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Malcolm Freberg Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview – 4/25/13

Our Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview with Malcolm Freberg

Don’t Bro Me if You Don’t Know Me

Listen to the Podcast:

Malcolm Freberg was the guy that many Survivor fans were rooting for to win it all this season, but after a week where he couldn’t find the hidden immunity idol, Malcolm became the latest player voted out of Survivor Caramoan. Malcolm joins Rob Cesternino to discuss his second appearance on Survivor in his Rob Has a Podcast exit interview.

Andrea Stakes Out Malcolm Looking for the Hidden Immunity Idol

Rob starts off by asking Malcolm about Andrea Boehlke’s following him around as he searched for the immunity idol. Malcolm said that he was already getting frustrated with the search for the idol before Andrea came over and that standoff only lasted for 20 minutes. As for trying to get Erik Reichenbach and Sherri to switch to his side, Malcolm said that he thought there was a chance it would happen but he wasn’t confident. After seeing the bad blood between Sherri and Eddie, Malcolm was surprised that she would even consider working with the Three Amigos.

The Three Amigos Play Two Idols at Last Week’s Tribal Council

Turning to last week’s wild tribal council, Rob wants to know how much of that scene was planned out ahead of time. Malcolm says that he found the second idol shortly before tribal council and told the bro’s about it. Malcolms plan was to NOT play the idols at the tribal council, but after Erik called out that they may be bluffing, Malcolm and Eddie were forced in to playing it. Malcolm also said he never considered keeping both idols for himself because he didn’t think that was a winnable strategy. Malcolm conceded that not giving up the name of Phillip would’ve been a good move, but he was very afraid that Stealth R Us would just vote out Sherri.

Rapid Fire Survivor Caramoan Questions for Malcolm

Malcolm discusses what it was like for him to play the game as a complete outsider with favorites who all knew each other.  Malcolm said he was able to connect with Corinne because she is an outsider in most Survivor circles.  Rob asks Malcolm why Eddie didn’t bid on the advantage in the immunity challenge and Malcolm chalked it up to Eddie being the same guy who is wondering why anybody would vote out the “hot chicks” on the show.  Malcolm also told Rob why he was never able to work with Brenda Lowe in the game.

Looking at a few “what if” scenarios, Malcolm believes that this would have been a much different game if Corinne didn’t tell Dawn about their plan after the merge – and if Stealth R Us goes through with splitting the votes at that point.  Additionally, Malcolm couldn’t believe that Eddie revealed the plan to Andrea which caused the big “Hold up, Bro” maneuver to backfire.

Wrap Up

We’ll have another podcast with Malcolm Freberg in the future to talk about these last two seasons in greater detail.  Later today, Rob will speak with Jonathan Penner about his thoughts on this season and playing the game with Malcolm and Erik Reichenbach.

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  • BigDan

    Awww Malcolm :(

  • Sorry to see Malcolm go. He needs better allies :-).

    • He was on the majority tribe and left. He had better allies. Has anyone ever left a majority alliance and won survivor? Serious question.

      • Andrew

        Did you not hear the interview? He said no one was talking to him about the plan or strategy in the majority alliance. He was on the bottom and tried to make a move that was done in by Corrine’s inexplicable chatter to Dawn; what’s the difference between 9th place and 6th place?

        • damnbueno

          Eddie telling Andrea about Reynold’s Idol and that the guys were voting for her didn’t help Malcolm’s plan either.

      • damnbueno

        You might be able to say Sandra did it in HvV.

        After J.T. was blindsided, the Villains held a 5-4 edge. Sandra continued to try to defect to the Heroes. She was quite blatant about it, even telling Russell to go away while she tried to srtategize with Candice.

        Of course, the Heroes were too dumb to listen to her plans, so she never really joined them.

        I don’t know if we can really say Sandra was ever “with” Russell, Parvati and Danielle either. She was however, part of the original Villains tribe.

        Sandra correctly plays Survivor as an individual game from start to finish,

      • Mike

        What about Parvati in Micronesia? Flipped from James/Ozzy/Parvati/Amanda/Cirie to the Black Widow Brigade.

        • damnbueno

          Parvati never really flipped away from Amanda & Cirie though. I’m not sure how you’d rule that one. Maybe that’s a half of a flip?

