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Talking with the First 2 Players Voted off Survivor Cagayan

Rob Cesternino interviews the First 2 players voted out of Survivor Cagayan

David Samson and Garrett Adelstein from the Brains tribe are the First Two players voted out on Survivor Cagayan

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Listen to the Podcast:

After the insanity of this week’s Survivor Cagayan premiere, Rob Cesternino gets to interview the first two players voted out of the game. First Rob will speak with Miami Marlins, David Samson, who was the first player voted out of the Brains tribe and the game. Then Rob will speak with the second player voted out of the tribe and the game, Garrett Adelstein.

David Samson Interview

Rob talks to David Samson and asks him about the following topics and more:

  • Does David think that he should have handled the selection of Garrett as the weakest player differently in the opening moments of the season?  Should David have said that he was focused on the last two thirds of the game?
  • Did David have a sense that he had made an enemy out of Garrett?
  • Was there any communication between David and Garrett over the first three days?
  • Since David felt confident that J’Tia was going home, who were the other votes that David and Kass were counting on?
  • What did the Brains tribe do wrong that the other tribes didn’t to fall so far behind in the challenges?
  • What was David’s impression of Spencer from his first three days on the island?
  • What did David think about Garrett’s mandate that there should be no side conversations in the tribe?
  • What were David’s thoughts about J’Tia spilling out all the rice?
  • Was David surprised to see the tribe turn on Garrett over J’Tia at the second tribal council?
  • Were David and Garrett able to repair their relationship at Ponderosa?
  • How did David go from being a baseball executive to competing on Survivor?

Garrett Adelstein Interview

Rob speaks with professional Poker Player, Garrett Adelstein, to discuss him being the second player voted out of Survivor Cagayan.

  • When does Garrett think that Kass switched her vote to turn against him?  Was it at tribal council or back at camp?
  • According to Garrett what were the actual dynamics of the Brains tribe and how did they differ from what was portrayed in the episode?
  • Were Garrett and Spencer seen as much of a pair by the alliance tribe as it was shown?
  • Did Garrett know that he had made a big slip-up when he referred to the “alliance” rather than the tribe?  Was that mistake compounded when he announced that the alliance was Garrett, Spencer and Kass?
  • Does Garrett regret telling the tribe that he wanted to forbid side conversations?
  • Where was the hidden immunity idol during tribal council?

Be sure to join us later today when we have our full recap podcast with Aras Baskauskas and answer your voicemails.

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Rob Cesternino hosts an exit interview with the latest players voted off of Survivor Cagayan

Rob Cesternino hosts an exit interview with the latest players voted off of Survivor Cagayan

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  • Wayne Boothe

    Brains tribe (Garrett here in particular) are a very chatty group.

  • Nick Fishman

    Loved David in this, he is able to make a ton of humor out of being first out and acknowledge the facts. Garrett had a mouthful to say, which i liked since he knew he needed to say his piece when he could.

    • susan appleby

      David is lucky that Garrett’s subsequent actions proved Garrett was a fool for voting him out instead of J’tia. Garrett knew J’tia and Tash were a tight pair but he didn’t break them up. David could go later because he had no natural allies other than Kass being older like him. Kass can just as easily ally with the women.

      • cyh

        i feel like garrett’s mistake was less in voting david out, but more of how he handled the tribe and his alliance after doing so. There were ways that he could have used his immunity idol too to solidify his alliance. david was obviously gunning for garrett, if they had voted j’tia out who knows if tasha would have swung to david’s side and garrett would be on the wrong end of the numbers.

      • Lew

        David was an idiot for targeting Garrett so early and for making it look as if he were targeting him already.

  • cacao

    Garrett sounds desperate here. And butthurt. Kass ruins his game, so he proceeds to try and throw her under the bus as if she has no idea what she’s doing. here’s a hint Garrett, maybe it’s the fact that you were condescending and controlling IN the game, and couldn’t keep your mouth shut, that made you a better option to vote out than J’Tia.

    • Lew

      Well you have to admit that Kass was a moron for switching to J’Crazy and Tasha’s side when they still have challenges to do. I wouldn’t be surprised if what Garrett is saying is true. Kass is just not a good player.

      • cacao

        yes and no. I mean, “challenge strength” is the most obvious strategy you can employ, but we all know survivor is not cut and dry and that anything can happen. Trust is #1, and although J’tia is certainly not entirely ‘trustworthy’ I’d rather be aligned with her than Garrett to be honest.

        Also, when he said “it’s just been so hard for me out here and this is a new rock bottom”…how could anyone still root for this guy?

        • susan appleby

          I would expect that J’ Tia is very loyal to Tash. I can’t see J ‘Tia flipping on Tash ever.

          • damnbueno

            Maybe so, but Tasha sure as hell will flip on J’Tia.

            You’re never secure if you mess with someone’s food.

      • susan appleby

        Garrett is the one who flipped on his alliance. He needed to solidify his alliance with the idol. He should have just stuck with it, told J’tia that anyone can freeze in a challenge, and put Spencer on the puzzle the next time. Problem solved and Kass is gone.

        If he felt Tash was gunning for him next, he needed to use his idol.

        Garrett had a lot of ways to still be in the game. He managed to bungle all of them.

        • Lew

          Garrett did not flip anything. Did you even watch the premiere? It was clearly Kass who even Rob says she made a mistake doing so.

      • Jeremy Carson

        Okay… let’s say that the Brains lose the next 2 challenges anyhow.
        1. Garrett and Spencer already showed that they would flip alliances. Therefore, it is possible they would have voted out Kass before Tasha.
        2. They vote Kass out at 3.

        Even if the Brains lose the next 2 challenges before the likely swap, she has the best chance in the group to be in that last two person set.

        Read my earlier post if you don’t understand.

        • dsharden

          Agree. her move was brilliant for her. If they lose; J’Tia and Spencer are going before Kass and Tasha. Tasha and Kass showed great strategist playing.

      • dsharden

        NO, Kass made a great decision. There is no more a 2 men alliance and the craziest person is still in the game. if they lose again…maybe J’Tia goes and Kass is still there. Then she and Tasha knock out Spencer if he doesn’t go before J’Tia.
        Tasha and Kass can still knock out J’Tia and Spencer and still be in! Kass’s decision was brilliant. Of course, you have to really think about it.

  • Phil The-Issues-Guy

    Garret gives me anxiety just listening to him 😛

  • Kooks

    do you have to be the worst player in history when someone dumps out the entire tribes rice and you STILL get voted over that person?

    • A Longtime Fan

      Not to mention he had Hidden Immunity Idol that he didn’t bring for TC. Garrett had to know JTia and Tasha would vote the same way (against him). If I were Garrett, I would’ve definitely brought it because one unexpected vote meant my doom.

      In conclusion, Garrett has to be the worst Survivor player, worse than Francesca (she was more unlucky than bad, imo).

      • Kooks

        Yeah Francesca was unlucky in her first season, and set up to fail in her second. In this interview Garett is just over thinking everything, much like he did in the game. it’s clear that he was outplayed by the women. Like why would you even think three steps ahead to a swap/absorption? They should have gotten rid of Kass, maybe that would have given the four of them unity and could have won a challenge (they’re clearly physically competent enough to do so) and all would have been well. And even if it would have been deadlocked at 2v2, YOU HAVE AN IDOL.

      • Lew

        Saying Garrett is worse than Francesca is just too extreme. Like no, lol At least Garrett made it past the first vote.

        • damnbueno

          You can’t take a results-oriented approach. Francesca isn’t necessarily the worst ever simply because she was voted out first twice.

          Some of the worst to ever play the game were dragged deep into the game by smarter players who wanted to sit next to an easily-beaten goat in the finals. Abi-Maria, Katie, and Clay come to mind.

          Others have social skills so bad, everything they said and did screamed “get rid of me” Shannon, Shamar, Wendy, Ben, NaOnka, & Wanda are good examples.

          And of course you’ve got the quitters — Osten, Colton, Chet & Kathy from FvF 1.

          Francesca is better than all of them.

          At least Francesca was aware of how basic Survivor strategy should work. She was horrible at executing it, but she understood the concept.

          Garrett had no idea how the game worked, or how to deal with the people playing it. His social skills were horrible too. Trying to control how people communicate won’t work unless you’re an Idolized returning player who is getting assistance from the Producers — aka Boston Rob.

          There’s a difference between knowing what to do but being unable to do it (Francesca) and not knowing what to do OR how to do it (Garrett).

          Garrett is a much worse player than Francesca.

