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Rob Has a Chaoscast: Interview with Kass McQuillen

Who Wore it Better:  Chaos Kass or Rob?

Who Wore it Better: Chaos Kass or Rob?

Listen to the Podcast:

Kass McQuillen has driven down south to be Rob’s special in-studio guest and discuss her 38 days on “Survivor: Cagayan.” Kass starts out by assessing Rob’s “man cave” in comparison to her husband’s barn. She also shares that she does not like the attention that comes from being on the show, but it’s harder to avoid in her small town.

Rob breaks down Survivor Cagayan from the Perspective of Kass McQuillen

Kass breaks down the struggles of the Brains tribe in the early days, and her thoughts on David, who Rob thought would have made great TV had he lasted longer in the game. Kass found the conflict among the alpha males on Luzon amusing. She gives more detail on the rice dumping situation with J’Tia and Garrett’s idol clue. She also says that telling J’Tia she was going to vote for her was a mistake, but one that didn’t hurt her in the long run and in fact helped her. Kass details why she elected to work with Tasha and J’Tia over Spencer and Garrett. Rob and Kass then compare and contrast elements of her game to two-time winner Sandra’s gameplay. Kass explains that keeping Spencer over J’Tia was a last-minute decision, and Jeff Probst influenced it more than Spencer.

Next Rob and Kass go into the tribe swap and how the three Brains came back to working together and the decision to vote out Alexis. Rob asks Kass if she feels “intentional Matsinging” would ever be a good idea, as the Brawns had never been to tribal council by that point. Then they go into Kass’s decision to flip at the merge and her personality clash with Sarah. Kass points out that Spencer was more close with Sarah and Jeremiah, and so she felt the only person she betrayed with that flip was Tasha. Kass talks about her conversations with Tony and Trish during the merge and letting them feel comfortable approaching her. She mentions she wanted to rope in Jefra but Spencer didn’t think it was a good idea. Kass describes how Sarah would discuss getting back with Tony and Trish and just promising the Brains top seven, rather than final four. She felt flipping was in her best interest. She says she didn’t flip out of spite, but it did feel good and it was hilarious that two idols were flushed as well. Rob asks her why she didn’t wait with the move until later in the game.

Kass says she was willing to work with Spencer and Jeremiah after the flip, but not Tasha and Morgan because they wouldn’t talk to her or were rude. She thinks everyone was so mad because they all expected her to be their goat. Kass felt Spencer had a lot of opportunities to switch it up, such as at the Jefra vote, but he never told anyone about his idol. Kass didn’t feel the need to convince him to do so because she liked the story of going up against two Brawns in the end. Kass talks about why she suspected Spencer had the idol.

Then Rob asks Kass about being blindsided about the LJ vote. Kass didn’t have a chance to see LJ play so she didn’t feel she could assess whether he was a good player. She talks about how he went to a bunch of different people with final 3 deals as well, likely because he noticed Tony, Trish and Woo were unbreakable. Next they talk about the Jefra vote. Kass was less thrilled about this blindside. She thought it was stupid to not get Spencer out. She thinks Tony was too nervous that Jefra considered flipping on him, but that the fear was irrational about a women’s alliance. Logically, Spencer was a big challenge threat but Jefra was not. She says Tony didn’t realize that Jefra would never pull the trigger on a big flip.

Kass talks about how Tony would make fun of Spencer’s strategy and be condescending toward the women. Kass goes into why Tasha didn’t vote for Tony in the end. Kass found his misogynistic comments funny but Tasha didn’t appreciate it. Kass says that Tasha said that God had already chosen the winner and she used that as a way to get the women to work with her. Next Kass takes Rob through the discussions and plans on the reward with Spencer and Woo. Kass says it was Woo who didn’t want to go through with it, but she had wanted to flush Tony’s idol during that vote even if they ultimately sent Tasha home.

Then they talk about the famous line “Do you need me to talk ‘llama’ to you?” Kass found it hilarious and wasn’t sure why he picked “llama.” She did mention that she was an animal handler (instead of revealing she was a lawyer) because her family had an exotic animal farm. Kass said she never trusted Tony out there, but Trish and Woo always did. Kass goes into her decision to tell Woo about Tony’s final 3 deal with her. She thinks Woo was worried about losing to her and also that everyone was being encouraged to take Tony to the end. Kass was disappointed but not shocked that Woo didn’t take her to the end. Rob breaks down the potential votes that Kass would have had over Woo. Kass says he was known as “Weasel Woo.” Kass also goes into her animosity with Trish. She says that she had a brotherly type relationship with Tony and that Jeff was surprised that Kass received cheers at the finale. Rob shares a theory that Kass’s educational background might have influenced some people’s negative opinions of her. Kass says she gets a lot of positive feedback from women and fans, and thinks the blogging, obsessive subset of fans is in the minority and she was surprised to discover this world existed as she was someone who only watched the show on TV. Kass says she has no hard feelings toward anyone after the game, but that Trish and Tasha still have problems with her. She also talks about Denise Stapley’s criticism of her. She doesn’t think former players should be so quick to critique current players and should look at the bigger picture.

Rob asks Chaos Kass about her Twitter feud with Russell Hantz. Rob also teases the “The Vlachos” trailer. Kass feels doing a “wife swap” with Tony’s family would be fun to see. Then Kass takes questions from the Rob Has a Podcast audience and covers a variety of topics including: Woo’s decision to take Tony, considering voting for Woo, her hypothetical jury speech, her relationship with Spencer, why she cried on the island, who she was closest with on the island and currently, pre-season predictions, social media behavior, applying for the show, what she would do if she played again, her individual immunity win, her mistakes in the game, her sociability, a DMK with Trish, Sarah and Morgan, advice for happiness, and potential storylines for “The Vlachos”.

Special Thanks to @RHAPrecapper for this episode summary

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  • Legionwrex

    So excited for this! I always found Kass to be funny and never really disliked her like some people. She was like an internet troll in the game of Survivor.

    • susan appleby

      The editors were the ones trolling the audience last season. They must have been very entertained by our trying to find ways the obvious player didn’t in.

      • Legionwrex

        I thought for sure Tony wasn’t going to win. I was 100% positive. The editors really stepped up their game. With Tony receiving the edit he got and still winning I won’t rule anyone out next season.

  • A Fan

    Yes, I want Kass to get loud, too! Hopefully on a Survivor PodKasst next season.
    Great interview!

  • kmcinmyopinion

    Her last story was the best- she was a great interview.

  • Will Holston

    Hell yes, Kaos Kass! Such a great interview. Love her or hate her, you have to give it up to her for making the season what it is.