          Its more like she traded James & Ozzy for Natalie & Alexis, then dumped the Fans later on.

          • Mike

            Yeah, it’s admittedly a stretch, but it’s the closest I can think of.

  • Mat Karako

    A big question for Malcolm would be what he shared from his season. Was he honest about his finish and the moves he made or did he make up ‘facts’ to paint a different image of himself.


      I’ve been wanting Rob to ask someone that for weeks!

  • finsburysghost

    I look forward to seeing Malcolm partner with Sophie on “Survivor Couples” season.

  • Bertinho

    Ahh Malc, so close, yet so far.

    • Gregorian

      Yeah. It might have all worked. If things happened slightly differently he would have won the game. Gone to the end with a couple of knuckheads and taken it. You have to admire him for taking a shot at it instead of passively being booted 6th or something.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Malcolm made some mistakes this season, didn’t play as well as 25. It’s more than just blaming his allies, he made some mistakes like thinking he had Erik’s vote at the merge. and of course I think the biggest mistake of all was naming Phillip’s name at the last tribal. Worst case scenario, let them vote out Sherri, you keep both idols in that case.

    It’s interesting, if he and Corinne had done their absolute best to pretend they were still at StealthRUs after the merge, they could have made it to final 8 with an idol intact and then started to make some moves. Especially because Reynold had an idol and Malcolm knew about it – he could have used Reynold to idol out someone at some point. I think having knowledge of two idols was a huge advantage that unfortunately for Malcolm didn’t pay off.

    Overall I think he is a solid player, but I do wonder if he has missed his chance to win playing against returnees. His best hope is returning a la Boston rob vs newbies I would say.

    • Mike

      I think it’s at least somewhat reasonable to blame his allies, since he never really needed Erik. If Corinne says nothing, Sherri goes home. Then at the next vote, they tell Corinne and Malcolm who the target is (since they are still seen as with Stealth R Us), then Malcolm gets Reynold to play the idol for him to idol Phillip, then it’s final 10, Malcolm has an idol, he has Corinne, “Snowy”, Reynolds, and Eddie , and he’s facing an alliance of uber paranoid people like Dawn and Andrea, a person afraid of rocks in Cochran, and Brenda and Erik who aren’t likely to fall on their swords to save Dawn, Andrea, or Cochran (particularly Erik, who’s just trying to keep himself alive) so they’re heavily favored to win that game of chicken, and Malcolm has an idol to increase their odds if it did go to rocks, and their side is more likely to be immune.
      That said, I’m with you 100% on the vote last week, but so is Malcolm. We’re making that call without starving ourselves for the better part of 2 months over a four month span, I can forgive that a little bit since he was really behind the eight ball at that point.

      • BigDan

        I dont t hink Sherri woulda been the first hit, it was Eddie and Reynold who were, no?

        • Mike

          No, the first vote was definitely going to be Sherri if not for Corinne spilling the beans to Dawn. Andrea explicitly gave a confessional saying “it was going to be Sherri tonight, but then Dawn told me about Corinne’s plans, etc.” That’s why the Brolliance voted for Sherri when Corinne went out, because the plan was that they get Sherri out easily and keep the Bros safe and then make their move at 11.

    • BigDan

      I still dont know what actually happened at the merge. I dont think Corinne’s story is completely accurate. She keeps going on about how close her and Dawn were, which there was absolutely no indication of on the show, esp since Corinne said the only people she liked were Malcolm and Michael. To be fair she also now says she really liked Eddie and Reynold, which again there’s no mention of.

      But she also says she never told Dawn about the ‘plan’, just that were was an alternative, this is what we *could* do. But then that implies Dawn was able to figure out the plan all by herself. Is that really what happened? If so more power to Dawn. Corinne shouldn’t be bitter over that anyway since she was planning on doing exactly what Dawn suspected, just that Corinne supposedly didnt outright tell her. Actually I wish Rob had asked Malcolm about that part.

      • Mike

        She gave a plausible explanation for why she only said Michael and Malcolm… because she didn’t know who screwed her over and didn’t want to look like a dummy talking about how much she liked someone that stabbed her in the back but only knew with certainty that it wasn’t Malc or Michael.

