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Colton Cumbie Breaks Down Jeff Kent’s Big Decision

Rob Cesternino speaks with Survivor One World's Colton Cumbie to find out if Jeff Kent was the latest Survivor player to make a dumb move.

Jonathan Penner won’t go out of the game with an idol like Colton.

Note: Our Interview with Colton starts at 12:00 in the podcast if you want to skip ahead…

Colton Cumbie from Survivor One World is one of the most controversial Survivor players of all-time. Colton was medically evacuated from Survivor One World on Episode 6, the same as returning players Mike Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan. Colton joins Rob Cesternino to discuss the latest happenings from this season, shed some light on Survivor One World and attempt to make a better second impression.

Rob begins the discussion with Colton discussing the latest tribal council where Jeff Kent decided to join forces with Abi-Maria Gomes, Pete Yurkowski and Artis Silvester to try and target Jonathan Penner. Since Penner played the hidden immunity idol, RC Saint-Amour ended up being the one voted out of the game. Rob wants to know if Jeff Kent made the right move. Rob felt like Kent made the wrong decision because if Kalabaw remained strong, their four plus Skupin and RC would be a strong six that could wipe out the remaining players from Tandang. Colton agreed with Rob’s logic about the plan and discuss how Jeff is obsessed that the returning player Penner could outlast him in he game.

Rob asks Colton if the decision was for Tandang to vote out RC at the merge if it would’ve made more sense to throw a challenge earlier to vote RC out before she could flip. Colton thought that this was different enough from his decision in Survivor One World because that move served him well individually but didn’t help the tribe. Colton felt like there’s no way Artis would agree to such a plan in the game – considering that he wouldn’t even give up sandwiches in the reward challenge last week.

Shifting gears, Rob wants to know about Colton’s thoughts on Dana who went out of the game in very similar circumstances to the way that Colton left the game in Survivor One World. Colton wants to know why medical gave Dana a choice on going out of the game when he was forced to leave. Colton said that if he was given the option he would’ve stayed, no matter how uncomfortable he may have been.

Rob asked Colton about his thoughts about RC but Colton was not a fan of hers this season. Meanwhile, Colton has enjoyed the gameplay of both Pete and Abi-Maria so far.

Later in the show, Rob asked Colton some of your questions from the Facebook fan page of Rob Has a Podcast, including: What does Colton think about Bill Posley’s new job hosting Survivor Live? Was Colton asked to come back on this season? Who is the sexiest male player this season? How would Colton change his gameplay if he were to return to the show? And even who would Colton endorse for Miss Survivor 2013?

Finally, Rob is joined by Nicole Cesternino to listen to your comments and take some voicemail from the listeners of RHAP.

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  • Cannot believe you had this racist piece of trash on the show. Refuse to listen and might be gone for good.

    • Trevor Chong

      calm down

    • I agree it was a questionable decision on his part. Ultimately, it’s his show to do with what he thinks is best for the franchise. If this is where he wants to take the show, I think he’s going to lose listeners. If this is a bump in what has otherwise been one an otherwise terrific run of guests, then he will recover.

    • Calling someone “ghetto trash” doesn’t make you racist. Colton is spolied, entitled, and ignorant, sure. But it is likely he would have treated Fabio (a fellow slacker) the same way he treated Bill – race had nothing to do with that!

      • That’s pretty racist, but the really obviously racist thing was him doing the slanty eyes bullshit to make fun of Christina (it was a secret scene). Unredeemable.

        • “ghetto trash” was merely the cherry on top of Colton’s offensive sundae.

        • Wow! If making slanty eyes offends you, don’t check out Daniel Tosh’s show ever!

          • There is a huge difference between a standup and some “random guy”. Part of it is the “is it funny” test. Someone like a Doug Stanhope can say horrifying things that people wouldn’t think about twice, because he manages to find a funny angle on it and has the credibilty, and platform, that people know that he is joking and making fun of the stereotypes. Colton was just doing it to be mean. Huge difference.