    • Dave L

      If you are holding a $100 bill in your hand, and me nothing, and the robber goes after me, does that make me the stupider person? Of course not. Him being voted out after another player dumps the rice and singlehandedly loses the challenge Garrett nearly singlehandedly won makes him a BETTER player. It shows how ridiculous the decision to vote him out was…which was the fault of his tribe.

      Put another way, I am voted Sexiest Man of the Year, and my girlfriend breaks up with me for being ugly. That doesn’t make me look bad, that makes her look bad.

      • dsharden

        Put it another way, lets say you have 4 gallons of milk, and the next person has a strawberry. You travel 7 and 1/2 Kilometers to the train station that has ice cream. How do you make a milk shake?

    • dsharden


  • WalesAndy

    Garret was taken from us way too soon. I really wanted to see Garret & Spencer mastermind the season after the first hour but now all looks doomed.

  • Lew

    Really disappointing about Garrett. He had potential but his tribal performance wasn’t very smart. Kass I believe is the second dumbest on that tribe right after j’crazy

    • Meanma

      On what planet would Garrett have had potential – he was clueless!

      • Lew

        Judging on the pre season interviews and all that. Clearly.

        • damnbueno

          Pre-season interviews are pretty meaningless, especially with rookie players.

          There’s no way to predict how someone will react to hunger, lack of sleep, constant strtegizing, Probst’s questioning etc.

          Most rookies overestimate their ability to play Survivor well.

          • Lew

            Oh c’mon. Everyone picks their favorites based on pre-season interviews and then everyone changes their minds once the show airs.

          • damnbueno

            I don’t.

            Well, I pick the ones I most want to see in the oil/mud wrestling challenge (Hello Alexis, Morgan & Jefra), but otherwise I prefer watching the smart strategists and/or the ones who can best adjust to game twists and fickle players.

            You don’t find out who those are by watching pre-season interviews.

            I’d bet most people didn’t think Morgan was smart enough to come up with a believable lie to cover her tracks when looking for the Idol. Or that Brice would be as perceptive as he is. Or that Garrett would be as dumb as he was. Most labeled Spencer as an arrogant ass, but he hasn’t looked that way at all so far.

  • yesimsquidward

    Rob: “I appreciate you taking some time to have a side conversation with me away from all the other survivors.”
    lmaooooo 😀

    • damnbueno

      Garrett totally missed that joke, just like he misread most of his tribe…as well as basic Survivor strategy.

    • Dave L

      That was funny. But, I’m not surprised Garrett didn’t get it, because in his mind the side conversation thing was irrelevant and just overly edited. He’s always discussing something that happened many months ago.

  • susan appleby

    So basically Garrett knew that Kass might flip on him but didn’t bring the idol or, more importantly, show her the idol to solidify their relationship.

    He was assuming that J Tia was so obvious a boot, that he didn’t need to solidify his position.

    He is the perfect example of overthinking. He may want to blame Kass in part, but, he is the only person responsible. If he didn’t have the idol I wouldn’t be so hard on him.

    He had no good reason to boot David first as he knew he would never split Tash and J’tia. That boot of David created the situation where he needed Kass once he decided to overplay and break his alliance.

    Also, he had a solid alliance and could have voted out Kass instead and stick with his four. His challenge performance plus his idol could have kept Tash and J Tia on his side.

    Still ranking him as the worst survivor ever on the worst tribe ever. Glad to see him go. I thought he would be great at this game but he set a new standard of stupidity.

    • Dave L

      I don’t think you understood him at all. He thought that the woman that just dumped all of the rice and apparently put out their fire was the obvious next vote off. As a poker player, he knew you always have to take calculated risks… assuming your tribe will vote out the person that dumped the rice is like going in with a full house…it’s a virtual lock. He gambled that digging up the idol was a bigger risk, and we are in no position to say he was wrong.
      Garrett’s play as he explained (and Rob didn’t understand at first, and Garrett was trying to be gracious in not pointing out) was all based on the assumption that the tribe would be wittled down to under 4 by the merge.

    • damnbueno

      Garrett might not be the #1 worst player ever, but he’s certainly in the conversation.

      More than 400 people have played Survivor. Its a safe bet Garrett would never rank higher than #400.

      Garrett didn’t just shoot himself in the foot. He shot both feet, one hand, and tried to shoot off his other hand by pulling the trigger with his tongue.

  • Kathie Avital

    Geez Garrett. Wackadoodle!

  • Josh Wigler

    Great stuff, Rob, but I kinda wish you’d let Garrett say his piece.

    • Rod Jeremy

      Agreed. I actually really enjoyed listening to what Garrett had to say. I just wish they let Rob give Garrett more time to say more.

    • sanjayP


  • BobbyKe

    My lord, Garrett needs to learn to slow down. It’s like he had just taken a pack of energy drinks before this interview he was so hyper, Rob rarely got to speak

    Seems like it was Garrett/Spencer v David/Kass v J’Tia/Tasha. And Kass after David left chose to bott Garrett over J’Tia (No wrong answer there. Both suck)

    And my favorite part of this interview is when Garrett says “So again to kinda get boring here with some detailed strategy”. So the part of the game that sets you up in a good long term position to win is boring huh? Explains so much as to why he failed

    • Dave L

      You didn’t understand him. He doesn’t find it boring at all. He thinks listeners will find it boring. And he’s right. Most times when a contestant tries to explain their logic, average or below average IQ people will say “blah blah he’s just making it up”. As an intelligent person he has learned that most people in the world aren’t capable or motivated to listen to more than quick sound bites.

      • Suzi!

        Yeah but we’re not most people, we’re Survivor nerds and that’s why we listen to these interviews, for the “boring” details.

      • dsharden

        OMG……now you are also the intelligent person who finds the words of Garrett, what… Wisdom?

        So you just dissed all the people who love Survivor, can read through BS, listen to RHAP, and that agree a 2nd boot isn’t playing well as “average or below average IQ”?

        But as you being a super intelligent man knows how super intelligent Garrett is and how emotional, flippy floppy, unstable the remaining cast is and losers.

        If my goal was to play and win Survivor, i’d rather be the person who is still in the game instead of having your okay that I’m “super intelligent”!.

  • DannyRaisin4

    Garrett has such great potential to be a great Survivor player. Wish he would have stayed longer

    • susan appleby

      Garrett has a great potential to be an online survivor player. He made absolutely no effort to learn or master the survival part of survivor. I remember the older woman from Nicaragua who practiced making fire all kinds of ways and even ate less to get used to being hungry. Garrett could have worked on these areas but it didn’t interest him. As a result he starved and suffered. He has no b u business trying to survive in the elements. I would have loved to see him crack mentally in the cold and rain. He isn’t tough.

      I was impressed with his extreme strength and I wonder why it didn’t sell it to the tribe to keep him.because he can help them win challenges. That was never discussed.

      Garrett is better off with armchair and theoretical survivor. He got recruited for this season but doesn’t understand the show.

      He is mad at Tasha for succeeding in pulling in Mass,when he was trying to do the exact same thing. He can never credit her with beating him at his own game.

      What do you guys think: can they win another tribal? I think that Spencer can rip through a puzzle. So maybe possible.

      • dsharden

        You’re right……In the words of Jeff Probst, “some people shouldn’t get off the couch.”

  • Stephen Fishbach

    I really loved Garrett’s interview. Very detailed and specific. He has a great perspective and a good attitude.

  • Matthew Bok

    The only reason there could have ever been to vote anyone else besides Chris Bosh out was if Garrett took a dump in what was left of the rice. Someone that irrational (to dump the rice in the fire) is not someone you can trust…at all.
    Garrett was not a good player. He was a whiner. I don’t think he knew what game he signed up to play, but Kass voting him out over Bosh makes Kass a worse player.

    • damnbueno

      “but Kass voting him out over Bosh makes Kass a worse player.” — That remains to be seen.

      Kass can use J’Tia as a smoke screen to keep herself safe. As long as J’Tia is around, Kass won’t be anyone’s #1 target.

      Kass can use J’Tia to piss everyone off like Boston Rob used Phillip. That plan won’t work all the way to the end of course, but it could buy Kass enough time to secure a better alliance in the event of a swap or if the Brains end up getting Matsing’d.

      • Matthew Bok

        Even if she wins, Kass’ decision doesn’t make sense. Without the flip she is 3 of 4. Now she is 3 or 4. Honestly probably 4 if the Brains tribe opts to keep at least one man in the fold (considering who we are talking about that is questionable).
        The larger issue is keeping Garrett or CB. People can be annoying, people can grate on your nerves. People can be bossy. I recognize all of that. However all of those traits are preferable to someone that is potentially unstable or irrational. She is possibly both of those, which means she is unpredictable. In a game with so many unknowns, removing variables is a strategic move. Even people you can’t predict you can rationalize their moves. With her you can’t.