  • Nwando E


  • Bertinho

    This was a little bit nauseating. If you plan to make stuff up, at least have the courtesy to make it entertaining.

  • Nwando E

    Spencer is so overrated. He just kept getting lucky bc Tony needed him an extra day. He was so lucky that Tony was there bc he never influenced anything. He’s gonna be a Malcolm, return to the game bc the fans are obsessed with him, and go out in an embarassing fashion bc he could never win the game in the first place, as Jeff said. And thats an insult to Malcolm to compare him to Spencer, and I’m not even a Malcolm panty creamer

    • Dave

      I agree that he is overrated – a lot of people have said that, Spencer included. I think Tasha, though, is the one that really needs the fan re-evaluation. From the way she handled Garrett to the way she dealt with Kass’ flip, we’ve seen and heard a lot that shows a player who is spotty at best. The little extra things we heard in this interview about her after challenge talks and the God divination are, if true, further slights. I think there’s a chance that, if they return, Spencer will have learnt from his past gameplay and grow as a player; I’m not so sure about Tasha.

      By the way, panty creamer? Ew.

    • bombur

      if you get a chance, listen to spencer’s post-game interviews. he was the first one to say he was over-rated, was given a good edit and that all his plans fell short. he never claimed to be the best player in cagayan.

  • Nwando E

    As much as I love Kass, she contradicts herself so many times. She said Tasha and Spencer werent strategic threats a minute before she says she wants Tasha out bc she didn’t speak to her and could talk with the other people and get in with them… which makes her a strategic threat! Oh Kass!

  • Jason Lu Cheng

    1ST Half she makes sense than 2nd half she lost me.

  • Travelest

    My running evaluation of Kass as I listened to the podcast; unfriendly, condescending, competitive, her actions and comments are nothing to be proud of, smug, dismissive, truly cold, never was endearing in anyway. Bottom line to me is that Kass seems delusional. Her story seems to hold together alone but usually contradicts many other stories. She seems to be an anti-male bigot.
    So glad David went out first. I don’t want to see people like that.

  • Jason Lu Cheng

    She is a nice person in her heart, but she is socially weird. That is all.

  • Dave

    A plus podcasting, this. Whether you like or dislike Kass, or agree or disagree with her, I think it’s pretty hard to argue that she’s not one of the most exciting casting choices in Survivor history. I can’t really think of any player that she is comparable to, which is pretty unique 28 seasons into the show.

    Hope you bring her back for a recap next season, Rob!

    • Nwando E

      Agreed. I feel like people hate her bc she ruined Spencer’s game. End of.

    • Bertinho

      Kass’ gameplay to survivor is what a blindfolded person crossing the road is to a 6 lane highway. Chaos is ineveitable with a small chance of a fatality.

  • Nwando E

    I’m a let you finish but….. that was the best Ding. Marry. Kill. of all time.

  • toast

    Those #TeamTV T-Shirts are extremely creepy.

  • damnbueno

    Kass had such a bad read on how the other players perceived her, its hard to put a lot of credibility into her perception of the game’s events. But she does say a few things that make sense. And of course, she’s the only one who can say for certain why SHE made any decisions.

    She makes a good point when she says that David and Garrett’s obsession with booting each other caused the Brains’ tribe’s early failures. Both guys were so motivated by being in control they ended up causing their own exits. They were playing the post-merge game on day 1. Bad idea.

    Its also interesting to hear just how camp-lazy Garrett was. When the lazy guy who is also a bad liar tries to take control, its just not gonna work.

    So Kass says that when they were deciding between keeping Spencer or J’Tia, nothing Spencer said influenced their decision? I guess we can add that to the list of things Spencer tried to do that didn’t work.

    Kass says she found out Solana was voting for Sarah when Trish and Jefra walked past her on the beach. Well, we also saw a separate scene when Trisha asks Kass who she wants gone, and yet another scene when Trish confirms the vote with Kass. I guess Kass forgot about those parts.

    • Kevin Wong

      “Its also interesting to hear just how camp-lazy Garrett was. When the lazy guy who is also a bad liar tries to take control, its just not gonna work.”

      Guy had 0% body fat and his job involved sitting at a table and playing cards for hours while people brought him stuff (note: oversimplification of poker). I don’t know that we should have been surprised that Garrett was not good around camp.

      • damnbueno

        It underscores just how bad Garrett was at Survivor. He expected everyone in his tribe to work FOR him, and was surprised when they didn’t want to.

  • Richard Weed

    I didn’t care for Kass most of the season but she really grew on me and I actually really like her now. This podcast helped also, she was fantastic.

  • belinda

    “I am Elsa the ice queen.” xDDD Love Kass. I hope she does come back for another podcast next season, please!

    I also found it hilarious that Kass was tempted to vote for Woo because of Spencer’s speech, which I also did find nauseating (but for a combination of the speech being kiss assey but also just playing too much for the cameras and making it about himself).

    I just really like the relationship between Spencer and Kass in general, they are very similar, like this reluctant mother and son couple.

  • Matt Racine

    love Kass. great interview. she was a vital reason why this season was so good. can’t wait to see her back one day. thanks for the podcast rob!

  • icaarus

    Major kudos to you Rob! Baked sweet potato fries! What a delightful surprise for a Kass devotee such as myself. Did not see this one coming and to invite the ‘crusty old lady’ into your home too! This epic podcast more than made up for the disappointment of not having Kass for the full allotted time during the finale or what I felt was the tilted characterization of her game-play. I consider RHAP the 60 Minutes of Survivor coverage and you a Pelley or a Kroft; this conversation did not disappoint in providing candor (or revisionism), depth of insight, intelligence, or humor (dry as it might have been). Moreover, what really came through was the affinity, the ‘Nature Box’ chemistry between you– the president of the ‘third-place club’– and its newest inductee.

    Kass will not sway many minds with her analysis (revisionism/ delusion to her detractors) or her intermittent puckish jabs at fellow cast members, alumni (the Denise and Holly bit were hilarious) or even Jeff but these are some of the reasons why Kass is such a unique, albeit polarizing, character. I loved Kass the Survivor and loved her here as a friend of RHAP. Wonderful podcast, Rob. A heartfelt thanks!

  • Lizzy

    I don’t think I’ll ever believe a thing this woman said. She is just so delusional. In all her post-game interviews, she always says bad things about others and always makes herself look like the most intelligent and the best player in her season.

    She never gives credit to anyone except herself. I don’t believe her when she said a lot of the players would’ve voted for her, most of them have admitted in their post-game interviews that they would not have and that they really dislike her.