          • Hugh O’Neal


            Using Tosh is a bad example. Tosh makes fun of racism and stereotypes. Colton uses racism and stereotypes to be mean or bully people in order to make them feel bad. If you don’t see their difference in subtext, you need to think a bit more.

            I don’t mind Rob recording a podcast with Colton. I think Gary is overreacting, but again let’s not pretend Colton was far from acting like bigoted douche.

        • yulmankwon21

          Pretty sure you have made some racist remarks in your life. Everyone does. It is human nature. Rob C doesnt need you because he has plenty of loyal fans. So please go if you must, you are a disease to this website.

          • Andrew, I really appreciate the support, but lets not get carried away. Whether you are supporting me or criticizing me, let’s not get in to attacking each other in the comments, okay?

    • PorkStoreKiller

      What are we going to do without Andrew Coleman around here?

      • Andrew is free to have his opinion, PSK. I realize this was not going to be a popular choice to do this show… even though I think it was an interesting interview.

    • Hugh O’Neal

      Andrew, that’s a childish way to try to get your point across. I suspect you are the type who makes empty threats to leave and then later comes back for more. I’ll be voting for Rob multiple times for the podcast award to make up for your “absence.” :)

  • Clark Kent

    Rob You May Be The One That Sucks But Your Great In My Book..

  • I can’t stop laughing at Nicole’s reaction to the possibility of Rob shaving his head.

    • I do do think she’d cry if that actually happen.. Just for note, Yoga was invented by bald people nicole

  • Trevor Chong

    Rob love the guests so far this season! don’t let the haters keep you down. You’re the bad boy of podcasting for a reason

    • There’s “bad bad of podcasting” and there is “disgusting human being”, there is quite a difference between the two.

      Rob has the right to put on whoever he wants, the fans of the show have the right to react to those decisions and discuss them. If they didn’t love the show, they wouldn’t think twice about it, much less take up the time to talk about it.

      That doesn’t make them “haters” by any stretch of the imagination. Kissing knee caps for the sake of kissing them doesn’t do anyone any good.

      • I hope I’m not the disgusting human being in question. I’ve really taken a nosedive from just being the Rob that sucks.

        • Far from it Rob. You’ve always seemed like a good guy. I was quoting what Colton himself quoted about himself.

        • BogDa

          I appreciate the Colton cast. I’m sure Corinne had tons of haters too, but she’s now a Podcast icon.

      • Guest

        people who bash this podcast without even listening to it are haters. makes sense to me.

        besides the only reason i posted a comment was in hopes of getting a response by my boy Rob!

    • Rod Ironwood

      How is disagreeing with only one particular decision of another person being a “Hater?” So, those of us who are loyal fans of RHAP but would have preferred another guest are now “haters???” Give me a break!

      Ironically, the only person among all the people commenting on or involved in any way with this podcast that I’ve ever heard spewing actual “hate” is Colton!

  • vanessawhitehawk

    lol The quality of the guests sure dropped off very suddenly this season. Such a strong start too, but I can’t believe you even asked this guy on. Terrible.

    • Sorry you feel that way, Vanessa. I spoke with Colton a few weeks ago and I thought he seemed to have grown from when he was on the show. I also think that he’s a huge fan of the show and had some insights to bring to the table. Plus, I truly believe he will play the game again one day so I think this is a good chance to learn a little more about Colton.

    • Quality DROPPED? He had Kim Spradlin and Boston Rob, two of the best ever. You don’t like Colton, fine. He was terrible on the show. But it was interesting to hear from him and there is no need to go after Rob or the show.

    • yulmankwon21

      You obviously are not a true fan if you think the quality of guests has declined. Boston Rob, Yau-Man, Yul etc. Rob C – you are doing a great job. No matter what there will always be haters, those people who take pleasure in giving negative feedback. Your admirers will always outweigh the haters!

  • I’m no longer voting for RHAP in the podcast awards. NO ONE VOTE! Are you kidding, Rob? Do you WANT Nicole to divorce you!?!? That’s a horrible idea! #TeamHair

    • is this nicole using fake yoga account? hair of no hair rob will still love you nicole..

  • lol Colton’s not familiar with Rob’s signature “woah”.

