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Hello, Jerri: Jerri Manthey on The Survivor One World Final Six

Survivor Legend Jerri Manthey Discusses the remaining players on Survivor One World

Is the kindler, gentler Jerri actually The Bizarro Jerri? (Photo courtesy of CBS)

Jerri Manthey became a pop culture icon in 2001 during the airing of Survivor: The Australian Outback. After Australia, Jerri made numerous TV appearances including starring in the TV series, “The Surreal Life” before returning to Survivor for Survivor: All-Stars and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Jerri joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to discuss all her experiences with Survivor and shed some light on Survivor: One World.

Rob and Nicole open the show discussing the vote out of Kat Edorsson on this week’s show. Rob did an interview with Kat that Rob said was a lot of fun. Rob and Nicole get Jerri on the line and begin to discuss some of the changes that Survivor has gone through over the years. Jerri feels like Jeff Probst has gone much more on offense during Tribal Council and she thinks that it has gone too far. Jerri also objects to players using the term “deserving” as Chelsea Meissner did this week.

Rob and Nicole discuss Kat’s decision to bring Kim Spradlin and Alicia Rosa with her on the loved ones reward challenge. Since Jerri won the loved ones challenge on Survivor Heroes vs. Villains, Rob and Nicole asked her about her decision to pick Sandra Diaz-Twine and Parvati Shallow over Russell Hantz. Also discussed is the relationship between Kat Edorsson and her cousin Robby and how Alicia could have a sister named Laticia. Rob also suspects that Tarzan might be a fellow New York Jets fan after he appeared to Tebow before meeting his wife, Terry.

Rob asks Jerri if there is anybody in the game that can stop Kim Spradlin from winning the game. Like Rob, Jerri doesn’t see anybody out there capable of stopping Kim. It’s looking more and more like there’s not even a final three combination that can beat Kim in the game.

Jerri Manthey speaks frankly about a number of topics dating back to why she voted for Tine on Survivor: Australia, what led to her leaving the Survivor: All-Stars reunion and her decision not to vote for Russell Hantz on Heroes vs. Villains. Jerri also answers a number of questions from the listeners covering a number of topics in her career.

Show Links: – Our Featured Sponsor is an upcoming webseries from ParasocialDude – Youtube channel of the Creator of The Dramatic Secret Scene Readings – See Jerri and Rob on this week’s new episode of the Survivor Recap on RTVzone

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  • ThePunisher91

    Hello Newman.

  • Wow, if half of what Jerri’s saying is true, Russell really is a terrible player.

  • Just a minor correction to whoever asked the question about Jerri in the FTC, Parvati did try to get Sandra out, but after Russell refused, it would’ve been stupid for her to try to get Jerri to do it, because Jerri would’ve told Russell, and Parvati could’ve been out.

  • NO


  • NO


  • NO


  • * Unintelligible mumbling after Jerri is disconnected*

  • NO

    Russell OBVIOUSLY has nominal aphasia :) but only with women :)

  •  Hollywood must be kicking themselves for passing on all of Jerri’s entertaining scripts

  • PorkStoreKiller

    With the way Jerri ranked the three gals who won her seasons, she shows she knows what’s up with Sandra.  And she’s right; she would have stomped a mudhole in Sandra had she been in the finals against her.  The only reason Sandra won either season was because she was standing next to people both times the jury didnt want to see win.  If they would have had a just an average player as an alternative, the juries would have taken it.

    Of course, after she displays such sound logic, she then blurts out a nonsensical conspiracy theory about how the buffs were arranged in a certain way to get Amber out of the game in All-Stars and loses all credibility.    

    • I was not the one reaching in the urn, so I wouldn’t know but I’d rather take her word on that. Wouldn’t have been the first time they mingled with the game….

    • Did you really think that it was a coincidence that only Amber drew a different buff? Amber and Rob were the main entertainment factor of the season. Getting them seperated was to increase the Drama and improve the television experience. I remember watching it the first time and calling Bullshit on it.

