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Shane Powers Gets Real About Survivor Blood vs Water

What does Shane Powers have to say in our Recap of Episode 13 of Survivor Blood vs Water?

Rob visits with Shane Powers on this weeks episode of Rob Has a Podcast

Listen to the Podcast:

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On the final Thursday before the Survivor Blood vs Water finale, Rob Cesternino has another jam packed episode of Rob Has a Podcast to get you through to Sunday night.  On this week’s episode, Rob visits with Shane Powers (@TheShanePowers) and then listens to your voicemails with Jeff Pitman (@TrueDorkTimes) from

Shane Powers

Rob met up with Shane at his girlfriend’s house to talk with Shane Powers in person.  Shane hadn’t watched many seasons of Survivor since Survivor Panama, but Shane was interested to see Aras this season and watch the Blood vs. Water twist play out.

Shane discusses a number of topics in the conversation with Rob, but here are just a few of the things that were covered:

  • Why does Shane Power feel like he would never be friends with Gervase?
  • Was Shane ever considered to be on Survivor Blood vs Water?
  • Would Shane ever be able to vote against his son, Boston, if they were on a season like this?
  • Which player(s) from this season does Shane think are incredibly attractive?
  • What would Shane tell Monica to get her to win in the final 3 against Gervase and Tyson?
  • What does Shane think of the Redemption Island twist?
  • What did Shane have to say about Aras’ game this season?
  • Why does Shane relate to Vytas so much?
  • Why is Shane fired up about talking about Lex and Boston Rob this week?  Read his recent blog about this.
  • Which player most reminds Shane of Courtney Merit?
  • Why does Shane have such a love/hate relationship with the show

Its the wildest Survivor interview of the season and one you don’t want to miss.


Shane Powers on Rob Has a Podcast

Shane Powers on Rob Has a Podcast

Jeff Pitman Answers Your Voicemail Questions (1:24:55)

Rob Cesternino welcomes Jeff Pitman back to the show to answer your voicemails and talk about the week in Survivor.  Rob and Jeff begin by discussing their appreciation for good of a season its been when they both had low expectations for Survivor 27.  Jeff has been especially fond of Tyson and hopes that he wins the game this weekend.

Rob and Jeff discuss many of the questions raised by the callers on voicemail including: What changes has Tyson made to his game?  Why are so many Survivor players being called out this season?  Why would the idol be placed so high in the trees?  Is Survivor over doing it with the hashtags?  Which Survivors might blurt out their own twitter handles or get engaged at the finale?

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Michael Norris

    Lex was the leader, and kind of a dick.

  • Bobby Lewis

    Samoa didn’t have a family visit either I believe

    • Marc Percy

      I know there have been at least one other season without a family visit.

      • Austin S.

        Fiji didn’t have one either, due to political unrest at the time the family would have been flying in, I believe.

  • cameron

    I know this doesn’t relate too much to the podcast, but with the finale fast approaching, I just need to get off my chest about how frustrating it is to see a good player be so belittled by the other players. Although having a weak social game, Monica has been playing very well so far. She is making all the right strategic decisions, is not a lapdog to anybody, and showed last episode that she does not play emotionally. I really hope she gets some votes if she makes it to the finals, though I doubt it because she is not exactly the best at selling herself. I think it is clear she will get the Dawn treatment, especially hearing Hayden’s rant to Laura and Tina at Redemption Island. It would have been an insanely moronic decision of hers to flip onto Hayden and Ciera’s side.

    • Trixie02

      She is an over 40 female and a mom. No matter what she does, someone will take issue. She rocked challenges, stayed level-headed, kept her emotions in check (she cried a bit when told hurtful things but not because she woke up like Dawn). People expect to manipulate moms in this bracket and lash out when they can’t. Monica is beautiful, athletic and smart.

      Hayden’s comment about being beaten by three moms and a one-armed guy is proving true. Monica, Laura and Tina have represented 40+ women well. No tears, but lots of heart and determination.

