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Saved By The Bell Megacast with Eric Stein

The Saved by The Bell Podcast with Eric Stein

Get your caffeine pills ready for a 3-hour Saved By the Bell Podcast

It’s the not-so-highly anticipated podcast that a three or four of you have been waiting for… it’s the Saved By the Bell Megacast with Eric Stein from Big Brother.  On this Saved by the Bell podcast we will discuss:

– All of the great unanswered questions from Saved by the Bell like:  Where did Tori come from?  How did Zack and friends get from Indiana to Bayside High School?  Whatever happened to Max or Screech’s robot Kevin?  Why were Zack and Screech even friends?  Where did Mr. Belding’s secretary sit?  And much, much more!

– What were the crazy antics that Dustin Diamond alleges took place in his Saved By the Bell tell all book and how much of his stories do we believe?

– What is the greatest Saved by the Bell episode of all time?

– What is Mr. Belding doing these days?

– When did Zack lose his virginity and did he lose it to Kelly Kapowski?

– Who should be cast in the Reality Star re-imagining of Saved By the Bell?

I could keep typing for an hour and not express half of what we talked about in this Saved By the Bell podcast.  It’s a Saved by the Bell podcast that is so big, Zack Morris’ phone is small in comparison… it’s Rob Has a Podcast!

Part 1 with Eric Stein:

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Part 2 with Eric Stein:

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And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Chris Devine

    Will nicole ever hear the insight rob gave into their sex life in this podcast?

  • Chris Devine

    After finishing the whole thing, Rob was really ballsy with some of the things he said since he knows Nicole will never listen.

    • That’s actually the first comment I’ve seen that sort of makes me want to listen to this monstrosity.

      Seriously what’s next – a three hour Mylie Cyrus podcast? Two hours of knock knock jokes??? I guess I was just a little too old when the show was on (high school) to really see it as anything other than incredibly lame and obvious humour.

      But hey – for those who are into it? Reading the comments I think you hit a goldmine Rob so…good on you. LOL

  • lol. time in…

  • MikeyMike

    This podcast had me howling, my sides were sore from laughing so much. This goes down as my favorite Nicole-less podcast ever; Eric was hilarious and impressed me by being able to keep up with the Cesternino wit.

  • Tmwalkerm

    Tori was part of the graduation, it was the episode where they rewrote the school song. Granted that wasn’t the “graduation” thing specifically, but that was how the writers finished that year.

  • Tmwalkerm

    Priscilla Barnes was the nurse Teri Alden.

  • Tmwalkerm

    yup, there were lots of nerds, can’t forget Tori Spelling’s Violet character.

  • Tmwalkerm

    Mr. Belding is Gerry from BB3’s doppelganger.

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  • T.J.

    Awesome! “Greed kills ducks!” The entire thing played on my computer. Whether or not I actually listened to it all…..that’s different.

    By the way: If you look at Survivor Fan vs Favorites and Heroes vs Villains, Parvati and Amanda make up the modern Kelly and Jessie. Come on! Amanda is tall, intelligent-ish, but certainly hot.

  • Tmwalkerm

    Parvarti is waaay too vicious to be Kelly, and I could totally see Boston Rob as Slater, even tho he’s not hispanic lol.

  • Tmwalkerm

    You’re right Rob, Tori wasn’t in the car, she went home early. It was just the 3 guys and Lisa that wrecked the car.

  • actually….i had a motorcycle-riding tough chick at my highschool….. and she fucked everybody and i think a couple of teachers.

  • LOVED this! I am a huge SBTB fan, and most of those wtf? I have thought about!
    I stayed awake the whole way (i was listening at work) and will say “suddenly seymor!” but I dont want Eric’s worn underwear, thanks anyway! I honestly enjoyed this and am such a SBTB fan it didnt seem like 2 1/2 hours!

    (btw, I would TOTALLY listen to a Full House podcast!)

    • I’ve gotten about 5 or 6 comments, emails and tweets that all say some version of: Suddenly Seymour, but I don’t want Eric’s underwear. Sorry, Eric.