    • damnbueno

      Interesting, you find Jerri believable when she disses Sandra, but you don’t believe her when she explains the alleged buff conspiracy.

      Sounds like you only believe what you want to believe.

      And of course, you still don’t acknowledge a big part of Sandra’s HvV win was her ability to work the Heroes Jurors into her favor.  God forbid you ever give Sandra any credit.

      Its also funny how you don’t mention when Jerri refutes the “Anti-Russell” conspiracy theory.

  • sTarzanfan

    Another great podcast Rob!  Jerri shared some good inside info for the three Survivor seasons she was on.  I can’t blame Jerri for being annoyed by the crazy internet haters that harass her online.  There are some really creepy lonely miserable shut-ins that like to spend their days & nights hating on people. I don’t know why online haters would waste their time following someone they dislike.

    Anyways, Jerri’s a pretty good host for the Survivor recaps at RTVzone, bringing in a lot of interesting Survivors to share stories.  I can’t believe Kat and Ami shared their graphically gross but funny pooh stories to the public!

  • I like how alicia wanted Kat in the final three but then wanted her out for winning immunities ;L

  • why did Jerri’s voice quality change after about 15 minute mark? (the voice quality got better)

    • Her phone started getting worse so I got her to switch to Skype. I think it was a big improvement

  • nate george

    rob…. LMAO at the survivor diaries.
    this was a great podcast and easy to listen to. you nicole and jerri have a good rapport

  • nate george

    take it easy nicole

  • I love how Jerri gave credit to under-the-radar masters, and the right winners of their seasons, Amber and Tina. Too bad she didn’t get to see Samoa.

  • Definitely going to listen to Rob on RTVzone. I want to hear him being interviewed in an environment where he doesn’t have to be as PC. Also going to listen to that RTVzone interview with Troyzan.

  • I was at that All-Stars finale. (I didn’t even win tickets or do any internet shenanigans – I just kind of showed up and they let me in.) I felt absolutely terrible when Jerri tried to make a valid point about the public opinion and editing and got booed off the stage for her troubles. While I wasn’t booing, I want to apologize on behalf of the mob. (And yeah, that warmup comic is still the worst stand-up comic I’ve ever seen.)
    One thing I am not sorry about is flirting shamelessly with various non all-star Survivor alums, most of whom were sitting in the section next to mine. If I hadn’t gone off the market at some point in the intervening 8 years, I’d probably have to add something here like, “Hey Matt von Ertfelda: call me.”  

  • Good podcast, but I’m really not a Jerry fan. As for Kim: the big test for her is at 4. She’ll get to 4 by winning immunity OR using her idol OR just with her alliances, but once she’s there, it gets real. If Kim doesn’t win immunity at 4 you have to think that she’ll get the boot. Logically, the best player would always get the boot at the penultimate tribal council if they don’t win immunity (eg Cesternino in Amazon, Cirie on her season) As for Chelsea – if she really does love money as much as she says she’ll boot Kim at 4.

  • senoritah

    Make sure to stay through the closing credits!

  • Jerri won the reward challenge in Australia where she threw the boomerangs :)

  • Holy Cow I enjoyed this podcast.  I agree that the All-Stars reunion was a train wreck, which is one of the reasons that All-stars is my least favorite season. 

    • cameron w

      Jerri being booed off, in retrospect was pretty darn hilarious (obviously it was not at the time, but looking back on it now it is all said and done).  It was the bad blood at the reunion between Big Tom towards Rob and Rupert winning a free million that ruined it :(

  • BS

    pumped for the Julie Berry cast!

  • Great to hear from Jerri!!!

  • LosPollosHermanos

    disappointed in Rob being negative about Kim. She’s one of the best players of all time if she wins. Her win would be a top 5 winner resume for sure. I don’t need to go into her game as a whole here, but I will say this. Rob is complaining about Kim not being enough of a character? Jerri is right – the game now has players and characters.  What player has really been all that interesting while playing the game hard in recent seasons?

    Especially females are ignored for the most part. What female does Rob want to name that was SOOOOOOO interesting on camera on recent seasons? Andrea? Brenda? Edna? Sophie? Brenda? 