      • susan appleby

        I think they represented all woman well. I’m extremely proud of them.
        The jury can be bitter that Monica didn’t flip to do their bidding, but that does not make her a lap dog. She is making her own choices.

        • An enthusiastic nod to the two posts above. If I ever hear Probst blurting out again that the reason why most returnees are male is because there have been few interesting females on the show, I’m taking it upon myself to travel to LA with a bar of soap, and to wash his mouth with it.
          I think this season is an excellent example of how badass women can be too at this game. Laura, Monica, Tina, Ciera have all proven to be extremely strong and resilient. And the other women who have been cast this season haven’t exactly been wallflowers either. Katie won a challenge, Candice was quite a beast at RI, Laura B was no slouch in challenges, and Marissa came across as a feisty, competitive girl.
          Grrrl power, dammit!

    • Dave L

      I don’t think we really have enough information to know if she’s a good player or not. She certainly hasn’t been edited to be one. We’ll find out Sunday though. If she comes out on Sunday with good explanations, then maybe she’s a good player. I’m not convinced yet that’s she’s not blindly following Tyson. It’s frustrating that there are still 7 players left, and none of them are really worth rooting for.


      Monica is player a great game to be at the final 3, not a great game to win (which is all that matters)

  • Brian Nangle

    Wow… Shane doing Monica’s speech to the jury (around the 54 minute mark) is amazing. She won’t say it, but if she went that route, I think she’d be able to win this thing.

  • susan appleby

    I tried. But the poor sound quality, the rambling and lack of focus on Shane’s part just turned me off. He sounds a bit off and a little scary. I can understand why he isn’t an attractive player to bring back. Just my opinion- he might be a great player.

    • I thought I did okay with the sound under tough circumstances, but I totally get it if this was not your cup of tea.

      • susan appleby

        Rob- you did a great job. The sound wasn’t your fault as it seemed as if he wanted to do the podcast at his girlfriends house. No criticism of your work from me, though this comment probably sounded like it, you did your usual best professional work. Your podcasts keep me entertained and are always high quality.

        My issue with the podcast was not with you. I didn’t watch his season, if I had I might have known what to expect.

        • damnbueno

          It sounded to me that Shane was too distracted by his rants to realize he wasn’t talking directly into the microphone. He complained about having to hold it, which probably means he was either resting it on his leg or something.

          Depending on the type of microphone, you usually have to have it no less than 3-4 inches away from your mouth to get good sound.

      • Marc Percy

        Do you do any post editing/cleaning up especially in situations like that? I’m sure you record each person on their own channel, as this would make that a lot easier. Either way, you do a great job and I know your time is limited, working and especially this week of Survivor.

  • Trixie02

    Rob, if you ever doubt your parental skills, just listen to this podcast. The beginning of the podcast is just shy of “Dad, are we there yet? Dad, when are we going to get there?” You’re amazingly patient and poised.

  • PorkStoreKiller

    “I bet each episode of Shane’s new radio show is a clear, focused dissection of a singular topic, without any meandering or unexplainable rambles,” said nobody.

    • Trixie02

      Gervase needs to be a guest on that show.

  • Bertinho

    he said he watched every episode but doesn’t know rustle feathers…….

  • Ryan Joyce

    Shane is so polarizing that I found myself hating and loving him at the same time. That’s the only way I can really describe it.

  • Mary Carmen

    Never watched Survivor this is my first introduction to Shane Powers.
    ~whoa~ He is kinda scary at times, kinda funny at times. I don’t know where the interview took place, but when I heard sirens in the background I got kind of nervous for you Rob. :)

    • Stephen

      Combine this podcast with an intense nicotine withdrawals and you have Shane on Survivor.

  • BulletToothToney

    Shane was fun to watch on Exile Island. Shane’s thinking chair and his fake blackberry was hilarious.

    • If you’re calling Jeff Pitman a turd, you are WAY out of line, buddy. Dude’s been a huge part of the online Survivor community for over a decade.