    That much number of people disliking you – there must be a reason! They were the ones who lived with her for 39 days. The fact that she never gives Tony any credit for his win, saying Spencer’s win would’ve been a pity vote, taking a dig at Tasha’s religious beliefs in the D&D interview and saying that Trish is the one who’s hateful are just some of the things that show how bitter and delusional she is.

    No wonder she’s not friends with anyone post-game except J’tia.

    • revilla

      Notice too how she kept contradicting herself. Couldn’t finish the interview. Clearly delusional as you said.

      • Bertinho

        Yeah I had that trouble as well.

    • Kevin Wong

      “She never gives credit to anyone except herself.”

      This is not uncommon among the Survivor alumni. Bear in mind that they’ve had a long time to reflect on and assess what they did right and what they did wrong, without the benefit of watching themselves on screen. And by that time, it’s probably hard to take that new information and make it jibe with what you’ve already retconned in your mind.

      Basically, I’m saying that you need to absorb these things with a grain of salt.

  • Jason Lee

    It was great to hear Kass’ take on things. I’m sure the truth is somewhere between everyone’s version of events, but I’m glad we got to hear her perspective to add another shade to what we already know about the season.

    Man, if there is ANY way to get both Spencer and Kass on the same podcast to argue over how things REALLY went down….oh boy

    • Kevin Wong

      Spencer would lose that argument, because he’s willing to admit that he didn’t see this or that this is where things went wrong with him.

      People can argue whether the kid is overrated or not (I’m on the not side) but I think most of us think that Spencer could do better in a second go-around just because he accepts that he made mistakes and would presumably learn from them.

      • Nwando E

        The thing about Spencer, which is why I think he is overrated, is he’s socially inept–I don’t think a second chance to play will change that. You can’t change your social skills. He had lackluster social skills in all three phases of the game: the brains tribe, the swap, and the merge. Every phase, he relied on and only built a connection with one, at most, two people–and two of them, Garrett and Jeremiah, weren’t the best people to ally with. He seems like a person who waits for people to want to connect with him and Survivor winners seem to be people who contribute socially to a group by their own accord. I don’t think that is something he can correct or work on because you either have it or you don’t. He doesn’t have it, and if it weren’t for him getting lucky and having Tony at the merge who realized having Spencer around kept him from being the most immediate threat, I don’t think he would have lasted so long

        • Kevin Wong

          “The thing about Spencer, which is why I think he is overrated, is he’s socially inept–I don’t think a second chance to play will change that. You can’t change your social skills. ”

          Yeah, because there has never been someone who was socially inept on their first go around and managed to improve on their return.

          If only we could name a person who has done that…

          • damnbueno

            Pure brilliance!

  • Great interview with Kass. Even though she did revise history a few times to minimize how much she allowed her emotions to dictate her moves, she displayed an overall command of the logic and theory of the game that will make her a great future guest.

    However, it saddens me to hear Rob continue to perpetuate the myth that Sandra played with an “anybody but me” strategy. In the history of the game, there is no player who has tried to oust an enemy and then seen that plan fall through more than Sandra. It’s not even close. In her two seasons, she fought and begged and pleaded to be in control and to get other people to vote out Johnny Fairplay and Russell, and she failed over and over and over to achieve her goals. She floated through the game for the exact reason that Rob described when he said why he targeted Heidi over Jenna (because people who suck at the game don’t get targeted). But to suggest she stayed out of the action and let other people knock each other out is wholly untrue. Sandra tried as much as anyone who has ever played the game to dictate the narratives of her seasons; she was just atrocious at getting her way…just like she was at every other aspect of the game.

    • damnbueno

      Good lord you’re the greatest broken record in the history of message boards. You can’t stand Sandra. We get it already!

      She beat Parvati and Russell. You can’t change that. Get over it already!

      And please get your facts straight. Sandra DID get rid of Fairplay at final 3.

      Sandra — and for that matter nobody who has ever played Survivor — has never given a crap about “dictating the narrative.”

      And Sandra DID get her way — when she manipulated the votes to boot Trish, Tijuana, Burton, Fairplay, Coach and Jerri.

      And of course she also got her way when she won Survivor — TWICE!

      • Brian Morlock

        I totally agree with you. Sandra was one of the best to ever play the game. She is the ONLY two time winner. You cannot take that lightly. I think she was even voted the 4th best player of all time by the fans. I loved the way she played. She hid in bushes over hearing peoples conversations. She even convinced Tijuanna to flip and vote out Burton by showing her secret conversations Burton and Johnny were having. Sandra always made sure she wasn’t the next target.

        • Brian Morlock

          She invented the spy shack not Tony

          • Kevin Wong

            Did Sandra (and pretty much anyone else who has spied on a conversation in Survivor) even bother with a Spy Shack?

        • damnbueno

          I think there are 3 different types of Survivor games.

          1) All-Rookies
          2) All returning players
          3) A mix of Rookies & Veterans

          The most pure test of any player is in an All-Rookie season. Nobody has experience or any other kind of advantage. The playing field is completely level, and everyone has to adjust to the same twists, cameras in their faces, hunger, bug bites, Probst’s questioning etc.

          All-returning player seasons can be a little tougher because each player also has to deal with whatever reputation they established as a rookie. They also have to deal with any possible pre-game alliances that have been made.

          Sandra has prevailed in both scenarios. You might be able to chalk up one win to luck (like with Jenna or Fabio), but when she does it a 2nd time — and makes many of the same moves she made as a rookie — you have no choice but to conclude that Sandra knows what she’s doing.

          When returning players are mixed with rookies, the returning players always have a huge advantage in experience. They also often benefit from Producer manipulation because the returning player is usually there to drive that season’s ratings. A Veteran win over a rookie cast (Parvati, Boston Rob, Cochran, Tyson) isn’t nearly as impressive because of this. And the two rookies who beat a returning player (Sophie & Danni) needed the veteran to piss off their jury to open the door.

          One note about Sandra. While she and Christa did convince Tijuana to vote for Burton, he didn’t leave at that vote. Tijuana originally wouldn’t commit her vote when Sandra asked her to. Sandra couldn’t believe it. Tijuana had just heard Burton & Fairplay say they wanted Tijuana out next, yet she still wouldn’t agree to vote for Burton. Sandra figured Tijuana was too dumb to count on, and saw to it that she got voted out instead. Tijuana eventually changed her mind, but foolishly didn’t bother to tell Sandra or Christa.

          But Sandra did totally manipulate the vote at the final 5 to get rid of Burton.

          • Ron

            Well, to me, the bottom line on Sandra is that her game was not all that entertaining. But she got the job done.

