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Andrea Boehlke & Reynold Toepfer Survivor Caramoan Exit Interviews

A Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview with Andrea Boehlke and Reynold Toepfer

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On a week with a Survivor double tribal council, Rob speaks with not one but two Survivor Caramoan castoffs in one exit interview podcast.

Andrea Boehlke

Rob welcomes Andrea back to the podcast and asks her about how much she was influenced in her game by Boston Rob Mariano. Like Phillip, Rob wants to know if Andrea fashioned her game after the one she saw win in Survivor Redemption Island. Rob is also curious how much it hurt Andrea to have Phillip out of the game after being such a trusted ally of hers in the game.

Rob wants to know if Andrea felt betrayed by Erik Reichenbach and if she would have legitimately taken him to the final three of this season. Turning to Cochran, Rob wants to know how upset she was with Cochran and if she realized that he may have been betraying her. Rob wants to know if Andrea thought of using the idol after Cochran’s comments at tribal council.

Finally, why was Andrea so threatened by Brenda in the game. Rob wants to know if Andrea regrets pushing to get her out of the game.

Reynold Toepfer

Poor Reynold – He went to tribal council a total of eight times and only on two occasions did the person he was voting for go home.  Rob wants to know what it was like for Reynold to play the game from behind over the course of 31 days.  Rob is curious to know who Reynold was frustrated with that would not make a move to work with him.  Why was Reynold unable to deliver Erik Reichenbach’s vote during last week’s episode when they were trying to vote out Andrea?

Going back to the famous “Hold up, Bro” moment, what was Reynold’s reaction when he found out that Malcolm actually had a hidden immunity idol.  What did Malcolm say when he told the bros that he had a second idol?  Rob also wants to know if Malcolm told the bros where to look for the hidden immunity idol he couldn’t find.


Tune in later today when Rob speaks with Richard Hatch about this week’s episode of Survivor.

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  • LosPollosHermanos

    Reynold has a great attitude, came across as very likable in his interview.

  • xob

    reynold called rob a bro haha

  • Morty

    Ugh, I know it’s not Rob’s doing, but I hate when CBS forces him to squeeze two interviews into the same 15-minute allotment!

  • robfromhk

    The opening with the mother’s day joke was so funny!

  • Nick Fishman

    The lack of bitterness is a treat.

  • Wow, that was way too quick. I think Reynold needs to be a guest on the podcast next season. I would never have believed I’d say this a few months ago. He’s clearly a fan and sounds like he’d be a fun guest.

    • Jeremy Morton

      Love Reynold! He’s guaranteed to be back in my opinion. He seems like a survivor who might benefit more than anyone else by having a season under his belt. Assuming there’s a HVV2 he has to be cast as a hero.

      • BigDan

        I do like Reynold but did he really show much game-play? I dont see him returning, unless its another favourites seasons.

        • Mike Magas

          And the Heroes had great gameplay how?

          • BigDan

            Weren’t necessarily great all around. But heroes and villains was a theme. People like Sugar and Randy just came back to fill that theme. Anyway the point is I dont see Reynold as an all-star. If you do that’s fine by me.

          • Mike Magas

            I tend to agree but we have done 1 All star season and many comebacks. So just because he’s not an all star doesn’t mean he’s not coming back.

          • Jeremy Morton

            Here’s a list of lesser characters who have returned for another season:

            DD Danielle, Alicia, Amber, Randy, Erik, James, Eliza, Brandon, Bobby Jon, Skupin, Candice, Jerri, Jenna, Big Tom, Shii Ann, Sugar, Courtney, Russell S, Francesca, Corinne, Andrea, and Dawn.

            So, of the 53 Survivors that have returned, I’d say he was a bigger character in his initial season than at least 22 people that have been recast. Again, you don’t have to be great at the game to return, you just have to be interesting.

          • damnbueno

            I’m not sure how you’re defining “lesser,” but a few on your list don’t seem to fit.

            James won the fan popularity vote, and women consider him gorgeous. He was a no-brainer to return.

            Jerri made herself the biggest villain in the game after Australia.

            Eliza is polarizing. Viewers either love or hate her, but everyone talks about her either way.

