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Sandra Diaz-Twine: Uncut & Uncensored

2 Time Survivor winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine

The unstoppable, Sandra Diaz-Twine

Our Post-Survivor Heroes vs. Villains series continues with an exclusive interview with the world’s first two-time Survivor winner, Sandra Diaz-Twine. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri ask Sandra all the questions you want to hear and get Sandra’s blunt answers. On this episode we find out:

– In graphic detail, we find out exactly what does Russell Hantz smell like and what are his personal hygiene habits.

– How does Sandra think Boston Rob Mariano would have fared in the game if Tyson wouldn’t have voted himself out?

– How has becoming Survivor’s only two-time winner changed her life?

– What is the best thing to order at the Outback Steakhouse?

It’s a Survivor podcast that’s so wild, parental discretion is strongly advised!  It’s Rob Has a Podcast…

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us know what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • T.J.

    Shoot, if Sandra wants to fly to SLC, I’ll take her to Outback.

  • T.J.

    Well, to add to that, if Rob wants to fly to SLC, I’ll take him to Outback. Just talking Survivor with one of my Survivor heroes would be a dream come true.

  • lopoo

    best podcast ever! i think jeff probst himself would listen to this one

  • Big franky from Buffalo, NY

    50 to 60 people in 1 house, plus five dogs.

  • Big franky from Buffalo, NY

    uh-oh Rob… you dropped the ball! why didn’t you call Sandra out on what Randy said about not saying Parvati was goign fist right after getting to the beach?

  • Big franky from Buffalo, NY

    no interest in true blood

  • andrewschuman

    Hahaha Sandra is GREAT!!
    But she did lie that one time she swore on her kids but then she also swore that she would screw Jon aaaaaaaaaaaand Burton.

    I think next you guys should talk to some people about survivor seasons prior to hereos vs. villains just to sort of pass the time in between now and when Nicaragua starts.

  • Z.B.

    You’re disgusting Big Franky.

    • Big franky from Buffalo, NY

      thank you… but, um…. could i ask what i did that was so disgusting?

  • Phiiiiiil

    if you ever have a podcast with Russell it will be sooooooo awkward!

  • Chris5827

    Great podcast episode. Sandra is so engaging and has a ton of material. You hardly have to ask follow up questions because she has a mouth on her, in a good way. I’d love to have a meal at Outback with her.

  • noveltyhat

    rob, are you aware jt’s on facebook now? i think he’d be an excellent guest. ohh and of course you must confront tyson at some point. get full disclosure on that blunder and what could have been.

    excellent show as always. so refreshing to hear some unbleeped f bombs from sandra.

  • Hunter

    The greatest player never to win talking to the greatest winner ever. Awesome show.

    Where is a petition I can sign to get Sandra on the Spanish “Survivor”? If it’s one person from each country, she needs to go on there and represent America!

    It was weird to hear Rob quote Boston Rob but not do the actual Boston Rob impression. I thought everything Boston Rob says had to start off with the “Hey, uhh…”

  • jaburu lee

    wonderful podcast. this is <3.

  • BS

    Thanks for the great podcast with Sandra. She is sooooooo awesome. I find pretty much everything she says amusing.

    I put my 10 votes in for Sandra too, still don’t know how the troll won that thing.

    Nicole doing kegstands, what a wild woman!

    Rob, your Mets may be doing well right now, but they’re still looking up at my Braves! ATL baby!

  • Jordan Kalish

    When you first said Fairplay had a “big snake in his house”, i thought it was a euphemism for something else.

  • Gotoperson

    So here’s my idea for the next All Stars that would get both Boston Rob and Russell as well as yourself on the next season. How about a show of all the greatest players never to win Survivor? Who should join you three??? Isn’t this a brilliant idea?

    • Gotoperson

      I hope they wouldn’t bring Amanda back for a fourth time. 😮

  • Fuddle

    In honour of Nicole, I figured it was about time somebody came up with a drinking game for this fine podcast. Just follow the instructions below and have fun. I for one one am now looking forward to the next podcast even more.


