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What did John Cochran Think of Colton and the Survivor One World Premiere?

John Cochran weighs in on Colton Cumbie and the cast of Survivor: One World

Is Colton following in Cochran’s footsteps on Survivor: One World (photo courtesy of CBS)

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John Cochran was one of the stars of Survivor: South Pacific and now he joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to discuss the premiere of Survivor: One World.

We start off by asking John for his thoughts on what he thinks of the twist of the men and women living on one beach. Cochran says that he is actually jealous of the players on this season because he really likes the twist and they don’t have to put up with any returning players.

Rob asks Cochran for his thoughts on Colton because Rob thinks that Colton Cumbie is doing a lot of things that could put him in the same position Cochran was in during Survivor: South Pacific. We discuss whether or not it was a good move for Sabrina Thompson to give Colton the idol on the first episode.

We ask Cochran what he thinks about the alpha male alliance taking hold in the men’s tribe consisting of Matthew J Quinlan, Jay Byars, Michael Jefferson and Bill Posley. Cochran is not too fond of the men’s alliance but he is in love with Bill Posley’s character reel.

On the subject of the women’s tribe, Cochran professes his love for Alicia Rosa, saying that she is the Candace Woodcock to his Billy Garcia. We discuss who ended up looking better in the feud between Alicia and Christina Cha.

On the subject of whether or not the men should have given up their immunity, Rob, Nicole and Cochran were all in agreement that the men should not have risked losing to the women.

Cochran answered a number of questions from the audience including whether he will let people read his college paper about Survivor, what strategy Cochran might use in a future all-stars version of Survivor and whether or not Cochran has ever met fellow Harvard alum and current New York Knicks star, Jeremy Lin.

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  • Alex Young



  • lol @ Rob “hoping everything is okay” with Boston Rob…bah hahahahahaha, you can’t make anybody believe you care about Boston Rob…nor should you, dude voted you out and would probably do it again if given the chance…screw that, you guys are natural enemies…like Jimmy T and Jimmy Johnson…

    •  or Troyzan vs Tarzan but I’m guessing Troyzan and Tarzan stick together out of necessity…

  • Rob illustrated why I think it was good for Sabrina to give Colton the idol…he will turn the tables on the Frat alliance, causing the guys to be weaker in tribal challenges.  It is totally in the girls best interest to have the weirdo alliance come out on top over the frat alliance.  Keep in mind the Frat alliance is very douchey and I think they’ve already burned their bridges with the hot girls so I doubt they could work together post merge anyways…might as well get rid of the alpha’s based on the info they all have…

  • aj

    Rob was of base on alit of his analysis tonight. Jonas a dodo??

    he got a great edit, actually.

    also, the women got a better edit over all, especially chelsea and kim. 

  • 2 winners have gotten 0 first episode confessionals, Natalie and Tina. Surprisingly Boston Rob got only 1 first episode confessional.

  • TonyDeCro

    I had a cochcast once. My girlfriend broke my boner.

  • I agree with Rob the ending of super 8 sucked but this podcast did not.  I was disappointed that the alpha male alliance did not assign nicknames to each other like the brigade did.  So I made my own.
    Matt – Captian Super Douche
    Michael – The Banker
    Jay – Alvin and the chipmunks
    Bill – Purple Bill

  • Great to have the Survivor podcast back again!!

  • My early favorite is Chelsea. Great tits, in majority alliance plus 2 chicken catches? Very nice. The road looks good for Chelsea I think

    • Will ignore that she incorrectly stated the guys should continue with the challenge. Mistake not enough to drop her down in my book

  • Kat got the Heidi edit, except more likeable…Kat was a star even without getting a confessional…Kat was totally visible with her ambiance comment, who is BIll comment, her bouncing around during Tribal council in her cute hoodie, it was all just “awwww look at this cute ditzy blonde chick”…she was bouncing around so much during Tribal in her hoodie it looked like she was ready to get off her perch and box somebody…lol…I totally found Kat to be comic relief…

    • Trixie02

      She was quite comical. Everyone seems to like her. I don’t think she’ll be claiming to have the highest IQ though.She reminded me of Shane at TC– as if she needed a nicotine fix.

      I do think Colton’s jump into the ropes stole the show.

  • Openalltheboxes

    Agree with AJ below, Jonas got a surprisingly good edit and decent screen time given he wasn’t outrageously entertaining, think means he lasts pretty long. 

  • Openalltheboxes

    I wanted to punch Alicia in the face

  • Jesus Fuckin’ Hell Christ on a Cross John Cochrane – Are you consciously TRYING to be the Woody Allen of Survivor!??!?!?!?!

    Dude, you were on Survivor. You were “one of the guys.” Let me say it again: YOU GOT ON. I can’t – I’m Canadian. Even if I was an Ivy League guy born in America there is no way I would get on. You did.

    OWN IT MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!! Would you please own it!!!!!!

    This was an engaging, scintiallingly detailed interview that I’ve been looking forward to ever since I saw you were on Survivor. I absolutely knew you were listening to this Podcast, and that’s why I couldn’t wait to hear your perspective.

    I know you’re reading this board so I say…great interview, didn’t disappoint.

