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Troy Story: Troyzan Tells All from Survivor One World

Troy Robertson aka Troyzan from Survivor One World

Troyz in the Hood (photo courtesy of CBS)

The last couple of weeks Troy Robertson, better known as Troyzan, has been the focus of the attention for Kim Spradlin and the women of Survivor One World. This week, Kim finally gets her man as Troyzan became the latest person voted from the tribe. Troyzan joins Rob Cesternino to talk about everything that happened.

Rob welcomes Troyzan onto the podcast and they begin discussing some of the key points in Troyzan’s time on Survivor. Rob wants to know if Troyzan was aware in the game of the way that Kim told him that Michael Jefferson was trying to get him out of the game. Troyzan says that Michael was always trying to get himi out of the game and Kim saying something to him just iced it for him. For Troy, he said the men of this game were never going to be able to work together like the women. For the women, it was natural for all of them to just fall in line behind Kim, but Troy says too many of the men had their own ideas about what to do.

Rob asks Troy if he knew that Jay Byars had told Kim that he had a hidden immunity idol in the game. Troy says that he had a conversation with Kim after she spoke with Jay so he was aware. Rob brings up the decision by the men to go to the tribal council early in the show when they didn’t have to do it. Troyzan says that he still didn’t think that was too bad of a decision because Bill Posley was working to get him out as well.

As far as working with Kat Edorrson, Troyzan said that he felt close that Kat was about to flip over but once she spoke with Kim, she was back in the fold. Troyzan also discusses what it was like to play Survivor with Tarzan, his conversations with Christina and who might be joining him at the Survivor One World finale.

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  • TheTimelessOne


  • heyyyyy

    when will Nicole get her ass back in here?!

  • Oh great Jerri. We can spend 90 minutes with her bragging about how she controlled the game and how she would have won if she wanted to….

  • I think troyzan should have been more pissed that jay was voted out. If he wen’t on the defensive and acted betrayed he wouldn’t have put a huge target on himself straight away and maybe the girls vote someone else out or maybe then he can go to Kat and say ‘hey look, Kim betrayed me, she will betray you.’

  • Great Jerri…the biggest hypocrite in the history of Survivor, the first podcast I shall miss.

    • Murdock8

      I feel the same way … 

    • Jordan_Kalish

      I’m not the biggest fan of Jerri on survivor, but I think she’ll be an interesting podcast guest. Always like to hear from the old school people, even the ones who are a bit arrogant.

  • Troy Robertson? tweeted…
    Kim said she doesn’t have enough time to get to everyone before tribal council!!!! Don’t ever forget this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TC JAY-Alicia Kim Tarzan Sabrina Christina, TROY-Kat Chelsea, ALICIA-Jay Leif, KIM Troy, without Kims last advice? what might have changed if Kim had time? would someone ELSE have been voted out instead of Jay if Kim had changed her mind at the last minute ??? who ?

    • I took Troy’s tweet as an accusation of production meddling.  I dont see it though, why would they want to make sure Kimbot borings up the season?

      • Schmidly, i think Troy said that he was trying to show the fans with this tweet that the players are FREE to choose and that there are NO RULES in Survivor, people do whatever they want…and he wanted the fans to decide what that tweet meant, figure it out for ourselves ?? sorry Troy i still do NOT see what the F*CK this vote means ?? the men were F*cked when they gave up immunity to Kill Bill STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID Colton was the master IDIOT who made that happen and it just seems MORE STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID of Troy to say it helped Troy get rid of Bill ????????????????? the men also killed their ONLY hope of outwitting Kim when they voted out Matt, the ONLY intelligent man this season :(

  • Jordan_Kalish

    Jeter’s definitely trying to use Troyzan to meet swimsuit models. He has some gift baskets to give out.

  • So disappointing because no there really won’t be much to look forward to as it gets narrowed down. I have no faith in there being any chance for Tarzan and the women aren’t going to get interesting, considering how dumb some of them have proven to be. A Christina vote out would have been amazing but the lack of it just leaves a boring end season. If anyone else disagrees, try to convince me otherwise so I don’t feel bored for the last part of the season.

    • Ari

      this is when vanuatu got interesting with 6 girls one guy… i think there is strategy hope in alicia sabrina and tarzan- maybe.

  • Could this possibly be the worst cast and the worst season?  No one is playing to win…not even Kim.  Who on the jury really wants to vote for Kim?  Who of the women would want to vote for her once she stabs them in the back as well?  Ugh, first time in a long time I’m losing desire to watch.