    * Rob does his Boston Rob impression

    * Nicole refers to someone as her “BFF”

    * Rob/Nicole makes a Jersey shore reference

    * The guest talks over Rob/Nicole

    * There is a discussion on someone’s level of “douche-y-ness”

    * Obligatory Russell Hantz joke (take two shots if the phrase “toothless troll” is used)

    * Rob uses baseball as a metaphor, Nicole tunes out


    * Rob/Nicole “joke” about Rob’s sexual prowess

    * Khoa Nguyen is referenced

    * Rob attempts to make a point by using diagrams

    * Nicole finds an unconventional-looking contestant “hot”

    * Wanda is mentioned (take three shots if she is mentioned on a non-Survivor podcast)

    * The guest swears (take another shot if said guest does not immediately apologise)


    * There is an awkward silence between Rob/Nicole and the guest lasting more than two seconds (aka The Eliza Shot). Take one shot for every second after that.

    * The guest clearly seems to have no idea who Rob and/or Nicole is

    * Nicole is drunker than you are (you have to catch up to her, you douche)

    * Daniel Lue gets a shout-out


    * Russell Hantz agrees to be a guest

    * Nicole successfully runs over a celebrity and/or a Duchovny (finally!)

    • Nicole Cesternino

      This is absolutely the best comment ever!

      • Big franky from Buffalo, NY

        i would have to agree with nicole here… this drinking game is epic.

    • andrewschuman

      Two shots every time Rob says “Ice Cream Scooper Erik”.

      Btw, if Russell Hantz agrees to be a guest, you might as well get Sandra on there too again, I’d love to hear them just yell at each other for an hour.

    • k_nguyen93

      I’ve probably actually only been referenced 2-3 times? I know one time for finding clip of Rupert on Survivor Israel and another for leading in number of posts on the old site. All great ideas though.

  • beryl101

    hey rob, nicole and fellow posters i was wondering what the result would have been if the final three were parvati rupert and colby. i was of the opinion that her best shot after danielle was voted out, was to then side with the heroes and go with them to the final. (offcourse she would have to have known that it was a final three but still)

    coach: parvati/rupert
    courtney: parvati
    j.t. rupert/colby
    amanda: rupert/colby
    candice: ?
    danielle: parvati
    russel: parvati
    jerri: colby/parvati
    sandra: ?

    final vote:?

    p.s. i know rob that you’re not a fan of playing the hypothetical what ifs but this was the first thing that occured to me after sandra won and so i wanted to hear what you thought.

    • beryl101

      wouldn’t let me edit so i meant to say ” i was of the opinion that PARVATI’S best shot “

      • andrewschuman

        Parvati could have won against any of the final 8 except Sandra.

        Sandra got the heroes’ votes because she could legitimately say that she was trying to get Russell out too and that was the heroes’ goal so it’s very obvious why she has that huge chunk of the vote (Colby, Rupert, Candice, JT, Amanda) and then we all know courtney was the beans to her rice so there’s the 6th.

        The reason why it’s not always fun to play the “what if” game, especially if you’re going as far back as re-ordering the final 6, is that you don’t know the process that Rupert and Colby took to get there. Colby, even the heroes know he’s lame, and the villains would never vote for him,

        It would be close between Rupert and Parvati. If Rupert pulled off some amazing strategy to get to the top like with the rock in his shorts (that was a GREAT move), he might be able to win some votes.

        Also, Russell would never vote for Parvati if she screwed him. I don’t care what he says about respecting the game and all, he would’ve voted for Rupert.

        I’d assume Rupert would have all the heroes’ vote (3 votes). Russell would vote for rupert (against parvati) so thats 4 votes. I bet he could have convinced Coach to vote for him because they both come from that same mold of talking about honor and all that BS. It’s a toss up between them two.

        The fact of the matter is, Parvati lost because (even she says this), she was lumped in with all the bad stuff Russell did just a little too much. Even with this new outcome of the final 6, the beginning of the game doesn’t change and I think she would still lose.

    • Hunter

      Rupert probably would’ve gotten zero votes, nobody ever seems to like him. I think the Villains plus Candice would’ve voted for Parv, and the Heroes would’ve voted for Colby.

  • ali

    maybe russel won the fan fav cause only people who had sprint could text in their votes

    [email protected] provides cell service to almost 97% of the country, at least thats what their commericals say

  • Aforst

    Thanks for the dating advice Rob! It really helped, I guess.

  • Stevecallaghan1876

    Thanks for asking that question Rob, Sandra was right about Russell he would be something funky. She is by far one of the most observationally acute survivors of all time and most definitely one of the greatest to play the game. Love her and glad she won again!!!