      • BulletToothToney

        lol, I knew someone would get upset. I just lost interest when Rob started talking to him. Sorry for calling him a turd.

        • Fair enough. I’ve a lot of respect for Jeff, and I just thought the insult was out of line. Peace out!

  • Kelly g

    Can we discuss what the hell was up with that bizarre last voicemail from someone from Australia (although the accent sounded kind of fake) about how Tyson wants to destroy everyone Ciera loves and then destroy her or something like that? That’s probably the most bizarre thing I’ve ever heard on the podcast

    • Narborg

      I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be an impression/ prodigy of something, but not being that up to date with pop culture, I have no idea what….

    • Avery Gordon

      It was an impression of Slade Wilson from the show Arrow

      • Ha ha, that went over my head. That makes a lot more sense now.

        • Avery Gordon

          Ya the line he said is an exact copy of the one slade says at the end of the mid season finale, but replacing oliver with ceira,

    • James Sianipar

      Avery Gordon is right – in the show “Arrow,” there is an Australian villain named Slade Wilson, and in the latest episode he gives basically the exact same monologue about how he wants to destroy the protagonist of that show and whatnot

  • Michael Norris

    It’s not a true Shane podcast until he’s insulted a RHAP listener.

    • PorkStoreKiller

      The best part was when he paused during his rant about the Blackberry question to ask Rob to restate the listener’s name so he could personally berate him.
      It was like Walter asking Donnie who down at the league office schedules the bowling tourney on The Big Lebowski, so he could then refer to him (Burkhalter) by an ethnically insentive term.

      • Michael Norris

        lol There wasn’t even anything wrong with what the listener said. It was an obvious joke. Poor Owen.

        • Owen Craig

          It’s cool, I got a kick out of getting the Shane Powers special.

  • I always enjoy Shane. His show is good, and as it goes on he’s really starting to get a handle on the hosting thing. During the off season is there a chance we’ll get to hear you as a guest on The Shane Show? I’d be interested in hearing you do something unfiltered and off topic.

    • Shane has not ever expressed an interest in me being a guest on his show.

      • dsharden

        Do not ever have this ‘person” on your podcast again. Lightening will strike you dead. If fact, I think he is dead. Well, he’s dead to me!

      • I’m listening to the new episode of The Shane Show.

        Called it.

  • Nazaniel

    Halfway through the podcast so it might be discussed further in, but how old is Boston now?

    • Shane said that he is 43 and I also believe he sad he had him when he was 21 so I would guess that Boston is 22.

    • PorkStoreKiller

      European settlers first came to the area now known as Boston in the early 17th Century, making it about 400 years old.

      Kinda odd question for Rob’s podcast, but oh well.

  • finsburysghost

    Shane is a classic.
    Redemption Island idea – have it, but for limited weeks. Survivors know there will be a Redemption Island, but only for vote offs Weeks 15, 14, 13 and then Weeks 10, 9, 8. (I agree with Rob it should stop before the merge). If players knew it was coming, but for limited times it could create a layer where you want to vote a player out when they don’t have a Redemption chance.
    Also – I hate the “Jerry Springer” aspect of this year’s Redemption. People who have been voted out should not be allowed to trash the players who are playing a great game and getting them voted out. It exposes to much strategy and the people doing the exposing are out of the game. Do what Hayden did the past 2 weeks if you are on the outs, but once you are gone – you are gone but for the jury.

  • riyano

    unwatchable filled with rude intruputions, rcaist remarcks along with other things.

    • Tyler Frederickson

      Rob told everyone before the interview happen that Shane has strong language and if you don’t want to listen to it it.You can skip to the Voice Mail at the 1 hour 23 minute mark

    • Inigo Montoya

      At the start of the podcast when Rob warned everyone that there was strong language used, I thought it would of been a lot worse than it was. Shane didn’t even use the C word, I guess some people are just more sensitive than others.

