up, stay out of abi’s way… and watch her implode. if you stay out of her sight long enough, she’ll fight pete then maybe artis next lol

  • I might have missed it, but didn’t anybody else think it was hilarious/outrageous that Kent said more than once how he and everybody else kept having to show and tell Lisa how to play the game? I mean, wasn’t he even watching? Obviously she was playing dumb all along until the merge, when she morphed into Survivor Evil-Strategy Genius Woman and suddenly became a cutthroat player. Rob, why didn’t you point out to Kent that Lisa is and was a super-fan and knew, possibly, more about how to play than he, Kent, did? I found it very frustrating! Were you trying to spare his pride? Because, seriously, it was like he was commenting on the Lisa of 3 episodes ago instead of what we saw in the last two. And by “last two”, let’s face it: Lisa knew what she was doing by rifling through everyone’s things. Do we think that anybody else could have gotten away with that? If I’m there during that merge feast and somebody’s going through my bag, I’m on top of them with a knife to the gullet – honest to god: what f’ing nerve!!!

    • Matt

      I really don’t think Lisa knew what she was doing until, like Jeff said, she was “pushed” to make tough decisions.

      • Two minutes into the first episode, Lisa interviewed that she’s a huge fan and has never missed a show. Stephen and Rob mentioned in one of their Know-It-All podcasts that she comes to Survivor gatherings. That she could pull off seeming like she was clueless to her entire tribe is a tribute to her acting skills.

        • Matt

          See, I know that people wish that this is the case but she never has a confessional telling us her “plans” like everyone else is. I personally don’t think she came in wanting to really play the strategy game of survivor. She strikes me as a more old-school player that is more into the survival part of it. In her pre-game interviews she just talks about the “experience” about surviving out in the wild. This was made evident when she did NOTHING at the start of the game and was ready to be voted out the first 6 days, but fortunately they never went to tribal and was finally picked up by Pete to attack RC/Skupe

    • This is more of a testament to Lisa than it is a mistake on Kent’s part!

  • Matt

    I really liked Jeff. People, you have to calm down. Jeff is a power player that makes ballsy moves and is a better cast than ANYBODY from last season. His competitive spirit really got the best of him and he said some funny things, but in the end he left his footprint on the game.

  • Kos

    Jeff Kent is podcast/TV gold. I’m sure it’s an extreme longshot, but I think he’d be great on a full-length podcast if at all possible.

  • Phillip Stanford

    Im ready for the Jeff Varner now, his confessionals in the Outback are still to this day the best only Cesternino has either tied or beat him for that title, the two funniest confessionalists on the same podcast would be premier podcasting

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Rob, I felt like you undersold Kent all season to your fans and guests who didn’t know who he was. He’s the third best all-around 2-bagger in the last 30 years, behind Sandberg and Alomar, and a case can be made that he’s the best hitter from that position in the history of baseball (105 more homers than any other 2B all time). From an offensive perspective, what he did in his career as a second baseman is as impressive as what Derek Jeter has done as a shortstop or Mike Piazza did as a catcher, two guys who are routinely wrongly called among the best to ever play their positions. He deserves any accolades those guys get. Had Jeff Kent had a better relationship with the media and played his entire career in a big market, he’d be viewed as a top 20 all around baseball player in the last quarter century.
    Comparing him to other sports, I’d put him on the same level as Reggie Miller in the NBA and Tony Gonzalez in the NFL.

  • I really enjoyed Jeff Kent on Survivor. I though that he did pretty well. His every move was scrutinize more than most survivors, I think for a first timer he did pretty good. It sounds like his “obsession” with Penner was an enhanced narrative by the editing.

    I’m also glad to hear he actually wanted to form a number dominate alliance with Penner before that last vote (when they took out RC instead) but couldn’t rally the troops. I also really appreciate how much he loves this game and how passionate he is about it.

    I like him even more now after hearing his input post eviction!

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  • “I’m pissed off that I didn’t play better, but I’m not pissed off at those guys.”

    Isn’t that a great attitude to have? I often think that people who have extensive experience working in teams have incredibly more positive viewpoints when they’re voted off than those who haven’t.

  • Richard H. Shores

    Now that it is some weeks after Kent was booted from the game, he was spot on about Lisa and we know she is not the strategic player we thought she was.

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