    • Trixie02

      Apparently, Jay wants to vote for her. Chelsea reminds me of Heidi. She’d probably still vote for Kim. Is Kim a voodoo priestess or something? I don’t get the devotion.

      • My bet is that most of them have only watched recent seasons in which they saw players blindly follow the ring leader all the way to the end a la Redemption Island and South Pacific.  They have no idea what strategy means or how to win.  They think getting to the merge is an accomplishment.  I’m not so sure Kim has Jay’s vote considering she lied to his face and blindsided him.  I guess Tarzan has a chance to win the guys’ vote if he successfully pulls off a Philip-like end game and then have a good final jury defense.

    • If she sitting next to say Kat and Chels in the end, and they made the same promises and stabbed the same jury members in the back, the jury still has to pick one of them.  Who of the women would want to vote for her?  Well, they have to vote for 1 of them don’t they?

      •  The flaw in this reasoning is that the only promising that we are seeing is from Kim.  The ring leader of an alliance always gets more of the heat than the accomplices.  So far, we haven’t seen any deceptive gameplay from Kat, Sabrina, Christina, or Alicia.  The only two who have appeared to have lied is Kim and Chelsea.   

        • damnbueno

          I have only seen Kim promise to go to the finals with Sabrina and Chelsea.  She hasn’t been shown making any deals with anyone else.

          No deal = no broken promise.

          Kim’s only lies have been to Troyzan (about Mike trying to vote Troyzan out) and Jay (about voting for Alicia).

          Who else has Kim lied to?

          And Chelsea hasn’t lied to anybody.  With the other women around, Jay asked Chelsea, Kim, Kat and Sabrina “So the vote is for Alicia?”  Kim and Kat said “yes” but Chelsea said nothing. 

          So by my count, that’s 2 lies for Kim, 1 for Kat, and none for the other women.

          And who says the winner can’t lie  to anybody anyway?

    • TarzansCrotchCleavage

      I disagree, this has been great season.  IN the Top 10 in my opinion.  Lots of good episodes including one of the best pre-merge episodes ever.

    • I totally disagree with you. This is good season, definitely better than last two and second best from the S18-S24 era. The only thing I have problem now is editors trying to tell some Troyzan story for the last two episodes (what for?) when we still dont know much about Tarzan, Alicia and Cristina connections and plans. 

      • TarzansCrotchCleavage

        I completely agree.  After they spent Leif’s entire episode on Troyzan I figured he was going to make an immunity run.  That episode was called “Im No Dummy” referring to a quote by Alicia when referring to how she should vote with Troyzan.  After she didn’t I thought Troy would win again and Alicia would be voted out.  Why they would build up a character so much over two episodes only to see him out of the game doesn’t make much sense.  Although I must say I did enjoy seeing Troy’s strategy.

    • damnbueno

      No season was worse to watch than Boston Rob’s winning season.

      The outcome was predictable as soon as Matt was voted out.  Everyone in that season not named Rob or Kristina was strategically incompetent.

      It was the most boring season ever.

      As for worst tribe, aside from the two in Rob’s season, it’s hard to match the incompetence of the Fans tribe in Fans vs Faves.  Only 4 of the 10 of them made it to the merge, and none made the finals.

  • BTW, in any other season, Kim’s gameplay would have been snuffed out and she would have been out a couple episodes ago.  This season makes anyone with any strategy seem like a savvy player.

    • Agreed, she is overplaying it. She is risking splitting votes when she doesn’t need too and not using her idol when she would of needed too had her tribemates had a brain. Any season with clever players Kim goes with idol in pocket in my opinion.

      •  Why would Kim go home with an idol in her pocket?  If they try to vote her out, they recruit Chelsea and she tells Kim.  Plus they all want to go the Final 3 with Kim.  Why would a Survivor blindside the person they have a Final 3 alliance with?!  Kat, Sabrina, Alicia, Chelsea all want to go to the end with her.  Who exactly is voting her out?

        • She would have gone home with an idol in her pocket 2 episodes ago. 

      • damnbueno

        So far Kim is playing a great game.  With one exception, every move she has made has paid off.

        Her only potential mistake has been in not taking Kat on that reward like she promised she would.  But that mistake can only hurt her if Kat wises up and starts working against Kim, or refuses to vote for Kim in the end because of it.

        Can you name any mistake that has actually hurt Kim yet?