  • Trixie02

    Don’t forget to vote for fan favorite.

    To Vote:

  • riyano

    Btw if there is no law there is no moral code. Law is what keeps us moral.

    • Zack Coffman

      And yet morality predates formal law.

    • Joel P.

      Zack has it right. There is no law apart from morality.

  • C.

    Actually, on Survivor Caramoan, they had to do the random challenge at Final 4 (to get an extra advantage at the next challenge), because Erik R was removed from the game. Otherwise, I assume that would have been a regular immunity challenge. They lost that entire challenge and tribal council with Erik being removed, so they had to fill the last episode up with something.

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Rob, to reinforce Jeff’s reminder that poles need to be both Long and Strong, we really don’t need a Venn Diagram. Because we are only considering two factors, a simple Punnett Square works just fine.

    • May I share this on twitter?

      • PorkStoreKiller

        Sure thing.

  • BogDa

    There are only so many times I can hear Shane interupt Rob with total carelessness before it gets annoying. And….off.

    • BulletToothToney

      It was Will Heuser 2.0. Maybe not as bad as Will. It was from Rob’s Big Brother podcast if you don’t get the reference.

  • BogDa

    So I’m over Shane. I don’t want to see him back on Survivor. Before he was top of my list of men, but not anymore.

    • Inigo Montoya

      I think Shane on Survivor again would be great, you have to remember that Survivor is heavily edited and this podcast was over an hour of straight Shane talking.

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  • Alex

    Shane earned my respect when he criticized Redemption Island. It is such a poorly thought out twist that it’s not even funny. I mean, long time R.I. inhabitants aren’t even present at tribal councils, so they don’t know who did what when they cast their vote for the winner.

  • maggie that suck

    This podcast with Shane is one of the best, Rob.

    • Inigo Montoya

      I know right? It kept me entertained while I was doing housework. I don’t know how I am going to mange doing housework once survivor is finished and I have no more RHAP to listen to :(

      • susan appleby

        I’m looking at being snowed in for at least one day of the weekend. I’m going to listen to old podcasts on other Survivor seasons while I try to clean house and get ready for Christmas.

  • Brian L

    This was awesome

  • dsharden

    I gave it my best and listened to the first 10 – 15 minutes. Now, after I have poured bleach in my ears I can say he is the most arrogant, ignorant POS I have ever heard on one of your podcast.
    He starts by saying he has a “podcast” but then ‘hates” people who promote themselves and tells everyone to goggle him! WTF? Goggle you? WHY?
    His horrific diatribe about swearing on his son and then annihilated every other player who played the game. He’s NOT Jesus Christ! He is a mere moral, who is a tool of CBS and played a “game” on t.v.
    Then he complains he hasn’t been asked back, as if that is the most important thing in the world. I just heard him, I DO NOT EVER WANT TO SEE HIM.
    The crusade against Boston Rob, was so friggin hilarious if he knew how much the joke was on him.
    That mouth thinks he is the moral compass of Survivor? He has far surpassed as the most least self aware person ever.
    Goggle him…hahahahahahahaha…I would like to gag him.

    • dsharden

      BTW….1982 called and wants the word “gnarly” back. Really, he says gnarly?

      • Rikk

        Language police!

        • dsharden

          Seriously, who says “gnarly”? The same people who think things are “groovy”. Also growing up surfing, gnarly was great as in “the waves were gnarly”. Of course that was in the 80’s.

          • I do. I say “gnarly”, and I say “groovy”, because those are words. And if fluorescent leg-warmers can make a comeback, so can these allegedly obsolete terms.

          • Alex Lopez

            I know right, I still say gnarly all the time and I’m 19 so I don’t think its stuck in the 80s

          • dsharden

            That’s part of the point….from the picture that guy looks 50 years old. If you’re 50 and still using gnarly, you need to grow up.

          • Trixie02

            If only hypercolor T-shirts would come back.