        • damnbueno

          If Kass boots J’Tia, then Kass is 50/50 to leave next because the guys are gonna stick together.

          The way she played it, Spencer is now the most vulnerable. J’Tia may feel like she’s got a new partner in Kass. And if J’Tia has another meltdown, she’s most vulnerable.

          Tasha and J’Tia are NOT inseparable. Tasha sold her out at T.C. She pointed at J’Tia and said something like “There’s not much you can do with this one hanging around.”

          Kass just might be #2 in the Tasha/Kass/J’Tia group.

          I don’t think for a second Kass should stick with J’Tia long term. But for right now, it might not be as bad a move as it appears to be.

  • Wow. Garrett had so much to say. He’s like the anti-Leif. I’m usually skeptical when players talk about the editing, but his points make sense.

    • Gary

      The astronaut is right!

  • damnbueno

    David’s first mistake was accepting the “leader” tag so enthusiastically. He looked like he wanted the role.

    He says he chose Garrett because he thought he’d be matched in a challenge against Trish and Morgan. If that’s true, David missed a perfect escape route to justify his decision. He should have just said he thought those 3 would be in a challenge. If he’d done that, Garrett might not have been as angry with him.

    David’s statement sounds like a face-saving excuse made up after he got voted out. If he thought a 3-person challenge was coming, why did he give a private confessional later saying he wanted the smart, athletic guy out so he wouldn’t have to worry about him at the end? I call BS on that one.

    Garrett talked about the 3-tribe format in All-Stars and Philippines, which means he HAS watched Survivor before. Hmmm…he sure as hell played like he was a clueless recruit. To me, that improves his chances of taking the title of “Worst Survivor Player Ever.” He totally out-thought himself.

    David was thinking of the last 1/3 of the game. It sounds like Garrett was focusing on the middle 1/3. Neither one was thinking about what was happening right now!

    Garrett sure had a lot to say. He’s got way too many thoughts swirling around in his head. No wonder he got blindsided.

    I disagree with the Know-it-alls when they say the Idol only has value at Tribal Council. You can always use it to lure a defector or manipulate some votes. But I agree with them when they say “ALWAYS bring your Idol to Tribal Council.” You never know how Probst’s questioning could change someone’s mind.

    Its better to have an Idol and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

    • Matthew Bok

      Every contestant is asked to watch certain seasons. Even if you are familiar with the show it is in your best interests to re-watch the seasons they give you because it should provide some clues as to how the season will go.
      I believe for Skupin’s return contestants were given Australia to watch. Usually they are more current seasons, but older ones also if the producers feel it is relevant.

      • damnbueno

        I’m not sure how much of a time gap exists between when someone is cast for Survivor and when they’re sequestered from the public, but I’d think if you were picked, the smartest thing you could do would be to watch EVERY season…and learn how to build a fire.

        If David had watched Tocantins, he might have known the “weakest” might gain access to an Idol. And if he’s watched other seasons, he’d know to avoid the “leader” label like the plague.

        • Matthew Bok

          The actual time from final casting to sequester varies, but in a non-returning player season it can be as long as two weeks (usually not this long) and as short as a few days. Russell who was medivaced I believe was cast 2-3 days before the season started.

          However if you were even in play (go to LA for finals) you have a period of at least a month from the time you know you’re going to LA until the season starts. If you go from being contacted based on your app that can add several months to the equation.

          However unless you go the itunes or Amazon instant video route your selection of available seasons is somewhat limited if you acquire them by legal means and I believe SEG only gives you a season or two.

          • damnbueno

            Gotcha. I’m sure the Producers want a few clueless players in the mix so they can provide some great “Boy that player sucks” moments. Producers may intentionally wait to inform a few of them that they’ve been cast so they DON’T have much time to prepare.

          • dsharden

            Wow…If the producers “want a few clueless players in the mix’. they got their wish ten fold.

    • Kevin Wong

      Have to agree with you that David was giving some quality BS there. But hey, that’s what the guy does.

      “Some baseball players are very insecure”. This should be followed by “when you play for the Marlins and we promise that you won’t be traded”.

      I will say the 25 minute head start comment was funny.

      • damnbueno

        “David was giving some quality BS there”

        Yeah, LOW-quality BS.

        High-quality BS has a degree of plausibility to it.

        • Kevin Wong

          Hah! And we know the guy is capable of high-quality BS.

          But I called it “quality” because it was entertaining bad BS. Good in a bad way, if that makes any sense.

  • aardvarkratnik

    Easy interview with Garrett, Rob didn’t even have to say anything.

  • William Davis

    Is the name of the brains tribe actually supposed to be spelled “Lose-on”?

  • Steven

    I really enjoyed Garrett. He is perfect for podcasting and explaining his strategy

    • Matt Holtzclaw

      he was a recruit who had never seen the show and powered the episodes quickly before he went out there,.

      • damnbueno

        Garrett didn’t learn much did he?

  • Steven

    Where can i watch big brother canada?? (in USA)

    • All the episodes end up on youtube within hours.

      • Steven

        thanks rob!

  • Carlos Vidal

    Rob talked WAY too much in that Garrett interview LOL

  • Dave L

    Great interviews. It’s clear that they are both good players and both very thoughtful players. After listening to Garrett’s interview, it’s really impossible to refute almost anything he said. All of his points were completely valid. Ultimately he failed in the place that nearly all super intelligent males fail. They simply cannot believe that a woman would act so emotional, so unstable, so flip-floppy as they sometimes do. There is no good reason that Kass should align the way she did. Garrett and Spencer are good people to play with moving forward. Tasha might have been… J’Tia certainly wasn’t. That being said, given how screwy Garrett knew Kass was, I think he should have considered booting Kass to get to the tribe final 4, and then using his idol there if necessary. He was dealt a horrible hand early on, and he should have sacrificed his idol if necessary to get dealt a new hand at the merge.

    David’s interview was great too. He had the benefit of getting to watch the tribe crumble because of the decision to eliminate him, so I think that makes it easier on him than it was on Garrett. If I was to rank all Survivor contestants on how good they were, I’d establish a formula that calculates after 1 million times playing, how often they’d come in 1st, 2nd, 3rd…and so on. Based on what they said and we’ve seen, I would say David is probably a top 50 player, and Garrett top 20. I think it was a freak set of circumstances that led to their eliminations.

    The real winner in all of this is Tasha, who was dealt the worst hand of all, and has managed to gain a power position in her tribe.

    • Rohit Philip

      The last thing you ever do in Survivor is assume that you are safe. David did that first believing that it did not make sense for the others to vote him out. Boom!. Garrett did that next. Boom!

      Its not so much that you should never assume you are safe and be paranoid always like Dawn was, but more so that your assumption that you are safe, shouldn’t affect how you interact with others, like openly tagging pretty much the strongest guy on paper as the weakest because you want to take out threats before the end game, calling for an open forum to discuss who should get voted out, and ignoring Tasha’s request to have a side conversation.

      Do not appear to be in control early (caveat take credit for moves appropriately).Show some humility and make the others feel that you are in their same boat possibly in a weaker position than they are, even if you are indeed in complete control and masterminding the whole thing. That is how you make a connection and build a strong loyal alliance.

      • Dave L

        David explained why he chose Garrett. He wanted a strong player to go up against the opponents in a possible 3- way dual. He had never talked to Garrett, so he had no way to know that the guy was some evil mastermind that would hunt him down for doing so. He took a chance, didn’t work.
        Garrett’s approach was a psychological approach to try and get Kass on his side. It didn’t work. Doesn’t make him stupid, just means it didn’t work this time. Kass seems like quite a nutjob with the way she told J’Tia to her face how she felt, but STILL voted with her, so it’s hard to make logical decisions when you are surrounded by wackadoodles.

        • cyh

          I don’t think that makes Kass a nut job. If anything that shows that she’s able to put aside her personal disliking of a person and go with what it the best strategic move for her.

          • Dave L

            If that was ever her plan, then telling her to her face earlier that she was going to vote her out was a horrible move. Can J’Tia trust Kass down the road at this point?

        • Brent Wolgamott

          So you’re really buying this story of his that he picked Garret because he thought there was going to be a 3-person duel????? Even AFTER that confessional they showed on TV about him being very scared of him, wanting him out cause he’s built like a mac truck AND has brains? I cannot believe you’re buying what he’s selling.

          • Dave L

            Yes, I’m “buying” it. While it’s true that people lie in life, unless you are a sociopath, you almost never lie in situations where there is nothing to gain by it. What’s more likely…David concocted some outrageous lie for no particular reason, or David is simply telling you what he was thinking…which made perfect sense.

