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Know-It-Alls Recap Survivor Blood vs Water Episode 7

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A merge is on the horizon, and Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach are back to break down where we’re headed next week on Survivor Know It Alls!

Laura Boneham Voted Out

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Once again, Stephen commends Survivor for making him wonder who will be going home right up to the last minute. He says he knew it made sense to get rid of Laura B., but had a hard time believing Vytas would stay given how smug he seemed in the second half of the episode. Rob is usually the one to get fooled, but this time he had no doubt that Laura B. would have her torch snuffed. He felt a little uneasy about Jeff Probst seemingly directing the conversation towards getting rid of Laura B., but he acknowledges that we only see a fraction of what actually happens at Tribal Council. Stephen asks if Rupert would have done better if he hadn’t switched with her. Rob thinks it would have been tough for him to do worse, given Galang never went to Tribal Council before the tribe switch. He doesn’t think he would have done all that well, but probably no worse than Laura B. Stephen says there are reasons to keep both Vytas and Laura B., and the Galang tribe probably wanted to keep both for different reasons. But while Laura B. is a passive floater, that type of player can also start to screw up your strategy, and at that point it can become necessary to get rid of them. Stephen notes that the loved ones are definitely being affected by how the returning players played in their seasons.

Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 7 of Blood vs Water

Survivor Know-It-Alls Recap Episode 7 of Blood vs Water

Rob brings up the way the show portrayed Laura B. as a loose cannon, making the impulsive decision to tell Vytas that he would be voted out, and he asks Stephen if that had anything to do with her going home. Stephen is surprised to hear he thinks it might not have and cedes the floor to Rob to explain. Rob doesn’t buy that Vytas was ever going home until that point, as he still feels Tina is setting up a double date alliance between Tina/Aras and Katie/Vytas once the two tribes merge, and he doesn’t think getting voted out for a comment like that is how Survivor works. Some Know It Alls commenters think this alliance is just fan fiction that Rob has been writing in his head, and Stephen still isn’t totally sold on it either because there hasn’t been a lot of overwhelming evidence on the show to support the idea (outside of Tina’s protection of Aras and Vytas’ protection of Katie). He mentions that Tina has discussed voting Aras out in confessionals, but says producers always ask players to weigh their options using that phrasing. Rob also mentions that Monica got the short straw in her five-person alliance with Tina/Katie and Aras/Vytas – Stephen asks if voting out Laura was a good move for Galang as a whole, and Rob believes it was for everyone except Monica, the fifth wheel.

What Happens After The Merge?

The preview for next week’s episode revealed that the tribes will merge, so Rob and Stephen discuss where we’re headed, particularly with Tyson rallying the Tadhana tribe against Aras while he was out meditating. Stephen calls it amateur hour for Aras to leave the entire rest of the tribe alone like that. Rob plays Devil’s Advocate by asking if there are benefits to the meditation, but Stephen thinks Rob is doing backflips to defend his friend – Aras certainly didn’t need to spend enough time away to climb up a mountain for a helicopter shot, and believes there should be a 5-minute maximum for a player to leave the entire rest of their tribe. Rob compares the way Tyson laid all his cards on the table to talking to all his New-Jaburu tribemates about getting rid of Roger right before the merge in Survivor Amazon. The difference, Rob notes, is that Roger was on the other tribe and there was no way for anyone to get that information to him. So what’s to stop new players from taking Tyson’s plan to Aras? Stephen thinks trying to defect from the Tyson plan probably risks more trouble than just reluctantly going with that plan. He says that Tyson is paranoid about becoming a threat, but it’s smart not to try and vote Aras out yet and rather just try to focus everyone else’s attention on him. Rob disagrees somewhat, thinking it’s too ambitious a move at this point. He feels it’s probably a better plan for around the final 7 or 8. Stephen does agree this would be a better time to try to get rid of him, because their solid group is seemingly unstoppable for the time being. Rob and Stephen also agree that whoever comes back from Redemption Island will be going to the Tyson side: Laura B and M are both pissed at House Wesson-Baskauskas, and John Cody doesn’t know any of the returning players.

Who Is Coming Back In To The Game?