    Just…get used to this adulation. It will take a while I can imagine (well actually I can’t) but the biggest thing is just OWN it.

  • Who was Amanda smiling at? Such a mean tease!!

    • Trixie02

      There is a guy reflected in the glass behind her in a few parts of the video. 

    • Derek_Sye

      Probably not smart to point that out. Don’t want CBS to find out.

      •  If CBS wanted to find out don´t you think they would with or without the link?

  • I love Rob’s Jay impression, he reminds me of Mister Bill from SNL.

  • PatrickLayer

    Unless they want to make the frat alliance look stupid, they would not outline their alliance in the show. Nonetheless, I think Kim is our winner.

  • Derek_Sye

    Cochran was great as always. I hope he becomes a RHAP regular.

  • Derek_Sye

    I love the podcast, but I feel that I need to give some constructive criticism. The “Jeff’s inappropriate comment” segment feels pretty forced. I know it was short and sweet in this podcast, but it just kind of bugs me. 

    • I hear what you’re saying, though they’re not all gold, I still think the payoff is worth it for the ones that really hit.

      • Derek_Sye

        I know the interns do the work of collecting the quotes, and you probably want to acknowledge that. However, it might be better to only include the home runs and leave foul balls on the editing room floor. If a couple episodes go by without the segment, the impact of a real winner would be all the greater when it does arise.

  • ThePunisher91

    I feel like the Troyzan v. Tarzan feud will promptly end with a montage of them becoming friends set to Phil Collins “Strangers Like Me.”

  • 2 hour podcast! How the hell am I going to be able to listen to this whole thing? I think I could only sit through a 2 hour one with Corinne and her sexy voice. 

  • Rob and Nicole, loved the podcast! I just discovered your podcasts at the end of December and I have since been listening to all of them- oldest to newest. I’m up to the end of Redemption Island now and I’ve been super excited to listen to a podcast during an actual Survivor season. It lived up to my expectations! You guys are awesome.

    • Just FYI, I am not sucking kneecaps here. You guys just make my workday much better.

  • I’m also hoping for a “Fat Five Alliances” in the next episode like Vanuatu.

  • M

    Cochran was totally right about Chris D. being one of the most underrated players ever and Parvati being one of the most overrated.

    He’s a true fan, and I hope to see him back on the podcast and back on Survivor. But, I think that the best thing for him is not to let time pass but to hit the gym. If he is even a little better in challenges than he was last season, he will be perceived positively by his tribe. 

    • damnbueno

      Like all returning players, Cochran now has to overcome his Survivor reputation.  He’s got the image of an annoying, backstabbing Judas who can’t be trusted.  No amount of time in the gym will change that.  Working out won’t help him make fire, catch fish, keep ropes untangled, or run faster either.

      Cochran generated more than enough fan reaction for the Survivor Producers to decide to cast him again, but so what?  He’s more likely to do as well as Sugar in a 2nd try than anyone else.  I’d love to see him play again, but I doubt he’d last long.  Who would want him as an alliance partner?

  • aj

    I think it is time to give Nicole some credit – she is good at picking her pre-season winner picks.

    after seeing the premiere, Kim is my number 1 contender for who I will think will win, she got a great edit.

    Nicole ws off base last season with Mikayala, but the winner ended up being another strong Upolu woman – Sophie.

    we all remember how right on NIcole was with her Fabio pick, of course


  • Cute Beetlejuice reference, Rob.

    Tell the Christa Hastie story!

  • kristanmarie

    I’m not sure if you were serious when you said you didn’t know how that happened to Nina’s face, but it probably had something to do with this.

    • i know you. What are odds we are both here ? lol

      • kristanmarie

        Haha I’ve been here for a few seasons already, just not a big commenter :)

  • Get back on the Danielle DiLorenzo.

  • BS

    Great job by Johnny Cochs!

  • I find it interesting that Cochran spent like 15 minutes talking about a guys crotch but never even mentioned that annoying girls ass hanging out.

  • bunnielebowski

    Awesome podcast! Best lines:
    Rob’s tone of voice at the end of this sentence: “This is the kind of stiff on allstars you gotta think about!”
    “Don’t you have more twitter followers than Jesus?”… and the ensuing discussion.

  • jonny_faircomment

    Rob, some questions – 

    Often on the podcast you will ask your listeners to subscribe on iTunes as a high iTunes ranking is of great benefit. However I use a podcatcher that subscribes to a feedburner uh, feed. No doubt many others do the same. My question is – does this count towards the ranking? Or do we who listen via non iTunes sources not contribute in a meaningful way to your popularity ranking. Are you actually asking your listeners to subscribe on iTunes regardless of how they get the podcast?  

    Similarly, as I am only interested in Survivor related podcasts* I usually choose to download particular episodes rather than have all episodes download automatically. Is the iTunes ranking based on the number of subscriptions or the number of individual, unique downloads of a given episode?

    *…and the movie podcasts. The Billy Maddison and BTTF episodes were killer! More Please! and more Eric Stein as well. 