          • Not_a_Criminal

            Oh, for goodness sake. I’ve used the word gnarly occasionally, but since I am age 45, and that means I spent time in the 80s, it is somehow a bad thing. Good to know, I guess…

          • dsharden

            Also the point, You use the word ‘occasionally’? i listened to 15 minutes and he used it probably 80 times.

          • Not_a_Criminal

            LOL… I was probably counting the f-bomb instead of gnarly.

  • George Yazbeck

    Great podcast, Rob! Shane was hysterical with his observations even if some of them are a bit arrogant and racy. I think Shane’s willingness to be upfront, honest and real suits him well given how he played in Panama and is very refreshing to hear as opposed to some recent players who have been seen as contrived and fake to the cameras. There’s no doubt that Shane is entertaining although admittedly his rare appearances largely affect the freshness of his podcasts. Brownie points for calling out the stupidity of RI and Colton’s inclusion in the BvW cast.

  • Matthew Bok

    If I remember correctly (and I could be wrong here), wasn’t Shane dating a Big Brother person last time he was on the podcast?

    Interesting he takes issue with Big Brother now.

    There seemed to be some disconnects with how Shane feels about why people go on the show and how it makes them worthless, yet he wants to do the same thing to pimp his podcast.

    All things considered I found it very entertaining, but it reinforces one of my main problems with Survivor today. It’s all about the returning cast members. New blood creates new characters. Do we really need to see people a 3rd, 4th time?

    Lastly Tyson is playing the best game, but I hope he loses because I find him to be an insufferable douche. His last podcast with Rob is the perfect evidence of this. He doesn’t like the show, he doesn’t respect the show, yet he is brought back again and again.

    • Inigo Montoya

      He was dating a former contestant on The Apprentice.

      • Matthew Bok

        I stand corrected. I could have looked it up, but I thought my memory was better than it was. I remembered that it was Jen and for some reason I thought it was the Jen that Dick battled with.

        • Inigo Montoya

          I only remember who it was because I listened to his original podcast earlier this year.

          On Tyson: his first 2 times playing I really didn’t not like him, but for some reason this time around he is more likable, to me,at least. Perhaps it’s the edit he is getting.

          It was good to see people like Aras, Laura M and Gervas return for their 2nd time. Please survivor producers if you ever plan on doing a returnees season again ( I’m sure you are) please bring people back who have only ever played once before.

          • Matthew Bok

            With Tyson, the “humanizing” edit he has received is exactly the kind of thing he would mock if he was watching the season, which of course he wouldn’t be doing because (by his own admission) he is not a fan of the show.

            Gerv has added very little to the season. As much as people might deride Monica as being Tyson’s lapdog, he is much the same, except worse with his angry outbursts.

            Almost everyone has had some kind of arc or movement in the game. Gerv has had none of that and seems to disappear for large chunks of time.

            As fun as this season has been it seems like the end is a forgone conclusion. I was a vocal opponent of this BvW concept and I thought it might be the end of Survivor, but I was wrong. However the march to the end appears to be set.

            With returning players I think it should be all or none. Half, or a handful, or even two or three gives way too large of an advantage to returning players. First there is the hero factor (see Redemption Island and Boston Rob), plus there is the out of the gate advantage. One question I’d love to see Rob answer is how long does it take you to acclimate to the fact that you are on Survivor. I would guess the first couple of days are such a shock to the system that you’re just trying to find your bearings and it probably is ten days before you can actually settle in and play the game, ignoring the situation you are in. Vets don’t have that problem. They’ve been there before. The cameras, the conditions, the game, it’s all old hat to them.

  • David Mansfield

    Just wanted to say a big thanks! I have only signed onto RHAP for this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed it! Keep up the awesome work, I’ll continue to listen next year and beyond.