Next week’s preview also revealed that a player will finally return from Red-I to join the merged tribe. Rob wonders if two people are being eliminated next week, with one still remaining at Red-I, and Stephen thinks it could go either way. They both think the endurance challenge next week is built for Laura M., and she will likely be returning. Rob, still looking for confirmation that the move by Aras and co. to get rid of her was “too cute,” asks if this will this help illuminate the decision. Stephen says it would definitely make the decision to get rid of her a bad call on Aras’ part.

Rob points out that Kat got more airtime on Red-I than in the game, especially segments of her life on the island (which even Candice didn’t get in her many days there). Stephen was very impressed by Hayden’s Jedi mind tricks to get Kat to not want to switch with him, believing it definitely would have been a bad move strategically for them as a couple for Hayden to take her spot. Rob mentions he will try to employ this strategy the next time Nicole asks him to do anything. He thinks Hayden makes a good point to ask, “who has the better shot to win the game?” and wonders if this has been the question all the previous players asked themselves when confronted with a switch. Stephen says common sense would dictate that the person voted out was not in a stable alliance and thus doesn’t have a good shot to win. Neither Rob nor Stephen think it’s likely there will be any more switches this season.

Answering Your Questions

Are Tina and Katie on anyone’s radar right now? Is it just a coincidence that the only players with a partner left are the two former winners? What constitutes cheating in a Survivor challenge? Did Kat end up hurting Hayden’s game? What is the editing telling us about Tyson’s plan to oust Aras? And which of the loved ones this season are most likely to become returning players themselves? These answers and more on Survivor Know It Alls!

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  • Trixie02

    Loved “The Wizard of Oz” moment. Leave it in!

  • BobbyKe

    LOL @ Rob talking about South Pacific Merge. “Whitney Duncan’s Boyfriend got voted off” (BTW, His name is Keith)

    You know you’re pretty forgettable when you’re known as Whitney Duncan’s significant other

  • Alex

    Rob should be on a Blood vs Water type season with Stephen Fishbach as his loved one.

    • Tjimi Cole

      That wouldn’t be fair to the other players.

  • fotopoulosalex

    Aras and Vytas are clearly Charlie and Liam from LOST. I mean, come on: The older brother is a heroin addict who got clean, the younger brother is a musician, and Vytas wasn’t a good older brother growing up.

    • Tjimi Cole

      So, have you got any?

    • Daniel Boshinsky

      “No matter what I try to do, you’re gonna get voted out brotha.”

    • Erik Landry

      So you’re saying that Aras got into heroin, got clean and relapsed, showmanced a blonde lady and stole her baby? 😉

      • fotopoulosalex


    • Trixie02

      I was getting a LOST vibe from his scenes looking out over the ocean. I was thinking the man in black and Jacob, but Charlie and Liam is perfect.

    • Austin S.

      The LOST vibe – particularly with Vytas – has come up several times on here since the first episode. But I think my favourite comparison was Sarah (I believe?) comparing Vytas to Ben Linus. Once you see that, you can’t unsee it.

      Seriously, I keep expecting him to pull a bunny out of his bag whenever Jeff asks if anyone has the HII.

  • Sarah

    These Survivors wanting to marry their daughters off to Dominic, have they offered any sort of dowery?

    • Guest

      So…have you got any?

  • Mike

    As much as I like Erinn, Fincher (most recent podcast with him aside), and Erik, given the added complexity and layers to this season with blood vs. water and redemption island, it would be nice if at all possible to have a real mastermind of the game back on the main podcast (obviously Stephen is always great on that front on Know-It-Alls, so there is that). We really haven’t had that this season since the always brilliant Kim in week 1, and it seems particularly relevant for the fallout from the first post-merge episode next week since I imagine there are going to be a ton of moving parts and complexity to that decision. Hatch-cast, maybe? Pretty please?

    • Erik Landry

      I think we need some Marty Piombo action.

      • Maria D

        or Penner…

    • Kevin Wong

      Cochran and Rafe.

      Added bonus: The Millers vs Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (or Chuck)

    • Liam Carlson

      We’re long overdue for a Ken Hoang podcast

  • NatalieKuchik

    I re-watched the part where Tyson formed a new alliance, and I think it was the right thing to do. He said “We are probably merging tomorrow” which is true and he needed everyone to be on the same page going into the merge. I think it was a great plan, and the only real wildcard in there is Caleb, but I think he likes Ciara the best, and I think Laura M is going back in which means she will gladly align with her daughter to get out Aras.