          • damnbueno

            Sandra isn’t entertaining to most Survivor fans. That’s probably why she isn’t respected very much.

            But its not required to be entertaining to win the game. You don’t have to be a good athlete, be in control, plan blindsides, vote for the person who leaves every time, or be in the majority alliance to win either.

            In 28 seasons, the only quality I’ve determined is required to win the game is that your Social game has to be at least average.

            Think about it. Nobody who has had a bad Social game has ever won. Even Tony’s game was average. He wasn’t universally liked, but his game was universally respected.

            And there’s no question that Sandra has consistently maintained a high level of respect among those she played with. The only two exceptions are Fairplay and Russell. And since most of the cast hated those players, aligning against them was a great move.

  • Elaine

    Rob, if you ever get to talk to Spencer and Tony, please tell them to stop replying to Kass’ tweets. Tasha and the rest have stopped.Tony has stopped for a few days now, too. She’s obviously not getting enough attention so she resorts to goading people on Twitter to get that attention.

    This is in connection to your talk about “taking the high road.” She constantly tags Spencer and Tony in her tweets. It was actually great to see Spencer not replying to several tags until he couldn’t hold himself back and tweets back.

    Tell Spencer, he is the 21-year-old here. He should take the high road. Kass’ need for attention is not his concern anymore. Stop tweeting her back. Take a leaf from the Tasha book. Take the high road Spencer, you’re the 21-year-old, damn it. You should know better. Stop replying to her Tweets!

    • Greatest post in the history of RHAP.

    • cyh

      I don’t follow twitter super closely, but from what I’ve seen during the season Kass’ tweets don’t seem particularly hostile.

      • Anna

        I just went on to her twitter and checked… yikes

        • cyh

          am I missing something?

          • Anna

            She does seem to tag/reply to Spencer and Tony a lot…
            Like this
            It’s kind of off-putting from both sides just cause they don’t seem to be close-friends-bickering but more like people antagonizing each other

            But still funny nonetheless

          • Alycia Swift

            You know, on this one, I have to agree with her.

          • Jonas

            Yes, she shoves her credentials down everyone’s throat all the time and thinks that kids whose parents have worked hard to send them to school are beyond her level and are at fault for accepting the support of their parents.

            She can criticize and insult all the other Cagayan players in her Twitter posts (read the whole lot including pre-season, unless she has erased them), but it only proves that she is a mean-spirited, thinks-too-highly-of-herself person.

          • Anna

            Really? I thought it was kind of a low blow for her to bring up the puzzle

    • sappho

      i noticed in the interview that her biggest beef is being ignored. reminds me of glenn close in the movie Fatal Attraction. I WILL NOT BE IGNORED!!! Lol. spencer should not ignore her tweets or she might pull a glenn close on him. she seems capable of it

      • bombur

        lol. i’ve watched that film. quite scary

    • Ron

      “Spencer is the 21-year-old here.” I thought being 21 was a “get out of jail free” card for being so young, lol.

    • susan appleby

      Why do you care if Kass gets attention? Are you the Twitter police? This just seems like a bizarre request to me.

  • cyh

    I liked Kass as a Survivor player, so this was a treat for me.
    I think Kass rubs people the wrong way because she can appear detached in social situations, and that sort of emotional distance can be unsettling & frustrating to others. That coupled with her blunt, wry observations & not caring what others think can come off as condescending. But how I see it is that she may poke fun at others a bit, but its never meant to be personal.
    I can personally relate to feeling more like an observer in social settings and being amused by the social behavior of others (but in a genuinely amused rather than mean-spirited way).

    • Kevin Wong

      Well, she appeared detached on the podcast until they started talking Survivor. Rob’s attempt at witty banter pre-game talk went nowhere.

      That said, entertaining interview. I can see why Kass is a trial attorney because there’s something about her tone of voice (when she is “on”) that keeps you listening and invested in what she has to say.

      Still, I’m not fully buying into her side of the story.

  • Jacinta Mary Paul

    What a delusional woman. Totally entertaining though.

  • Brad Talk

    KASS is so awesome!!

  • tim

    Rob, please ask Lisi Linares or Aras to write and perform “Nudy Booty”! ASAP

    • Kevin Wong

      And then vote to have Malcolm play it when he visits the nude beach on #wayfaringlive

  • From what I’ve seen “delusional” appears to mean “someone who was actually there says something that disagrees with my opinion from watching an edited TV show”

  • bombur

    in her every post-game interview, she talks about how great she is and this is another one and none of the other players did something right. i’m surprise she didn’t use the gender card this time

  • gabriel caswell

    Very good interview. I was impressed with your preparation Rob. Kass is great. I don’t think she necessarily sees things from others’ perspectives all the time, but neither do a lot of other people (including Spencer, who seems pretty horrible at that aspect…probably due to age). I’d like to see Kass have another go at this game. I have a little more perspective on her now hearing a little more about where she lives, etc. I also appreciate how she handled the Denise stuff, and I see where she’s coming from on that. Good job!

  • Matt

    I don’t dislike Kass, but she still proves she has zero self awareness and a lot of the time a complete hypocrite. She continually mentions she holds no grudges and she finds taking things personally silly and laughable, yet she goes out of her way to take shots at Trish, Sarah, Spencer, Tasha, Woo, Denise, Hantz, Probst. Not to mention she basically flat out says anybody on Twitter or anybody that analyses Survivor needs to get a life. What medium does she think her conversation with Rob is going?

    Her recount of the way the game played out seem to go against pretty much everyone else that Rob has talked to from this season. I’m taking Spencer’s in-detail analyses as more factual as Spencer always admitted mistakes he made and what weren’t his finest moments, and anyone who can do that should be a more trusted storyteller.

    There was a lot of opportunities for Kass here to tell her story in her words,and would have come across looking a lot better if she included her own faults and gave credit to other players.

    • dsharden

      I was out by the time she had dissed Rob who was apologizing for having to cut short his interview w/ her after finals, and she told him she didn’t remember and that the podcast wasn’t that important to her. Then started making fun of Rob’s studio that he called his man cave…….she went on to describe her husband”s as having a real man cave with firearms and scotch. She must had been very intimidated, by the way she had to build herself up within the first 10 minutes. She could work on her social skills.

    • Kevin Wong

      “There was a lot of opportunities for Kass here to tell her story in her words,and would have come across looking a lot better if she included her own faults and gave credit to other players.”

      Every once in a while she let something slip. For example she off-handedly mentions that she and Woo would have been 2 goats in the finals. Which to me tells us that she eventually did figure out what the rest of us knew – that despite flipping on nuAparri because she thought they considered her a goat, she ended up in the same spot with nuSolana.