    Kim is easily more interesting than ALL of those, not to mention Parvati her first time, Amanda, etc etc etc.

    Rob seems to have a really odd attitude regarding Kim. 

    • LosPollosHermanos

      not to mention – Winners are almost always shown to be pretty even-keeled and middle of the road. Their edit is focused on game and less on personality.  Looking at all of the winners across 24 seasons, only a few could be called characters or all that interesting.  Even Boston Rob was most boring of his 4 times in the one season he won. 

      • ParasocialDude

         I am 110% with Rob on this one. Kim is a thick paste of snore. I want to smear said paste all over her upper lip and rip that mustache right off her face. Maybe we’d see some genuine feeling from her then. Yaoch! The Kimbot 2012 is about as interesting as an Earl or Yul on quaaludes.

        •  Personally, I’m going to be very interested to hear what Kim is like on Rob’s podcast, particularly if she gets a full slot next season (which as someone who believes she is a truly exceptional Survivor player, and from all that I’ve seen, a big fan of the show, is something I’d be very interested in), because I feel like it’s somewhat tough to judge her personality through the edit, since Survivor has very rarely edited women in a compelling fashion. It seems like the only edit women can get on Survivor is inoffensive sweetheart (Kat, Chelsea, almost every female winner ever) or total bitch (Alicia, Crystal, NaOnka, even Jerri), and since Kim does not seem to be either of those things, they don’t really know what to do with her outside of letting her explain what she’s doing to run the show.
          The thing for me when looking at Kim is that these people this season will let this girl lead them into hell, so one would think that there’s a strong personality in there somewhere to get that kind of bond she’s able to quickly and tightly form with pretty much anyone she comes into contact with. I mean, as Troyzan said, Jay was in love with her, as Kat herself said, she saw Kim as a sister, etc. If she’s as milquetoast as some people think she is, I just don’t get how she could orchestrate all of this and be as completely dominant, particularly in the manipulative department, as she’s been, and yet also charming enough that no one even seems to notice how much the ‘boss lady’ (…love Tarzan) is leading them around by the nose.

          • You forgot “sexpot” – like Parvati, the “hot” girls of season 4 or to some extent Amanda and no nonsense woman, like Deena, or crazy older woman like Jane, MadDog, Kathy Varick (at times) (there are many in this category).

            Kim reminds me a bit of the way both Tina and Dani Boatright played.  Kim also reminds me a bit of a quieter Cirie. 

      • ParasocialDude

         And  I also take issue with you sayin  B Rob was the most boring on Redemption. I found him the most compelling on that season of all his. His confessionals were like a How-to-Win-Survivor infomercial, which as a fan, I found quite interesting. Plus, I’ll never forget his interview in front of the volcano where he tosses the clue in the lava monster. The murlonio business was great too. I am by no means a B Rob fan, but without him that season, Phillip goes early and we got nuffin.

      • Trixie02

        I agree. I find Kim very interesting by the way. She thinks on her feet, plus she knows who she is playing with and how they think. They showed us that Alicia and Sabrina wanted Kat out, but I have to think that Kim did too seeing that she didn’t accidentally fall out of the challenge. She’s in a good position to win the rest of the challenges and could join Kelly W with most immunity wins by a female or surpass her if she gets three more. [I think there are 3 more].

        I’d love to hear which animal she thinks everyone is. I’m sure she has a fun side, but she means business and is going about it in a respectable way that does not involve drama, whining, flirting, or crying.

        Please let Kim and Sophie be a sign that casting will give us more naturally beautiful and intelligent women. [I may dislike Sophie’s attitude and her spin on her strategy, but she is natural, athletic and articulate].  I’m tired of the typical Hollywood beauty who is 80% non-biodegradable.

        • damnbueno

          Kelly & Jenna M. both won 4 Immunity Challenges in a single season (granted, one of the wins for both of them were Trivia questions).

          Amanda & Parvati also have 4 wins each, but Amanda got 2 each in China and Fans vs Faves, and Parvati got 1 win in FvF, and 3 in HvV.