          • Brent Wolgamott

            Heehee. Ok, well if you’re buying *that*, wait until you see what I have for you here…it’s a beautifully constructed igloo, located fashionably in the Sahara Desert. I’m asking $10,000 for it. Sold?

            Seriously, I respect your opinion to believe whatever he’s telling us. But I’d submit to you that he DOES have something to gain — his dignity back, from an embarrassing first vote-off that he’s been trying to wrap his mind around for months. He knew people were going to ask him about targetting Garrett, he probably regrets it, and he said to himself “I’ll come up with this…” because it looks REALLY ridiculous to say to the entire group of 18 players (and Jeff): “I’m thinking about the last part of the game” and then promptly get voted off.

          • Dave L

            I really don’t think David is highly concerned about the vote off. He’s been vindicated by the performance of the tribe without him.
            But look at it from another angle. If it’s ***so*** obvious that he’s lying, then he hasn’t gained anything by lying. He’s lost even more respect from people like you.
            As he explained, he was in a horrible position. He made a decision, went with it, and it didn’t work. As a guy working with the Marlins, he’s had plenty of loses lately. I think he sleeps fine at night.
            Had Survivor shown you the scene of David explaining what he did while on the island, or the scene of him explaining all of this to Garrett, then we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But they edited that out, so you think it didn’t happen.

          • Brent Wolgamott

            Eh. Tomato, tomahto. You believe him, I think he’s spinning worse than a broken Wheel of Fortune. But whatever. I take your point about the editing not showing him talking to Garrett. That said, even if he had said conversation, that doesn’t mean that David himself even believed that. He might have had that conversation after the damage to Garrett and his relationship was solidified.

          • Dave L

            After reading some of their interviews on a different site, I feel like I’m getting a more complete picture of what happened. It appears that David was focusing more on the survival component. He and Kass were very out of the loop (that’s a negative for both him and Kass). I don’t think it was clear from the episode how removed Kass was from all the action. Garrett realized the two girls were way too tight together, so he tried to work on Kass, who appears to have been not too interesting in strategy talk either.
            I think on a normal season David is safe that first vote with an obvious elimination in J’Tia, but perhaps he didn’t realize how fast things had to go.
            David lying about a move he made on Survivor is like me lying about the color of my car. He lives such a different life than you and I, that this really isn’t relevant to him. It’s small potatoes.

      • damnbueno

        Don’t waste the keystrokes. Dave also thinks Penner made a smart move when he turned down Lisa and Skupin’s final 4 offer.

        He had time to think about it, and defended that opinion too.

        He didn’t change his stance even after Penner himself called it a “bonehead move.”

        • Dave L

          Yes Bueno, that is true. But why you feel the need to insert yourself into a conversation that has nothing to do with you is beyond me, especially since you are always whining about how I shouldn’t respond to you.
          Every single Survivor winner has made a decision that could have failed, could have gotten them voted out, and could have had them labeled as “a dumb player” by Stephen or Rob. Cochran’s a great example…he was a moron that made one of the worst moves ever…how odd that the same person later won the game. You’ll be a far more interesting person to talk to when you move into the 20th century…that’s the one where things stop being black and white.

          • dsharden

            I’m pretty happy damnbueno, me and EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WORLD are living in the 21st century!
            Maybe you should try it. Come out of the basement…Women are people now!

          • damnbueno

            What did I tell you? Dave is validating everything I said about him.

            He’s taking a beating on this thread like I’ve never seen before. And I’ve been coming to this site for 4 years now.

          • Dave L

            You must be getting quite a hardon from my “beating”. I can see you in the senior citizen home down the road telling the story over and over again about how Dave L agreed to never respond to me again, and how he thought Penner made a good move, and now the time when 3 or 4 people on robhasawebsite said negative things about me on the same day! I have nothing against folks with Aspergers, but db, you really are a broken record.

        • dsharden

          Really….we have another completely idiot to deal with. What’s his story???? Seriously has some social issues.
          Is that the same guy as last year? UGHHHHHH

          • damnbueno

            Tell me about it! Can you believe he’s calling Garrett one of the best 20 to play the game? And he puts David in the Top 50!

            You just can’t talk common sense with someone like that.

    • susan appleby

      Did we even listen to the same podcast? The guy had an idol he could have used to save himself and eliminate his target. How is him leaving the idol at camp Kass’ fault?

      He claims Kass changed her vote before tribal so I don’t see that it was some impulsive decision. Garrett flipped on his alliance. kass was right not to trust Garrett. He claims he spent a lot of time with her, but he is so lacking in self-awareness that he missed that she didn’t trust him at all.

      • Dave L

        He didn’t claim he knew AT THE TIME that she changed her vote before tribal council. So that’s not relevant.
        Garrett was planning to go with Kass. Kass had several times publically said she thought J’Tia should go.
        As Stephen said, digging up an idol is not always safe. I think if the tribe votes out J’Tia like they are supposed to, and Garrett burns his idol and shows that he doesn’t trust Kass, then he is labeled by many as making one of the stupidest moves in the game, but that seems to be a move you’d want him to make.

        • susan appleby

          If he made that move he would still be in the game. That is the entire point.

          • Eric

            Dave L built his entire defense on minimizing the strategy of any of the women as “emotional”. don’t waste your time

          • Dave L

            Right. Kass and J’Tia are not overly emotional. Trashing camp and telling somebody to their face you are going to vote them out are not things that unstable people unable to hide their emotions do.

          • Eric

            Garrett also told J’Tia that she was being voted out and nobody is arguing that her entire presence on the show hasn’t been a ball of insane emotions. But you are undergoing an assumption that Kass’ vote was out of emotion and not a strategy. Tasha’s vote was clearly in her longer term best interest and J’Tia’s was out of survival. Kass did nothing that Garrett didn’t do worse.

          • dsharden

            NO WORDS…..

          • dsharden

            Seriously, he is the number 1 douche. What an idiot. You think he even knows any woman?

          • Dave L

            But it was the wrong percentage move. Logically you can’t blame somebody for making the right decision just because it didn’t work out. Sure he could have read Kass better, but assuming the weak tribe is going to keep you instead of the woman that just had possibly the worst performance ever in a challenge and intentionally sabotaged your camp is a VERY reasonable thing to do!

          • dsharden

            NO…Kass make an awesome move. She voted with what was the best for her!
            Have you ever watched Survivor before?

        • dsharden

          What makes the criteria of a tribe who votes “like they are supposed to”??!!

          When did Survivor become a game where everyone does “what they are supposed to” and supposed to according to YOU?????

    • dsharden

      “After listening to Garrett’s interview, it’s really impossible to refute almost anything he said. All of his points were completely valid. Ultimately he failed in the place that nearly all super intelligent males fail. They simply cannot believe that a woman would act so emotional, so unstable, so flip-floppy as they sometimes do. ” !??! WHO ARE YOU?


      Kass kicked his butt in Survivor and made a great move for herself. You are either a huge misogamist who believe like many foolish white males that think woman do not know how to decide for their body and minds, or you are a brainless person who lives in 1950. Either way, I hope you grow up soon.

      • Dave L

        Wow, sounds like you have some difficulty controlling your emotions yourself.

        Actually I am a proud feminist. I’m also a well educated person, and I know that men tend to act more based on logic and women tend to act more based on emotions. This is not sexism, this is a fact, and it’s neurologically based. That does not make men better and women worse, it’s just different.

        For the record, Kass went with the wrong people. She’s currently aligned with 1 psychopath, and 1 friend of a psychopath. They are all 3 fairly weak women, who will be in some serious trouble if a challenge even remotely like the last two show up again. Garrett was never a threat to her, and offered her plenty of protection.
        Finally, ethically speaking, beyond the game, when somebody dumps your tribes food supply, everybody needs to unite together to immediately dump that person, regardless of alliances. They’ve crossed a clear line.

        And I am not a brainless person. I spent all of my elementary years in an homogeneous program for people with IQs over 130. Think of me what you will, but I am in an excellent position to understand Garrett, and also understand how easy it is for people with high academic IQs to struggle with social IQs, and in particular the ability to deal with fickle people. I also am able to constantly keep in my brain that this is a T.V. show, edited intentionally to mislead you, that shows about .1% of what happens on an island of starving people, and it will only show you the .1% it wants you to see.

        • dsharden

          No, I do not have trouble controlling my emotions, but that was cute. I do however have a difficult time reading BS without commenting on it.

          So, today you are a proud feminist while it took your g/f to tell you about women’s emotions yesterday?