    The only reason I don’t think Hayden is a wildcard / will go tell Vytas is because as of now he is looking to cause the least amount of waves / fly under the radar. A dominate alliance fell into his lap.
    The one thing I am looking forward to seeing is if they can keep the dominate alliance a secret going into tribal. If they can, they are golden, if they do not than people scrambling can cause someone to flip.

  • Tjimi Cole

    IMO, This is going down as the best season since Pearl Islands–and it isn’t even the merge yet.

    No HII (plus all the crazy cross-tribal interactions thanks to both Red-I and the loved ones twist) has led to some excellent television. And when you add in the high-octane emotions the players are experiencing each time they see their loved ones sent to Red-I (or when they finally go home), this is some seriously entertaining stuff.

    At the very least, Blood vs Water has totally surpassed my preseason expectations. I thought this would be the worst season of all time–and perhaps the beginning of the end for Survivor–and now I think it will be the start of a renaissance for the show. For once, Production’s twists have actually helped the game instead of hurt it.

    The great editing is also another very big factor in my love for this season. Admittedly, it has been helped more than a little by the early exits of Rupert, Colton and (ugh…)”Culpepper”–not to mention the players’ (very smart) decision to avoid the Idol at all costs. But either way, there is now so much more time left over for us to become invested in the characters.

    As much as I love traditional Survivor, I would be perfectly happy for this to become the new standard format for the show.

    In short, I’m lovin’ it!

    • Mike

      What’s really great about it is that the combination of twists actually makes them better than the sum of their parts as well. Normally, Redemption Island is a terrible twist, but with the addition of the loved ones twist, it completely redeems “Red-I” such that it often becomes one of the strongest parts of the episodes.

      • damnbueno

        The loved ones twist makes Survivor an entirely new game, and I’m loving every minute of it.

        In previous seasons you could reasonably expect that two opposing alliances would go after each other, one would get the upper hand, then pick the other off. But having loved ones with pre-game loyalties complicates things immensely, and makes it much harder to predict.

  • Gregorian

    Vytas is the reincarnation of Chris Daughtery.

    • Erik Landry

      Says Krishna (or Vishnu?) 😉

      • Kapil

        Its actually Shiva…

        • Erik Landry

          Well you can’t hurt a guy for trying.

          • Kapil

            Of course…and nice try…

  • Maria D

    Wow, kudos to Hayden for making Kat change her mind, especially considering she was so emotional and insecure. Totally would have been worth a Fishy, in my opinion!

    I was also a bit disappointed with Vytas’ cockyness, and I genuinely don’t know understand what Aras is thinking… He’s pulling a Jonathan Penner move like in the Philippines, with his refusal to strategize “until time came”. I can agree with Rob that Tyson might be too aggressive at this stage and it could potentially backfire, but there should be some ‘proper strategic behavior’ in between Aras’ and Tyson’s. We don’t see Aras working on his individual relationships with anybody at this point, which I think is a big mistake.

    • Dave L

      Don’t forget…3 days, 40 minute show, you are seeing about .01% of what happens.

      • Maria D

        Good point, and I can agree that the theme of this episode might have been: “look at the B boys, so sure of themselves yet with such insecure positions in the game”…Buuuuut, we have seen Tyson strategizing and talking and doing this and that, for the last 3 episodes. And yet, Aras is doing none of it. We didn’t have that many confessionals from Caleb and Hayden either, but there are exchanged looks between them and Ciera, there are gestures…there are things suggesting more stuff is happening than we get to see. I simply don’t get this vibe regarding Aras.

  • Katie

    Tyson is aligned with Tyson.

    Him targeting Aras is not a bad move and it’s super great that he rallied new-Tadhana to perhaps get rid of the Aras/Vytas duo at the merge.

    Tyson is a charmer and great social player (also a challenge beast) — I mean, I’ve learned that via him playing the game and Tyson-casts that he’s got a decent strategy…he’s kind and wins challenges. He’s only a dick in confessionals.

    I’m just a fan of the show at the end of the day, but Blood v. Water Tyson is far more mature than Tocantins Tyson and I feel like he’s going to manage his new alliance well, with the help of Gervase.