            Big Tom is one of the funniest people ever to play, and comes with the “deceptively smart hick” label.

            Dawn connects with a lot of the religious bible-belt viewers.

            And Erik was memorable because of the stupidity of his move in Micronesia. Everyone remembers that move.

          • Jeremy Morton

            I knew I was pushing it with James, but I’ve never really understood people’s fascination with him. He’s not smart, he’s not articulate, he’s not strategic. I guess he’s good looking, but no more so than Reynold.

            Other than wearing a distinctive hat, not liking Chef Keith’s food, and trying unsuccessfully to flirt with Colby, there is very little I remember about Jerri from her first season. She was an obvious recast, but I think that has more to do with the massive success of the first 2 seasons, than it does with her being a memorable character in her season.

            I think Eliza is by far one of the most overrated survivors of all time. She made it far in Vanuatu, but she did it by riding coattails. I literally can’t think of one memorable thing she did that season. She was even worse her second time around.

            Big Tom, like James, I seriously thought of not including. When you think of memorable survivor players, it’s hard not to think of Tom. If I were to remove one player from my list it would have to be Big Tom. That said, Reynold certainly received more airtime, made more big moves, and overall was a more important character to his initial season imo.

            I don’t see how you can argue Dawn. She may connect with certain viewers, but that in no way says anything about how big a character she was on her first season. I am shocked that they didn’t give her spot to Holly. She deserved it WAY more. Beyond that, I think Dawn was only cast because Shambo turned them down.

            I agree Erik was recast for his stupidity, and nobody will forget that move, but throughout the season Erik was a non-entity (kind of like this season). It was only after his immunity run that we started hearing anything about him. He made one hugely terrible move, but that doesn’t make him a bigger character in his first season than Reynold was.

          • damnbueno

            Women LOVED James after China. If Survivor has a player who can draw female viewers (like James, Boston Rob, Ozzy, Malcolm), you KNOW they’e gonna play again.

            I think the only thing Jerri had going for her was that she was a memorable b**ch. She was the player people most loved to hate until Russell Hantz came along.

            Eliza is an absolutely terrible Survivor player. She didn’t return because she was good at playing the game, she returned because she gave the viewers a level of unpredictability that got people talking. She was a lower-intensity Phillip/Cochran type who could always be counted on to screw up someone’s game or start a good fight.

            I thought it was a toss up between Holly, Jane and Dawn. There was gonna be at least one religious/motherly type. I thought Jane had the edge because she won the Fan popularity vote in Nicaragua. Jane was the best player of the 3 as well. I can only speculate they chose Dawn because they wanted Cochran to have an edge, and Dawn would be less likely to turn against him than Holly or Jane. Brandon was cast for his crazy factor, but the fact that he’d be likely to work with Cochran could have come into play too.

            I’m not sure players are cast purely for being “big characters” or not. Survivor usually wants a cross section of players who can draw all different types of viewers.

        • Jeremy Morton

          You don’t have to have great (or any) gameplay to return, you just have to be a memorable character. Reynold is certainly the breakout character of this season, and the only way I see him not coming back is if he Elrods or Shambos and refuses to return. Seeing how much he loves the game, I doubt he’d decline the invite.

          • BigDan

            Elrods or Shambos? Does that mean they’ve been asked back and refuse to come? I wasnt aware of that. And not sure why Shambo would even be asked back, though Matt makes sense. You mean for this season they were asked or some other?

          • Jeremy Morton

            From what I have read, Elrod and Shambo were both invited back for this season and declined.

          • BigDan

            Elrod’s completely understandable. Shambo not so much. But perhaps she was offered Francesca’s spot.

          • Jeremy Morton

            They are both great examples of how you don’t have to be a good player to return. You just have to be memorable. Matty was such a bad player that after he was blindsided once by Rob, he went back to him and told him how he was thinking of blindsiding him.

            Shambo wasn’t quite as bad; she probably knew she had no shot with Galu, so why not flip? However, by flipping she also eliminated any shot she had at winning by pissing off essentially the entire jury. She was in a lose/lose situation, so flipping probably was the right move. I still don’t understand why Russell didn’t bring her to the end. Perhaps his game was flawed.