  • A web show of Survivor Jeopardy would be epic.

  • The only time I ever thought Jeff was out of line was in South Pacific when he lied to Upolu at TC, and played up Ozzy’s lie about being voted out.

  • I’m curious as to Rob’s three right answers. If Parvati’s one, does that leave out Richard, Boston Rob, or Sandra?

    • I don’t get why one time players are automatically disqualified from Rob’s list? People who win on their first time are more impressive than returning winners to me. That is why Yul and Kim are my top 2.

      • LosPollosHermanos

        Yeah exactly. It’s a sad day when we start talking about how you HAVE to come back before you’re in the discussion.

        I’ll take Kim any day

  • Murdock8

    About Swan – in Samoa that tribe wasn’t so good because of Swan it was a team effort – Erick, Daveball and john really pulled it off … and also Russel was sabotaging his own tride thus Swan’s looked so good … he got waaaaaay to much of a credit for Samoa – really undeserved …

    • I think Russell was with people last time who were more likely to respond to that type of abrasive leadership. I think Erik, John, Laura, Dave, Shambo, and even Brett were all the types of people who I can see respecting that way of running a tribe, and maybe that’s part of the reason it worked so well. I can’t really see Angie, Roxy, and Zane respecting that in the same way, and that’s half the tribe.

      • damnbueno

        Russell Swan wasn’t very respected by his Galu teammates either.

        The guys didn’t like when Russell chose to take blankets over the camping gear after a Reward win. They thought he was kissing the women’s butts.

        When he wanted Monica gone for being so bad in challenges, he was ignored by everyone except Erik. The rest of the tribe insisted they boot lazy Yasmin instead, and Russell was overruled.

        Even Shambo wasn’t happy with Russell because she missed out on two rewards because he kept sending her away to Foa Foa.

        They also warned him about working so hard all the time — even in the rain. They asked him to slow down after he stumbled back into the shelter, but he ignored them. He passed out at the next challenge.

        Galu’s Immunity wins were due more to the fact that they were just better at challenges than Foa Foa, who was being sabotaged by Russell Hantz. Russell Swan’s leadership had little to do with their success.

        I think most of Galu saw Russell Swan as a “leader” in title only. They were more than happy to let him wear the official crown while they battled behind his back to be the real decision makers. Erik thought he was running that tribe, but it turned out Laura carried the most influence.

  • Pals, if you don’t like Colton, I implore you to listen to the Robcole parts of the podcast. The first 10 minutes are hilarious and also shed some light on Colton’s appearance.

    • I did that. It was a good 10 minutes, although I thought Nicole was off-base with her “giving Colton a second chance”. He’s had more than his fair shot at chances online, and has managed to only further embrace the image. He’s young, and obviously not that experienced with the “real world”. I totally get that. But I also think that giving someone a free pass on such things is just encouraging him to continue what he is doing.

  • You should all be happy that Rob is willing to bring on a guest that is considered controversial. I think it’s awesome.

    Also, SHAVE IT.


  • Rob – I slept on it, and I’m going to trust you.
    I’ll listen to the podcast and see what I think after the fact. I know that I don’t like the television character. I know that I don’t like the online persona that he has wrapped himself in, but maybe Colton the Survivor Commentator has some value.

    • Hugh O’Neal

      @Gary, your need to sleep on your decision like it’s major choice in your life is silly. This isn’t like electing a political candidate. Colton is just a former reality TV show contestant. He has no impact on people’s personal lives.

  • Sorry Rob, I can’t in good concience vote for you shaving your head, it would deface the RHAP Mt Rushmore. Besides, I know a guy who shaved his head and he found out he had head ridges like a Klingon, so I don’t want you to do it.

    • Thanks Perry… but maybe it might be worth it to potentially be revealed as a Klingon for the gamble I might look like a young Picard!

  • I am not a fan of Colton and I couldn’t stand him on One World, but I don’t see any issue with Rob having him on the podcast. Barbara Walters has interviewed terrorists and leaders like Vladimir Putin, but those people’s views and politics are not a reflection of Walters’ views and politics. Similarly, authors covering the Nazi regime, serial killers, or any other heinous individual are simply reporting and reflecting on the facts. The writer or reporter’s views are in no way related to the individual they are speaking to.