          • Trixie02

            Kelly really dominated. I think Rob said they lobbed one win Jenna’s way. I never realized that Jenna had 4 wins. It seems counterintuitive given how she played, but good for her. I really thought Sophie was tied with Jenna.

            Kim reminds me a lot of Kelly, especially given that she used to be a whitewater rafting guide.

            Playing more than once really should not count. Who holds the record for men in their first game? Is it Ozzy, Tom and Terry at 5? If so, Kim could tie them.

          • damnbueno

            Yeah, Kelly really came through in the clutch.  She knew she’d be voted out if she didn’t win.  Sophie’s win over Ozzy AFTER he had a huge lead is equally impressive to me.  Jenna”s wins were not nearly as impressive. 3 of them were due to incredible strokes of good luck.

            As for the record books…

            Individual Immunity wins in a single season:

            5 Wins
            Colby in Australia (1 was Trivia questions)
            Tom in Palau
            Terry in Panama
            Ozzy in Cook Islands

            4 Wins
            Kelly in Borneo
            Jenna in Amazon
            Boston Rob in All-Stars
            Rafe in Guatemala
            Fabio in Nicaragua
            Boston Rob in Redemption Island

            Lifetime totals:

            9 – Boston Rob (over 4 seasons, no wins in his rookie season)
            7 – Ozzy (over 3 seasons) He also won 6 straight duels.
            Those listed above with 5 and 4 wins, including Amanda & Parvati with 4 each over 2 seasons.
            3 — Lex, Brian, Darrah, Chris, Ian, Erik, Bob, J.T., Brett, Russell (over 2 seasons), and Sophie.

            7 times Survivor has been won by someone who never won individual Immunity — Tina, Sandra (twice), Yul, Earl, Todd, and Natalie.

            Kim has 2 wins now, so she’d be ranked with Vecepia and Danni who both won 2 Immunities.  Amber had 1 win in All-Stars.

  • ChiliDavis

    A great season of Survivor podcasts; but no Fairplay;  BUMMED

  • Alison Iwata wins Shane Powers’ cigarettes?  Amazing.  

  • Jerri Sucks <3

  • I’m loving the interview tour through bucket-list Survivors and Jerry’s was likewise really great – after HvV and this podcast, I can confidently move Jerry into my likable list.  

    I wish though I had remember to check for a questions thread because I really wanted to know if Jerry had been approached for an endorsement deal by any airlines recently.  Hah. (I crack myself up, I guess…)  In all seriousness though I would liked to have heard what the resolution to her airplane kerfuffle was with [whichever airline that was], or at least heard her telling of the story.

  • Finally someone praises Amber, almost lost for words, Bring on Jules :)

  • The top 2 greatest players of Survivor were women. Parvati and Sandra

  • it’s spelled xenophobic

  • I feel like any time anyone says anything negative about Natalie Tenerelli some big guys should show up at their house and rough them up.  She is way to cute to be criticized!

  • at mark 35:41

    Jerri –  “…that was quite a mouthful”

    Nicole – “that’s how I feel about you Rob”

    (Out of context quote of the week)

  • I was finally starting to overcome my Jerri dislike. Then she came on the podcast. FML 

    • What bugs me about Jerri is that she tells these stories but never has the evidence to back them up – where is the magazine article about Jeff admitting Kel had beef jerky? Or this new story about being caught with 20lbs of jerky or something ridiculous like that?? I always get the impression she has a very revisionist memory that is always in her favour. Even her claims that Jeff is busting players from their private confessionals? Example – there was none and I don’t remember any incident where he did that – can anyone give an example?

      • Does Jerri need to bring along a legal brief to prove this??? What a tired old canard this beef Jerky thing is.

        Oh, and…here’s the article:

        I might also mention that Mitchell was on RTVZone with her a couple weeks ago…and agreed Kel had it. AND Jeff Varner on this podcast a few weeks ago? Also agreed he had it.