      • cameron

        I think he could most definitely come back, although I would rather someone like Sherri, who isn’t as popular but is a much better player and can only improve a second time. I’d be fine if they both came back– kind of a Randy/Sugar, Jerri/Colby situation!

        • Jeremy Morton

          Sherri might come back too, although I think it’s less likely. She’s done more in her first season than Dawn did, that’s for sure. Survivor is kind of bad at developing female characters, so it’s easier for women to be recast in my opinion.

          • cameron

            Definitely. I mean, Stephanie Valencia was an alternate for this season. The only thing I remember about her is her last name and hating on Sarita.

    • cameron

      He actually stated he wasn’t a fan of the show until he was recruited!

      • By fan of the show, I actually meant RHAP! I realize he was a recruit, but he still did well and would probably be more prepared the next time after enjoying it.

  • damnbueno

    Andrea’s consistent mistake over both of her seasons is that she’s just not aware of how the other players perceive her.

    She never had any idea she was on the bottom of the alliance in her first season — even after her close friend Matt was blindsided and she wasn’t informed about it. She believed Boston Rob wanted her in the final 3.

    And this season, she freaked out every time someone voted for her. She didn’t realize that hanging out with the Bros made her a target among her own alliance, and clearly overestimated her ability to manipulate Erik and Cochran. She had no idea how close Dawn & Cochran were the whole season, and was totally clueless about how Brenda wanted her out when Phillip was voted out.

    She wasn’t even aware that Eddie was working against her when Michael was voted out.

    • Jeremy Morton

      You’re wrong. Andrea was informed about, and went along with, the second Matty blindside. They had to have 6 votes for Matt or else it would have been a 5-5 tie with those in Zapatera.

      • damnbueno

        I’m not wrong. I was talking about the FIRST time Matt Elrod was blindsided.

        Andrea has been on the wrong end of a blindside three times:

        1. When Elrod was sent to Redemption Island 4-2-2 in the 2nd Tribal Council that season. Andrea voted for Kristina. That vote should have cemented in her mind that she was at the bottom of the alliance because Rob lied to her about the vote. She and Phillip were the only ones who voted for Kristina.

        2. When Andrea herself was blindsided after all the Zapatera were gone. Andrea was the only one who voted for Phillip.

        3. When Andrea was blindsided at this last vote 3-2-2. Andrea voted for Brenda.

        When it happens that often, it means you’re not as in touch with your tribe as you should be. And that’s the sign of a below average social game.

        • Jeremy Morton

          awww i see.

        • okiloki

          I can forgive the first two times cause she was on a tribe of zombies who did whatever BR told them to do. The last time she was unaware of Cochran’s realization that she was actually the biggest remaining threat to his game.

          • Mike Magas

            She still didn’t get that she was obviously at the bottom. I see promise but theres a hole in her game that needs fixing

          • damnbueno

            Cochran decided to blindside Andrea because she was targeting Dawn.

            There was no reason for Andrea to throw Dawn’s name out there. She should have let Cochran suggest the first name, then decide if she wanted to push him towards Brenda or Dawn.

    • BigDan

      No one on Rob’s tribe in S22 has anything to be proud of. I have no respect for any of them, save Matt. Though in Andrea’s case even then I felt she might have some potential somewhere, just that she was surrounded by such a bunch of losers that she wasn’t capable of doing anything. She still had no right to think she was safe though.

      This time she did indeed prove she’s got some skill. I don’t necessarily fault her for not realizing she’s a target but I do have to wonder WTF she was thinking telling Cochran about Dawn and Brenda. There must be something I’m missing here but that just seemed really really really stupid.

      I wonder how the dynamic will change now. The Core-4 is now down to 2, the floaters (Erik, Brenda, Sherri) are now the majority, though not in a discernible alliance of any kind, and then there was 1…amigo. Since we know Erik has no brain I dont know how his 3 will work from here. I’d really like to see him blindsided though. People who dont play the game really piss me off. Though to be fair it might be the best move for him. Maybe he’s learning something from Sandra 😉 hahah couldn’t resist.

