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The Survivor One World Preview: Cast Assessment, Predictions & More

Rob and Nicole Cesternino preview the Survivor One World cast

One World to Rule Them All

It’s just about that time for another season of Survivor to kickoff. Rob Cesternino and Nicole take you on a tour through the 18 new castaways who will try to outwit, outplay and outlast each other on Survivor: One World.

This season brings several new twists to the Survivor Game. Most notably Survivor: One World will start off with the tribes being divided into men and women – with a twist. Both of the tribes will live on the same beach with each other as they compete as separate tribes. Also, Redemption Island is gone this season and a new twist requires players to give a found immunity idol to the other tribe (if it’s the idol for the other tribe).

Rob and Nicole preview the cast in alpabetical order as listed below:

Alicia Rosa (25) – A fiesty Special education teacher with a very special bathing suit.

Bill Posley (28) – The first stand-up comedian to appear on Survivor

Chelsea Messner (26) – A self-proclaimed tomboy that could be a force for the women’s team and an temptress for the men’s team.

Christina Cha (29) – A career consultant who is looking to be the funny, goofy and cute Asian Girl of Survivor

Colton Cumbie (21) – This season’s Survivor Superfan, who happens to be both Republican and gay.

Greg Smith (64) – Adventurer, Swordsman, Plastic Surgeon… someone get a Dos Equisfor the most interesting man in Survivor

Jay Byars (25) – A male model who hopefully knows Derek Zoolander

Jonas Otsuji (37) – The first Sushi chef to appear on Survivor. Hey, we’ve got fish, we’ve got rice… what could go wrong?

Kat Edorsson (22) – A timeshare sales rep from Orlando who just wants you to attend one short 30 minute breakfast and promises you’ll have the rest of the day for yourself.

Kim Spradlin (29) – A beach volleyball playing recent divorcee who is on the rebound.

Kourtney Moon (29) – A single mom who works as a mechanic.

Leif Manson (27) – The first little person to ever play the game of Survivor

Matt Quinlan (33) – A San Fransisco lawyer whose favorite client may be himself.

Michael Jefferson (30) – A Seattle banker who just wants to play an honest game of Survivor.

Monica Culpepper (41) – The wife of a former NFL player… but not the one you’re thinking of.

Nina Acosta (51) – A retired LAPD officer who worked on the SWAT team.

Sabrina Thompson (33) – An outspoken High School teacher from Brooklyn, NY.

Troy Robertson (50) – A swimsuit photographer who literally owns 12 monkeys.

It’s a season preview worth waiting for… it’s Rob Has a One World Preview Podcast

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • aj


    so excited the season is back.

  • Ahh nothing like good old Rob and Nicole

  • ThePunisher91

    I think Troyzan is going to be the next Chris Daugherty where his alliance will get picked off at the merge and he wins a few key immunities/makes a few moves to cement his place in the finals and win.

  • Call the Corinne analysis the Cast ReKaplan. Double entendre (non-sexual one) that hints at “recap,” as well as “re: Kaplan.” (as in “according to Kaplan”)

  • Rebecca30

    I really like the Tarzan brothers and I hope they don’t get picked off before we get our crazy appetite sated. And I agree that Bill and Kim seem like the most likely to win or at least do well on each tribe. Hopefully the boring alpha males and flirty girls don’t dominate as Rob predicted they would though. 

  • aj

    Rob – troyzan’s audition video is pretty amazing – one of the best ones Ive ever seen! also appearances from HOT SI swimsuit models

  • kristanmarie

    I was surprised you didn’t bring up that Michael, who spoke only of wanting to play an honest game in his CBS interview, was the guy that was taking all of the women’s stuff during the gathering of supplies on the TV Guide Preview. I have a feeling he won’t be as nice of a guy as he’s claiming to be.

    I’m also curious to see how things work out for Bill because he was my choice for first boot.

    • kristanmarie

      Also, Colton is my pre-season pick. If he can stay under the radar for the first few weeks, I think he makes the final 3. He reminds me a little bit of Todd–a young, gay, super-fan and I think he’ll be a good strategic player if he makes it far enough.

  • I completely agree with the “High School Alliance” theory. Hot, catty girls seem to stick together. 
    This will be a major problem for the non-hot girls and older women.  