          Also I’m gonna need some sources of your statement, especially that you pronounce this as a fact…… ….”Actually I am a proud feminist. I’m also a well educated person, and I know that men tend to act more based on logic and women tend to act more based on emotions. This is not sexism, this is a fact, and it’s neurologically based”

          Telling us that you spent elementary school with people whose IQ”s over 130 says nothing. Did you notice the two brain guys were the first to go on survivor.

          For the record, I believe Kass made a brilliant choice. they lost two challenges w? David & Garrett. Who is to say they will do better? Kassis now on the woman’s alliance and Spencer is outnumbered. he was the only other vote for J’Tia. kass has more control of her tribe now even if they lose. J’Tia and Spencer could go before her and Tasha. Not the scenario if the 2 guys had an alliance.

          Also now that you realize you are living in the 21st century (how did such a smart guy think he was living in the 20th century?) you may realize that the fact you went to elementary school with some people who had 130 IQ doesn’t give you any right to diagnose a psychopath. You may think she is crazy, but you cannot just throw in mental health diagnosis as you wish.

          I guess I glad (?!?) you are in a position to understand Garrett, so you know he was the 2nd person voted out of Survivor which is kinda what we all are talking about.

          It’s what the show is called, not “130 IQ’s; understand us or not?”

          • Dave L

            Once you said they lost two challenges with David and Spencer it became worthless to debate this with you. The 2nd challenge was lost 100% by J’Tia. It looks fairly obvious that Garrett was the reason that they had built such a large lead. By citing evidence that bludgeons your argument you look quite foolish.
            And it also has to be pointed out that they did not lose 2 challenges with David and Garrett. David was not there for the 2nd challenge.

        • dsharden

          You literally wrote this two days ago….
          “”””Voting out the weakest member who just kamikazed your tribe seems like the logical decision. But as my g/f informs me, women are emotional, not logical.”””””

          But, today it is a neurological fact that woman act on emotion and men act on logic??? Who is your girlfriend? Stephen Hawking?

  • Jg005k

    After listenting to Garrett I dont thinks hes an idiot, everything he said actually made sense.

    • toast

      As danbueno said above, too much time inside his own head.
      Ticking away inside there, but not too skilful in manipulating the outside world.

      • Tracy Marie

        Indeed! He’s playing level 4 poker against level 1 poker players and the result was a complete disaster. He didn’t even made an adjustment. No need to overthink/overplay yourself too early in the game.

        • Kevin Wong

          According to HendonMob Garrett has cashed only 3 times in big money tournaments, including 222nd at the 2010 WSOP Main Event. So perhaps he’s an online specialist and just not very good at the live events.

          • Tracy Marie

            He play cash live at Commerce Casino in LA where I also play from time to time. I play at low-mid stakes ($3-6) while gman plays $20-40/$50-100. But we never cross path at Commerce, maybe because I don’t know him before. Next time that I play there, that will be my one itinerary – try meeting him & have some chat. :-) As i said from the know it all thread, I can only imagine the grief he is going to get at Commerce or wherever He plays. He already got a lot of bashing at Cardschat especially from his friend/colleague who is also a Survivor junkie. :-)

          • Kevin Wong

            Interesting. I’ve played enough cash to know I’m no good at it (to be fair, I’m also not great at poker) but not enough to know if it truly translates itself to playing Survivor.

            Curious on your thoughts about that Tracy.

          • Garrett’s mainly a cash player live and online. Survivor’s game structure suits a pro tourney/sit&go player better. Except for re-load/add-on tourneys, when your stack’s gone so’s your life. If as Tracy Marie mentioned elsewhere Daniel Negreanu finally plays Survivor, we should see his small ball strategy to good effect. So far it’s been cash players except for JRB who survives between both worlds. You’re onto something re. some online players and social isolation, but Garrett’s not even able to use that excuse!

          • Kevin Wong

            Negreanu would be interesting, although if he doesn’t have dual citizenship (presuming that he keeps his Canadian passport) I suppose it’s a moot point.

          • It be nice to root for a Canadian too for a change. In the UK, I didn’t need to resign my Canadian nationality (I wouldn’t have anyway). Jim Carrey’s got dual citizenship. DN’s occupation has got to make this trickier though. Closest thing we have his skill-set is Spencer, so I hope he survives this week.

  • Emmi

    I was glad that Garrett was voted off only because I was afraid that he might pass out any second. He looked like someone who was suffering from hypoglycemia, I thought he was saying too much because he was not able to keep it together. He looked so out of it from lack of food. I definitely thought he would be medically removed!

    • bornnorny

      yep, or find a way to remove himself from the game.

    • Lew

      True, the guy has like ZERO percent body fat. Thats not good especially when on Survivor.

    • Tracy Marie

      That’s also another issue I have with Garrett. He came in really ripped with little amount of fats in his body! Did he really watch this show before? If you’re in Survivor for a long haul, bring some fats into the game.

  • Bertinho

    Rob’s side discussion comment
    Garret’s head.

    • damnbueno

      Garrett spends WAY too much time in his own head, and he misses a lot of what’s right in front of his face because of it.

      • Suzi!

        Maybe that’s a “brains” weakness. J’Tia had no idea how she was coming off during the shelter building. She was in her own head executing her master plan and didn’t pick up on social cues that she wasn’t being cool.

        • damnbueno

          It varies from person to person. Spencer seems to be fairly self-aware. So does Kass.

          And looking at other “Brains” in Survivor history, Sophie, Yul, Denise, Cochran, Rob C. and Heidi had a good read on how the other players perceived them. They all had pretty good social skills. As a rookie, Cochran made some bad strategic decisions, but he knew exactly where he stood with the other players most of the time.

  • Jeremy Carson

    Beyond the losing Garrett’s physical strength I see no reason to discredit her move. In fact, even with Garrett’s strength it is highly possible that the Brains lose the next 2 challenges and only two of them make the swap.

    With that said, Kass made the right decision. Tasha promised to vote J’Tia off next… whether this is true or not it at least opens the possibility to J’Tia leaving 3-1 next vote and Kass becoming the swing vote again. Additionally, it points to the fact that Tasha should at least consider voting J’Tia out. This means that Kass could tie the next vote. I’m assuming a four person scenario without an immuned player leads to rocks between Tasha and Kass. Kass will be fine if she has the guts to tell Tasha that J’Tia is going or else they will pick rocks.

    Like Garrett said, you have to position yourself to be in the top two in this scenario because that is the worst case scenario for the number that survive onto the game’s next step. I believe Kass maximized her chances of being in that two by her actions this episode.

    So long as she increases her alliances with Spencer and Tasha and wisely puts down J’Tia she is in the best position of the Brains.

    • Matthew Bok

      I disagree. I think there are so many reasons beyond pure physical strength to keep Garrett. Puzzle solving ability. We haven’t seen Garrett’s ability, but could he be worse? Swimming ability. Stability. I don’t think that anyone could honestly say that the chances of winning immunity aren’t substantially better with Garrett around, no matter what the challenge is.

      I would not trust Tasha to keep her word. Historically minorities tend to stick together on Survivor. If you look at where Kass stands in the game, she is in the 3/4 slot by my estimation within her tribe. She was told she’s 2, but I’m guessing that Tasha will break her word and if Tasha is smart she would vote out Kass because Kass has already been shown to flip on people and removing all of your men in the tribe portion of the game is very, very dumb. This slides her down to the 4 slot.

      Taking likely scenarios with Garrett she is at worst (and probably at best) in the 3 slot. Voting out Garrett likely pushes her to the 4 slot.

      • Jeremy Carson

        You say that Kass flipped, but she never really was part of the Garrett & Spencer alliance or voted with them. You called Tasha a flipper, but she hasn’t flipped yet. Garrett and Spencer had already flipped on J’Tia.

        I don’t doubt that Garrett would have been better for challenges than J’Tia. However, you have to play the game as if you will lose every challenge until the next step of the game.

        I also believe that Garrett is being honest from that point in time in saying he would have voted out Tasha out. However, I wouldn’t have been surprised for a second if he changed his mind and iced Kass when it was done to the 4 of them.

      • enychica

        So white people don’t stick with each other in Survivor? Its funny how when people who happen not to be white ally its a racial conspiracy but when whites routinely link up to the exclusion of any racial/ethnic person its just a coincidence.

        • Matthew Bok

          It’s not a conspiracy. There have been alliances openly based on gender and alliances openly based on race. However, to my knowledge, there has never been an alliance based on being white. One alliance actually referred to itself as being a minority alliance.
          Sean and V openly stated how important it was for an African American to win Survivor.