      • damnbueno

        If you’re surrounded by losers, then you SHOULD be able to do anything you want with them. Andrea chose to follow Rob just like everyone else in that alliance.

        Matt has no reason to be proud of his game play. He got blindsided twice by the same person. He’s one of the few to be voted out twice in the same season.

        I think the only person on Ometepe who can be proud of how they played besides Rob is Kristina. At least she thought for herself, found an Idol, and knew when to play it.

        Andrea made the same mistake with Cochran that Corinne made with Dawn — she volunteered too much information. Instead of saying “Let’s get rid of Dawn or Brenda,” she should have asked “Who do you want to get rid of first?” That way, she could choose to go after Cochran’s target, or try to go around him by lobbying Erik, Eddie & Sherri’s votes.

        Erik is definitely playing the game. He’s just not playing it in a way that makes most viewers happy. You’ve got to hand it to him, his strategy has brought him to 6th place with NOBODY targeting him.

        So far that has brought him about $10,000.

        I know you were joking about Sandra, but she always knows where the votes are going long before Tribal Council.

        • BigDan

          I’d have to disagree on the first one. Indeed she was surrounded by losers but they were losers *because* they were so blindly obedient to Rob, so devoid of strategy. Had anyone tried to do something they’d prolly tell Rob right away. Imagine telling Natalie something that could guarantee her a place in the finals, and make her go up against someone who she might actually win against. What would she do? She’d go right back to Rob and tell him, and make sure to go against someone she has no shot against. Idiot. There’s a good chance Grant would do the same. Ashley is the only one who *might* be somewhat receptive, but b/c she was good friends w/ Natalie, can’t really trust her. The only real thing I hold against Andrea is for not bitching about the situation more on camera, for knocking out Matt with the silly excuse she made, and for not realizing she doesn’t have a shot.

          Agreed about Andrea w/ Cochran. She should’ve asked not told.

          Yes Sandra knows where the votes are going. But so does Brenda, who hasn’t done anything yet, and so would Erik if he actually wanted to. He chooses not to for some strange reason.

          • Mike Magas

            then she should have flipped and I know the answer is she’d be at the bottom but even a double flip could work, flip to zap and back.

            In the end I hold the fact she didn’t get she was at the bottom more than following Rob if your at the bottom and its obvious that no one is interested in moving you try something and at least go down having fought.

          • BigDan

            ya fair point. i forgot that obvious one, flipping!

          • damnbueno

            The move Andrea should have made but didn’t was that she should have teamed up with Matt right at the merge and voted with the Zapatera to boot Rob.

            Yes, she and Matt still would have been at the bottom, but for the moment, those two would have had the power.

            With 5 Zapatera and 4 Ometepe, both sides would still need their two votes to secure the next vote.

            Ashley, Natalie, Grant and Phillip might be mad at them for taking out Rob, but they would still NEED their votes to have any chance to reach the finals.

            Andrea & Matt could have taken 3 days to decide which side they wanted to stick with. In fact, they could hold both sides at bay for the next vote too. The only threat to this plan would be if both sides decided to work together to boot the two swing votes.

            But I think Rob did such a good job of keeping the groups separate, Andrea & Matt wouldn’t have to worry about the groups conspiring against them for at least 2 votes — long enough for them to pick a side to stick with.

          • Mike Magas

            I agree that is the move to be made

          • damnbueno

            That’s exactly why I think they were losers — NONE of them even considered moving against Rob.

            All they had to do was add. 3 spots in the finals, 7 people in the alliance. That means 4 people are out. They all hated Phillip (except for Andrea), so after the 2nd Matt blindside, ALL of them should have been asking themselves “Who is not in Rob’s final 3 plans?”

            Andrea was the worst of the group because she’d already been excluded from the key info on the first Matt blindside. Its better to take a shot and go out swinging (like Malcolm this season) than to lay down and wait to be shot.

            If you’re hoping or wondering if you’re in someone’s final 3 plans, you’re probably not. Besides, its also always better to work yourself into EVERYONE’s final 3 plans. Whoever hesitates to say “Yeah, its you and me” is someone you need to get rid of.