        Do you believe the world is flat too??? LOL

        • BogDa

          Was the anus thing Richard Hatch in All-Stars? I think I heard that he smuggled matches in up his ass. Pretty cleaver actually!

      • sTarzanfan

        Here’s the original article Entertainment Weekly posted in 2005 where Jeff talks about each season and supports Jerri’s story.,,20354695_1024612,00.html

        Jeff Probst quotes, “And as for that [Australia] season’s biggest controversy: I do think Kel had the beef jerky. Just a gut feeling on what I heard and saw. People try to smuggle things all the time, and if you’re really good, you can get away with stuff. It’s part of the game. We’ve had people try to smuggle things up their a–! And I won’t say who, because we caught them and it never made the show, but yes, somebody tried to smuggle something up their anus. So beef jerky is no big deal.”

  • Gato_wiska

    Jerri is right whenever a woman is good in the game or wins the game, they always have a lackluster editing. The editors are always sexist againts females who do well.

    • cameron w

      Women like Pheigh-Gee, Sugar, Corinne, Cyrstal, Parvati, Amanda, Courtney, Cirie, Stephanie L, Jerri herself, Eliza, Sandra, Candice, and others get GREAT edits.  It isn’t sexist, it is just that many of the women are not as outspoken as the men are, and thus generally aren’t as ‘good tv’.  There are plenty of outspoken/intriguing women that get great edits. It is just men typically have bigger egos than women and talk about their strategy more, make bolder moves more often or are stronger than women and dominate challenges/can hunt for food better.

      Sophie, Tina, Amber,Danni, Danielle, Becky, Edna,  and many other women who went far in the game didn’t get that great an edit because they a) didn’t have large significance to the domineering strategy.  b) weren’t as interesting in terms of blurting all their strategy to the camera crew during confessionals.  c) weren’t mean or quirky enough in confessionals  or d) didn’t dominate in camp life or challenges and lied low, thus the cameras were not focusing on them.

  • Did anyone catch the Tarzan reference from Chelsea. “It’s not tan, It’s dirt” lol

  • Funniest moment of the podcast:

    “What do you think of Rupert running for governor?”

    “Can I curse on this podcast?”

  • cameron w

    Pumped for Julie Berry.  Not as great as Eliza or ami or twila, but still pumped

    • ParasocialDude

       Are you out your mind? Ami and Eliza are so played. They are proper weathered. And Twila? Really? You want to listen to her ramble on indecipherably? Come on. I honestly can’t think of anyone better than Julie Berry for the final recap podcast. This is huge. I am straight up giddy about it.

      • cameron w

        Eliza is far from weathered, she’s one of the best to listen to on Survivor recaps!.

        I hope we find some scoop of what happened between Julie and Jeff Probst!

  • Sophie and Todd were 22, guys. I like to pretend that’s the norm, because it gives my age group some type of hope.

  • Kim is quirky/funny – they’re just not showing it.  Check out any of her pre-show interviews where she talks about telling people what kind of animal they are among other things.

  • To be clear, Fishbach tweeted Lou Diamond Phillips before I came into the picture. Fishbach scours Twitter looking for celebrity approval.

    But Rob, you left of the best part of that Twitter conversation: where LouDPhillips asked Fishbach which season he was on.

    Ownage. <3

  • Jerri was a fantastic guest! I love hearing from the old school survivors and hearing insight into how the game has changed, especially when they have plyed ages ago ans well as recently, as Jerri has. She seems a really nice funny woman, and most importantly: REAL, not like a lot of the stunt casting that goes on now

  • Gregorian

    Loved it.  Jerri is great.  One of the more insightful guests you’ve had.
    In Heroes vs Villains, she seemed like the “Normal Person” amongst all the Cartoon Characters.

    I wish there was some way to de-cartoon Survivor.