      Meanwhile, I would be interested to find out who actually bought into her exotic animal farm owner story.

  • Nick Fishman

    Don’t forget that Sabrina found a One World Idol but had to give it to Colton.

  • Matthew Schmalz

    Seriously, The Vlachos NEEDS to happen.

    • Kevin Wong

      I dunno. It sounds contagious.

  • JuliaNa

    I <3 Kass, she is so smart and genuine :)

  • Matt Rubio

    Posting to say that Rob was doing the Nature Box ad at 3:05pm when he mentioned being hungry at 3pm…

  • Alex G

    The podcast was really great! It helped that I went in knowing that Kass would not know everything that went on in the game from other people’s perspectives and revise details to flatter herself. Believe me, Rob did a great job – I could only get through an hour of her on the D&D podcast. But here, the part where she was talking about the “worth fighting for” thing and her introverted personality, those were great segments. I think near the end he got some good nuggets of honest self-assessment.

    The thing I was so shocked by was how completely she dismissed the ENTIRE social game. Her multiple comments about “how am I supposed to interact with a 21 year old or someone from the city?” during the interview showed that she wasn’t bad at the social game (which I would be if I played), but she didn’t even want to try. Same with her saying that Spencer listening to Sarah’s cop stories was nothing but ass-kissing. Survivor has been from Day 1 a social experiment, and the social game is arguably the most crucial part. Her absolute refusal to participate was really crazy to me – especially since she later on says it was a bad move for Tasha not to talk to her for six days, but earlier she said that she had basically zero conversations with Spencer for the first six-plus days.

    Hopefully for Kass, next time she plays, she is put on a tribe with someone like Rob or Kim or Parvati, or anyone else that is liked by everyone and has a great social game. Rob especially knocked it out of the park in his interactions with her AND Spencer during their podcasts, and now I’m waiting for the 6-hour Tony podcast.

    • damnbueno

      The social game is not arguably the most crucial part of Survivor, its UNQUESTIONABLY the most crucial part.

      • Kevin Wong

        Insert Hantz joke here.

    • Alycia Swift

      What’s the D&D podcast? Looking for more podcasts to listen to bc I have a 2 hour ride to work each way.

    • mikko m

      Sounds a lot like Russell, doesn’t it 😉 And she keeps on saying that if she was a man she’d be viewed differently.

      • Alex G

        Not really. There’s a difference between not making friends and deliberately bullying people. Her thing with Trish is the only thing that comes close to what Russell did, and like she says, Trish was no angel herself. And she never said the game is flawed.

        • mikko m

          I was referring more to what Russell said “I don’t care about the social game” which was pretty much how Kass comes off as well by saying that she didn’t see the point in trying to socialize with a 21-year old. But at least she realises how that game is flawed. Russell never did (or is going to most likely)

          • Alex G

            That is definitely true. But for me the difference between Kass and Russell is that Kass realized and expressed during the interview that she needs to work on interacting with others to be successful at the game, being more extroverted, and not going into it with a fighting mentality. Russell, on the other hand, will berate everyone in his way in a much more mean-spirited way than Kass ever did, AND refuses to acknowledge that it’s a problem.

            I wonder if you could also compare Kass to Amanda. She lost at Final Tribal twice, and seemed to have an equally bad time connecting with Peih-Gee and Denise during China, or Alexis and Natalie in Micro. Though Amanda may have been better at the social game, it still killed her both times.

          • mikko m

            Right, which is pretty much exactly what I said :)

            Part of Kass’ problem though, I feel like, is her sense of humour, which isn’t exactly self-deprecating but it’s more about deprecating others (if you can say that) and it makes her seem condescending and even mean (even if it’s not her intention). Especially in a high stress situation where people might not take that kind of humour kindly.

          • Kevin Wong

            I feel that at Final Tribal Kass would at least give a good accounting of herself.

            But then again, I don’t know that anyone could shoot themselves in the foot more times than Amanda did during either of her Final Tribals.

          • damnbueno

            Well, there’s Coach.

            He didn’t shoot as many times as Amanda did, but he used a Bazooka instead of a gun.

            Amanda threw away two votes in China, and three in Micronesia. She took three Tribal Councils to do it.

            Coach disposed of five votes in one Tribal Council.

            It’s a close call for sure.

          • Kevin Wong

            Ah yes, forgot about Coach. Good catch.

          • susan appleby

            Kass said she knows she has to change her social game but doesn’t know how. She never Saud it wasn’t important.

  • DrVanNostrand

    That was a great podcast! I’m not exactly a Kass fan (though she’s a great Survivor character), but it was really interesting to hear her perspective on everything.

  • damnbueno

    Its just painful to hear Kass talk about which jurors she believes would vote for her if she were in the finals. She honestly thinks Trish, Morgan and Sarah would have voted for her.

    I’m hard pressed to think of another player who so consistently got an inaccurate read on the other players.

    Kass sees herself as a hero, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But she also thinks the other players see her that way too. The Casting Dept. was right when she said Kass would be terrible at Survivor. But there have been some pretty bad players who’ve provided many entertaining moments. In a nutshell that’s Kass.

    • DrVanNostrand

      The juror talk was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

    • Kevin Wong

      It was the producers telling her she had a shot right? Would it be that much of a stretch to think that the producers asked “who would CONSIDER voting for Kass at Final Tribal” and interpret that as “Kass had 3 or 4 votes vs Woo”?

      If that’s the case, I think I’ll let this one slide as “what Kass was told” rather than “what Kass decided was fact”.

      • damnbueno

        Well, not really.

        Rob did this interview with Kass earlier this week — some 10 months after the game ended.

        Kass has the benefit of hindsight. She also has the added knowledge of seeing every player confessional aired on the broadcast, as well as in deleted an secret scenes. Trish, Morgan and Sarah wouldn’t even talk to Kass when she reached the Ponderosa, yet 10 months later Kass thinks she would have had their votes?

        Kass seems to instantly delete anything she says or does that pisses people off. Maybe she’s thinking “Oh, that happened at least 20 seconds ago, surely they’re over it by now.”

        Its very possible the Producers were filling her with false confidence during the game. But anyone with a grip on reality can watch the show and conclude most of these jurors weren’t ever gonna give her a million dollars against anyone else in the game.

        Maybe she was joking, and her deadpan delivery is too hard to read.

        • Kevin Wong

          True. A video-cast would have helped a lot in that regard.

  • toast

    Finally heard it all.
    It’s been interesting seeing how an Aspergerish person operates on Survivor. Once you understand that, it makes sense how she acted and reacted to people, and her amusement and puzzlement at how others reacted to her.