            At a minimum, each of them should have asked everyone not named Rob “Did Rob promise you a final 3 spot?” If you’re reading the other players well enough, you’ll be able to tell from their reaction who is lying to you. Then you start making the other players aware of it.

            All of this should have happened BEFORE the merge so you can plan to use 2 or 3 Zapatera to help you boot Rob, or whoever his finals Goat(s) are.

            But instead, they all watched each other cower to Rob’s will.

            It was sickening.

            Sandra is much better at getting information than Brenda is. Even if Sandra is fighting with someone (like Russell or Fairplay), she gets info she can use to advance herself. As much as I like Brenda, she admittedly had no idea where she stood for a while before the swap. She greatly benefited from her tribe’s winning streaks.

            Besides, Natalie White and Amber pretty much proved you don’t have to “do anything” to win the game (but for the record, I think Brenda is a much better player than Amber or Natalie).

      • Mike Magas

        I do respect Grant and Ashley (please don’t confuse respect for good players or people who should be brought back (though on a side note as the only 2 young former pro athletes on survivor I can think of, I’d bring them back for like Survivor: Challenge Beasts addition))

        Reasons: both until their vote outs could realistically think they were in rob’s final 3 therefore playing a game that they thought would lead to a win (and possibly so, people say facing rob at the end was a bad idea but really Amber beat him despite playing a worse game outside of the social game, I don’t think its too far fetched for either to think they could have won) and both did have ideas they tried to enact. This to me is all I need to say you came, you tried, you played here’s a cookie lol

  • Jeremy Morton

    Rob, Reynold seems like perhaps the most likable survivor to ever play the game. You have to find out what made Sherri hate him so much!

    • BigDan

      Isn’t Malcolm more likable? Though yes I agree, Reynold is a stand-up guy. I would in fact really like to know why Sherri hated him so much, though it didn’t occur to me earlier. Of course Reynold may not know. It’d be nice to ask Sherri why, and THEN ask Reynold to rebut the possibly incorrect statements she may make.

      • Jeremy Morton

        Good point, as oblivious as Reynold was all game, he may have not even realized Sherri hated him.

        Although I like Malcolm, and think he too is guaranteed to be back again, I think Reynold is more likable. I guess it depends on your definition of likable, since it probably varies with just about everyone.
        I think Malcolm and Reynold are very similar despite their age difference. From a personality perspective I am very much like these guys, though a physical specimen I am not. To steal a word from Reynold, I too am a bacchanalian. That’s why I like them both so much, because me personally would get along with them very well.

        They are both very likable, but I give the edge to Reynold based mainly on his optimism and carefree nature.

        • BigDan

          Cool. I was referring more to their reputation. Supposedly Malcolm’s very well-liked online. Ofc he’s got a season’s advantage.

        • Mike Magas

          Could boil down to he was on the opposite side as her and called her weak, otherwise I’ve seen nothing

          • Jeremy Morton

            You could be right. There have only been a few comments we have seen where she bashes Reynold, she may have not even hated him, but was just edited to look like she did.

      • cameron

        Well, even Brenda called him arrogant in her tribal vote, so he clearly wasn’t a stand-up guy around camp (not to mention the douchy comments he made about Allie [although that was in confessionals, it does reveal he isn’t the nicest guy]). I think being on the bottom since day one made him MUCH easier to ostracise, like Alina in Nicaragua, RC in Philippines and even Cochran in SP by his tribe. Once a person is roadkill, everyone jumps on board with the ‘hate’ so they aren’t next.

        • Jeremy Morton

          I think Brenda was referring more to his arrogance in regard to challenges. I remember him saying how he thought he could win 5 straight immunity challenges.

          What exactly are these douchey Allie comments? Are you referring to when he said she was plain and unassuming? I didn’t take those comments to be meant in a mean or hurtful way, he was just trying to describe his (bad) strategy and why he aligned with Allie.

        • BigDan

          >not to mention the douchy comments he made about Allie

          you mean when he said she’s not the cutest? I think that was made too big a deal of. there’s no doubt she’s hot. saying she’s not #1 isnt that offensive in my eyes.

          • cameron

            It was the fact he used that as the reason for aligning with her.