  • Cjfast11

    Somebody ring the bell damnt because this is gold. I would rather 3 hours of this then avatar. Eric will now go in the books in my favorite podcasters with Stephen and Russel swan

    • Cjfast11

      Btw since ur doing old 80s and 90s things we need the back to the future podcast with fishbach and maybe a cameo from courtney

      • Thomas Mullaney

        What about a Seinfeld podcast?

      • This is true. I also think that this should be the format and not a commentary as I originally suggested.

    • Wow, Russell Swan made the top 3? He really must be the Russell that doesn’t suck.

  • Since Save By the Bell ended before I was even born, I’m not a fan of the show and therefore couldn’t get through the whole podcast. However what I listened to was funny and I’m sure it would have been more interesting if I knew what you were talking about. When’s the 3 hour Survivor podcast?

  • please lick my butthole

    I was a little weary of dipping my toe into this podcast but it picked up and exceeded my LOW expectations :D. Eric’s Jessie Impression made up for the 3 hours.

  • Katie_086

    The SBTB College Years kinda just recycled the some of the older storylines…Kelly dumps Zack for her teacher.

    Oh wow – great podcast guys! You could do a full breakdown JS-style for EACH SBTB episode and I would listen! Best three hours at work in a lonnnng time!

    “I’m standing at the edge of tomorrow….TODAY”

    • Katie_086

      Oh also….I think that Lark Vorhees and MPG had a real relationship while they were filming SBTB which may explain the 2 episode Zack/Lisa stint. Just a thought.

  • Brandon Glenn8806

    That was great. I listened to all 3 hours. I remember watching SBTB after school so it was cool to recall it from my memory!! Tell Eric he is offically my favorite podcast guest

  • Kos

    I’m not sure if Zack lost his virginity to Kelly Kapowski, but I know I did (in a manner of speaking).

  • Jedzzz

    You guys were right: Big Brother 11 was totally the Real Saved By the Bell:
    Zach — Jeff
    Kelly — Jordan
    Slater — Russell
    Jessie — Michele (Given the T&A work she got into after the show, this comparison is particularly apt)
    Screech — Ronnie
    Lisa — Chima
    Mr. Belding — Casey
    Miss Bliss — Julie Chen

    Before the next time Eric comes on, you need to prepare an “America’s Player”-style vote for us on what he has to talk about.

    • This is perfect. Jedzzz, you really nailed this. We were close to getting this right on the show, but you have done the job for us.

  • Rob C. defending Mario Lopez’s sexuality has got to be one of the gayest things I have ever heard. not exactly shocked.

  • Rob… what college did you go to in upstate NY?

    • George

      I think he’s said before that he went to SUNY-Oswego

      • That is true. It is not the Stansbury of the East, but it’s a nice little school.

  • Parvati playing Volleyball…

  • i’m sorry… but i just cant believe that Ronnie is “honestly the coolest dude.”

    • This comment stuck in my head when I listened back to this podcast and cracked me up.

  • the “stopping time” comments were pretty funny…

  • omigosh…. my sides hurt from laughing so hard about the bit about smoking pot…. frigging hilarious.

  • “everything i ever wanted in a pop song” … so awesome. LOL!

  • “my whole career is riding on this podcast.” haha, good stuff!

  • Pills episode is by far the best.

  • “i need to get out there and start being a whore.” haha… too funny.

  • haha…. i honestly watched the college years. glad to see that i wasnt the only male doing so. i have been ashamed for years about that… i feel free getting that off my chest, LOL… very therapeutic podcast! LOL

  • i want you to talk about Russell Hantz and not Saved by the Bell. oh, and who the fuck is Eric Stein? 😉

  • i’ve made it this far….. please feel sorry for me….

  • SUDDENLY SEYMOUR! i’ll take a prize, Eric. Fairplay has my contact info. thanks.

  • “show worn underwear” omigosh… so funny.

  • LOL…. everytime Eric talks about who could actually make it this long into the podcast, i feel a little bit smaller… sorta like Fred in the Flintstones, LOL…

  • Dawsons Creek and The OC…. haha. i could do a podcast on those fuckign shows. so embarrassing. LOL…

  • Andyb

    Greatest Big brother contestant EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Eric Stein.

