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LIVE after episode 13 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino (@RobCesternino) and Stephen Fishbach (@stephenfishbach) recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questions!

Decisions, Decisions

In this week’s Know-It-Alls, Rob and Stephen start off with discussing the terrible game play in this special double boot episode. Stephen declared that Hannah Shapiro had terrible decision making. With most of the tribe planning to eliminate David Wright, Hannah decided to go after Sunday Burquest instead. Admitting their some strategy to eliminating the strongest players, Stephen explained that it was important for Hannah to keep people in the game who she can beat. Playing devil’s advocate, Rob theorized that maybe Hannah wanted to take over Sunday’s spot of being the G.O.A.T. Rob explained that he was more puzzled with Adam Klein’s strategy. Rob thought that with other tribe members in Adam’s pocket, it would’ve been a paved path to victory voting off David. Stephen agreed, also mentioning that there were other variables that Adam needed in order to have that plan work. Both host also believe that Justin “Jay” Starrett is in the best position to win. Stephen explains how Jay is one tribal council away from winning and Adam needed Justin to feel threatened. In the end, Stephen still believes that Hannah made the worst decision.


Rob asked Stephen who he believed would be the next voted off and Stephen believes it will be Justin. Stephen explains that Justin’s only hope to stay in if he wins the challenge. Both also gave some praise to Justin for holding onto his idol for so long. With both presuming Justin going out at six, is it right to presume that Bret LaBelle goes out at five. Stephen believed that it would be and that it will be Ken McNickel, David and Ken in the final three.

Losing Control

Rob posed the question of whether or not David was in control. It seems to Rob that David is relying too much on others in order to stay in the game. Stephen believes that it reflects David’s game and his efforts to create and strengthen bonds. David is also in a good position with other threats being around, which would temporarily get a bullseye off his back. Stephen also wanted to give praise for Bret for being able to get into other’s alliances.

Will’s Run

Rob commented that Will Wahl had an interesting run in the game and Stephen elaborated that it’s hard to be an 18 year old and play Survivor. Stephen believes that Will just didn’t have the maturity in this game to win it. However, Stephen predicts that Will is going to be a huge threat in the future in Survivor. Rob asked Stephen if Will made the wrong move attempting to swing the votes back to David this week. Stephen believed that there was some merit to the move, however he recognized the risk because of the danger and the move hasn’t really worked before in the past. Rob spoke on how beneficial it would be to have both juries on your side and Stephen agreed that Rob is the counter argument. However, Stephen believes that more people vote based on bitterness.

Jay’s Character

Rob asked Stephen if he was surprised that everyone on both sides voted Will off the island. Stephen believed that it would happening, calling it a classic case of the flip. However, both hosts were surprised that Justin wasn’t a part of the flip and stuck with Will. Both continued to commend him on being such a loveable character. The scene with Justin and Adam was such a great authentic moment between the two members. Rob and Stephen were both also excited with the possibility of both Will and Justin making it to the end.

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