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Andy Dehnart from Reality Blurred on Colton’s Impact and The State of Reality TV

We discuss the latest season of Survivor, Amazing Race and Celebrity Apprentice with Andy Denhart from Reality Blurred

Talking with the baby-sitter of Reality TV (Photos courtesy of CBS & NBC)

Andy Dehnart is the founder of and has been following reality television closer than anyone for the last 11 years. Andy joins Rob for a conversation spanning the entire reality tv landscape. Rob asks Andy if he thinks that the One World twist worked in his opinion. We discuss whether or not this will create more intermingling after the merge or if this could be another season of Pagonging.Of course, we begin the discussion talking about Colton Cumbie and all of the drama that he has provided through just four weeks of Survivor: One World. Rob asks Andy if Colton has already become the most hated Survivor of all-time or if it just seems worse because of the proliferation of social media in our lives. Rob compares a villain like Colton to that of a villain like Jerri Manthey or Richard Hatch. Since Andy wrote a lengthy piece for Playboy Magazine where he interviewed Coach Ben Wade, Rob broke the news that Coach has gotten married now according to a recent facebook status update. Andy discusses his findings from the Playboy article which focused on the effects that reality television has on a person after the show. Rob asks Andy what he is thinking about the Amazing Race this season with the addition on Brendon and Rachel to the show. We discuss the results that the reality show teams have had on the Amazing Race and Andy tries to figure out when the Amazing Race actually jumped the shark. We also discuss the new season of Celebrity Apprentice and try to determine if these celebrities are ever going to deliver the crazy goods. Andy thinks Penn Jillette is the front runner to win Celebrity Apprentice and Lisa Lampanelli is not far behind. Plenty of other reality show news is discussed including, What is the future of American Idol, What happens to Survivor if Jeff Probst leaves and what has Courtney done to make herself notorious on the Bachelor. Plus, Andy describes his harrowing adventure seeing the filming of “Whale Wars” and Rob describes his new favorite reality show “Bikini Barber Shop: Jersey”.

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • As terrible as Colton is, I’m thankful for having him on this season. Can you imagine how boring it would be without him?

    Looking at the last couple seasons as well, can you imagine how bad South Pacific would have been without Coach, Ozzy, or Cochran? RI got by with Rob, Russ, Philip, Andrea, and Matt. Nicaragua had Marty, Sash, Jan, and Brenda but turned out lame. HvV was awesome. Samoa? Imagine that without Russell.

    To sum up – Casting needs to step it up and start looking for more dynamic people with good background stories instead of these wannabe models/actors or these referrals from past contestants.

    • damnbueno

      Would you prefer a cast full of Coltons, Cochrane’s and Phillips?

      I’d say casting has done a pretty good job in these last few seasons.  Their job is to get people who are compelling to watch.  The best candidates are the people you either love or hate.

      Cochran, Phillip and Colton have taken care of the “hate” dept.  I’ll agree that they need to do better in the “love” dept. Outside of the returning players, the only player people regularly cheered for was Matt from R.I.  I’m sure Bill would have done well in that area if he’d stuck around longer.  Whoever has the guts to put Colton in his place will win over the viewers instantly.

      •  How could you hate Cochran or Philip? They were must watch Survivor. Philip was one of the best characters to ever play, and Cochran was interesting to watch. They both had the 2 attributes that casting is always looking for. They are good in front of the camera, and they can tell a story. 

        I don’t think it is too much to ask to have a good mix of players and characters. I’m just not seeing either or the last couple of seasons. If casting stepped it up, I guarantee you that you would see a good return in ratings.

        • damnbueno

          I should have been more clear.  The best candidates to cast on Survivor are the people VIEWERS are most likely to either love or hate.

          Personally, I liked Cochran a lot. I didn’t care about Phillip one way or another, but his irrational rants got predictable towards the end of the season.  But if I’m a casting director, people like these are absolutely perfect, as are “Hero” types like Fireman Tom and Colby.  But you have to have a balance — someone people love who can go against someone people hate.

          Russell is a very polarizing player.  Some people hate him with a passion, others think he’s the greatest reason to watch Survivor.  But a small part of the reason he became popular for so long in Samoa is because one of the “love” players — Brett — went on an Immunity streak and almost made it to the finals.

          No doubt everyone who hated Phillip was rooting for Boston Rob to beat him. Everyone who despised Cochran for defecting probably rooted for Ozzy to win the game.

          There’s not much of a point if you have a cast full of people who the viewers hate.

          If they were to do another Heroes Vs Villains, Cochran, Colton, and Phillip would all be Villains.  Who would the Heroes be?  Jane and Fabio from Nicaragua come to mind first for me.

          • Cochran’s a villain? Jane’s a hero?

          • damnbueno

            Well, Jane wouldn’t be cast as villain would she?  Who did she piss off or betray?

            Admittedly, Cochran could go either way.  It’s hardly an exact science now is it?  After all, Candice did nothing heroic when she played, and Sandra was put on the Villains tribe.  Parvati could have fit in on either side.

          • Sorry for late reply, but I beg to differ. Parvati is a straight up villain.

          • damnbueno

            From a casting standpoint, Parvati could work as a Hero simply because she’s hugely popular with a lot of viewers. Fans love to shower her with praise for doing things she didn’t actually do. That praise (deserved or not) is why she might work as a Hero.

            Kim could also work as a Hero or Villain. She could be a Hero for being the first female to totally dominate the game, which is a great rallying cry. But she could be a Villain because some perceive her to be a cold-blooded, heartless assassin who’d cut people like Kat loose without a second thought.

            Kat, Chelsea and maybe Jay would most likely be Heroes. Troyzan and Alicia are obvious Villains to me. Alicia because of her temper, and Troyzan for always yelling “This is MY island!”

    • Or we could’ve seen more entertaining personalities rather than one that does not entertain, only annoys. Of course we’re going to think the other characters are boring if we’ve never seen them, but we’ll never know.

  • Great podcast! Too many things to comment on. One thing, though: Top Shot really is an amazing show! I checked it out because I read Colby’s gonna host it and while I find him as a host to be pretty annoying, the show itself is awesome. I’m Hungarian, we don’t have a 2nd amendment, but I thoroughly enjoy it! It’s just something new, something different. And I totally agree Colby was very much like Probs.

  • I need a link to Coach’s FB page!!!

  • Gregorian

    Netcasts You Love.  From People You Trust.  This, is RHAP.

    I can see it coming.  The return of the Fishbowl.  I am waiting to Rob to find another podcaster that he can trust, so that he can expand RHAP into the RHAP Network.

  • Surprise podcast that could be a lot of fun? Well, that takes Brenchel out of the mix. My guess is Troy and Abed. That would be coolcoolcool

  • I checked out Bikini Barbershop: Jersey. Hot girls and boobs, this show has got everything!!!
    Favorite quote from episode 1, Alissa: “If I was a guy and I saw me, I would f*** the s*** out of me”. 
    Hoping for six seasons and a movie.

  • Two of my favorite ppl from the world of reality TV. Kudos to both.

  • Hey Rob,

    I’m not sure if you’ve addressed this before on a Podcast but I was wondering, why do you think BB and Survivor are feeders for Amazing Race and not the other way around? From memory I can’t recall CBS bringing back an Amazing Race contestant to do either show. 

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