    • Great question. The apple iTunes ranking is a highly mysterious and unexplained phenomenon. If you listen to podcasts on another podcast distribution service OR through rob has a website, that does not help our iTunes ranking. It’s a dilemma because at times I have thought of trying to force people to use iTunes because advertisers would likely get exposed to the show as it gets to the top of iTunes. At the end of the day I always end up coming back to casting as wide of a net as possible and letting people listen in all ways with the hopes that is the best method to continue to grow the show.

      • jonny_faircomment

        Ok, that clears that up and makes your short term strategy clear. With iOS 5 and the market saturation of Android, iTunes is no longer the most popular or convenient way to catch podcasts. However I understand that in the immature New Media age we are currently in, advertisers simply have no other way to ascertain where their dollars ought to go beyond, well, the bloody iTunes chart. As I have an interest in the growth of your podcast (‘cos I love it and want it to continue) then you need to be very clear in your future podcasts… that is, tell folks they can subscribe on iTunes (for free) without even owning an Apple device. Encourage them to do so! I have subscribed on iTunes even though I have not used that goddawful program to catch a podcast in 2 years. You’re right, in the end listeners are listeners, but at this stage, without a reliable aggregator of popularity, you need to get every one of your listeners contributing towards your ranking. On the next podcast be very explicit and clear about the fact that with a free download and a couple of clicks EVERY one of your listeners, regardless of how they actually get the show, can make a meaningful impact on the only chart that really matters right now; the iTunes chart. I read somewhere that you were like 12th recently. That’s great and congratulations, but I know that a real reflection of your audience would put you significantly higher.

        p.s. Hi Nicole! You sick of laughingboy yet? Gimme a call. I’m a professional bartender! Best martini you’ll EVER have!


  • honestly, iluvmiki’s constant retweets is the reason i unfollowed her.

  • John, i hate to piss on your cornflakes, but even i have 2,400 followers… it aint that big of a deal.

  • my assumption was that her startegy was two-fold… get rid of the idol, AND (and probably more-so) to get rid of one of the frat boys….. assuming colton could keep his big dumb trap shut and not let anyone know he had the idol…. assuming all votes would go to him and he would then be able to single-handidly get rid of Matt. obviously it was an idiotic move… but you know what they say… hindesight is 20/20.

  • seriously think about it… when is the last time that Speilberg made a good movie? he makes garbage now-a-days…. all alien related. i heard that even “War Horse” was actually an alien creature that came to earth in the form of a horse to end the war. unreal.

  • Cochran… what strategy is Alicia using??? are we watchign the same show? i lvoe her o nthe show too (for all of the wrong reasons)… but she doesnt seem to be playing a good game as of now and i dont see her being able to contain her obnoxious personaility. Just the fact that she immediately made an alliance before they even got to camp tells me that she isnt too bright. again, love her on the show… but for you to compliment her “strategy” is sort of shocking to me.

  • yeah, i agree… this whole notion of the men not being chivalrous is ridiculous. if the tribes were men & women versus men & women… there is NO WAY the tribe that was ahead would’ve said “okay, lets continue” why shoudl it be different with men versus women? to think that there is a different set of rules in that case assumes that a man should let a woman win a game of monopoly since he is playing a woiman. not only is that notion sexist… its insulting to women.

    • PLUS…. lets not forget that only 4 of the 9 men were across the balance beam! how many times have we seen one person not be able to get across the beam in the past and it costs the team the win? (didnt this happen in your season, Rob?) the rest of that challenge favored the women from a sense of balance. imagine if they continued the challenge and the women went on to win? we’d all be talking about how dumb the decision was.

  • Dan Heaton

    Fun podcast. I liked that Cochran didn’t try so hard to be witty (a la Tyson) and just chatted about the show. He made a lot of good points, and it was a good conversation. I’m really looking forward to hearing from Chris in the near future. 

  • i can vouche for Robs Taboo Buzzer being completely INSANE… he is a stalking nutjob. for real.

  • my wife totally had a crush on Cochran… in fact, the first episode of his season, after the show was over, she turned to me and said… “after all of these years of trying, you finally got cast!” LOL… she seemed to think that he was very similar in personality to me (i dont see it).  full disclosure, she has also said that Randy Bailey and i are long lost twin brothers… so take that for what it is.

  • Hey Cochran… what about Ryan Fitzpatrick? Buffalo Bills QB and a Harvard Alum?

  • haha, the more Cochran talks, the more i question his SURVIVOR strategic judgement. LOL….

  • This was a great podcast….. though i feel like a lot was left on the table… i really wish we delved into Cochran’s thoughts on Brandon Hantz (in the game & out), or maybe even Russell and his thoughts on him….

  • John Mateyko

    Awesome show as per usual.

  • Just listened to this now, and based on what we know now, I’m impressed by how on-point Cochran was after 1 episode!

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  • Tim Sears

    Just now listening to this podcast because… I love Cochran! I can’t believe he thought he wasn’t funny. I about crapped my pants of laughter when he actually went on twitter to see if he had more follower than Jesus Christ! That was so awesome.

    • Tom Polite

      It was great. Classic, self-deprecating Cochran! Cool to hear him talk about what he would do if he returned to play again before he actually did return and win.

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