    Also apolgies in advance if I cannot post up links so no dramas if you need to take it down, but if you go to 6.40 on the link you can see the shirt Shane was wearing for anyone who cares:

  • Marie-France Trepanier

    I am 10 minutes in: Shane Powers has already said the F word about 20 times, he has complained – like a diva – about Rob’s microphone, has eaten popcorn while talking, and has been really disrepectful to Rob by always interrupting him. Not a good start.
    After 20 minutes, Shane finally calmed down and had a real conversation with Rob. I think he brought something new to the table. In the end, I enjoyed the podcast.

  • Lewis750

    This shane with his racist remarks is gross couldn’t finish listening to the podcast. Don’t have that idiot back

    • BulletToothToney

      I’m pretty sure Shane had or has a black girlfriend. So he thinks he can joke about it.

    • Joel P.

      It was a joke, Lewis, you hypersensitive PC ninny.

    • He actually said it was a joke about 4 seconds after he blurted out his allegedly racist comment. You clicked that “stop” button a little bit too fast, perhaps.
      Speaking for myself, I enjoyed Shane. Would I like for Rob to have him on every season? Not necessarily, but once in a while, I’m cool with it. I find the guy’s authenticity and lack of a filter rather refreshing, to be honest.

  • toast

    Well, I can at least say it was a change of pace.
    From having nice people on the show.

    A scary scary man.

  • leConnard

    This was a nice change of pace. It would be gnarly to have him on every week but I do think Shane would be a good guest to be in the regular rotation. Kudos to Rob for letting Shane shine. I also thought it was good that Shane was able to get Rob to open up about his personal limits on how far he was willing to betray people on the show.

  • Ryan Oakley

    What the hell Rob? That “Slade” guy from “Sydney” talking about how Tyson wants to destroy Ciera wasn’t even Australian! It was the worst impersonation of our accent I’ve ever heard!

    • Inigo Montoya

      Agreed Americans can’t do Aussie accents.

  • fhjdlsldjs

    The first season i watched was Panama and the same way people feel so passionate about the first season i feel about Exile Island. I loved listening to Shane after all this time. He was one of the most interesting people to ever play. I was rooting for him in panama and i was disappointed he was taking off instead of Tyson on HvV. I hope Shane could play again. GREAT JOB ROB!!!!!!!!!! #RHAP

  • finsburysghost

    well below his pay grade

  • Not_a_Criminal

    Wow re: this podcast. I don’t remember his first podcast being quite like this. Perhaps between his girlfriend, Nicole and Rob, Shane was more contained, and focused as a result. Rob, thank you for doing your damndest to make this work. It paid off about 20 minutes in when Shane seemed to calm down and an actual conversation began. It was an enjoyable show for the uniqueness of the guest and recording situation.

    I had to laugh at Shane’s praise of Survivor Sucks. Shane’s interview is much like that forum – gem here or there, but generally rambling and profane. But Rob moved the conversation to a TwoP forum/Reddit level, and for that, I will go do some holiday shopping using Rob’s Amazon affiliate link! :-)

  • Dave L

    It’s 52 minutes in, and Shane finally asks the question to find out it is a final 3. I felt like the whole time Rob wanted to tell him it’s a final 3, but was scared Shane would start cursing him out for “correcting him”.

    It’s easy to see why Rob is such a good Survivor player for the way he skillfully handles a wackjob like Shane (and by the way Shane, in 2013 making “jokes” about hating a guy because he is black is not considered cool…especially when you trash the guy for no great reason later). Unlike the last controversial guest, this one it was possible to listen to. It’s just a shame because it would have been nice to have somebody that could discuss Survivor…we all have old crotchety relatives we can listen to if we want to hear random unfunny complaints about the world.

    • bunnielebowski

      Dave – I couldn’t agree more with your comments. I don’t mind the cursing or crassness but omg the mysogynistic comments glorifying Monica’s severely anorexic body on the show now as perfect was the last straw. What a sick person. But love how amazing Rob was with his quip and shocked giggle. Used to like shane but seems like now he is going more and more for shock va lue like Howard Stern.

    • BigDan

      who was the last guest who was a bad person?