          • damnbueno

            ” to my knowledge, there has never been an alliance based on being white” — technically there was at least one. But it wasn’t a conscious choice by the players.

            In Cook Islands, the tribes were originally divided by race. Jonathan, Parvati, Candice and Adam formed an alliance. But because of that season’s conceptual twist, they didn’t really have a choice of original alliance partners to choose from. And I guess it should be noted that none of them really cared for Flica, their other tribemate.

            Adam and Parvati remained loyal partners until they were both voted out. Jonathan and Candice also aligned with Yul, Becky, Ozzy and Sundra after a swap, but they both mutinied back to their original alliance. Then Jonathan flipped back.

          • enychica

            I’d argue that the white players , representing the majority most seasons, have the luxury of not having to openly present themselves as forming allegiances based on race. They simply do what’s comfortable to them having a variety of types that fall under the general white umbrella from which to choose to partners.They’ve only ever been the minority in 2 seasons. They don’t have to consider whether or how their whiteness impacts their social interactions or ability to operate within the game. And they dont have to wonder if its more difficult to build connections because of biases/preconceived notions about them being white. I doubt seriously they or most viewers ever attribute their individual behavior to whites as a whole or if that’s ever a worry.

            Historically on Survivor, the minorities aren’t any more inclined to be allies. In fact if you review the seasons, most times they’re not. Yet you still get people claiming the “_____ will stick together”. You presented one instance, in how many seasons, of a “minority alliance” which really was only Sasha (who is also white) talking to Naonka. You never heard that between Brenda and Sasha, Sasha or anyone else or Brenda and anyone else. Keep in mind that neither Naonka nor Brenda voted for Sash to win. And none of the white players did either, even though it could be argued that Sash played the most strategic game.

            Sean and Vecepia did discuss the importance of an AA having a real chance at winning. But they did not ally solely because they were both black. You coud argue that w/o Sean’s vote Vecepia would not have won. You could also argue that considering who she was up against, she shouldnt have needed Sean’s vote. And there hasn’t been another ethically black female winner since.

            The reality is that the racial/ethnic minorities go further in the game when more of them are a playing from the start. Is that because the “minorities” stick together or is it because usually the white players tend to work with/become romantically involved with each other and tend to take each other to the end and that is only counteracted when there are more racial/ethnic minority players?

          • Matthew Bok

            There’s an interesting thing when ever you discuss race, especially when the idea of not understanding what someone feels like, what their life experiences have been, etc. The flipside of that is true also. Just like J’Tia can claim that Garrett doesn’t know what it’s like to be a black woman. J’Tia has no idea what it’s like to be a white man.

            If I was to ask if African Americans are over or under represented on Survivor, what would you say? The answer is it varies by season, but it is close to half and half. Added up and averaged it is actually an over-representation, but just barely. With 501 participants (multiple time players counted multiple times), there have been 65 African American Survivors, which is roughly 13% (12.9741). The African American population of the US is 12.6%. These numbers have actually gotten better as the show has gone on.

            One of the things I like about Survivor is it is kind of microcosm of the world if you flip it upside down. That includes demographic makeup. I think about how I would approach Survivor if I was on it and I would look for an easy alliance. As a straight, white male who is a parent in his 40’s, my options (as I’d see them) would be to look for older people (possibly male), maybe parents, and maybe someone that works in a technical field. It is natural to align with people that you have common traits with. For me, race wouldn’t be a thing to consider. I can only speak to how I would see things. However, I wouldn’t see being white as an alliance advantage.

            Not all people that are minorities are going to align themselves that way, but it has happened. Also, I would not see this as wrong. That being said, I cannot imagine anyone being so bold (or foolish) to create a white alliance, because it would be something that most people (I would assume) would take offense to and it would be a valid reason to vote someone out.

          • enychica

            You might want to recheck your stats people who consider themselves “black only” represent about 15% of the US. That’s not including black Latinos and “mixed race” people. But even going with your 13% vs 12.6, thats not some huge chasm – youre splitting hairs there. Blacks/Asians/nonwhite Latinos represent 51% of this country and probably have so since before the last census so a Survivor of with more than a half white cast doesn’t reflect current American society.

            That being said, whatever the population number, its simply a fact that most white players on Survivor do not know what it feels like to play the game as a racial minority because in almost all seasons they’ve come in as part of the racial majority and stay in that position through the game.

            You made a proclamation that the minority players “tend to stick together” and I’m challenging the truth of that statement. First, minority doesn’t = black. Citing 2 examples (1 I’d argue isnt an example) doesn’t show that a majority of the 65 (your #) black players did anything of the sort. Let alone the Latinos (white, black or mixed), Asians, or even ethnic Jews. On top of that, your statement implies, IMO, that white players don’t “stick together”. I’m saying that the white players have the luxury of not acknowledging their whiteness as being a factor in their coming together because they’re almost always in the majority. They are not placed in the position of being the minority. If we have 20+ seasons of whites being the racial minority on Survior, imo you’d certainly would’ve had 1 white version of the Sasha/Naonka conversation.

          • Matthew Bok

            I stand behind my numbers (or at least them being close). Per the last US census (not the numbers I originally used-those were from 2010), Whites represent 78% of the US population. African Americans 13%. Those aren’t my numbers, those are the government’s numbers:


            The numbers get a little weird because of double counting and can push white down to 63%.

            75% of Survivor contestants would probably be considered white (377 of 501), which falls in line with the census described demographic makeup of the country.

            On your last point I partially agree with you and I stated almost exactly the same thing. However even if there were additional seasons where white cast members were in the minority (more than the two that have happened so far) I doubt that an alliance would be formed based on that.

            I may have overstated the likelihood of Tasha staying true to J’Tia, but I don’t think so. I used the potentially flawed assumption that something that has happened in the past is likely to happen in the future. Perhaps my rationale was flawed, but I don’t think my guess is.

            Given the behavior of J’Tia, there is no rational reason to keep her. She hasn’t contributed at camp, she has been a millstone in challenges. She’s crazy, emotional, and doesn’t appear to have an upside to the team. Of course Kass also went with her, so what the hell do I know.

            Anything with race is going to be emotionally charged, which is why I try to analyze it from a statistical point of view. Example: removing all other facets from the equation and you have two men. On the surface they are equivalent regarding intelligence, background, strength, personality, age, etc. One is black, one is white. Both apply with comparable audition videos. Who is more likely to get on the show? The obvious answer is the white guy. Statistically that just isn’t true. Granted the typical number of slots in a season is much smaller, but by a greater factor the number of people vying for that slot is even smaller. Per Jeff Probst over 80% of applications come from white people.

            I apologize if my original statement struck a nerve, that was not my intent. Hopefully you can see that I have a differing point of view, but that doesn’t mean I disrespect yours.

  • susan appleby

    Re David’s interview: has there ever been a challenge on the beach the first day? His thinking is confusing as to why he chose Garrett as the weakest.

    • toast

      He should have simply said “Garrett, you’re not getting booted here so relax. But something is going on and I think you can deal with it the best.”

      Should have played it positive and straight.

      I think there was a bit of historical revisionism on his part.

      • Brent Wolgamott

        a BIT of historical revision? LOL I can’t STAND how these players come out of the game, lying thru their teeth to Rob, with these BS excuses/answers. Rob, I know you don’t want to screw up a good gig with CBS, but surely you can call these people out on their BS?

        • damnbueno

          I agree with you to an extent.

          When someone as volatile as Colton leaves the game and starts flinging BS replies in his exit interviews, I absolutely want Rob to call him out on his BS. Colton pissed off most of the Survivor audience. His deplorable behavior was the #1 topic of interest that season.

          But Garrett was just another horrible player. What is to be gained by raking him over the coals?

          David’s BS was thicker than Garrett’s, but again, what’s the upside to accusing him of simply trying to take out someone (Garrett) whom David thought could beat him?

          If Rob calls every player out on their BS, eventually CBS will start making it tougher to get to these players. They want interviews that promote the show instead of tearing it down.

          Besides, sharp people like you and I can see through their BS anyway, right?

          I say call players out when they fling a HUGE pile of BS. When they fling standard-sized piles, its not that big of a deal to me.

          • Brent Wolgamott

            Well, point taken, but I know that Rob is professional enough to phrase it in such a way that is palatable. After David gives that answer, I can hear Rob saying “Well David, I wanted to go back to what you just said. I think a fair portion of my audience might be pretty skeptical of your claim, with all due respect. Because if you thought you were doing something *good* for Garrett, why did you say later on in the show when speaking about your decision, saying you were intimidated by him, his muscles, and his smarts, and that’s why you picked him (and wanted him out)? How can those two things both be true?”

