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Survivor Exit Interview with Julia Landauer

Julia Landauer is the latest player voted off of Survivor Caramoan

Julia Sees Her Tribemates as Backstabbers

Julia Landauer was the latest player voted out of the Bikal tribe on this week’s episode of Survivor Caramoan. Julia joins Rob for this week’s edition of the Survivor Exit Interview Podcast.

Julia did not like last night’s episode of Survivor, calling it “brutal”. Julia did not appreciate Cochran calling her vanilla and making fun of her. Rob asked if she would prefer Vanilla or Cochran flavor ice cream and Julia said that she would prefer to eat avocado flavor ice cream over Cochran flavor ice cream.

Rob asked Julia about her time with Phillip on the island, but Julia did not really care for Phillip too much either. Julia did not like how Phillip referred to her as “The Girl”, but Rob thought that maybe that was Julia’s Stealth R Us nickname from Phillip. Julia said that the reason why she spoke to Dawn about the plan was that it seemed obvious that she was on the chopping block and she tried to make a big move which did not pan out.

Rob asked about where everything started to go wrong for the fans tribe. Julia said that the fans tribe was actually a pretty impressive tribe and if they weren’t up against such stiff competition, they would’ve likely been a formidable Survivor tribe. Rob thinks that keeping Shamar around was a big part of their problems because it caused the tribe to be too divided, but Julia says they kept Shamar around for his strength.

Turning to the challenges on this episode, Rob compared the reward challenge to NASCAR and Julia joked that maybe because the track was going to the right, that’s what threw her off. Julia said that she wasn’t having a problem in the challenge like Phillip was. Julia also said that Phillip’s claim that he threw the reward challenge was “BS”.

Finally, Julia spoke about her racing company, Julia Landauer Racing and cleared up some misconceptions about her not being a college student.

Join us later today when Rob speaks with Marty Piombo on the full Survivor recap show.

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