    Trish…. when she yells at someone, what she expects is that person either cries or yells back. Heavy Emotion gets heavy emotion back. And not getting that is infuriating. The deadly Kass smile really gets under the skin of that type of person.

    Finally, Survivor doesn’t need another Kass, but what it does need, obviously, is interesting “normal” people. People like Kass give you a story. Pretty hunks and babes might get the viewers in initially, but they rarely provide a solid character in a storyline.

    Anyway, just my thoughts, far too late.

    • susan appleby

      Does an Aspergerish person not understand their emotions or the emotions of others outside of the most basic level? She just seems so cut off from her own feelings as well as lacking insight into others feelings.

      • toast

        It’s tricky territory to talk in, because you can easily insult people without meaning to.
        But kinda, yeah. A degree of detachment.

        • susan appleby

          Thanks for explaining. I’m glad no one is labeling her, but even Tony mentioned her lack of emotion. I like Kass though and I hope she comes back.

          • toast

            Part of the deal is that you aren’t trying to be rude or wicked, but it gets interpreted that way anyway. Your actions and reactions aren’t fitting what others expect from you.

  • Ron

    Have really enjoyed these post-season breakdowns with Kass and Spencer.

  • Louise Monroe

    Great podcast. Kass is pretty funny! Enjoyed her perspective of the game.

  • BeetlePimp

    It must be hard for Kass to live in a world with a bunch of
    inferior-intelligence people who constantly misunderstand her :( Hang in there Chaos Kass

  • Jacqueline

    Rob’s hypothesis about bias against smart people is a perceptive one. This bias definitely exists, and I agree that it is one of the factors involved in Kass’ problem with the social game.

  • replaybb718

    I think Kass is a fundamentally dislikable person from the very beginning, meaning she naturally “appears” to be not genuinely friendly to other contestants. It’s something you can’t fake out of. It might seems somewhat logical and strategic to what Kass’s saying in his reasoning of her voting style. I just don’t have faith in believing what Kass’s reasons are 100% true knowing Kass is a lawyer and she can easily make up somewhat logical reasons for her emotional flip-flop. She is very capable of revising her reasons for the same fact. To be fair, I think all Brains are dumb in that they started playing a very individual game from the very beginning. And Kass is probably at the most disadvantageous position because of her age and dis-likability in the tribe. I don’t think Kass can pull anything good one way or the other at the end game. She will probably be deep in the game simply because she is a goat ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, flipping or not flipping. So I think what she should have done is, as impossibility as it seems, try to be approachable and to be genuine with people. It sounds to me that Kass is playing a very passive game in that she perceive her low-on-the-totem-pole position, and tries to shake things up. You can always shake things up and make yourself a goat, like Russell’s game. But you’ll never be able to win because you have no real allies. She is going to continue to be disliked no matter what she does if she didn’t try approach people and establish real and genuine bond.

    Kass is delusional believing that 4 jury members would have voted for her over Woo. I think she might have thought herself as this heroine among all the underestimated female. Kass’s role-playing FTC speech will never win her one million dollars in a million years.

    That being said, Kass’s podcast is probably one of the best podcasts ever on RHAP and Spencer’s too. They are put on Brains for a reason. Love it.

    • damnbueno

      I agree with the bulk of your post, however Survivor is an individual game from start to finish. Part of the art of a playing a great social game is picking reliable partners whom you can fool into believing you’ll be loyal to them above anyone else in the game.

      Its impossible to know which of your tribemates are completely trustworthy after knowing them for a couple of days. You can determine which players you REALLY trust as the game unfolds.

      The Brains had the right idea when they chose to play an individual game at the start. Its just that half of them — David, Garrett and J’Tia — were horrible social players. They all let the other three know what their long term plans were. David showed how badly he wanted Garrett gone. J’Tia came out of the gate giving orders to everyone. Garrett had the worst social game of the three of them. He tried to control how everyone communicated. That won’t work in any phase of life unless you’re in the military. Then he made it worse when he told Tasha and then Kass that they weren’t in his long term plans — at Tribal Council.

      Todd did it very well in China, securing trust and partnerships with Courtney, Amanda, and James, while fooling Leslie, Aaron and Jean-Robert that they were also his partners. He eventually decided Amanda was his most trustworthy partner.

      And nobody did it better than Earl in Fiji. He befriended everyone in the game in the first couple of days, ultimately deciding that Yau-Man was most trustworthy. That put him in a great position to fix his alliance and recruit new members when game twists forced him to. By the merge he had players bringing hidden Idol clues to him instead of looking for Idols themselves.

      I totally agree with you about Kass seeing herself as a Hero. i mentioned that in one of my earlier comments.

      • replaybb718

        After listening through the whole podKasst, I feel like she kept using phrases like “he/she just has the personality that just doesn’t click with me” or something to that effect about many of the players that she played with. The truth is that Kass didn’t get along with ANYBODY let alone building a trust or bond. You want to play an individual game but not distancing yourself from others. You might be vigilant in the inside, but you need to “appear” to be trust-worthy to other people. I just feel that there is a disassociation between what Kass perceives herself as and what most people perceive her. Or Kass just simply refuses to do any ass-kissing as she calls out what other people were doing. But the BRAINS tribe is just a mess of personality to begin with. Their destruction is doomed.

        • susan appleby

          Kass treated everyone as an adversary. She is also a loner, so there is no real way she is going to be making friends.

          • damnbueno

            While that’s true, the same can be said about Ozzy in Cook Islands. But he was aware enough to describe himself as a loner. And of course, he was able to build shelter and feed the tribe too.

        • damnbueno

          Part of having a great social game is getting an accurate read on the other players.

          A more important part is getting an accurate read on what the other players think of you.and everyone else.

          Kass was horrible at both of those aspects because she believes everyone uses the same thought processes and reasoning that she does. She’s incapable of seeing things from anyone’s perspective except her own.

          Kass would likely think to herself “That wouldn’t bother me, so it shouldn’t bother anyone else. I’m in a great spot.”

          Once Tasha clued her in, J’Tia knew exactly where she stood with everyone. She didn’t go into a state of denial about her ability to irritate others like Kass did.

          Garrett was oblivious and clueless from the start. For whatever reason, he thought that whatever came out of his mouth would be revered and respected as if it was divinely inspired. He never once considered that anyone might disagree with or resist his ideas.

          But Spencer and Kass were a lot more observant, grounded and realistic.

          But it all started with the David vs Garrett mini-feud. They might have done better if they’d just booted Garrett first overall after he so blatantly lied about what the choice he had to make when he got to camp early. Garrett didn’t prove to be very valuable in challenges anyway.