        • BigDan

          mmm i guess. but she also said she didnt think (or know for sure?) that it was dawn til quite a while later, i got the impression b/c they were ‘so close’ that she couldnt imagine it was dawn.

          but her explanation for not splitting the vote made no sense. which is why there’s a big question mark on her for me. i really wish one of the many people she got interviewed by had pointed out why her plan made no sense. i hope probst asks at the reunion.

  • Kyle Dobson

    The only good thing about Malcolm’s vote-out is a great exit interview like this one. Great interview on both ends – please bring Malc back for many more RHAPs in the future!

  • cburger

    “Stealth-Destruct”…well done, Rob.


    Awesome exit interview, was a lot of fun and extremely informative. Good stuff.

  • Ke André Bell-Washington

    After playing for 68 days in 2 seasons with his exceptional strategy, Malcolm Freberg easily ranks as one of best players in Survivor history without making it to day 39. He is up there with Cirie Fields, Rob Cesternino, and Yau-Man Chan. This was a great exit interview. Can’t wait to see him on Survivor for a third time.

    • LosPollosHermanos

      If he had Cirie’s record he would have come back and got very far once again. His two season record is more similar to Ozzy’s. He didn’t do the things he needed to do to get to the endgame again, and that’s all we can judge a player by.


        He’s not saying the records are similar. Rob C didn’t do better his second time. Yau Man didn’t do better. All have great strategic minds, great social games but couldn’t pull it off.

        • cameron

          I think ‘one of the best players’ is pushing it too far (depending on how many are considered the best). We need to see a third season because these two were back-to-back so he might not have been fully ‘in’ the game. Regardless, he didn’t play a great game this season. Philippines was impressive so he is well above average. Possibly back half of top 20 players?

          • Ke André Bell-Washington

            Rob Cesternino didn’t play a great in his second season (All-Stars), but he is well-respected from how he played in The Amazon and was honored at last year’s Survivor Hall Of Fame. So why shouldn’t Malcolm be considered one of the greatest also?

          • damnbueno

            There are a select few who’s reputations were simply too large to overcome. In their most recent seasons, all three of them were described as “too smart” to compete against.

            Boston Rob said it about Rob C. in All-Stars
            Cirie said it about Yau-Man in Micronesia
            Tom said it about Cirie in HvV.

            I wouldn’t say that any of them played badly in those seasons. They simply couldn’t overcome their reputations for being great players.

            I consider that all 3 of them were complimented. None of them did anything in those seasons to make me think they weren’t as good as they played as rookies.

          • cameron w

            The Podcast had a lot to do with it. Lots of fans means lots of votes that aren’t cast on gameplay. I’m being objective and not trying to take anything away from Rob.

        • Ke André Bell-Washington

          You completely understand what I wrote. Some people simply don’t get it.

    • BigDan

      I quite like the guy but I dont know if we can call him a strategist. I think of him more as a great social player, one of the most likable people in the game. Not sure why exactly he’s so likable, would be good to figure out! Most dudes that age arent.

  • Gal

    Great interview, rob.

  • damnbueno

    Malcolm still rates as a Top 20 player in my eyes. His game was killed by Corinne sharing so much of their plans with Dawn, and Eddie giving so much info to Andrea.

    Just the same, a great player should pick their alliance partners wisely. Malcolm should have known Eddie was an idiot, and not shared so much info with him. Perhaps he should have waited to tell Eddie they were gonna boot Andrea. That would have been the smarter move.

    Corinne and Eddie really locked Malcolm into a position where he couldn’t lure any defectors.

    I don’t think announcing the Amigos were voting for Phillip was that bad of a decision.

    But he absolutely should have kept looking for that Idol, even if Andrea was right there watching him. He knew he was a goner if he didn’t have an Idol or Immunity.

    • BigDan

      yo DB. i’m looking for a comment on one of the podcasts from maybe a year ago, cant find it anywhere. was wondering if you can shed some light. two people were arguing over who was responsible for ozzy’s snuffing in s16, parv or cirie. one person put up timestamps etc. i wanna check that out and see those but havent been able to. you seem to have a pretty good memory, does this ring a bell?

      • damnbueno

        I couldn’t tell you which Podcast it was, but odds are I was one of the people arguing :)

        Here’s my take on it.

        Ami came up with the idea of blindsiding Ozzy before the merge. On the 7-member tribe (after the swap) Ami had lined up Tracy, Erik and Chet — enough to boot Ozzy. But Chet decided he wanted to quit instead, and that killed her plan. This happened before Erik developed his man crush on Ozzy.