    • Dave L

      Reynold himself said that Eddie was more likeable than him.

      • Jeremy Morton

        This modesty makes him even more likable in my book. He’d sound like a jerk if he said, “No, I am definitely the most likable.”

    • Jeremy Morton

      Just watched the Survivor after show because Rob was on it, and Reynold sheds some light on why Sherri hated him so much. His explanation was that he blew off her alliance offer 5 minutes into the game, and she never got over it.

  • Rei

    reynold’s optimism is awesome!

    bad stuff happens?
    reynold: ok cool, no worries =)

    survivor needs more reynolds. a bro-liance must succeed!

    • BigDan

      If I ever get on I’m totally bro-ing down. Though I wouldn’t with Erik. Or actually perhaps Erik is the perfect person. A soldier not a leader.

  • Definitely need to bro down with Reynold again on a future podcast

  • okiloki

    lol Rob, you totally called it. Eddie was the Natalie Tanarelli of this season. Pretty but dumber than a bag of rocks.

    • Hammers. Bag of Hammers.

      • Jeremy Morton

        Eddie definitely gets the bag of hammers award for this season.

  • finsburysghost

    Eric – If you are going to refuse to discuss strategy, why go back on the show? He’s a waste.

    • damnbueno

      His strategy has brought him to the final 6, which means he’s getting around $10,000.

      Is that kind of money a waste?

      • not for him, but for the viewers

        • Trixie02

          Erik has made the exits of Phillip, Malcolm, and now Andrea possible. The unpredictability is better than Pagonging!

        • damnbueno

          Erik is entertaining me.

          I’ve never seen the “Don’t strategize with me” strategy. I’m very interested to see if it keeps working.

          I always enjoy it when I see something I haven’t seen before.

          • Jeremy Morton

            I agree, anything new is welcome to me. And, it looks like it couldn’t have worked out better for him this season. It may be luck, but his no strategy strategy has allowed him to watch the core alliance cannibalize itself.

            I’d say his strategy is most comparable to Fabio, but even Fabio was more strategic. One downside, if Erik wins we may see a lot more of this “strategy”, and that would bad for television imo.

          • damnbueno

            I don’t know that I’d call Fabio more stategic because he truly had no idea what was going on around him, and was making plans based on recommendations made by those trying to use his stupidity to their advantage.

            Erik knows exactly where every allegiance lies. He knows what NOT to say to which players about the other players. While others think they can manipulate him to their advantage, he’s truly gathering all the information he can before making his decisions. Fabio pretty much just did what he was told — be it by Shannon, Brenda, Marty, Sash or Benry.

            In contrast, Erik is working in his own interests 100% of the time. In fact, when he had the chance to remove the one person who was keeping information from him (Phillip), Erik helped get rid of him.

            Fabio absolutely had to go on his immunity streak to reach the finals. Right now, Erik doesn’t have to do that because nobody is targeting him.

          • Jeremy Morton

            I guess you’re right, because Fabio had no strategy, while Erik at least has his no strategy, strategy. That said, I think he’s just been lucky to be overlooked due to others being bigger threats.

            Like I said, I think this season was best-case scenario for his strategy. In most seasons, there is not going to be 3 very strong males on the bottom alliance. Erik was smart to go against the 3 amigos, I’ll give him that. Perhaps he realized they would deflect attention from his physical prowess.

            Also, in most seasons a floater like Erik would be voted off early into the merge. Nobody wants that unpredictability. What has saved him is that this season was full of strategic threats who overshadowed the threat of his unpredictability. Corinne, Malcolm, Brenda, and Andrea represented bigger strategic threats, because they tried to control the game, and were threats to win it all. I find it hard to believe Erik is seen as a threat to win it all. Being friends to everyone, means being friends with nobody, and I highly doubt anyone is going to respect his no strategy game.

            That said, if he can go into final tribal, and reproduce the lucidity he shows in some of his secret scenes, I give him a slim chance of winning over the jury.

          • damnbueno

            Erik is less of an indecisive floater than most of those who’ve come before him, in that he’s smart enough to commit a “yes” answer whenever someone approaches him.