          • damnbueno

            Yeah, I wanted to hear that question too..

            I say David was flinging medium-sized BS.

          • toast

            It’s just a TV show. It’s not important. People do dumb stuff on it and then try to rationalise it to themselves. Not worth making grief over.

          • damnbueno

            I’m making conversation, not grief.

            Garrett played like a fool. We already know that.

            Colton took it to a much more despicable level, and he should have to answer for it. That’s all I’m saying.

          • toast

            (I was largely agreeing with you)

          • damnbueno

            Oh, I know that. That’s the reason for the Garrett comment. His story wasn’t that interesting to me.

            He sucked, we all know it, so there’s not much to talk about.

          • toast

            Oh I got a bit out of Garrett. A little story of someone who on paper has claims to being physical, smart and subtle, but when put on the game exhibits very little of those qualities.

        • dsharden

          Agreed again. I enjoy the interviews where the person gives a little insight about the tribe, whose doing what and what they were feeling. To have someone select a narrative of himself that wasn’t shown was a lit of BS.

        • Dave L

          Matlock, where’s your proof that he’s lying? Honestly I don’t know why you would even listen to these interviews, if any time the contestant says something you don’t agree with you just naturally assume the person is lying.
          I listen to them, because this is just about the only place you get the truth. Accept that the contestants are actually telling you the truth, and Survivor becomes so much more interesting…you get to find out what really happened, not the simpleton story they try to sell you.
          Here’s the real interesting question that should be asked. Why did Tasha get so close to J’Tia? How much did race have to do with it? What experiences have Garrett and Spencer had with black people, and what experiences have Tasha and J’Tia had with white people. Ultimately the destruction of this tribe probably comes down to race relations.

          • Brent Wolgamott

            Dave, whatever. You’re making my head hurt. You believe everything that they’re saying after the fact. Fine. God bless you.

      • dsharden

        Agree with the revisionism history part!

      • Dave L

        Yes yes yes… why trust Garrett when the T.V. show with a budget in the millions whose goal is to pidgeon hole characters into easily defined roles tells you that Garrett is not a good player.
        Looks like you can’t thumbs down me anymore, but I’ll say it as it is. Garrett told you the truth about why he did what he did. You are just too stupid to understand what he’s telling you. That’s not a very polite way of me saying it, but it’s the truth.
        Again to clarify. Garrett was relaxed. Garrett was telling you why he did what he did. If you think he is lying you are wrong. You are also probably easily duped in life, and you are also probably easily susceptible to advertising and you are possibly skeptical of facts like climate change and evolution.
        In his interview you see why Garrett was on the brains tribe. He is very smart. I have an IQ in the 130s, and from what I’ve heard, I feel pretty confident that his IQ is significantly higher than mine.

    • damnbueno

      The direct answer to that question is yes. Coach and Ozzy competed in a challenge shortly after they broke eggs to determine which tribe they were on.

      But Immunity wasn’t at stake in that challenge. All they won was a little food and some flint.

      I think David is full of it when he said he picked Garrett because he thought a 3-person challenge was gonna happen. He gave a confessional in which he said he picked Garrett because he wanted to eliminate the threat of a “guy who is built like a Mack Truck AND has brains.”

      David thought he was voting someone out of the game.

    • CatLover04

      I think what I heard him say was that he had come to the conclusion on his head that no one was going home and that it was possible those three were going to have to have a challenge or something so he wanted to put someone out there that could beat the other two in a challenge. I think he just plain over thought it. :-}}

    • Dave L

      Why should he assume that there wouldn’t be an immediate challenge? A lot of things on Survivor happen for the first time. What he said makes sense. His speech about why he chose Garrett seemed pretty stupid though.

  • Carol

    Important to remember these people did not see Blood vs. Water. Drawing rocks hasn’t become “ooo shiny object” cool yet to them. Freaking Ciera…

  • Eric

    Wow, does Garrett suck at life or what?

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  • Suzi!

    I like David. Sorry to see him go so soon! :(

  • masbond84

    i’m not sure if it’s just post-episode syndrome of my glee at garrett getting booted off but i feel like he just explained himself too much and trying to act while he is cool with it. and why not just talk to tasha and please her? or if they are scared will talk to kass, then just have one of either him and spencer there. i think he was just out of the element after the first few days. i wished rob could have the time to ask (if garrett didn’t talk too much) to ask him if he was feeling checked out after the first few days there and that’s why he kinda checked out

    • damnbueno

      Either that, or Garrett simply doesn’t have the social skills required to play the game well.

      Could you ever imagine anyone reacting well to someone who tried to order you not to communicate to others? In what phase of life does this work? Maybe with high-level government spy networks, but not in Survivor.

      Garret had no concept of how the game works. He had months to come up with his “why it wasn’t my fault” story for the press, and that’s what he gave to Rob C.

      • dsharden

        I’m thinking the same. He had answers to any questions about his questionable game play.
        To me, it seemed as he just wanted to make excuses for everything that was shown on t.v. he kept reminding us that the edit didn’t show all what happened (we know that). He also had months to come up with what his story is. Sounds like FUBC who, when finally talked to Rob said he was only there to shield Monica and every thing was done for her. It was an idiotic move.

  • Omega Kin

    Well, sounds like Garrett actually watched the show, proof that fans don’t make the best players.

    • watch&tell

      In Survivor Live, he admitted (a bit haphasardly) that he binge-watched all episodes since season 1. In the interview he also mentioned several players from past seasons. Despite this amount of dedication, I’m not sure if he can be considered a fan.

  • Omega Kin

    I really did love Garrett’s interview though, gave Tasha the credit like I thought she deserved. Fishy please.

    • BogDa

      Agreed. She deserved the credit in the end. It is more obvious on rewatch.

  • Michelle Menard

    Imagine how much Garret would have to say if he had lasted until day 9.

  • BogDa

    David should count himself lucky that this was a double illimination episode with an epic J’Tia chaos because otherwise all of the talk would be about how terrible he was at Survivor. Clueless really.

    Not only does he have the misfortune of being outed as a Brain 5 seconds into the game, he also has to make sure everyone knows he’s a schemer by voting out Garrett and then telling everyone he’s playing for the end game 10 minutes into it. So dumb. It seems now that every season since Redemption people have blown their games in the opening minutes of the show.

    1) Redemption: Francesca calls out Rob
    2) South Pacific: Christina called out Coach
    3) One World: Michael steals the girls stuff and causes them to be in conflict for the game.
    5) Blood vs Water: Merissa calls out Brad
    6) Cagayan: David exposes himself as a schemer.

    • damnbueno

      Good point. It seems like a lot of people only want to see how fast they can shoot themselves in the food.

      You could even add Rupert switching with his wife to that list.

  • toast

    David vs Garrett is similar to MikeyB vs Joel.
    The two strongest players on a dysfunctional tribe killing each others game right at the start.

    • damnbueno

      What was Mikey’s strength as a Survivor player?

      He played too hard too fast and paid the price by losing his pocket vote. Then he got booted by those he alienated at the start of the game.

      Joel was a descent strategist, but he wasn’t very valuable in challenges. His record was 2 wins and 5 losses.

      • toast

        Well, after I wrote that, I thought for a bit and all 4 were rather crap. Rather, these guys were the Alphas of their tribes, rather than “strongest” and they played that role awfully.

        • damnbueno

          I rank the Original fans tribe as the “Worst Tribe Ever.”

          These people couldn’t make fire even with Flint. Only 4 of the 10 of them made it to the merge, and all 3 of those 4 got blindsided.

          After them would probably be Ulong from Palau, BOTH tribes from R.I. Nicaragua, and the men from One World.

          But the Brains tribe is making a very strong case to crack the top 5, if not take the overall title.

          Time will tell.

  • Ryan Wangman

    Rob is it wrong that I listen to this podcast so much that in my everyday speech I’m starting to sound like you?

  • Brent Wolgamott

    LORD HAVE MERCY. That was the shortest Lightning Round I have ever heard. LOL I love it when you said “Garrett, we gotta go fast here in the LIGHTNING ROUND” and he’s like “OK, got it”. First question, you ask him WHERE is the idol? Answer: “well, back in episode one, I did this, and this, and…” /facepalm

  • Dave L

    For all of you Garrett bashers, I think it would be worth your time watching him live for 30 minutes on the CBS Show with Parvati Shallow. It left me even more convinced that Garrett played a very solid game, and his chief and very real mistake was underestimating how completely unpredictable and erratic Kass was. For example Kass and J’Tia were in a screaming match shortly before tribal council. I was left with the sense that you will be seeing soon how bad and unstable Kass really is, and the edit is very much saving her thus far.
    David comes off as a bit of an arrogant ass in his interview. He strikes me as a solid player, but not really well suited to the fast pace of his tribe. Both he and Garrett had game plans that were pretty much ruined by the tribe they were put on.