  • I still think if it was Jerri, Sandra and Russell.. Sandra would have won. She would have the votes of Danielle, Parvati, Courtney, Rupert, Candice, and possibly Amanda. She possibly could have beat parvati but I dont think so

  • BogDa

    I’ve liked Jerri all the way back from Australia. She’s real and straight forward and really funny. Yeah, she was bitchy in Australia, but it was great tv. I’ve never understood why people have hated her so much. She’s awesome. the kind of person I’d align with if I played Survivor. She doesn’t deserve the hate that’s been piled on her over the years. And I think she was justified in walking out of the All-stars finale. That whole season was so awful. She’s one of the most iconic players of Survivor. It was really interesting to hear the conspiracy theory about Amber from all-stars. That was by far the most suspicious tribe switch ever. But I never thought about production wanting to split up Rob and Amber and try to avoid an Amber win. SO TRUE! It really was the worst case scenario for a winner. But predictable as well as all the best players target each other.

    I wish Jerri had talked about her hatred for Shi-Ann!

    I totally agree that most of the women who have played do not get much respect in the editing. There are exceptions, but very few —-that’s the reason they keep bring back the same ones for repeat seasons. There are so few really great female characters and players. This is the fault of both the casting and the editing. But they have also never given second chances to some great female characters who could have been on all-stars seasons: Borneo: Kelly, Africa: Teresea, Amazon: Deena, Heidi, Pearl Islands: Christa, Vanuatu: Twila, Palau: Angie, Guatemala: Amy, Exile Island: Courtney, China: Pei-Gee, Micronesia: Natalie, Gabon: Corrine, Nicaragua: Brenda, Holly. Redemption: Kristina, Stephanie etc.


    Here’s my bucket list for guests for Survivor commentaries: If I’m not mistaken none of these have appeared on the podcast. I’d especially like the OLD school ones. Some less famous people than usual. I think all would make for fun guests.

    Borneo: Greg, Jervis, Rudy,
    Australia: Mike Skupin,
    Africa: Brandon, Lindsey, Teresa,
    Marquesas: John, Sean,
    Thailand: Brian, Shi-Ann
    Amazon: Heidi, Christy (somehow), Matt,
    Pearl Islands: Christa
    Vanuatu: Twila
    Palau: Stephanie, Angie
    Guatemala: Rafe, Brian, Judd, Danni
    Exile Island: Courtney
    Cook Islands:
    Fiji: Earl, Eduardo
    China: Pei-Gee, Jean-Robert
    Micronesia: Natalie
    Gabon: Charlie
    Tocantins: Taj
    Nicaragua: Brenda, Holly, NaOnka
    Redemption Island: Francesca, Kristina, Stephanie
    South Pacific: Albert
    One World: Kim, Colton, Jay, Troyzan, Tarzan, Kat, Alicia.

    • LosPollosHermanos

      How could you leave out Jim?!!

      • BogDa

        I thought about Jim and decided that he needs a few seasons to get over his bitterness towards Cochran. He’s probably one of the most bitter contestants ever. I get why —-he was there to play big and never got the chance. He won’t be asked back because he pretty much made no impression on the game. He just came across as spiteful and mean. Cochran was justified in flipping as far as I’m concerned, but failed to play well afterwards.

    • sTarzanfan

      Don’t forget about Crystal Cox (Gabon), Deb Eaton and Maralyn Mad Dog Hersey (Australia), Ghandia (Thailand), Ami (Vanuatu), Cao Boi and Flicka (Cook Islands), and Lisi/Rocky/Dreamz (Fiji)!

  • BogDa

    I don’t count exit interviews as appearing on the podcast. I mean full on guests.

  • This was definitely one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to. Though one thing I was upset about was when Jerri went on to talk about how she would have been the winner of Survivor 20 had she made it to the finals, and I really wish she had, though I think Parvati was the player of that season; if it wasn’t to be Parvati I wanted it to have been Jerri but she, unfortunately, fell just short on that .
    I still don’t get why the viewers dismissed her out of hand back in Survivor 02 when she never was what she was being portrayed. I’ve always come across her as a player who’s willing to make a bold move to advance in the game, which is pretty much one of the qualities a good player ought to have. Lastly, I still want to see more of Jerri and this goes beyond Rtvzone appereances as host of the show.

