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Reality Gamemasters Finale: Clash of the Nerd Titans

Who will be the Ultimate Reality Gamemaster?

Who will be the Ultimate Reality Gamemaster?

It all comes down to this. The final three Survivors, Stephen Fishbach, John Cochran and Sophie Clarke square off for the championship. Find out which Survivor walks away with the Reality Gamemasters crown.

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Marc Percy

    Awesome episode and Win!

  • Michael Norris

    Best. Ending. Ever.

  • Jeffrey Stone

    Congratulations to Cochran who was able to early on capture the best Continent, Africa. Some may argue that Australia is the best, but when you are using a version of risk that is defective because of the cut off entrance from the Middle East to East Africa it makes defending Africa much easier because you only have to hold 2 entrances instead of 3.

    On another note, it was SO obvious that all these players were Survivor and Big Brother players because in the game of risk it is customary to back stab left and right and play a VERY dirty game. Too many players stayed loyal, leading to their own demise. Players like Sophie forget that there is no ‘jury’ in risk, how you eliminate players does not matter, and that EVERY move in the game should be done to benefit one’s self.

    By forgetting this important fact, players like Fishback stayed with Cochran to a fault. Cochran controlled the best Continent early on receiving an extra 3 pieces per turn whereas Fishback received 2 from Australia. Fishback should have noticed this marginal advantage and seized the opportunity to attack Cochran much earlier in the game.

    Overall great videos, it kept me entertained between Survivor and Big Brother. Hopefully you can do something similar to this in the Winter while we wait between seasons of Survivor and to get people through the Holiday hangover that is cold, gloomy, January.

    Thanks again, great work Rob and everyone involved!

  • Sage Hyden

    If I’m watching this right, had Fishbach attacked into Africa and Europe on his last turn, as opposed to completely conquering N.A. and S.A., he may have won. Doing so would have given Cochran 8 fewer armies in the following turn, which is exactly as many as he had left to attack with to win the game. Still, great play from Cochran.

  • Trixie02

    Always a bridesmaid…

  • BooRadley

    Really enjoyed this mini-series Rob, I really appreciate you putting it together. Great cast, and I loved all the RHAP-y touches like Billy Garcia and Miss Survivor.

    I don’t know if I am the only one who thinks this: but I would have liked the game to have received more focus. I felt like as the viewer, we had a vague idea of what was happening, but not enough to really understand why people were doing certain things or who might betray who, etc. If there is a season 2 (and I sure hope there is!), that would be my suggestion.

  • Individual Immunity

    Stephen ran out of pieces just like he ran out of votes in his final tribal council. Second is the best turned out not to be a game strategy, but in fact IS his destiny…I wonder who put the voodoo curse on his t-shirt? Never tempt fate…that line about Cochran teasing him about it for the next 50 yrs, don’t worry, Cochran won’t be the only one! 😉

    • Michael Norris

      So… is there anyone in this group you do like?

      • Individual Immunity

        My fave was Cochran, he saw a Risk board with a major error (Eric mentioned Cochran knew Africa should have 3 connections) took full advantage of it by claiming an Africa as secure as Australia, and of course he gets extra credit for humiliating Stephen and his ridiculous overconfidence throughout the match. Priceless!

  • Annie Lo

    So, “2nd is the best” is the winning strategy. It’s just Stephen didn’t play that way in RGM. Cochran did.

    In the first 5 episodes, everyone was saying Stephen will win. We all said other should join forces to take out Stephen.
    However, everyone underestimated Cochran, who spent the entire game silently observing, calculating and analyzing, to make up his lack of Risk experience. He used his newbie status to his advantage. By playing dumb, he got all other 5 to tell him what to do, which means any pros and cons of the actions and any hidden agenda will be exposed. Since everyone want him, He was able to protect his Africa in the entire game, a continent which is often changed hands, and gave him 3 extra armies per turn. An example is Matt and Eric tried to prevent Cochran attacking Ian by telling him they may wipe him afterward, then Cochran ended-up saving enough armies for the SA boundary.

    If you watch the series again, you will find Cochran always observing and analyzing very hard, while everyone else is chilling, joking and being too comfortable, specially Stephen and Eric.

  • Louise Monroe

    That was so fun with Miss Survivor showing up.Great community!

  • fillman63

    That was great. Of course it makes sense that Cochran won. So many parallels between his fans vs favs win and this. I love that people were still berating and underestimating him throughout the game just like survivor, because nobody knew he had won his season at the time they filmed this. Cochran can’t do no wrong.

  • Suzi!

    Question for Cochran: You never played Risk before–so what were some childhood favorite games?

  • JudtheStud

    Fishbach what the hell happened?! If you had spent as much time and energy paying attention to the board as you did misting Matt you could have walked away with it bigtime! You let it slip right through your fingers. This is worse than your loss on Survivor because you never had a chance against J.T., here the win was yours for the taking! Cochran way to go! This whole series was hella fun, congrats on a great job everybody!

  • Guest

    Lame winner, great series 😉

  • Dave L

    It looked like there really was a lot of luck. Cochran was able to turn his cards in at the right time. Had Sophie or Stephen gotten their cards when he did, they probably would have won. Of course he had good strategy too, instead of just building up a fortress he had the knowledge to go after Sophie which obviously worked.
    The annoying part is that it’s really difficult to tell how much luck was involved in the endgame rolls without maybe freezeframing the video. Did Sophie make herself too vulnerable for no good reason? Did Cochran truly have the troops, or did he get lucky? Did Stephen get bad rolls when he was counterattacking Cochran? Cochran might have won, but it’s not clear if he made wise choices at the end.

  • Marc Percy

    It would be fun to see a directors cut/additional scenes to see more of the game play and maybe less of the drama, not as a replacement for the series, but as an addition, especially now that that the winner has been revealed. I understand the reason for not showing it all during the season, as it would take some away from the story, but I do think more could have been included too.

    My biggest beef though, coming from a video production background, was the shaky camera work at times. Now that may have been the look you were going for and if that is the case, that is fine, but I would have preferred steadier camera work. Overall it was a fun season and probably could have even been extended to a couple more episodes, but maybe not. For the next season, I still would like to see Monopoly or even the Survivor board game (either one of them).

  • Great job with this show. It was a blast! I thought Cochran had a great chance at the start because no one really thought of him as a threat. He was able to basically coast to the finals and then got the dice his way against Stephen. I was pulling for Stephen, especially since Cochran just won Survivor, but it was cool regardless.

    Billy Garcia as Napoleon made me laugh every time. Awesome!

  • BogDa

    Never ever trust Cochran ever.

  • BogDa

    I think the biggest lesson here is don’t underestimate people and disrespect them. It happens over and over again with returning players on Survivor.

    People target the supposed “best players” and leave the ones who appear to be lacking. In All-stars all the finalists were pretty crappy players in their first seasons. You could argue that both Amber and Rob didn’t even deserve to be on All-Stars. Before Micronesia Parvati was just a flirt the first time. Sandra was the considered one of the weakest winners before HvsV. Coach was just a crazy coming into South Pacific. Cochran was thought to be likely a first boot for Caramoan. And Dawn was presumed to be nothing but a nice bread lady.

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