    All Rob did was interview a confused, seemingly spoiled kid that spent a few weeks on a TV show. I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    Simple solution: ignore this podcast and wait for the next one :-).

    • Rod Ironwood

      Where would all those people you cited be if no one whatsoever had ever listened to them or given them any kind of a forum? In any case, there’s a slight difference between world leaders (however malevolent) and this podcast guest.

      Besides, I don’t think anyone has suggested in any way that Rob shares Colton’s view simply because he booked him on the podcast. I certainly haven’t.

      I agree with your last line, though, it’s like T.V. – if you don’t like what’s on, don’t watch. I listened to the 1st 10-12 minutes, skipped the interview and caught the last 10 minutes, thereby not wasting one iota of my time on contributing to an audience for the likes of Colton.

    • BogDa

      I agree. In fact I’d love to see NaOnka on the podcast because she’d be really fun. I don’t even care about her quitting, she’d make a great guest.

  • PorkStoreKiller

    My theory on Kent’s obsession with Penner relates to how Kent strikes me as someone who believe there is a right way to do everything and he likes to follow through on his plans. He doesn’t want to have to deal with accepting he made a mistake by altering his original plan of getting rid of Jonathon.
    I’m guessing if you are going on a trip with Kent, he’d certainly have the path you should take set before you pulled out of your driveway. It would take some serious obstacles to get him to even consider going a different way. And once he did, he’d constantly need validation that this “new” path was better than the one he originally outlined.
    So in this game, his original plan was to go with the non-Penner members of his tribe and vote out Jonathon. It was certain. He made that decision and decided it was the best thing for him to do. It took a tremendous amount of inner discussion for Kent to convince himself to go the other way and partner with Jonathon; he doesnt want it to be the wrong decision. So he keeps telling himself it was the right move providing he deals with Penner later on. He believes that if he (Kent) goes before Penner, it means his choice to toss his original plan and partner with Jonathon was the wrong decision (I don’t agree with him on that logic, but that’s where his head is). And so he’s going to do whatever it take to avoid having to accept he made an error by working with Jonathon instead of getting rid of him the first chance he had.

  • PorkStoreKiller

    I just can’t buy that the Pete, Abi-Marie and Artis group is going to run this thing to the end for any reason other than the editing simply hasn’t embraced them. Has there ever seen a season where the eventual MVPs of the game had as little screen time as those three have through the first two months of this show? Of the ten players left, I think those three would probably rank 7th, 8th and 9th (ahead of Carter) for focus by the show.

    The celebs and returning players are always going to have their roles expanded in editing, so we have to question the amount of focus on Kent, Blair and Penner. But I keep getting the nagging feeling that Denise is getting the hero edit this year and is going to be in control of the game at the end. Of the remaining players, I think she has the best chance of making the finals as a player who will have a truly compelling case to win the game. And I think the editing suggests that could be where we are headed.

    I’m about prepared to say Blair has the second best chance of making the finals, but unlike Denise (who seems to actually add something to the game), Blair is a Sandra-like worthless space filler who has no idea what is going on in the game and whose only chance of winning would be if the jury were comprised of Amanda and JT-like crybabies.

    • damnbueno

      How many Survivor Jurors have based their votes on which player “actually adds something to the game?” Where do you get this stuff?

      Lisa has established a trusting relationship with all but 2 (Kent and Carter) in the game. None of the other players have as many allies, not even Denise. Nobody is targeting Lisa, she has made no enemies, and has read every player’s motivation more accurately than anyone else. She has the most options available to her, and is best equipped to adjust to game twists or good or bad luck.

      She’s in one alliance with Pete, Abi-Maria & Artis.
      She’s in another alliance with Malcolm & Denise.
      Skupin trusts her more than anyone else.
      Penner has agreed to keep her identity a secret.

      Yet you think she has no idea what’s going on in the game???? She’s easily the MOST informed player. She even schooled Probst about some options HE forgot to mention at Tribal Council.