        Ami got booted after Erik told Ozzy (with Cirie listening) about Ami’s earlier plans to blindside him.

        Then Ozzy’s arrogance started rubbing Cirie the wrong way. He insisted the entire tribe go fishing with him, and everyone just followed his every whim. Over the next few votes, Cirie also saw how much influence Ozzy was gaining over Erik, Amanda and James.

        Around this same time, Parvati was getting comfortable, sitting in the middle of two alliances — Amanda, Ozzy & James, and a 2nd with Amanda, Alexis & Natalie.

        So after Eliza was booted in the first post-merge vote, Cirie decided Ami had a good idea and it was time to make it work. Jason was on the hot seat and knew it. Ozzy won a reward, and when he returned he wouldn’t shut up about how good his food was. That angered Parvati, who called him a “brat.”

        At the next Immunity challenge (Hold a Bucket with 1 hand), it came down to Jason vs Parvati. Jason asked everyone for a guarantee not to vote him out if he let Parvati win. Everyone agreed, so Jason let Parvati win Immunity.

        That was the opening Cirie needed. First she locked up Jason’s vote for Ozzy. Jason was thrilled to find out he didn’t make a huge mistake by giving up Immunity. Then Cirie convinced Natalie and Alexis to vote for Ozzy. She also told them to make sure they didn’t tell Erik, Amanda or James, because they’d surely warn Ozzy, who’d then play his Idol. Ozzy of course was confident Jason would be booted, and wasn’t worried at all.

        Parvati was the last person Cirie recruited. Parvati was caught off-guard by Cirie’s blindside plan. She wanted to ride both of her alliances a little longer. Parvati realized she had to commit one way or another now. Even though she’d already decided she didn’t want to go to the end with James & Ozzy, she didn’t want to anger Amanda, who was already upset that Parvati included her in the alliance with Alexis & Natalie without asking her first. Parvati agreed to Cirie’s plan and helped blindside Ozzy 5-4.

        Ozzy had no idea it was Cirie who organized the votes against him. On the Ponderosa, Eliza told him Amanda and James had shocked expressions on their faces when Ozzy was blindsided. So Ozzy blamed Parvati. He didn’t find out Cirie was the mastermind of it all until after the final T.C. votes were cast.

        It was a brilliant move by Cirie because:

        1) Ozzy, Amanda & James all got angry at Parvati, making it less likely that she could get their Jury votes.
        2) Cirie assumed complete control over the voting because she was trusted by Alexis, Eliza, Jason, Parvati, Amanda & James.
        3) It removed the game’s best athlete, AND his Idol.

        All Parvati did was cast the deciding vote. But Cirie really forced her play by locking up the votes before Parvati knew what was happening.

        • BigDan

          Lol. at least you’re aware of your argumentative side.

          thanks for the above. quite well thought-out.

          one of the reasons i was asking was because of the timestamps. if you dont know the podcast does this conversation at least sound familiar? one person got mad at the other that he took the time to go thru that episode again and give timestamps and that hadnt been given due importance.

          • damnbueno

            I wish I could help you, but the whole timestamp thing doesn’t sound familiar to me.

            So that was one extended debate I wasn’t part of.

          • Trixie02

            With all due respect,Damnbueno, you probably were involved. :)

            I remember a very long discussion that went on as well. Check podcasts that involved anyone from FvF (Eliza). A few discussions branched to other seasons.

            If the discussion stemmed from Amanda’s Miss Survivor nomination, it may have involved “M” or “Jack Marco.”

            If it linked to Sandra, try “PorkStoreKiller”. Those would be on Russell podcasts or those dealing with Sandra directly. Some arguments have included “Derek Sye.” A few heated arguments were in Ritchie’s blog section.

            Click on the individuals’ icon in Disqus and you can read the individual comments. Hope that helps! BTW, the top commenters usually argue.

          • damnbueno

            You’re probably right. I’ve had extended debates with “M,” “Porky” and “Derek.”

            I just don’t remember anything about time stamps.

          • Trixie02

            I found it! It’s Kat’s exit interview. Reading those arguments again made me laugh. To think that I entertained that Tarzan might actually have strategy back then!