    Saying that, there’s something so pleasant about Kim. Her face, her smile, body, voice, attitude. If that’s how she comes off to me in 30 seconds, I can only imagine that she’ll get an easy in with the “high school alliance” and all the men. She’s my pick to win.

  • I definitely like this One World twist and do see it shaking out like you described with the Clique Alliance running things, but if you had someone with the force of personality of a Boston Rob or Russell it could possibly go a different way with operating an alliance of one tribe, built around fear, kind of McCarthyism-style, where any time anyone even speaks to someone on the other tribe they are an instant target to get booted, kind of like a heightened version of Rob’s buddy system. Binding people together through fear can be a very effective tool.

  • I’m hella excited to watch my 24th season of survivor and my 2nd season with RHAP.
    Hopefully some of the crazy misfits go far so we don’t have a boring season with the High School Alliance.

  • **Lonely Island, not Lonely Planet :)

  • Nathandoesnothaveapodcast

    I agree on most of the predictions, but I think it’s funny how almost every single contestant is predicted to go out pre-merge, or just very early. It doesn’t seem like this is a very smart season, but we’ll see. 

  • Kim is my pick to win. I think her promo described her perfectly. She is an all around threat

  • bunnielebowski

    Love this podcast. Hey Rob – you sounded like the moyl on Seinfeld when you discussed Bill. Comedy gold again. Gold Rob and Nicole, gold!

  • blood.chicken

    Corrine Kaplan’s Cast Krunch

    • Gregorian

      Well you have to go all Kardashian with it…
      Korrine Kampan’s Kast Krunch.

  • I have an idea for the name of Corrine’s Preview.
    Corrine Kaplin’s Cast Crackdown, or instead of Crackdown, use Breakdown. I was trying to get some alliteration.

  • TonyDeCro

    Your right not to call Greg crazy.  Some people out there (like Phillip) might think your calling Greg the “N” word.  hehehe.

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  • RobHasALifeVest

    I have a few random predictions of my own:

    Kourtney and Monica will be best friends.

    Kim will be mild comic relief. (Purple Kelly’s confessional(s?), but more
    intelligent and less invisible).

    Colton will be blindsided, and it will be considered the funniest blindside in

    Jonas will be a voice-of-reason sort of person.

    Whoever wins the game will also win fan favorite.

  • Nathandoesnothaveapodcast

    I’m betting on Sabrina being the first one voted out, she seems like she wants to control things too much and out of all of the women, she might not be the best with challenges. 

  • SurvivorTrev

    If Survivor One World is Men vs Women then judging by this clip: 

    a) Leif is a woman   
    b) Carson Daly is a woman 
    c) The reward challenge teams are NOT the actual tribes, but temporary teams set up for each reward challenge (interesting twist) 
    d) Carson Daly just likes chucking midgets, and who could blame him.  If I had the opportunity I’d do the same thing.
    e) a,b, & c

  • Four days ago Bill Posley posted a video on Youtube called Waiter Anthem with the lyrics First Waiter to Make a Million. I think he’s telling us something guys.  Rob, you’re going to be right this season.

  • Jeffrey Meier

    Bill Posley only because I like Survivors with a sense of humor..

    • SurvivorTrev

      I’ve yet to see an example of Bill being funny.  So far all I’ve been able to drum up is painfully awkward attempts at humor.  There’s a reason why he’s a starving stand up performer.  I refuse to say “comic” until I hear anything coming out of his mouth that even remotely makes me laugh.

  • BS

    wowzers!  I think my prediction may be that I throw a vote Alicia’s way if there’s another Miss Survivor.  Here’s to Alicia making the jury!

  • Jeffrey Meier

    more likely is predicting who will have a romance on this season..that seems to get more buzz than the

  • Tom Polite

    I can’t believe I’m re-watching this season.. but the corresponding RHAP episodes are making it great! Plus I can fully appreciate Kim’s mastery in this re-watch.

  • cyninoregon

    This is a great season! Videos on the web and podcasts here…fun to catch up when you need more than one episode a week 😉 Love your duo cast intro episode.

  • Who Cares

    Wow!!! Nicole guessed the winner again!!!

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