      And your “strongest gets targeted first” theory bit the dust again this season. Carter & Kent have shown to be stronger players than Penner this season. Penner was targeted for being a returning player, NOT because Pete & Co. thought he was Kalabaw’s strongest player.

      And nobody on Tandang identified Penner as the target in the first place. JEFF talked them into going after Penner. Pete wanted to go after RC first.

      Penner wanted to go after Pete first, but he can hardly be called “in charge” of any alliance, and Malcolm is easily a stronger player than Pete anyway.

    • damnbueno

      Boy, I don’t think its at all possible for anyone to be more wrong than you were about Lisa’s Survivor IQ.

      Not only is she aware of all the options open to her, she proved in 2 straight Tribal Councils that she knows all the options open to EVERY PLAYER IN THE GAME!

      But you’ll never admit you’re wrong about this, will you?

  • My computer crashed the second I clicked the link to this podcast. Is this a bad omen?

  • I’m sure everyone has been waiting with bated breath to hear what I thought of this podcast. … *crickets* Oh well, I’m going to say it anyway!

    I wasn’t going to listen , but as I said elsewhere in the thread, after seeing Rob’s thoughtful responses after the fact, and sleeping on it, I decided to not interrupt my “listening to everything RHAP” trend by skipping it. Maybe that makes me a hypocrite, but I’ve been in a position where I’ve made some controversial decisions regarding my own “internet kingdom” and have wished that people would have given me more slack, so I can understand the position Rob was in with this one.

    Did this change my opinion of Colton the player from One World? No.
    Did this change my opinion of Colton the online personality? No.
    Did it change my opinion of Colton, the person? Maybe a little. If we accept his words at face value, and he honestly has been able to process what it means to have his worst personality traits out on display, and what he said about realizing the importance of not going after the “things people can’t change”… then perhaps there is a start to Colton: Redemption Island edition.

    Ultimately, I think that most of his insights have been covered elsewhere, and this podcast could have been filled with any number of knowledgeable guests. This seems like a wasted opportunity. I do appreciate the idea of giving him another chance, and that there was a tougher line of questioning now that he has had more time away from the game to process. It would have been very easy to give him a pass on that, but I like that Rob made sure to address it, and the thought that Colton has clearly put into his answers.

    Only time – and social interaction – will tell how much Colton actually means.

    That said – I hope that we don’t see him again anytime soon. If you are going to interview “disgusting human beings” you would be better off tracking down Brian Heidik! 😀

    • Hey Gary, thanks for listening to the show even if you don’t like the guest. There’s a lot of give and take with the way this podcast works so I always appreciate the feedback.

    • Matt

      Oh get over yourself. You are listening to an online podcast of a reality TV character. He is just here for entertainment and I would choose him over someone without a personality. Sure, he is a spoiled brat but Rob is here to get his thoughts about Survivor, not promote him for Humanitarian of the year. You should stop taking it too seriously.

      • Rob is here to produce the best show possible, and solicits feedback from listeners to help him do that. Which means that when we disagree with his decisions, he wants to know “Why?”. Ignoring the bigger issues altogether and focusing in on your point of “it’s just an entertainment podcast”, being constructive about it gives him far more information on what the listeners of RHAP do, and do not, want than the usual “You Rock Rob” (although, let’s face it, he does!)

        • Matt, I don’t have an issue with Gary expressing that he didn’t like something I chose to do on the podcast. I would much rather have complaints about the podcast than apathy.

  • I don’t like Colton but i listened to him because shunning someone doesn’t solve anything. Not a particularly spectacular podcast but by no means worth being ignored.

    • Rod Ironwood

      Actually, shunning someone sometimes does/can solve things.
      As an easy example, had Hitler been shunned, he would’ve died an anonymous, washed up, hack-painter in the gutters of Vienna.

      • I know Colton has done some unlikable things… but let’s not start comparing him to Hitler now.

        • Hyperbole is literally Hitler!

          • Rod Ironwood

            Not fair…I shaved off my Hitler ‘stache years ago!