  • Doesnthaveawebsite

    I listened to the whole thing (Suddenly Seymour) and enjoyed every minute! Anyone who complains that you haven’t done any recent Survivor podcasts needs to get a grip….we are between seasons. If they want a survivor fix they can find one of the podcasts that are playing the clips from and making lame comments about how far the contestant will go based on what they look like or go listen to the Tribe podcasts while they rewatch Fans vs Favorites.
    I look forward to your upcoming Survivor podcasts and hope you are going to podcast on Celebrity Apprentice again too!

  • Doesnthaveawebsite

    Love the idea of you podcasting about old TV shows and cult classic movies and shows! You seem to be building up a nice group of people to banter with about these things as well as Survivor, etc.
    Anyone who complains that it isn’t Survivor has forgotten that your podcast is RobHasAPodcast, not RobHasASurvivorPodcast! : )

  • Jonathan Shapiro

    Sorry Nicole, but this was seriously the best podcast I’ve ever heard. How could I not love it? It combined one of my favorite BB players ever (America’s player Eric) with oen of my favorite Survivor players ever (Rob C) to discuss one of my favorite shows ever (SBTB).

    You guys managed to cover almost every conceivable topic. I was at around the 2.5 hr mark and was thinking to myself “They’re forgetting the stupid Hawaiin adventure made-for-tv movie and Zack’s hook-up with Jessie during the Snow White episode or his hook-up with Lisa during the Fashion show episode” but, of course, you guys got to those too..

    My favorite episode is the prom episode. It gets me every time. But I have to disagree about the 2 part Christmas episodes- I wouldn’t include those in my top 5. I would replace those 2 with the episode when Zack/Screech create the zit cream and ruin Kelly’s face and also the Snow White episode. Also, do you remember the episode when Zack/Slater get into an actual fist fight over the same girl? I don’t know if I’d include that one in my top 5, but that fight was epic.

    My vote for your next podcast with Eric is (1) Full House/Family Matters, (2) Seinfeld, (3) Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, (4) Family Guy.

    Great job by you 2! Bring Eric back again!

    • I’m not sure that a Seinfeld podcast would be great because there’s not that much to make fun of. As great as Seinfeld is, it still holds up pretty well. Although, I am thinking of writing a blog about Seinfeld episodes that could not have happened today because of Modern technology.

      • Jonathan Shapiro

        Yea, you definitely make a good point- you need a show to make fun of. Growing Pains? Who’s the Boss? Fresh Prince? The Wonder Years? Of course, I support your Full House idea. If only you were a fan of The O.C or Dawson’s Creek, because those two shows are perfect for you and Eric.

        And you’re definitely right that a lot of the Seinfeld plots would have made no sense had there been cell phones and the Internet. At least 2 classics would have been derailed:

        (1) The Chinese Restaurant. George tried to call Tatiana on a PAY PHONE. In today’s world, they would have just texted each other. So my favorite Seinfeld scene of all time, with the maitre’d yelling “Cartwright!” instead of “Costanza!”, would never have happened.

        (2) The Pool Guy. Kramer’s new phone number was similar to the movie information phone number. In today’s world, this plot doesn’t happen- no one calls to find out movie times anymore, it’s all on the internet!

      • Jonathan Shapiro

        I forgot about Charles in Charge! This could be great too.

  • Amy

    I feel like the worst podcast fan. I’m sitting here all “fuck Survivor, when’s the next Saved by the Bell podcast?” I am READY.

    I listened to the podcast on the subway and seriously considered stopping at the library to pick up some Saved by the Bell DVDs. I feel so unclean right now.

    Also, BB’s Chicken George is totally the poor man’s Mr. Belding.

    • I’m not sure if these’s anything left to saved by the bell podcast about with Eric Stein… but we do need to figure out the right show to talk to Eric about again in a few months.

  • I listened to the whole thing and it was my favourite podcast that you’ve ever done. YOu guys really know your stuff and enjoyed talking about it which rubbed off. I barely remembered the show but the memories came flooding back as you talked.

  • Alan

    When you said, “Alan, who’s also a nerd,” I thought you were talking about me.

    • This was also one of the comments that made me laugh during my re-listen of this podcast.

  • Alan

    Suddenly Seymoure.