  • Sprint Player of the Season started with Cook Islands. Ozzy won.

  • Brett Barsanti

    Kind of off topic, but Rob, can you please ask Gervase in his end of the season interview how he feels Survivor has changed physically since the first season, whether it’s easier, harder, or about the same. A lot of old-school survivors think Survivor is easier physically now and I think it would be good to hear Gervase’s first-hand opinion.

  • Cari

    I didn’t like Shane then and I really don’t like Shane now. That said it was entertaining but please do not bring him back for another couple of years. BvW has been an excellent season. We all know its Tyson game to loose but how great would it be if Haydon came back and won it. That would be a great end to a great season.

    • nightrider

      Tyson’s game to “loose”, really?

  • nightrider

    Maybe he’s mad about that haircut, I would be.

    • Cari

      Shane has never been an attractive guy with or without that hair cut, all his head has room for is his EGO .. Lol

  • Rob Jensen

    Strange how many times Shane mentione dark moves and his season seemed to be a pretty dark season.

    • Jorge Alvarado

      He acknowledges that, so it’s not strange at all

  • LosPollosHermanos

    Pretty surprised there were some people that didn’t like this, I thought Shane was fantastic. I hope he continues to watch the show.

    • Alex Lopez

      I think the reason people didn’t like the interview was because of how raw and unfiltered Shane’s opinions were. I personally thought his interview was both honest as well as logical and at points pretty funny especially with the Kat and Monica stuff he’d say. I would not mind hearing more of him in later seasons later down the road.

  • Phiiiiiil

    i was just thinking about how the only thing Blood vs Water is missing was a “father/child” and wow Shane & Boston really would have been the ultimate perfect pairing for that

  • Troy Skillen

    Loved the parts of the podcast in which conversation flowed back & forth rather than in one way. Shane, just a bit of constructive criticism for your future audio shows: not only is it incredibly rude to ask someone a question and then cut them off the first 3 or 4 times they try to answer it by repeating some aspect of the question back at them, it’s only really frustrating as a listener. I was getting so wound up listening to Rob repeatedly try to contribute and be spoken over again & again. Your insights & sense of humour saved the day, tidy up that one thing & you’re golden. Love your work.

  • Martin XD

    shane should be back!

  • Agrippas

    Like tyson said:
    “It is a game, you know? Too many people take it too serious and it shouldn’t be and it ruins their lives and makes them angry”.

  • Trixie02

    I cannot wait to see the look on the face of the winner of RHAP’s Player of the Season when he/she receives the Shamar/Julia photos.

  • Alex G

    I can think of one good reason that they kept Redemption Island in SP… to save Ozzy as long as possible, and let him (nearly, thank God) win without being in the game.

  • Chris Devine

    No offense… Shane is a terrible guest. We can do better, rob.

  • Josh Thayer

    And to think I used to be Shane Powers fan.

  • Barbara R

    That was so unpleasant to listen to. Please don’t have Shane on very often. I can’t imagine listening to him on a regular basis. He is just too unnecessarily rude and nasty.

  • I’m apparently in the minority in enjoying the podcast. Yes, Shane does interrupt Rob a lot and I don’t agree with some of his points. However, he’s also very entertaining, and I love that he just speaks his mind. If he keeps watching future seasons, I’d be fine hearing him on RHAP once every season. It’s great to hear a voice outside the insular Survivor community with a lot to say.

  • sanjayP

    I cannot remember Shane from his season no matter how hard I try. I will have to re-watch Panama someday. Anyways, I pretty much agree with most, this was not my cup of tea and I skipped to Joel’s part after the first botched & awkward attempt at a joke made by Shane.

  • Fokhue

    Too much mumbling and unnecessary cursing from the “Greg”
    (season one) wannabe.

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  • Gene Parmesan

    This was seriously painful to listen to. So many good guests, this was not one.

  • Tom Danz

    The guy that called in about hash tags sounds exactly like spencer from this season.

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