            Read the comment in isolation, with no particular person in mind, and it becomes sensible. Maybe I should’ve used a schoolyard bully as an example…

        • Rod Ironwood

          I wasn’t.
          I was trying to think of the most obvious and “easy” example of a case where shunning a person may have proven effective…totally independent of anything to do with Colton. Sorry if it came across otherwise.

      • I don’t know where you get off making that kind of comparison.

        • Rod Ironwood

          Not comparing them at all. You wrote, “shunning someone doesn’t solve anything,” and I provided what I considered the most clearly obvious and easy to grasp example of why I don’t think your sweeping generality is always accurate. Maybe the example was too extreme, though…

          • PorkStoreKiller

            “What did I do?” asked Hitler.

          • Hugh O’Neal

            @Rod Yeah it was an extremely stupid example and comparison.

          • Rod Ironwood

            who’s Ron?

  • I find it pretty amusing that Colton is so dismissive of Lisa Welchel’s television past considering her character Blair seems to be the archetype for blissfully-ignorant rich kids everywhere.

  • I am definitely team hair!

  • PorkStoreKiller

    I am not opposed to Colton as a guest because he is a disgusting human being; some of my favorite people are vile fellows like him. I am opposed to him as a guest because (despite knowledge about the facts of the show) he has very little understanding of the game.

    Did I really just hear him make a case for blowing team immunity as a cure for boredom? Because it is exciting to get to “hang out with jeff”?

    Listening to Colton, I am reminded of that famous study of children where kids are offered one sucker (or half a bag of M&Ms or some other candy) and are told if they wait 30 minutes, they can have two suckers (or a hole bag, etc). The point of the study is to measure a child’s ability to make a decision based on long term rewards VERSUS how much they are ruled by instant gratification.

    Colton would have the sucker eaten before the analyst was finished reading the question. He has no concept of startegy behind what is front of him NOW and is almost entirely ruled by weakness and emotions.

    The recipe for building Colton is to start with Russell, exagerate all of Russell’s considerable flaws and then remove Russell’s limited understanding of game theory. He’s basically worse at all the things Russell is bad at and not as good as Russell at he few things Mr. Hantz does well.

    Along with being a disaster as a human being, Colton is without a question one of the ten worst players to ever play the game, if not the very worst. And if we could ever build that virtual Survivor simulation game to measure how a player would perform if they could play the game thousands of times, the Colton clones might be the one group with a win rate of 0.00%.

  • Vinny Plunkett

    What about this obscure theory. I feel Denise is set on playing with Malcolm and due to Lisa finding Malcolm’s idol the duo are forced to team with Tandang. This means Kent does not have the numbers and is also forced down this road.

    • Hugh O’Neal

      According to his twitter, Penner points his finger at Denise for going back to Malcolm, causing his plan to fall apart. So they kept Denise’s game hidden for that episode for some reason.

      • Vinny Plunkett

        That’s probably because she isn’t an ex baseball star.

  • Colton was much more tolerable on this podcast than on One World and he sure does know his Survivor history.

  • I’m glad to see that you have absolutely no regard for your black or Asian listeners Rob to have someone as blatantly racist as Colton on the podcast, which he wasn’t in the least bit apologetic for on the reunion and laughed off as one big joke.

  • Wow, I never knew Colton was that hated. Sure enough, he did and said pretty awful things but I didn’t expect to see such a huge backlash. I actually think he’s learned from the experience. After listening to the podcast I can understand Colton’s personality better. He likes to be kinda mean, “bitchy” if you will, which is harmless, but as he admitted himself criticizing things that people were born with is not funny by any means. That seems like a lesson learned if you ask me.

    And from our point of view it’s easy to judge him but who knows what environment he was brought up in, you kinda pick these things up. I’m not from the US, I live in a country full of white people so I’m very open towards all races but a lot of people here have the exact opposite reaction and are kinda racist (because there’s practically no place to interact with other races.)

  • Dave L

    I’m about 2/3 through the episode. Colton so far hasn’t struck me as obnoxious or highly offensive. But he just doesn’t seem to be a very good interview. He wasn’t able to focus on any questions and give meaningful answers. He’s obviously fairly focused on himself, but that could just be a factor of age. For instance Yul, Yao Man, or Penner could share more meaningful information about the game in 5 minutes than Colton could in an hour.