          • Trixie02

            I think it might be this one: ” The Return of Brenchel, the Miss Survivor Game Show and ‘The Decision’ from Amanda.” The argument was in that time frame. Funny enough, most of the people I mentioned were in on that argument. Enjoy!

          • BigDan

            Thanks a lot! Read it, my gosh that conversation is just exhausting to even scroll thru, much less actually read! The part I’m looking for is not in there but it does indeed seem like the conversation. Perhaps they erased it? OK fine I’ll confess, its not actually the ‘timestamp’ I’m looking for. I just seem to recall someone saying at the end something like ‘i guess im too sensitive’ which I suddenly remembered a few days ago and was curious to check the context of :)

          • Trixie02

            Happy to help! Actually, reading some of those made me laugh! Those are the people who would be in a FvF argument from last year.

            I found what you are looking for–it’s Kat’s exit interview! The time stamp argument is there, but it’s not FvF but rather One World. Most long arguments involved Sandra, Russell, or Amanda, but this one is about Kat!

          • BigDan

            Oh look at you Trixie you’re such a doll! I thought once I admitted I was kinda just wanting to..laugh… you might not think its worth finding. So I finally found it! And its quite a humorous interchange. I gotta say our boy DB does indeed have a way of upsetting people that’s quite unparalleled on this board.

            BTW I’m still having issues searching on this board with my browser. If I type any term that’s here, all terms will be highlighted, but clicking next wont actually take me to the next one. So I have to scroll thru the whoooole page to see the search results. You guys having this issue as well? I’m using Chrome right now but this exists in Firefox as well.

            Oh and its my bday as of a few hours ago so I’ll call this your bday present to me :)

          • Trixie02

            Happy birthday, Dan!

            I’m not having issues with the search. I searched through Disqus, however, by clicking on people’s names to find the thread because I remembered the “sensitive” comment. That conversation made me laugh because I myself was saying “I don’t want to argue” only to get politely blasted for that. Good times–it was its own season of Survivor!

        • BigDan

          btw, are you saying nat & alexis were closer to cirie than parvati? i never got that impression?

          • damnbueno

            No, Natalie and Alexis were definitely closer to Parvati.

            But Cirie is one of the best manipulators Survivor has ever seen.

            No doubt she knew what to say, and how to say it to Natalie and Alexis to convince them that Parvati was already in on the plan. Then she locked up Parvati’s vote before Natalie and Alexis could check in with Parvati. Or maybe they just weren’t smart enough to talk to Parvati right away.

    • Matt Holtzclaw

      He doesn’t need an idol, all he needs to do is vote for Reynold and he’s safe. Buys him time to find the idol or win another immunity and re-position himself.

      • damnbueno

        Yes, that would have bought him 3 more days, but he’d also risk losing Eddie’s trust, as well as the ability to lure any defectors. If everyone knows how easily he’d cut Reynold loose, they’d know he’d do the same to them.

        Malcolm plays to get to the end, and I like that about him.

        Next time he plays, he’ll have to battle his reputation as a gutsy, risk-taking strategist who is also good at challenges and the social game.

        • zjzr

          I think it is better for him to save himself though, the problem though is he thought that he really has Sherri or Erik on his side now. Although I think he should’ve voted against Eddie, then use his idol next TC to vote out Eddie, THEN recruit Faves after the 2 are gone. I have feeling that having 2 Fans as allies probably turned off defectors to Malcolm’s side.

          • damnbueno

            If Malcolm so willingly cuts Eddie loose, there’s little reason for any of the Faves to trust him.

            He’d end up like Troyzan in One World. After he so easily booted Mike, he was unable to convince anyone to side with him. Even when his plan made complete sense, and it was incredibly clear that Christina, Leif & Tarzan were on the outside of Kim’s alliance, Troyzan still couldn’t lure anyone away.

            The same thing happened to Pilot Terry in Panama. He could never lure any defectors because none of the Casaya members ever trusted him. Even Bruce, who started on the same tribe as Terry, didn’t trust him after the merge.

            While Malcolm is much more likeable than Terry or Troyzan, the fact remains that if he turns against people who’ve trusted him (like Reynold & Eddie), there’s no reason for anyone to flip to his side. Jerri & Coach flipped to Russell’s side in HvV because they decided they trusted him more than Boston Rob.