    • Kim would be fine in every season.  She’s got multiple alliances, she’s great in challenges, everyone trusts her, she doesn’t run her mouth, and she found the Idol and kept it secret.  

      That’s not say she’s playing with rocket scientists now but she’s a lock to make the merge in just about any season.

  • Timmy12345

    yay Jerri

  • Trixie02

    Did that pig strike anyone else as odd? It was docile, so it was likely either very sick or domesticated. Is the shelter on someone’s farm? This season needs more rain and less food.

    The only thing that would make this riveting now is for the women to vote off all of the fire-starters and for days of torrential rains to fall. That would bring the season full circle.

  • Trixie02

    This was an interesting exit interview, Rob. The best this season in my opinion. 

  • Murdock8

    Well dealing with the weird people it’s all his fault when he decided to send Matt home… had pretty decent discussion last time

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Troyzan was lame and delusional. he got PLAYED hard throuhout the game, and even now he makes excuses.

    • LPH i totally agree !! Troy keeps saying there never was a men versus women because Jay Mike Tarzan were with the women the whole time, then Troy goes into some kind of delusion about getting rid of Bill was good because Bill WOULD HAVE joined the women ??? once the men voted out Matt the only intelligent man this season who might have matched Kims social game, the men were doomed…i think Troy cannot admit that he wanted ALL the competitive men gone so he could dominate the women in immunity challenges then Troy gets BEATEN BY TARZAN at the most critical time ??? man up dude, you LOST the game for yourself, STOP BLAMING the women for destroying your dream ??? the women had every right to vote out Troy especially after the way Troy provoked the women ???

  • Rei

    bummed that troy is gone.

    as good a game as kim has played, i think she peaked too early? troy threw alot of sh*t at the fan, i don’t know if kim could dodge all of it.

    • Rob’s Chimp

      I would have thrown a lot of Tarzan Dirt at that fan as well. 

  • If Michael was bothering Troy so much or was out to get him, then
    swap his ass out for Jonas in the alliance the second the two tribes
    merge.  I am not enjoying this Troyzan interviews.  He seems to have a
    lot of excuses. 

    Reminds me of Lex on All-Stars.

    • I was thinking he was Lex like also, just in terms of sheer level of delusion.  Seriously the fact Troy couldnt even take responsibility for the stupidity of giving up immunity made me lose all respect for him.  Reminds me of Lex and the whaaa BR was my friend and he promised! of course I saved Amber.  Both of them are idiots.

  • leConnard

    It looks like I’m the only one looking forward to hearing Jerri. I just finished watching season 2 on Youtube, When that season initially aired, she was painted as a femme fatale but by today’s standards she is nothing more than a vanilla type player with a very slight edge. Funny how much the production, editing and casting has changed. 

    • sTarzanfan

      I’m looking forward to Jerri too.  Yes sometimes she complains too much about Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz, but she’s great at revealing and telling fans a lot of behind the scene information and stories we didn’t get to see on the TV episodes. 

      So I hope Rob Cesternino asks Jerri about rumors and stories from Australia and All-Stars that fans don’t know about in detail.

  • Openalltheboxes

    Yeah Troyzan made some mistakes but he is the kind of player i like to see; entertaining and out there to win.

  • TarzansCrotchCleavage

    Really enjoyed Troyzan and wouldn’t mind seeing him again.  He was a good, strategic player unlike Christina, Leif, and others on this season.

  • Cesar Guzman Jr.

    He was sure he was gonna win all these immunities yet he lost to Tarzan.

  • SurvivorTrev

    I’m sorry to see Troyzan go.  His struggle to stay alive in the game was interesting.  If you’re interested in my latest Survivor review, here it is:

    • apple pie and coffee

      WOW Survivor Trev i have handlebar envy :) i guess the dried figs are out then :)

  • Troyzan was a great interview and one of the game’s more interesting players this season, but I also think he was a bit delusional. He needed to be a lot smoother to sell his plans. They were legitimate ideas, and it’s silly that the lower-tier players didn’t consider it. However, he turned people off with his over-the-top behavior. 

  • My favourite exit interview so far. Was hoping that Troy could pull a Terry and stick around a few more weeks. Would definitely be happy with seeing him on a future season.

  • troyzan was great on the game and he clearly from this interview he knows the game, MUST get him back for a troycast next season

  • Cyberkimmy

    Troy is brilliant.  Really gets the game.  Rob, please bring him back.

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