        • Jacqueline

          Brainy people in general are disappointed in life when they discover that ability and raw intelligence are very small factors in the the determination of who succeeds in life. Social connections and the ability to deceptively magnify your achievements are much bigger factors. This is amplified in the social microcosm that is Survivor.

        • DrVanNostrand

          I get the impression that what Kass calls “ass-kissing” is what the rest of the world calls “normal conversation”.

    • susan appleby

      I think Kass definitely has some autism type behavior, though it could be from her lack of social skills from just living a very isolated and socially limited life.

  • IcarusArts

    Great interview by Rob that gave me a whole new appreciation for Kass and some of her most head-scratching moves during the game. I’m starting to become a Kass convert and I feel like production sacrificed some really interesting strategic stuff in favor of creating a one-dimensional, polarizing character. Awesome job to both Rob and Kass. Hope to hear more chaos back on RHAP next season.

  • CarlaP

    Great points made by majority of the posters below:
    1) Kass is delusional
    2) her stories do not jive with the rest of the cast
    3) in all her interviews she always makes herself seem like the only one making the right moves while the rest are all idiots
    4) she believes no one deserves the win except her.

    She appears to be a really bitter person and in listening to post-game interviews of hers and the other castaways and their secret scenes at YouTube, she is the one who seems to like making up stories.

    The most painful and pitiful of all is her claim that she would have won and gotten the jury’s votes if she had been in the final two. That was really delusional that it was really sad.

    • susan appleby

      I didn’t hear her sound bitter at all.

  • Dave L

    Kass- “I was so mad, I said you are banished, if we were a real tribe we would eat you for dinner. I said you could go live in coconut grove, and we almost came to blows over these bananas…” “and it is true that Garrett did see that and thought wow Kass is a nut, but that’s another reason I don’t play emotionally.”
    So if that wasn’t emotions, was that strategy?

    • damnbueno

      Too bad Garrett wasn’t smart enough to figure out it was a bad idea to piss off Kass — DURING Tribal Council..

      • susan appleby

        She does sound like she comes unhinged when provoked.She describes herself and her Mom as “volatile.”

        • damnbueno

          I wouldn’t say she came unhinged, she was more reactionary.

          If someone says “I talked you into doing X,” her sense of independence might kick in and she’d say “No, you had nothing to do with it. That was 100% MY decision.” I think Kass will rebel against anyone she thinks underestimates or insults her.

          Tasha was able to pick up on that when Garrett issued his ridiculous “no private conversations” order, and used it to turn Kass against Garrett.

          Garrett still thought Kass was obeying his every word.

          • susan appleby

            You are right. I wrote unhinged when she was talking about stamping on J’tias I love nerds t-shirt. That sounded far crazier than anything I’ve ever done in anger.

          • damnbueno

            Well, in Survivor, you just don’t mess with people’s food. A lot of people might have done worse than Kass did. They wouldn’t even stop to ask Production what they were allowed to do either.

          • susan appleby

            This may be true. But she seems to be the only one of the brains who reacted in this way.

          • damnbueno

            Of all the Brains, yes, Kass had the most extreme reaction.

            But we’ve had several food-related Survivor temper tantrums.

            In Australia, Jerri helped get rid of Kel by accusing him of sneaking in Beef Jerky.

            In Africa, Big Tom got real angry at Clarence for opening a can of beans without “group permission.”

            In Thailand, John got voted out first overall in part for merely joking that their water supply was contaminated.

            Christa got in deep trouble for being suspected of knocking over Rupert’s bucket of fish that was actually kicked over by Sandra.

            In Palau, Janu went on a reward, overate, and threw up. When Caryn, Tom and Gregg brought some food back to camp, Janu angered those left behind when she ate some of the leftovers.

            At the HvV merge, Parvati and Danielle angered the Heroes by eating more than their share of bananas.

            And of course, we know how much Brandon hates rice and beans.

  • Johnny

    Interviewing Kass and getting through it more than proves Rob has the fortitude to play Survivor again. :)

  • susan appleby

    I think Kass would have done well on the apprentice.

  • susan appleby

    By the way, I got the nature box. I like it so far. I ordered too much though!

  • shaqattaq32

    People in these comments are being too brutal to Kass.

    • Kevin Wong

      To be fair, Kass went Shatner on the fans. :)

      But seriously, this is pretty tame, all things considered. The late, somewhat lamented TWoP boards would likely have torn a giant hole in Kass, patched it up, and ripped it back open. The Facebook posters would probably wish dire things upon Kass and her family.

      I would agree that we – the RHaP community – are making strong comments about Kass’s interview, but I think for the most part it’s been a lot of pointing out inconsistencies.

      Yes, we’ve said that she’s delusional quite a bit, but I like to think that, while we perhaps shouldn’t use the word delusional, we’ve put enough reasoning afterwards to back up why we think she was wrong in her thinking.

  • susan appleby

    I disagree with Robs analysis of why people didn’t like Kass but they do like Sandra. Sandra is very relatable, she talks about her life, she has allies. Remember when she threw out the fish because her friend had caught it for the tribe and she wasn’t going to let them enjoy it after they voted him out? Kass brain just doesn’t work that way. She said herself she didn’t try to get close to people. She just doesn’t come across as socially adept as Sandra did.

    • DrVanNostrand

      If you have a kind of “salty” personality, you really have to mix in a really good ability to also talk to and bond with people. If you’re bonding with people between your little outburst, people are more likely to shrug it off. Sandra also cleverly used her nastiness to bond with people by making fun of the people that annoyed them and she also bonded by telling people about threats in the game and cracks in alliances. She was a master of manipulating the truth to alienate people from their friends and bring them closer to her. The fact that she and Kass are both prone to outbursts and arguments is a superficial similarity.

    • damnbueno

      Sandra was also smart enough to publicly stand up to that season’s most disliked player.

      Fairplay “I can get loud too Jonny!”

      Russell “I’m against you Russell.”

      When you’re willing to say what everyone else is too afraid to say, that earns you a little respect and admiration. The other players might think “I wish I could have said that.”

  • susan appleby

    Do you guys think Kass will be back? What about Spencer? They all got out played. What about Tasha?
    It seems that after a season my enthusiasm for players fades. Who would come back from the past couple of seasons?

    • Alex G

      As far as the newbies from the last few seasons…

      Cagayan: Tony, Spencer, Kass, Tasha. Maybe J’Tia if they do another Heroes vs. Villains season. Maybe Morgan if they need a hot girl in a bikini.