  • Alberwhisker

    Sandra <3 She was my fave since she wear tat Office Jumpsuit in Pearl Islands

  • k_nguyen93

    So I’m curious to know who Colby was dating from DWTS.

    Rob it seemed to me like you and Nicole a point of avoiding discussing Boston Rob in a negative way. You didn’t do any impressions and weren’t keen on reminding Sandra that he basically got you out on All-stars ^_^.

  • Andrew W

    Awesome podcast as always! I think Courtney, Tyson, Cirie, BRob, and Coach would also be great guests! And you SHOULD do some baseball podcasts, maybe talk a little Mets, maybe analyze some other teams. Don’t listen to Nicole, she’s just a hater 😉

    • Pokey

      yes, would be great to hear from them! I agree with Nicole! Sorry Rob not a Mets fan.

  • You know what i respect… the fact that she admitted there was a lot of luck involved, and that she thought she was done and wanted Russell to go before her. I really like the fact that she didn’t try and make up reasons why she deserved it, and making out as if her strategy worked exactly to plan. Cards all fell in the right places for her and so I’ve changed my mind, she is deserving of the win. Luck does come down to it. But she still had to hold her own at the final tribal which isn’t easy.

  • Scott


  • Scott

    Oh and guys, Russell DID sell his underpants on ebay

  • Simon

    Great interview, but I hope to god I never have to hear about Russell’s pubic hair ever again.

  • Rob, you need to do a podcast with Tyson. That one would be epic! I absolutely love Tyson. Even though he made that terrible move, he is still very intelligent, and understands the game very well.

  • Me


  • beryl101

    hey i was just wondering why the sandra podcast is filed under “survivor” and the randy one is under “other tv”

  • george1239

    Thanks for this podcast. This must be the most detailed interview of any finalist I’ve seen. Please bring in more players for interviews especially the ones who made it to the jury.

    I think this interview answers an important question in that Sandra is not the best player or even one of the best in the history of Survivor. She admitted that she was playing for personal revenge on Russell and was happy to go after him. To suggest she is one of the best players is an insult to all the other previous players who kept on fighting and fighting even after their whole alliances or even tribes were wiped out. I think that in order to belong to the best a player has to be able to keep his/her cool and keep focus on the end game. Also she said nobody believed in what she said when she was telling the truth. This surely cannot be a sign of a good player.

    Obviously Sandra did very well to avoid the vote and performed well enough in the final tribal council. Going two for two only means she is efficient and successful. I think there is no way she should be regarded as the best ever.

  • DavidD11

    Hey Rob and Nicole!
    First time commenter. Love the podcasts, makes commuting in LA traffic much more bearable when listening to you guys in the car. Can’t wait for more Survivor interviews this summer. Would love to hear from Stephenie, Cirie, and Parvati if possible! You guys are the best.

  • Awesome interview!! I would LOVE to see Sandra on BB! Lets make it happen people!

  • andrewschuman

    I know it’s been a long time since you did a Survivor podcast but I have an important question.

    So, today, official DVD covers and prices were set for the Survivor: Africa and Survivor: Marquesas DVD sets on You can pre-order them too. As we all know, the best thing about the DVD’s is the DVD commentary so, now that they’re going back to release the old seasons on DVD, do you think there’s still hope for a Survivor: The Amazon DVD possibly featuring your commentary?

    Here are the links in case you were interested: -Africa -Marquesas

  • Steven

    When’s the next Survivor podcast Rob?

    And what are your guy’s thoughts on:
    1. the Erika Shay/Parvati/Russell riggage?
    2. Rob vs Russell season 22
    3. Russell actually thinking he had a future with Parvati off t.v.

    • andrewschuman

      Rob vs Russell IS confirmed btw. It’s supposedly like Guatemala where only them two get called back with 18 new people.

      • Steven

        I know, another Survivor podcast please soon.

  • andrewschuman

    Hey Rob, this is the cast bios page for Survivor: All-stars. How does it make you feel that CBS would do such a thing to your picture?

  • Leslie

    Wow … she was a great interview … listened without ever being bored.

  • Abner Catalan

    Sandra is a fan of the show I am happy she won twice :)

  • Tom Polite

    A great end to the first season of Rob Has a Podcast. The beginning of hearing all the behind the scenes information I had always dreamed of listening to since before the days of RHAP.

  • ??????

    This had got to be the best podcast of all time

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