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  • nondisgruntled listener

    Brilliant! Loved it!
    Full House
    Cosby Show
    Boy Meets World
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy

    • BOY MEETS WORLD!!!!!!! mmmmmm…. Topanga….. mmmmmmm……

      cosby show would be good too….

    • Of those shows, I feel like Full House has a lot to make fun of, though it doesn’t have the re-airing of SBTB.

  • nondisgruntled listener

    By the way, Haley Mills did Parent Trap 2 and 3, soo………..

  • Matt Noble

    Just finished it. Amazing cast guys, better than most Survivor ones.

    Rob, still plans for a Back to the Future podcast?

  • Steveshikadance

    Lol.. Fave podcast Eva! I could’ve listened to you two rant on for three more hours.. haha wish u had a call in show though wouldve loved to chime in about the best television series of all time, Saved By The Bell.. Rob + Eric = On-air Magic. Loved it guys and can’t wat to hear the next tme you two go off on another classc tv show!!

  • ParadiXe

    When I woke up this morning, if you’d have told me I’d be listening to a 3hr podcast about Saved By The Bell before I went to sleep, I probably would’ve been sceptical. Not to mention that I’d enjoy every minute of it… but I did.

    Gilligan’s Island podcast please! Come on, chop-chop.
    I’d also settle for Full House though, for sure.
    And it better be at least 3hrs.

  • Natalie

    I feel like I deserve a thank you card for listening to the entire thing.
    I did however, have to listen to it in two parts over a two night span.

    Literally laughing out loud (probably looking insane since I’m at Starbucks) over you two re-creating the caffeine pill montage, and checking out that girls facebook profile while podcasting. It actually made me be creepy, find her comment and look at her (totally private so could not see anything but her picture) but she is cute, and that would be such an amazing story if they met.

    It was so long, I really don’t have individual comments for anything, but I laughed a lot and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I also think the Murder Mystery episode should have been talked about, I loved that one.

    • Natalie, you must have dozen off during the murder mystery discussion (though it was slightly brief)

  • SudburyAdamB

    pretty much everyone here has probably said something i wanted to comment on this podcast. i guess thats what i get for taking 3 days to listen to the whole thing. i used to watch saved by the bell as a kid but i dont remember anything but what they looked like and the opening credits but eric stein made this 742 gajillion hour podcast even more awesome than these podcasts already are. he is definitely one of my top favourite big brother players and it was so awesome to finally hear him do a podcast with you.

  • Time Out!

  • Rob_Has_A_Podfan

    A couple years ago in Austin, TX, I saw a show called Staged By The Bell where they performed 2 episodes of Saved By The Bell live (Jessie’s Song and The Zach Tapes). It was pretty funny, but I don’t think it’s around anymore. They did put a couple clips on youtube though.

  • mjbok

    Saved by the Bell reminds me of my Senior year of college, blowing off classes for two solid hours of Zack inspired wackiness. The sad thing is as I listened to your pod cast (yes, the whole thing) there wasn’t a thing you discussed that I was unfamiliar with. I did think you missed a few things, but you only went 3 hours, you had a ton to cover.

  • you definitely underestimate how long your listeners are willing to listen to these podcasts.

  • Judy

    I should definately win the queen of the nerds award. I have listened to the whole podcast 3x. I have never seen an episode of SBTB – although now I feel like I have seen them all! How and why do I do it? I listen to your podcasts while I am doing data entry at home – I miss a lot if I’m concentrating so I usually listen to them a couple of times. Sigh…I’m so sad.

  • Judy

    PS – since I am 112 years old I am begging for a Brady Bunch podcast – Three’s Company would be good too!

  • Hi Rob, have you seen Stacy Carosi interviewed Jeff Probst?

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  • I don’t know who either f you too are and just happened to stumble onto this podcast. I ended up listening to the entire podcast and actually enjoyed it!

  • Oh and please do a Full House or O.C. podcast! Or even Growing Pains or Family Ties.

  • Trixie Weddig

    OMG thank you!!!! I always wondered how in the hell they got the dream sequences on the clip tape!!!!!!

  • Carlos Vidal

    This podcast still holds up 3 years after listening to it the first time
    Love Eric Stein’s Megacast

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