            Trust is very valuable. Once you lose it, you pretty much have to win Immunity or find an Idol to stay alive.

  • I’m not the biggest Malcolm fan at all. He came off really well in this interview. I now understand his moves but i still think he plays too fast. I don’t think he is a great player, He was in a majority alliance, all who he can beat in physical challenges. He needs to learn patience. I get it, he wanted to be the top dog or given some idea of what the tribe was doing, but that could have been his advantage. He could have voted everyone out without the blood on his hands. I think he has the makings of a great player, if he really learns from his mistakes. Given a third shot, I can really see him take it all the way.

    • Mike

      Yeah, being in a majority alliance where he was favored in challenges worked particularly well last time for old “Steady Hands.”

    • Bertinho

      My understandind is that he was under the impression he was at the bottom of the majority alliance and didn’t want to wait until it was just 8 to make a move when he could have made it ealier with all those extra fan votes.

  • Nick Fishman

    Good old Malcolm, well spoken answers and not bitter. Hope to hear him on the podcast in the future.

  • The fact that Malcolm was able to acknowledge where he could have gone better with last week’s play while at the same time giving reasons for the moves (we expected them to turn of Sherri, We should have left our vote secret etc…) is a testament to how good he is at the game and a self awareness that will serve him well in a future season. Made a much better case for why he’s a great player that Russell ever did with his repeated explaining of why everything he did was amazing and the best of all time… and for the record I’ve always thought Malcolm has been overrated. Great interview!

    • Morty

      I was also struck by the fact that he readily admitted error or possible better moves. Most vote-offs pee all over themselves trying to explain delusional nonsense about what brilliant strategists they “really” were, so it’s refreshing to hear a candid exit interview.

      I do like Malcolm, I do hope he’s on again, but I still don’t see him as a top-20 player. He’s an above-average physical threat, a so-so strategist, and a very good social player. I think his undeniable charisma and entertainment value on TV causes him to be over-rated. That said, Bring Him Back!

      • finsburysghost

        He’s certainly not better than the past winners, but he has a full awareness of the game and understands the goal of Survivor is to win, not just progress with no chance of winning. That puts him ahead of 90% of the players who don’t understand the game and/or just aren’t that good at it.

      • If I did a top 20 player list about 15 would probably be winners so he would have to be in my top 5 non-winners to crack my top 20. Rob C, Cirie, Fishbach, Yau-Man, Terry and Lex would be contenders off the top of my head.

        • Mike Giangreco

          I agree with most of your non-winners, but I never really saw Terry as a good player. Challenge dominator, yes, but not really a good player.

          • damnbueno

            I agree with you about Terry. His social game was horrible. So bad to the point where I don’t think he’d win the million against Aras or Cirie because a majority of the jury was too turned off by Terry’s arrogance.

            Terry was unable to lure any defectors during the game (until Danielle at final 4) because he was such a jerk to everyone in Casaya. And even Danielle turned against him and made a final 2 deal with Aras after Cirie lost the tiebreaker. Nobody on Casaya liked Terry. Most Survivor jurors rarely want to give a million dollars to someone they don’t like.

            In fact, I’d question Terry’s ability to get Jury votes from Austin, Nick & Sally if they happened to like whoever the other finalist was.

            Belated welcome to RHAP. I used to read a lot of your comments on Facebook.

    • cameron

      Acknowledging his errors post-game makes him a gracious player, but not a better player. It could help him improve for a third season if that’s what you meant?

      • What made him a better player for mind was not just that he acknowledged his mistakes (decaring Phillip as target) but that he also gave the reasons for the decisions he made. I thought it was an average move last week because I thought he was planning on playing both idols and just wanted Phillip gone. He seemed to say here that the intention was to hold the idols, hope the alliance turns on itself. When that plan didn’t work he adapted to save his alliance.

    • CrumbThumber

      Glad you mentioned this. Every time I hear a player say that they “wouldn’t do anything different,” or they “did all they could,” all I hear is “I can’t win this game.”

      If you lost the game, then you should have some idea of how you could have changed your luck to win.

  • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

    What was Malcolm’s problem with Eddie? I didn’t catch it.

    • Bertinho

      If you gave Eddie a penny for his thoughts, you’d get change.

