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The Interview is Afoot: Talking with Survivor Tarzan

An Interview with Greg Smith aka Tarzan from "Survivor: One World"

He may not remember names... but we will never forget Tarzan (photo courtesy of CBS)

Rob Cesternino Interviews the Final 5 Ladies of Survivor One World. From left to right: Christina Cha, Sabrina Thompson, Survivor Winner Kim Spradlin, Chelsea Meissner, Alicia Rosa

Click the Photo Above to hear our interviews with the Final 5 Survivors from Survivor: One World

This season of Survivor has been about three things. First, it was about the horrible behavior of Colton Cumbie. Second, it was about the stellar gameplay of Kim Spradlin… but through it all there has been one constant, the antics of Greg Smith, better known as Tarzan. Tarzan joins Rob Cesternino to discuss his time on Survivor: One World and shed a little light into what was really going on.

Rob starts off by asking Tarzan just how much of his behavior on the show was a result of his strategy. Tarzan says that he knew that he had to avoid people seeing him as a mastermind and a strategic threat. Tarzan said that he was happy to let players like Colton take the credit for making the strategic decisions in the game.

Tarzan said that he planned to stick with the men’s alliance until the end, but when Troyzan, Jay Byars and Michael Jefferson decided to flip to work with Kim Spradlin, Chelsea Meissner, Sabrina Thompson and Kat Edorsson. Tarzan said that once the men betrayed the men’s alliance, he did not feel bad about following suit to join the women to vote out the other men.

Tarzan goes into great detail about the bacteria that may have brought down Colton Cumbie, explaining in even further detail some medical ailments suffered by Sabrina and by Kat. Tarzan describes that he was working very closely with Alicia Rosa after the merge and had a good relationship with Kim. Tarzan was surprised by how strongly Kim flirted with the idea of voting with himself, Alicia and Christina. Tarzan also claims to have written a six-stanza poem about his Survivor experience. Finally, Tarzan shares his battle with cancer and how he triumphed over the disease.

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  • Alicia didn’t make the right move. Trying not to be played got her played.

  • I will make this brief:

    Tarzan is a god. 

  • Andrew Hedspeth

    Great interview. I have a new appreciation for Tarzan.

    You’ve got to have him back in the future Rob.

  • Wow. Pretty honorable that Tarzan did not bring up his cancer scare at all during the game. I have a lot more respect for him now. 

  • Awesome.

  • Trixie02

    That was the most insightful interview yet! Not only is he articulate, but also he was able to speak about the others’ strategies instead of just his. I somehow see his Twitter account being an SAT word of the day for high school students. 

  • I wish they would olny cast people who want to win and have a basic understanding of the game.  Listening to Tarzan basically say over and over that he didnt care about winning kills me.

    • damnbueno

      Yeah, we can firmly put Tarzan in the “Just playing for the adventure” category of contestants. He was there to amuse himself, and was never serious about winning it.

      I put Christina in the “Playing to become famous” category.  On her Facebook page, she describes herself as a “TV Personality,” and has several professional shots posted.  I think Colton was playing to become famous too.

    • Gregorian

      The show is about the personalities.  If you are trying to get on the show, I don’t think the producers care if you have a shot to win or not.  All they care about is whether you will make good TV.  And Mr Greg Smilth gave them their moneys worth.

  • Ryan Salsman

    Cadre, in case anyone was wondering.

  • Bertinho

    Damnit Cesternino !! The shocks in the jeep !! Did he fix the shocks in his jeep !?!?!?

    • Thats a bad job by me.

      • bunnielebowski

        How dare you!

      •  Gordon covered it!

        Holmes: That’s amazing. Probably less important…did you ever get the shocks for your jeep?

        Smith: (Laughs) The irony of this is that my wife knew I
        needed shocks and I was being so frugal that I hadn’t bought them for
        six or eight months hoping it would last. And while I was on the island
        she bought shocks for my car.

    • Tom Polite

      This is hilarious.

  • too much big words on this stuff… and rob seems a tad bit too respectful.. no laughs or giggle.. relax for a bit Mr C

  • This interview is the proverbial poo!!! 