      Blood vs. Water: Ciera, Hayden (if he’ll do it), Vytas, Brad.

      Caramoan: Reynold? Eddie? :< I could see MAYBE one of them coming back, but only if it's a non-Legends full All-Stars. I'd actually like to see one of these guys on Big Brother.

      Philippines: Denise but probably only in an all-winners season, Abi-Maria, RC, Lisa, Jeff if he'll do it. Definitely they're going to ask Malcolm again.

      One World: Definitely Kim, probably Troyzan. I didn't watch this season, could you maybe throw Chelsea in there?

      • Dave

        I reckon Chelsea would be on their list. I agree with pretty much everyone else you mention, though I’d be pretty surprised if J’Tia returned.

        I’m curious about the people from before One World as well. When Nicargaua ended, Marty, Jane and especially Fabio seemed like locks to return – but has the bloom gone off the rose there? Fabio would still be remembered by casuals, but maybe not the other two (which is a big shame in regards Marty, I feel – he’d be an excellent all star).

        Going back further than that, it feels like the big players from the distant past that have never returned but wouldn’t surprise the casuals are all winners (Todd, Yul, Natalie, Danni, Brian) with the exception of Shane and Terry. Oh, and Colleen, Christy, Heidi and Elizabeth, but none of them will ever be interested.

        Personally I’m still holding out for Stephen.

    • damnbueno

      Alex’s list is pretty solid. I’ll add a little supporting info.

      Even though he didn’t play that well, Spencer made a huge connection with female fans. I’d say he’s a lock to play again. He’ll likely be the marketing focus too. CBS would love to put him in all the pre-season commercials just like they did with Malcolm, Cochran and Phillip.

      Kass is certain to be asked again too. She’s completely unique. The only thing that would kill her chances would be her own attitude. If she decides she’s a star and demands to be paid more than she’s offered, she won’t be back. The players you love to hate aren’t as appealing as the sex symbols.

      Tasha is probably borderline. Her strongest argument is her immunity streak. CBS could concoct a “she would never say die” story around her for marketing purposes if they wanted. Tasha would probably be lower on the priority list than Ciera (They can’t resist milking the “voted out her mother” angle).

      If Tony had lost, he would be the #1 most certain to return. But now I’d say he only comes back in an all-winners, or 2nd Heroes Vs Villains season.

      Vytas scored points with female viewers like Malcolm and Spencer did. Brad is an obvious villain. The more time passes, the less likely Hayden will return.

      CBS would love to have Abi-Maria as much as Kass. She’s got two good shots. She’s a player the audience loves to hate, and she got a built in rivalry with RC. Denise falls in the same category as Yul & Earl — the best winners are usually seen as boring to the marketing dept. She gets in if other women say no or can’t do it. The same goes with Kim and Sophie.

      Time is hurting Troyzan’s chances too. He’s becoming a forgotten commodity. Plus he’s got to wait in line behind Tony, Kass, Abi-Maria and Alicia (One World) on the Villains list. Reynold might be a villain too.

      A few others have a good shot simply for their good looks — Morgan, Alexis, Allie, Hope, Katie (Philippines), and Chelsea. That’s likely the reason players like Parvati, Candice, Brenda, and Andrea got a 2nd chance. The same probably applies to Jay, Pete, John Cody, and Reynold,

      • Alex G

        The only thing I’d say differently is that Tasha has more certainty to come back because she’s a black woman, which besides Cirie is a really under-represented demographic. Think Shii Ann and Alicia in All-Stars replacing Neleh, Kelly G, or Gina.

        • damnbueno

          I’d always heard that Shii-Ann got into All-Stars because Elisabeth and Colleen turned it down, and because they wanted to represent each season. I thought Helen was a more worthy candidate. Elisabeth got on “The View” and Colleen got an acting job. I never even heard that Neleh, Kelly G. or Gina were asked. I did hear that Deena and Heidi (Amazon) were asked but weren’t available.

          I hope you’re right about Tasha, but consider that Survivor doesn’t have a great track record with casting black women. Cagayan is only the 4th season to have more than one black woman in the cast (Cook Islands, Fiji & South Pacific being the others), and they’ve had 2 seasons with zero black women (Vanuatu, and Guatemala). Most of the black women who’ve been cast didn’t make it to the merge. A lot of them went out first or second.

          I was surprised this season when I found out Tasha was only the 2nd black woman to win an Individual Immunity challenge (Vecepia being the first).

          Normally I’d say those are great reasons Tasha WOULD be brought back, but despite the fact that we’ve seen several black women either turn in good performances (Vecepia, Alicia C., Cirie, Sabrina, Tasha) or become very memorable (Ghandia, Jolanda, Crystal, Stacey, Marissa), only 3 have played more than once (Alicia, Cirie & Francesca). And of those 3, its entirely possible Francesca was only brought back so she could fight with Phillip again.

          Sadly, most black female players have perpetuated the “angry black woman” stereotype (J’Tia, Sherea, Roxanne, NaOnka, Yasmin, Joanna), got lumped in together and were largely forgotten. Being forgotten isn’t good for ratings.

          That’s why I think Tasha’s immunity streak gives her a better chance of returning than her race does. That’s what most people remember about her. She did show flashes of Cirie-esque manipulation too when she ignited the fight between Trish and Kass.

          I think Tasha would do very well if she got a 2nd chance.

    • DrVanNostrand

      I think Tony, Spencer, and Kass are locks to be invited back. Tony was the most entertaining winner in years and Spencer and Kass are super polarizing, i.e. great TV. Any of the young, pretty, bikini ladies could be brought back, but I have no idea how production chooses those returners. The only one I’d like to see back is Alexis. She showed some smarts and was clearly a huge fan of the game.

  • Matt Geoghegan

    This was great. Kass is delightful and pretty hilarious

  • Shannonf1010

    This is probably my favorite Survivor podcast ever. You guys went really in-depth as far as the season goes and I think Kass is hilarious.

  • mjcc64

    I didn’t plan on listening to the whole podcast but Kass was great and it helped to understand the reasons for her decision-making throughout the season.

  • Brendan Looker

    At first I didn’t like Kass but my opinion started to change toward the end of the season when I realized just how self-aware she was. This podcast confirmed my liking of her. I think part of it is that I see my own reactions in her reactions. If I was on reality TV I’d probably spend half the time marveling at the absurdity of it all. I’m not sure if we’ll see her again but I hope they bring her back. I think she’d be a perfect fit if they did another Heroes vs Villains season.

  • Jake

    LOL!!!!!!! “And God if funding these movies too!”

  • Nodetails



    • Hornacek

      No spoilers!

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