    Those solo players would naturally gravitate towards each other regardless, but they’re all lucky they have the opportunity to join forces right before the merge. That tribe swap was A+ for the #Coconutbandits

    And if/when Laura M. gets back in the game, she’s going to latch onto that alliance so fast. Right?!

    As a Tyson fan, it almost scares me how solid of a position he is in — but last night convinced me that Aras is the one who is being set up for the fall, not Tyson.

    The key to Tyson’s game, IMO, is bringing in Monica and using her to split the pairs– splitting Aras/Vytas should be a no brainer, but Tina/Katie is a different story. Monica seems super loyal to Tina right now. And Tina is an A+ player.

    I’m super excited to watch how it plays out…

    • Kevin Wong

      I think that Laura M or John will have to make a snap judgement call as to who they are throwing their lot in with.

      If it means Laura and Ciera hook up with Aras/Vytas/Tina/Katie the so be it.

      If it means John starts a new Five Guys with Caleb/Hayden/#coconutbandits then so be it.

      Not saying that either thing happens. But I think that whatever they do, it needs to be done relatively quickly or they’re headed back to RedEye.

      If Laura B happens to make it out she will not have to do anything (Hey it could happen. Even the Jacksonville Jaguars will not lose this weekend. Anything’s possible.). She makes it back, she’s going to the end, and she’s potentially the greatest Goat of all time (GGOAT?)

      • dsharden

        “Even the Jacksonville Jaguars will not lose this weekend”…yeah, but they are not playing against another team. Bye week, but wouldn’t be surprised if each side loss against each other in a scrimmage.

        • Kevin Wong

          At this point I think the Jags will take a non-loss any way they can.

          My point is Laura B does have a chance of winning the Survivor on a Pole Challenge. I don’t think it’s a huge chance, but it’s there.

          • dsharden

            Okay…to be fair, you are correct :) I don’t think Laura B will return to the game. I’m hoping its John Cody and am anxious to find out more about Candice’s husband. i like him a lot….But not quite the Man Crush that Malcolm has for him.

      • Katie

        I think which ever player returns will side with the new Tadhana for at least one vote — that’s only logical. Which means Aras is screwed, barring an immunity win.

        And after that? Who knows. It’s going to be a cluster F…with mostly solo players in a game that was initially duos.

        Here’s what I know: My vote for player of the season will go to the player who FINALLY brings up the idea to vote out Tina. — the fact that it hasn’t been brought up yet is impressive and disturbing.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    It’s pretty obvious that Vytas was already safe before Laura B said anything. The edit had to give a reason and that’s the one they went with, but it was bullshit. Vytas confirmed this on Twitter last night.

    Vytas was safe since the swap because Tina wanted to keep him around.

    Surprised Stephen seems to doubt it.

    Hey Stephen – remember when Spencer went home because he sucked in a challenge? Oh wait, that wasn’t what happened at all.

    • Dave L

      Exactly. I can understand amateurs falling for the edit, but I’m shocked that regulars hear constantly do it too. And poor Laura is going to be labeled a dumb player because of it.

      It’s a case of Occam’s Razor. Go for the explanation that makes the most sense. Voting out Laura because she told Vytas the plan makes little sense unless they thing he has an immunity idol. They’d be keeping the player they had just told they wanted to get rid of (who has connections) over the player that is obviously completely loyal to their group and trusting too.

      Amazing how many people here think certain players are dumb just because the edit set them up that way, when in reality their “defining mistake” was irrelevant. You can hear in their exit interviews how they are frustrated by it, but whenever they try and explain themselves, they are ridiculed for it.

      • Stephen Fishbach

        I said I suspected that Vytas was already solid, and I said in KIA last night that the girls were looking for an excuse to keep him. I also said that I was sure Aras and Tina had agreed to look out for each others’ loved ones. I also said that Tina said the explicit words, “It was going to be Vytas tonight….” I then commented that that could very well just be her giving the producers what they want. So I don’t see how you think I’m gulled by a trumped up edit.

        • damnbueno

          Dave L. is just trolling. If you get into an extended discussion with him, he’ll start comparing Survivor challenges to Presidential elections.