    • Hugh O’Neal

      Colton wasn’t great for analyzing this season’s game, but I thought Colton’s revelations about some of the behind the scene events were good. I don’t follow the gossip in the forums so I didn’t know Bill found and threw away Colton’s hidden immunity idol into the ocean (LOL). It makes more sense why Colton hated Bill so much. And it sounds like Colton was very close to returning for Survivor 25 until he got all the backlash for his bad behavior on the show. I wonder who replaced his spot at the last minute?

  • I’ve talked to Jonas and listened to all of his interviews and trust me, Jonas knew the game. Pretending he hadn’t been a fan amongst his tribe mates was part of his game play. Unfortunately, Jonas waited too long in Colton’s shadow (trying to let Colton dig his own grave) and didn’t make any big moves when he had a chance. A victim of his own under-the-radar play. But he’s said he’d play more aggressive next time. I’d like to see Jonas come back to show what he can really do. One of my favorite from that season.

  • I’m really shocked people don’t seem to think it would be a big deal for Kent’s tribe mates to find out he was a pro ball player. I think he’s a little above b-list, Rob. He won the MVP. That’s like an Oscar, right? Or at least Golden Globe. Also, it’s not like he is just a tiny bit rich. The guy has made close to $100 million on baseball, TV, and endorsements.

  • LMAO at the Alicia/Chewy comparison.

  • PorkStoreKiller
  • Clark Kent

    I personally have the same kind of since of humor so I thought colton was pretty funny.

  • JackMarco

    Could people please stop with that retarded “It´s his age” BS? He´s 21 years old! Do you guys think that every 21 year old guy is a self centered A-hole? Serioulsy.

  • Good interview, Rob. I think that Colton brought some interesting insight/analysis. I’d like to see him return as your guest, and definitely to “Survivor.”

    I don’t think he deserves SO much controversy. I haven’t followed his post-One-World online activity or seen any extra footage from One World, so I’ll just address the “ghetto trash” comment and his remarks about Lief.

    Associating Bill’s blackness with the ghetto was, at best, unintentionally racist. But we all make unconscious assumptions based on the notion of race. Plus, if he’d been upset with someone like Ralph from “Redemption Island,” I imagine he might’ve called him “trailer trash.” Yes, Colton needs to be MUCH more sensitive about these matters, but I actually think he’s more of a classist than a racist. (Not that it’s okay to be classist, of course.)

    As for Lief, I still strongly disapprove of Colton calling him an “oompah loompah” and a “munchkin.” But it’s recently occurred to me that many people thought it was perfectly fine for Courtney to call Russell Hantz a “troll.” No, Russell doesn’t have an actual disability, but a person’s height is an innate characteristic. Obviously, it’s not the exact same thing, but there is a lot of similarity. Again, Colton simply needs to be more sensitive.

    If there should be controversy around anyone being an RHAP guest or a returning contestant, it ought to be Corinne Kaplan, who made that intentionally nasty pre-meditated comment about Sugar’s grief over her recently deceased father. It’s a shame that Burnett is perfectly willing to invite her back, but allows Probst to throw Colton to the wolves, even though he demonstrated unprecedented strategic mastery.

    • Amanda Quist

      To be fair, Russel has his fair share of disrespectful things to say about the castaways, particularly young, dumb girls (a demographic which Courtney is a part of). Saying those things about Leif was worse because Leif isn’t running around the island slamming the other castaways. Or saying anything at all.

      • I suppose that might be a reasonable point. But MY main point is that, all things considered, Colton’s behavior wasn’t quite as bigoted as a lot of people seem to think (and was less malicious than Corinne’s).

  • rob you are promoting the pantages, i fully support this affilate link!!

  • Colton’s phone going out every thirty seconds was almost as annoying as Colton. I guess anyone that was on television before Colton was born is inconsequential. In my opinion, most 21 year olds are much more thoughtful and mature than Colton. In the end, he was a horrible podcast guest and I didn’t get through fifteen minutes. Nonetheless, I will continue to purchase all my goods via the Amazon link on RHAP. God bless you all. And God bless Jeffrey Lee Probst.