  • Tony S

    Malcolm is a fantastic player and upper level thinker, definitely an all timer, maybe in that 10-15 or 20 range. On any season, he would be incredibly dangerous, but that is also what costs him because no one will ever take him to the finale. Or shouldn’t. That he plays to win, not just get further is something most people don’t understand.

    We have the gift of editing and hindsight and seeing behind the fog of war.

  • Naqua

    Why did not you ask the most mysterious of all?
    Why he voted for Reynold?

    • Bertinho

      THIS !!!!

  • TJ

    gahhh why did he vote for Reynold

  • BogDa

    Did he just say “Faggy Pink Underwear” ? Because I really hope he didn’t just that.

    • Stephen

      saggy pink underwear

  • BogDa

    I’m trying to think if there is a any great player who has had so many things go wrong for their game the way Malcolm has. His “allies” just ruined his entire game.

    Andrea sitting on the well was a great move.

  • Michael Norris

    I actually think Malcolm was smart to say who they were voting for last week. If he doesn’t say it, the odds, for everyone in Stealth, are that if they keep the plan the same, they will be safe. One out of seven is going home, and it will most likely not be you, so you might just stick with the plan, and be willing to let one go in order to get rid of the two idols. By saying who they are voting for, they thought they would guarantee one person would not be willing to go with that plan. That one person not wanting to keep the plan the same would have shaken things up. They just got unlucky that that person did not have the expected reaction to finding out they were getting the votes. They could not have predicted that Phillip would insist that the tribe stick with the plan even if it meant him going home. I wouldn’t have thought Phillip would have done that either. If they had voted for Andrea or Cochran, and told them at tribal council like they did with Phillip, we surely would not have gotten that same reaction from them, and we really would’ve seen some more drama happen, very likely in Malcolm’s favor.

  • rose_bud

    Malcolm has got to be one of the most overrated players in the history of Survivor. The fact that people even consider him a great strategist is mind boggling. In Caramoan he made a repeated series of avoidable strategic blunders that make it difficult to even put him in the top 20(voting with two known pairs night one rather than positioning himself at the top of the Brandon/Erik/Francessca/Brenda alliance, not forming relationships with Brenda/Erik, the former outcasts, flipping too soon, trusting Dawn, giving his idol to Eddie last week, not leveraging the idol he did have, and on and on) Malcolm’s reliance on the idol to further advance his game is a testament to his poor strategic ability. The great players never relied on idols to make it to the end(Boston Rob, Kim, Micronesia Parvati, etc) He wasn’t even that impressive of a competitor, In Philippines he and “Old Man Skupin” were tied for challenge wins and in Caramoan he didn’t win a single immunity. IMHO Reynold was a stronger competitor. What is not overrated is Malcolm’s social game. It was fantastic. I think he borrowed Big Brother Dan’s mist because many of you surely have been misted. Don’t even get me started on his grossly overrated Philippines game! Wishy washy Lisa and Old Man Skupin had more control of that game than Malcolm ever did. Malcolm was never responsible for a single boot. He followed along like a good soldier and voted how he was told. When they found no use for him they tossed him aside.Who aligns with someone who know tried to boot you out? Malcolm, a decent player? Sure. Great? Hardly.

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  • Malcolm is a very likable player in the eyes of the fans and castaways. I refused to see him as over-rated because he never intended to be liked in the first place, he even wanted to be a villain (giving snarky comments like Tyson). I think the producers just capitalized his rapport with the camera and his tribe mates. If people would want to put him in their top 20 players, then let them be. He has a huge fan base in twitter and social networking sites than any other player that I have seen in the past (given the out pour of tweets coming from his exit and last week’s game play) . And we have to give him credit for that. He is a likable person and sometimes likability exceeds than strategic or physical game play. At the end of the day you win via vote not a challenge nor a test, which only means the social game has much bearing than strategy or physical domination. Cochran even admitted in his confessional that the reason he wants Malcolm gone is because he is a threat for being likable not because he has strategy or won immunity. If we were out there playing the game, which do you see as a bigger threat – a challenge beast, a strategist who is responsible for every vote or a player who can charm anyone to root for him/her?

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  • Tom Polite

    After hearing Malcolm explain why he did what he did to get rid of the Specialist I approve of it much more. It makes sense to try and make a huge shift in the game. Its what he needed. You have to make big moves to win the game. I wonder if it would’ve worked better for them had they taken out Cochran instead.

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