  • Lana

    Very excited for Julie Berry! Any chance of getting Ami on the show at some point as well? :)

  • David Mihocik

    I find it so odd when people feel the need to leave 50 comments. I had to stop reading after a while because all i saw were comments by anthony chipoletti.

    Learn to pick your moments.

  • Jeffrey Meier

    Cool Beans!!!

  • bunnielebowski

    Jerri is a great guest… possibly a new head for the alternate Mt. Survivormore? And the dramatic reading was awesome! Good job, guys!

    • Agreed she’s a great guest, but you have to admit her views of reality are typically very skewed.

  • bunnielebowski

    Also, since I am not on Twitter, thank you for summarizing the twitter fights! Love this part of the show.

  • I liked Jerri in this podcast, I’m a huge fan of behind the scene stories and she certainly delivered. 

  • I agree. I dont think any villain left at the top 10 could have beaten sandra. Parvati would have beaten jerri in my opinion if in the final 3 with her.


    Where is the download link?

  • Newsflash: Russell Hantz gets offered television series because he is entertaining.
    What does that tell you about Jerri and her ideas?

    What a bitter, pretentious, little victim of the world

  • ksvec

    Where is the link ….  we need the audio link

  • Tyler Kakuno

    The perfect girl for jay is Chirsty from S6


  • ogonzaleznyc

    I don’t know if Jerri left the All-Stars reunion in tears without getting to shoot her pitch for the million-dollar fan favorite prize.  But in any case she seems to be a sore loser about the fact that Rupert won it.  Maybe that’s ’cause she’s bitter about her own life.

  • ogonzaleznyc

    I’m glad that Jerri didn’t go so far as to accuse Elisabeth of gold-diging.  But she almost seems to look down on the fact that E got married straight out of college – as if that makes her pod any less valid than a “Playboy” ‘ho’.  

    And I could be mistaken, but I’m under the impression that Elisabeth’s parents were (and perhaps still are) “hippies,” (according to Rosie O’Donnell, I think.  Plus see  If that’s the case, then Jerri doesn’t know what she’s talking about when she accuses E of simply regurgitating what her parents taught her…  Maybe Jerri should keep her mouth shut.

  • nefrankl

    I think that it needs to be pointed out that Jerri clearly just remembers things as she wants to remember them. For example, it’s highly unlikely that Survivor:Australia beat out the Friends finale, considering that that episode aired 3 years after Survivor: Australia was on the air, and about 52 million people watched it.  I’m sure that there was an article about Survivor besting a regular episode of Friends in ratings, but that’s hardly something to crow about.

  • SurvivorTrev

    I’m so far behind on RHAP.  Not quite done with this one but will continue it on tomorrow’s commute.  Even though Jerri has somewhat of a fragile ego, I find this podcast to be one of the most interesting I’ve listened to in a LONG time.  Now I have to watch the Survivor Finale so I can put together my show.

  • Guest

    Great show. He was pretty cool once we got to know him. The vocabulary is what people talk like who spend years in grad, med, or law school. Nothing weird about those terms. Some, like quantum entanglement are from physics, others were from biology, referring to microorganisms (too small to see with the naked eye). Things that are bacteria or what bacteria does if you are out of balance. Your wife must know those better that I. And “the game is afoot” is what Sherlock Holmes says to Dr. Watson as he begins a case, examining the first evidence the criminals leave behind…. Nice to have a smarter cast, instead of people CBS usually casts that have never seen a fresh peach before, don’t know who the President is, etc.

  • cyninoregon

    Nicholas Porteous is hilarious! LOL

  • Tom Polite

    I loved hearing from Jerri and would love to hear from her again! Especially after she posted so passionately on Rob’s Facebook page recently.

    • Brandon

      Would love to hear from her too. What did she on post on his Facebook?

      • Tom Polite

        She was talking about how Rob’s blogger was wrong with her assessment of the Saboga tribe from All-Stars.

        • Brandon

          I just read her response. Really interesting to hear her version of the story.

          • Tom Polite

            She posted again today, shortly after this (if you wanna check it out).

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