          He also thinks Penner was smart for turning down Lisa and Skupin’s final 4 offer.

          • Dave L

            by the way, what you just did here is pretty much the definition of trolling.

          • damnbueno

            Whatever you say Dave L.

            Just like when you said Penner played the best game in Philippines, and, Denise and Malcom hadn’t done anything impressive.

            And with each reply to one of my comments, you prove once again your word is totally worthless.

          • Dave L

            Go flip your card to red! Oh wait, I got confused…I thought you were one of my 6 year old students. Just joking of course, they’ve actually have decent manners.

          • damnbueno

            Back to the school kids comeback? ZZZZZ

            What’s next, are you gonna compare my comments to a Presidential election?

        • Dave L

          Actually I wasn’t referring to you. Hadn’t even listened to the podcast yet at the time of my comment. Was making a general comment referring to multiple seasons and the general Survivor concensus in analogous situations.

          I’ve had a longterm feud with another commentator over Penner not agreeing to the finals deal with Lisa. I’ve always contended that it’s impossible that Penner did 99 things to make Lisa feel comfortable, and 1 to make her think she wasn’t, and so she didn’t stick with him. He was labeled as making an idiotic move, when I feel it was just the edit explaining the decision Lisa was always going to make.

          Another example is the 4 cool kids alliance in a group of 9. How much they were ridiculed for making a 4 person alliance. It felt like almost nobody considered the obvious…they actually thought they had a 5th player but the edit hid it.

          I was actually quite a bit pleasantly surprised when both of you guys seemed to pick up here that once again the edit was duping us. Otherwise it would have been a week of Laura B. bashing.

      • dsharden

        I’m a amateur but, i knew Laura B was going home on Sunday. On there was a preview where it showed Laura B hugging Vytas and saying ‘your’re going home tonight’. Because of this preview, i knew this team (yellow?) lost immunity and Laura B would be the one sent packing.

  • EricD

    Rob, as to the question about whether or not both losers of the duel will be out next episode: Probst said in his Q&A with Dalton Ross that next episode the “losers” (plural) of the duel will be out for good.

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Lol at Rob thinking Ciera was invisible for the like the third time this season.

    Good on Stephen for calling him out. She is getting a great edit, especially for a female newbie

    Caleb is the one who is basically invisible now.

    I’m starting to be convinced that Rob just closes his eyes when there’s a female giving a confessional

    • My apologies for sleeping through Ciera’s incredible gameplay this season.

      • BobbyKe

        You commented on her edit though, not her gameplay. Ciera is getting one of the best edits of anybody this season. She’s never been disregarded for an episode while Hayden, Caleb, Gervase, Tina & Katie at points all have at some point

        • damnbueno

          “She’s never been disregarded for an episode” — Are you talking about getting a confessional, or in the game? Because in the game she was 1 vote short of getting booted. If Caleb doesn’t get antsy, Ciera’s gone.

          • BobbyKe

            Editing wise. Disregarded means you’re viewed as irrelevant. Ciera has always in every episode been brought up in a way to where viewers never forget her. She’s been a more significant character this season then about half the players remaining in the game

      • Justin

        Ciera’s gameplay may not be that exciting, but having survived the tribe swap of being the only woman on a tribe of five alpha men, she is in one of the best spots of the game. Some of it may be accident as Caleb saved her the night he targeted Brad, but she’s there and I don’t see how she is not around for a good while longer. Not to mention she may have her mother, who I think would literally take a bullet for her, return to the game and form what is probably in the minds of the other players the least threatening loved one duo remaining in the game.

        From an edit perspective, Stephen is right. Ciera has had fairly strong visibility throughout the episodes and confessionals extending beyond simple narration, even though the edit has labeled her a poor challenge performer which usually is not a good thing.

  • Jeff Schwartz

    I LOLed at “The Wind Beneath My ROAR.”

  • sue

    I think Laura B would have been a good vote for an all female alliance . Monica should have fought for LB . I also think John is coming back in the game . Famous last words from Laura M on the next episode “I’m not coming down ” ,or something similar .