  • Hey Rob, you should talk to Tarzan about making a “The Game is Afoot” t-shirt, it would make a great addition to

    • bunnielebowski

      I would buy an “It’s not poop” shirt!

    • cyninoregon

      It’s just a phrase from Sherlock Holmes, can’t remember if it was first in the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or just in the old movies from the UK in the 30s, or the 40s, or the old radio programs… It may even be copyrighted by now, who knows? But Tarzan didn’t make it up any more than he invented his nickname.

  • bunnielebowski

    According to the Merriam Webster dictionary:
    Definition of INGRATIATE: to gain favor or favorable acceptance for by deliberate effort What is Tarzan’s definition of this word? How does ingratiating oneself to the women disrespect his wife??

    • TarzansCrotchCleavage

      Another sign he was there for the adventure and not to win.

  • If you’re going to have anyone back in the future from this season, make it Tarzan.

    • TarzansCrotchCleavage

      It wouldn’t suprise me if any of Kim, Sabrina, Chelsea, or Alicia made it back just because Survivor struggles with developing female characters.  Also, Colton is a shoe in, and it wouldn’t suprise me is Tarzan made it back.  Personally I’d like to see Troyzan back out of all these people.

  • silvercoyote

    Rob, I just recently listened to your Lovecast from January, and guess what… you say and I quote “The game is afoot” around the 1:25:20 mark… Crazy foreshadowing? Also you Dinged kim, killed Chelsea, and married Alicia in a DMK.

    • Amazing!

      • senoritah

        You and Tarzan really are quantumly entangled.

  • kaj

     Mark and Bopper, Lisa Lampenelli, and Tarzan get eliminated right before the finales. The Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor finales haven’t aired yet but I’m not holding out hopes that they won’t be as boring as TAL’s finale.

  • TheTimelessOne

    This is a season where every1 things they are  running the show. All said it Alicia, Troyzan, Tarzan, Kat, Kim, Colton, Jay, The Roosters, Mike…and prob others also. You can see it on the show, interviews on rtvzone or rhap.

    • Alicia had the opportunity to but screwed it up, Troyzan never was, Tarzan likewise had the oportunity, Kat no, Colton definitely was, Jay no, the Roosters never had a chance.  After Colton left it was all Kim.

    • Gregorian

       .. and everyone thinks they have Kim on their side.

  • ParasocialDude

    Sweet potatoes! Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock just told Lemon, “the game is afoot.” 30 Rock so hearts Survivor’s Tarzan, atop Odd Us and Cirie!

    • cyninoregon

      “The Game Is Afoot” is what Sherlock Holmes would say to Dr. Watson when he found evidence that a wrongdoer was out there escaping capture and doing wrong. Nothing original in it.

  • TarzansCrotchCleavage

    Alicia is so stupid.  How can she possibly think it would be better to go with Chelsea and the other girls. Judging by her edit she’s not a great person so I’m glad to see her made a fool on national television.  I bet she’s out next, and it’s Chelsea, Kim, and Christina in the final 3 with Kim being the winner.

    You gotta give credit to Kim, she might be the best survivor ever at damage control, and probably at lying to your face as well.  I’d be shocked if she’s not in the final 3, and it would be a shame if she doesn’t win.

  • So Jack Donaghy just said “The game is afoot” on 30 Rock. Methinks the NBC/Survivor conspiracy is still afoot!

  • Gregorian

    I bet Tarzan plays alot of Scrabble.

  • Murdock8

    Kinda find it hard to believe that Tarzan was the mastermind when he had to be told who to vote for and couldn’t even remember it

  • what’s wrong with youCesternino! Why didn’t you ask for Tarzan’s opinion on Chelsea’s boobs! Why would she be angry at her sergeon?! Were her boobs done wrong!

  • SurvivorTrev

    Albatross or Soul Mate?  It sounds like Tarzan would still have his practice AND he might have won Survivor had it not been for his wife.  If anyone is interested, here is my latest Survivor Review: 

  • Great to hear from Tarzan now that the Game is ALOOF

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  • Tom Polite

    It’s pretty hilarious that Tarzan is now a character being referenced by superfan players in season 30.

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