    • susan appleby

      I got the exact opposite feeling from his interview. My feeling was that he still doesn’t understand all the errors he made. He didn’t show Kass the idol because he thought it would put a target on his back and when Parv said he could have just played it and saved himself, he said that was bad strategy. If Kass was that unstable, he should have known to do everything possible to cement their alliance, not just assume she would vote with him.

      I didn’t see him have any understanding of how badly he was treating the other players on his team. I don’t believe these last minute justifications from Garrett anymore than I believe David’s story that he wanted to use Garrett to win some challenge he imagined. David obviously wanted Garret out. To me, Garret really just still seems clueless.

      There is just no excuse for how he played. Even he thinks he should have brought the idol with him.

      • Dave L

        Well Susan, it just comes down to how you view people. I think you have to be a psychopath to deliver such a specific, pointless and detailed lie, over and over, for no particular reason. I see nothing to indicate that either of them are psychopaths. They are both highly intelligent analytical people that are explaining what they did…whether you choose to listen to them or not is on you.

        I see ZERO evidence that anybody voted Garrett out because of the way he treated people. Garrett possibly could have made it a 4-1 against Kass, but that really became an irrelevant approach after what J’Tia did. Garrett decided to go for 3-2. He didn’t get Kass’s vote, but perhaps there was nothing he could do to get it over Tasha.

        I have an interesting parallel. 4 years ago I was chosen as a juror on a murder trial. I sat through 6 days of testimony…very detailed and incredibly implicating testimony from the prosecution, and the defense presented no witnesses at all and nothing remotely that seemed believable. As jurors we weren’t allowed to discuss the case at all.

        When it came down to discuss it and take an initial vote, I was certain we’d be 12-0 to convict. I was shocked shocked SHOCKED when it came down to 7-5 to convict, 100% on gender lines. After 5 painful days of deliberations, eventually 1 at a time the women switched sides. Many of them had said not guilty for to me shocking reasons…they felt bad for the teenage killer, etc, even though they were virtually certain he did the crime. Garrett is telling you in his interviews that Kass was quite clear that she knew J’Tia was a nut job and someone she hated, and he just couldn’t accept that Kass would go that route. We’ll have to wait for Kass’s elimination to find out the rest of the picture though. I think Kass is going to follow this up with a lot of other very poor moves too, but we’ll have to wait and see.

        • susan appleby

          On Twitter Kass claims that she assumed Garrett had an idol and she didn’t want him to play it. That is why she didn’t signal her vote before tribal. That may be true because David said the same thing about Garrett having an idol and David and Kass were close.

          The evidence for him treating people badly was everyone including Spencer, his ally, at tribal complaining about his controlling them and we were shown his shabby treatment of J’Tia.

          I don’t think Garrett is a psychopathic liar, I think he is just deluded about what happened. His blindside doesn’t make sense to us, but both Kass and Tash were worried about being the next boot. Getting Garrett or Spencer out made the most sense and Garrett was the target they chose because he was gunning for them. They could have gone with Spencer but Garrett was clearly the leader.

    • watch&tell

      Garrett’s explanation of his strategy was clear, but his first mistake is voting off David over J’Tia. If he was indeed afraid of the swing vote at 5, it would have made more sense to vote out J’Tia and work on Tasha to be with him and Spencer. If J’Tia had been voted off first, who knows if the Brains tribe would have needed to go back to tribal council on day 6.

      • enychica

        This is a good point. Why not boot J’Tai at first tribal if, as he claims, Kass/David and Tasha weren’t talking at all? He say the boot order (in his mind) was David, J’Tai, Tasha, then Kass. And he says that he & Spencer hid their alliance. Well obviously not that well because Tasha saw the writing on the wall, and apparently Kass did too since she voted him out.

  • Michael Snow

    Wow. Hilarious interviews. Rob, I love that you just listened. Garrett’s interview was just like his game, he could not stop himself. The first ep was fun because of all the horrible gameplay…I hope that changes.

  • Marie-France Trepanier

    Love the David interview. I think that we missed out on a great character.
    Was I the only one who was really annoyed by Garrett? The whole interview (but it was more like a monologue), I was thinking: “Dude, shut up, you were voted out on Day 6” Let’s just say that I will not miss him.

    • Dave L

      Analytical people came off as arrogant and annoying to anybody who is not analytical. However I think most analytical people find other analytical people to be quite fascinating.
      One can understand Garrett’s frustration…a super analytical person that feels he is being misunderstood because of a misleading edit… he desperately wants us to know what really happened, but truth and logic are not enough to sway the masses. He should take comfort in the fact that the same reasons he is being misunderstood here, are the same reasons he is a successful poker player.

      • susan appleby

        I don’t misunderstand Garrett. I think he made many basic costly errors, in large part because he over analyzed and wasn’t paying attention to what was in front of him. His claim that Kass is unstable is just an excuse. He should have stuck with his alliance and voted her out, tried to cement her loyalty with the idol, or at the very least, not counted on her vote.
        There is a hilarious secret scene where he accidentally walks to where the girls are and J’Tia is topless, and he doesn’t even notice. He is so far into his own head.

  • watch&tell

    I’m one of Survivor’s biggest fans, and I wish these sort of exit interviews existed since season 1!!! It’s always great to hear more insights from the contestants, especially since so much is edited off the show. A lot of them, David and Garrett included, are much more endearing post-show. Having listened to this podcast and
    Parv’s Survivor Live, I wouldn’t mind seeing either David or Garrett back for another season.

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  • For some reason my comments are not loading, so if this is a dupe, apologies.

    “Let me elaborate on that” and we hear Rob scoff in the background. Funny. Despite Garrett’s retro-claims, there just isn’t a sensible reason in this interview for not bringing the idol at tc when you know there will be a crazed scientist and you’ve been singled out in minute 1 of the game. Burying the idol by treemail for someone as analytical as Garrett is a curious choice.

    He’s best placed to understand risk/reward and there’s only two upsides to getting caught ‘naked’ at tc: no longer sleeping with spiders + chicken. He had to know of the small odds he’d get busted and may have been happy to roll the dice.

    He was a fun character to watch and now we’re gonna miss on Spencer using him to further his game. Will they let anyone find this gift, sorry, idol?

  • belinda

    Garrett made some very stupid moves in the short time he was in the game. Even if everything he said was true about Kass, then … why align with her in the first place to get rid of JTia? Shouldn’t his move be like, ok, I cannot work with this woman, let me go back to Tasha/JTia and we all vote Kass out. If he decided he still wants JTia out before Kass, then why force Kass to state in public that JTia is out (and cause the ‘unstable’ meltdown of both of them, according to Garrett?) Shouldn’t his move to pretend to like Kass for this vote alone, then vote her ass out the next week?

    The more Garrett blames Kass’ ‘unstableness’ for his exit – when it’s really just him playing terribly and Kass having made a nonemotional decision (if JTia and her were in a screaming match, then an emotional unstable decision would be voting JTia out) to vote him out instead – the more I think Kass totally made the right choice in voting him off.

    Garrett is so bitter that Kass didn’t keep him, lol.

    • You just made me wonder if I’d missed something in the episode. Great points. I’m not a Kass fan at all, but you would think the edit would have conveyed ‘unstable’ if it was there such as with J’Tia. All I saw was Kass being socially awkward and a ‘deer-in-headlights’. This season’s Laura B.

      She played the game for herself, therefore she must unstable… :-)

      • belinda

        I think she is way more self aware and less emotional (voting wise) than Laura B! Her comment about David was odd – but then we see David being allies with her and not him trying to vote her out. And she’s snarky as well so I quite like her, even though I don’t think she has a good shot of making it far just based on her being older and now n a very small tribe with very little wiggle room. (and not, as Garrett seems to be saying, because she was so unstable to dare vote out survivor legend Garrett).

        • I’m answering without knowledge of this week’s episode as I’m in the UK and iTunes takes forever… I’d be shocked if Kass was gone as she’s enough of a good contributor in challenges for ageism to take a backseat for now. Her ‘honesty’ which I see as emotionality puts her at much greater risk than being over 40 IMO. Can’t wait for the episode, she’s an influencer for sure.

  • Tom Polite

    I have to agree with Stephen. Excellent exit interview. He obviously knows the game and what he is talking about – he just couldn’t apply his knowledge properly when playing. What a wild start to the season!

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