  • Russel Fulfor

    Did Tina really mean to say “Its gettin down ta nut crackin'”? The proper saying is: “It’s gettin down ta nut cuttin'”. Perhaps she changed it for the sake of future grandbabies? You have to ask her if that was intentional. Either way, ouch!!! LOL

  • damnbueno

    Tyson recruiting Caleb, Hayden and Ciera may or may not work out well. Putting all his cards on the table so early could easily backfire on him.

    Caleb and Hayden like and trust Vytas. Apparently Tyson doesn’t suspect this is true. If either one of them tells Vytas that Tyson is targeting Aras, Vytas will likely tell Aras. And if that happens, Aras only needs to pull one person from Tyson’s five, and Tyson is screwed.

    Tyson has already shown everyone his shoulder injury isn’t bad enough to stop him from swimming or tossing a Bolo — even if he did it left-handed. Some players may realize he’s still a threat to go on an Immunity run.

    Tyson was smart to try and form a new alliance that didn’t include Aras, but he was dumb for identifying his #1 target so blatantly.

    IF everyone in Tyson’s new alliance keeps their mouths shut, it would be 5 vs 5 with one person returning from R.I.

    John liked Brad a lot, and seemed pretty forgiving when Brad arrived on R.I. So he may be willing to work with Monica. He also knows Caleb, Hayden and Vytas helped plan his blindside, while Katie and Ciera were merely told how to vote. John could join either alliance. His vote could go to whomever earns his trust the fastest. Aras, Tina & Vytas have earn trust better than Tyson & Gervase.

    Laura M. didn’t display any anger towards Aras at any duels, but she’s smart enough not to show her cards. Aras did say she flashed him a dirty look as her torch was snuffed, but we don’t know if she blames him for planning it, or if she thinks someone else planned it and he just went along with it. Laura M. has always gravitated towards female alliances, and may not want to join one in which she and Ciera are the only women. I think she’s likely to move towards Tyson’s side, but its not nearly the slam dunk Rob C. and Stephen seem to think it is.

    Laura B. is screwed either way. Everyone in the game except Tyson, Gervase and Aras have already written her name down. She could align with either side she thinks won’t discard her sooner as opposed to later. And again, Aras earns trust faster than Tyson or Gervase do.

    But I don’t think Laura B. will win the hold-a-pole duel anyway.

    • Mike Magas

      I think the pole duel is a lock for Laura M. looking at this challenge historically you’re looking at the person with the best strength to size ratio and thats her. Laura B. carries a fair bit of flub though she is more athletic than she looks. And big guys tend to struggle with it, more bone and probably more fat to outweigh their muscle.

      • damnbueno

        I agree. This challenge has “Laura M. wins” written all over it, however the consistently-misleading promo had a shot of Laura M. saying “I’m not letting go,” which hints she’ll do well.

        But since promos are almost always misleading, I’m suspecting Laura M. will lose because of a slight lapse in concentration — much like Kathy and Jenna L. did in their final 3 challenge appearances.

        But John is at a disadvantage because he’s got more weight to hold, and likely has bigger feet that will be tougher to wedge into those skinny notches on the pole.

        • BobbyKe

          Laura M is the only one with an unfinished story. They heavily focused on her relationship to Ciera & Aras has commented on eliminating Laura M twice now. John’s biggest relationships are to two previously eliminated contestants in Candice & Brad. They could have Monica talk about John giving her the clue, but since they don’t, it seems clear Laura M’s story is much more important then John’s therefore she’s returning

          And I’m completely disregarding Laura B in this challenge, she’s got no shot

          And whatever relationship the newbies have with Vytas doesn’t prevent them from knowing how big a threat Vytas & Aras are together & the merge is the only realistic chance to get the advantage over them. And Tyson will take the brunt of the blame for an Aras vote, so it doesn’t prevent them from forming anything with Vytas later on if they want to change plans. Vytas himself is a big threat though so It’d make sense to get rid of Vytas right of Aras

          • damnbueno

            It could play out either way. Time will tell.

  • Nathan

    I usually agree with Rob, but Stephen had it right tonight! (On Aras, Laura B., and Cierra)

  • Micfi Jasan

    So I believe John’s secret scene (the “Sweet Justice” one), John talked about going against people who voted for Candice, where Tina is included. But he wasn’t super vengeful against her, so maybe not. But I’m kinda leaning toward the person coming back from Red-I joining Tyson’s group. Also, Tyson’s group now has every reason to not send them back to Red-I, since they’re not gonna survive a 5-5 tie.