            On the other hand, Penner said “no” to Lisa and Skupin when they asked him to commit to their final 4 deal, and his rejection led to them voting him out. Erik deserves credit for being smart enough not to end up like Penner. Its the indecisive swing vote who tries to hold the other players hostage who is usually voted out. Rob C. did that to Christy in the Amazon.

            Right now, at worst, Erik is the guy the power players think they can get rid of anytime they want. And with every vote, Erik is more likely to ride an Immunity streak into the finals because he was successful in avoiding the “challenge threat” label by sandbagging it in the first few Individual Immunity challenges.

            Erik has a solid chance to win. After all, we all thought Fabio, Natalie, Sophie, Bob, and Vecepia had little chance of winning didn’t we? And Chase, Clay and Susie came one vote short when we all thought they’d be blown out.

          • Jeremy Morton

            I agree that Erik is not this braindead player refusing to discuss any strategy, that some are making him out to be. I also agree he has a shot to win. Solid shot? Not so much.

            According to my irrelevant prognostication, most likely Erik cannot beat Cochran, Brenda, or Eddie in the finals. Cochran has been too much of a power player for Erik to beat him. Brenda has overcome too much, and Eddie is too liked by the jury. This means his only hope is a Dawn, Erik, Sherri final 3, and if that happens it’s still going to be tough to beat Dawn.

            I’m not saying it’s out of the question, and you make a good point about other suprising winners, but if Erik wins I will be as suprised as when Fabio won it.

          • damnbueno

            I never underestimate the power of putting one’s foot in their mouth.

            Amanda entered two finals as the clear favorite, and blew it both times. Who’s to say Cochran, Dawn, Brenda or anyone else won’t crumble under Jury questioning? And we’ve already seen Eddie commit several brain farts when there was little or no pressure. Even Reynold said it was dumb for him to step down for donuts.

            Eddie is well-liked, but he doesn’t seem to have much respect by those already on the Ponderosa. I’ve found the 3 most consistent reasons people base their Jury votes on to be likeability, respect and honesty. A jury won’t vote for someone who’ll lie to their face (like Coach did). Eddie is only strong in the likeability dept. Who knows if he’ll be honest under questioning.

    • zjzr

      Survivor is not always strategy, so his laid back approach while not being targeted BUT being a crucial vote (that Andrea and Cochran cannot believe) is a valid strategy, and I might say as more Brenda & Erik scenes are shown the better the episodes become.

      • finsburysghost

        It’s only a valid strategy if he has a plan to win the game. Many horrible players have made in in front of the jury by being the useful idiot or dead weight that a strong player drags forward.

        Also, he’s not making himself the crucial vote, he just happens to be a vote loosely or not attached to any alliance. It’s not a strategy.

      • zjzr

        Is there proof thought that he is not in it to win it? I mean, just because the edit shows that he is just floating doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to win. Even though he doesn’t have a very good strategy right now IMO I don’t think it is that bad of a strategy at all.

  • TheCHIMP

    My printer/scanner shopping EndGAME just wrapped up perfectly, and I have to thank for getting me going on the right foot! Hope they send you a few bucks, RC and the FLOP.

  • Can you please a Bro-liiance podcast in the off season. Rob, Malc, Eddie and Reynold all in the same room bro-ing down…Podcast gold

    • Narborg

      Do it!

    • zjzr

      Add in Pete too, hehe.

  • Derek_Sye

    We definitely need a follow up with these two. I would love to hear more from both of them.

  • Matt Holtzclaw

    really classy by both. Sorry Rob, but i severely disagree about the bitterness thing. Almost nobody wants to hear about Grant, Lex, Franny, etc;s attitude post show. I’m so impressed with people who act this way, and I think Andrea deserves extra credit because a lot of weaker people would fall into the trap of those acting very catty towards her.

    • I’m just strictly speaking in terms of getting you guys exit interviews, its a better podcast when they’re bitter – its not a good thing for the individuals themselves.

  • hey rob theres a rumor that your gonna be on season 27 or season 28 is it true?

  • Tom Polite

    I thought Andrea was going to take the whole game before this episode. I figured her or Cochran. Gotta hand it to Cochran for knowing when to get rid of her.

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