  • I would rather talk Survivor with Colton than with Cochran and I would rather play Survivor with Colton or watch Colton return than Cochran. Someone who plays the game and has game is better than someone that’s starstruck and ends up brainwashed by Coach of all people.

  • cameron w

    Excellent interview Rob! Colton was funny and definitely showed a likeable side. He is talkative and funny and is a guest you need back next season.

  • Amanda Quist

    I don’t think you’ve made any moral compromises, Rob. I listened to the whole thing. But I didn’t think Colton was funny or insightful, so for that reason alone please don’t have him back. While on the island he was given an idol, conned his tribe into giving up immunity, was one of the homely members of a homely swapped-tribe, behaved like a terrible person and then got sick. He didn’t experience enough out there to have an hour’s worth of interesting, relatable insight. And unlike someone like Jeff Varner, he hasn’t experienced enough in his life to supplement the Survivor conversation. He’s also incredibly self-centered, which was frustrating early on in the interview. I don’t hate that you tried this, but it takes a very charming person to embrace such negativity and still be likeable. I don’t think Colton is that person.

  • Phillip Stanford

    Ive always thought Colton was funny a little mean but quite funny im not as hard on him i dont think hes the most horrible person ever so i like this interview

  • Making Miss Survivor be only for the current year is good.
    Otherwise Parvati just wins every year.

  • I enjoyed this podcast. But, now, I want Rob to host Survivor Jeopardy! (sigh)

    • Tara, why are you sighing? Survivor Jeopardy is happening!!

  • Holy Jumping Toldedo Colton brings me up in reference to Survivor China! Colton I do agree with you in reference to you saying you don’t understand why people freak out when they know someone has an idol. You are absolutely right all one has to do is contain it and make right move to flush it out when the time comes. I always agree that people don’t need to freak out with returning players. The numbers out number them and they can be taken out if they stay on top of their games and take them out when the time is right!

  • Rob Cesterinino don’t laugh to hard when I write this message. LOL What the hell did I do or say when Survvor China airred? I have DONE and SAID so much thru the years that even I can’t remember so refresh me no matter how bad it makes me sound ok? YES, I am serious about this! and if you don’t answer then get Colton to answer this question ok? thanks and good luck on winning the vote in the POD cast awards! YES I am voting for you to WIN!

  • BogDa

    Rob, you don’t need to appologize for taking Colton on as a guest. I’d take him on too. He was a very good player who got taken out way too early. I don’t like the guy, but I’d love to see him play again. He has good insight into the game. I’d love to see a NaOnka cast, she’d probably be as unpopular, but I’m sure she’d make a great guest.

  • I just discovered your podcast. My bad for taking so long to find it. It’s a great listen and keep up the good work. Just wanted to say that the title of this blog entry misled me into thinking Jeff Kent made a huge error with Colton. I would like to see those two interact and I missed it! So, it turns out you meant “Discussing with Colton Cumbie how Jeff Kent made a huge error”.

    • Thanks, David. I’ll change the title if people are getting the wrong idea. Welcome aboard!

      • No, please don’t change the title. Change the article to be about Jeff Kent’s error with Colton Cumbie. I was hoping Jeff’s error was using too light of a bat when he used Colton’s head for batting practice. I love hating Colton and I want him to come back so something like this can happen.

  • Colton, I could not stand you on your season. But! I adore you on RHAP. You crack me up and you sure know your Survivor too. :)

  • Pingback: Great Moments of Survivor 27 Returning Players from Rob has a Podcast()


    LOL ROB, listening to the 1000 podcast it’s funny to hear nicole SNAP over the shaving of the head 😛

  • Tom Polite

    This must’ve been quite a controversial podcast at the time.. I don’t think I listened when it aired, but I remember Colton being very polarizing around this time. I’m glad he was on a few times, but after his showing on Blood vs. Water I hope his time on both Survivor and RHAP is forever behind him.

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