    Also, Caleb interestingly talked about Kat leaving and his bond with Hayden strengthening. He mentioned that Tyson kinda had that bond too (not having loved one left), but strangely ignored Gervase.

    I am very interested in Ciera, strangely enough. She’s still the only girl on a tribe of guys, and from her confessional after Tyson’s speech I wasn’t convinced she was all in. She was clearly close with Katie before the swap, so if Laura M doesn’t come back to kinda push her to the Tyson 5, I’m interested to see where she’ll go.

  • dsharden

    Not sure if this is the correct podcast to mention this…..but I have given way to much thought in the answer. Hoping someone can enlighten me….
    When FUBC was interviewed with his revisionist history or as RHAP peeps call it fan fiction, he spoke constantly about Caleb’s move “It was a shrew move, but was it a smart move?, we will see”. He repeated this in several interviews…My first ( and only) thought was that Caleb gets voted out next and FUBC beats him at Redemption Island (Red eye). But this did not happen…..This is the only scenario where FUBC would be correct.
    But, Caleb is still there and FUBC was out in the 4th week. Caleb made the merge! He is can get dates! WTF was FUBC talking about? Anyone understand his logic? Thanks

    • Dave L

      I assumed he was spoiling that Caleb eventually gets eliminated (likely before Monica and possibly by her). I never got the feeling that he was implying Caleb would go soon. I saw him implying more that Caleb went around final 5-7 and that he would have gone all the way if he had stayed under the radar. Based on an earlier scene, it seems likely that Caleb and Vytas will at some point be working together again, and maybe Vytas doesn’t trust him?

      • dsharden

        But why does he think it was not a “smart’ move. FUBC is out..Caleb is still in the game. Not rocket science.

        yeah…I imagine a lot of people get eliminated. if fact, I guess that everyone except one gets eliminated. But Caleb has already WON more than FUBC…Caleb is still in the game of Survivor. His interview seem to predict Caleb would meet his death by blind sighting FUBC. Didn’t happen. And, Caleb is dateable!
        I am so happy FUBC met his fate early. He was unbearable and delusional.

        • Mike Magas

          If he destroyed his trust though with hayden and vytas and then (or monica) are his demise then you could look at it as a bad move just because without it you could say caleb wins without it.

          In the end, I wouldn’t really give it much thought, Brad is speaking from what brad knows not from the survivor gods pov.

  • BogDa

    Very interesting situation at this point as it could really go many ways. Below are the relationships as I see them.

    Tyson & Gervase
    Hayden & Ceira & Caleb
    Aras & Vytas
    Tina & Katie & Monica
    RI:John or Laura M or Laura B

    There is no garanteed way that this will run —which I LOVE! I feel like Vytas and Aras have been positively portrayed through yoga and the implication is “insight”. So this makes me think that Aras and Vytas will figure out the desire to get them out from Tyson and Gervase. I however feel that Tina and Katie are being set up for a fall. I think they made the wrong decision tonight. They have been duped.

    RI: I don’t think John is returning because he has not had a confessional for weeks. the RI returner will be the swing vote that determines the game in all likelihood. I think it will be Laura M. Her vengence against Aras will go forward. I think the second place finisher will remain at Redemption island and we will see a DOUBLE Elimination. This then sets RI back for the next episode for 3 people.

    I have no idea who is going to come out on top. I still feel like certain people can not win based on their edit: Caleb, Ceira, Gervase, Laura M, John, Laura B, Katie and Tina.

    I think Tyson is being set up for a fall.

    The most story investment is in Vytas, Aras, Monica and Hayden. I think Hayden is the hero —the Malcolm of the season. Which means the winner is going to be either Vytas or Monica. I’m betting on Monica.

  • BogDa

    Lol. It was funny when Stephan mentioned that Aras wasn’t just meditating he was also waiting for the helicopter to fly over. I wasn’t even thinking how staged this obviously is. So clearly he must have been out there for a while.

  • Sarcastabtch

    My pick, Vytas, is still in! I’m psyched! I still think he has a good chance of winning. This has been a surprisingly good season!

  • Liam Carlson

    That survivor know-it-alls song is pretty legit.

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