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Plumbers Get Cracked on Celebrity Apprentice

Summer Sanders, Curtis Stone, Holly Robinson Peete and Cyndi Lauper on Celebrity Apprentice

Team Tenacity aka "Team Glacier"

This week on Celebrity Apprentice, Summer Sanders was fired in the boardroom by Donald Trump.  Rob Cesternino and Nicole Palmeri are ready to talk about it all with Survivor Tocatins cast member Stephen Fishbach in an all new Celebrity Apprentice Podcast.  The teams had to create radio spots for Plumbing, Electrical and heating / air conditioning companies and Bret Michaels soon found out that Plumbers don’t appreciate being the butt of everybody’s wise cracks.  On this episode Celebrity Apprentice edition of Rob Has A Podcast we will discuss.

Eric Trump on Celebrity Apprenticy

Eric Trump... Kind of Douchey

– The newest member of the Trump Clan… Eric Trump – Where did he come from and how does he compare to Don Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump and Baron Trump?

– What is the latest medical update on the brain hemorrhage that Bret Michaels is suffering from?

– Why did Sharon Osbourne and Maria Kanellis have so much hatred towards Curtis Stone?

– And what could plumbers be doing to stop the hurtful jokes that Bret Michaels and company continue to make on a daily basis?

It’s a Celebrity Apprentice podcast that even Benjamin Franklin and his French girls could enjoy… or at least that’s what Cynid Lauper told us.  It’s Rob Has A Podcast!!

And as always, we love to hear your comments, so join the conversation and let us hear what you think below or connect with us directly via twitter: @robcesternino and @nicoleluvsshoes

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • MikeyMike

    I love when you have Fish on the show….he’s great radio, hilarious and has great equipment that makes him sound like he’s in the same studio with you and Nicole

  • broadwayfreak99

    Hello Nicole. About 15 minutes in the show you said anyone who spells Erik with a K must be a douche. Hello, my name is Erik M. Benjamin

    • Nicole Cesternino

      You are obviously an exception 😉

      • MikeyMike

        ummm….but Nicole, didn’t you also say people with first names for last names are double douchebags??? =P

        • Nicole Cesternino

          Lets blame that on Rob….

  • Oatestache

    Another solid Apprentice podcast this week, you 3.

    The only way that I could see Cyndi making the final is if Trump flat out says something like “I want to see Bret versus Cyndi” like he did when he fired Carol Alt. I really could see Bret making the final if he doesn’t get fired in the next two tasks simply because he is 2-0 and he may not be obligated to be PM in the next 2 tasks.

    When Bret started talking about “hot and sticky” and throwing the 70s porn music out there, I had flashbacks to the “Clint Black detergent commercial”.

    Coach’s dating show should be “The Love Coach”. Fox Reality Channel went off the air about a month ago for good.

    There are 3 episodes left: Should be 5 left for the episode on the 16th, one quick task and firing before doing the final 4 interviews, so 3 total tasks including the final 2 task.

  • Frank the tank

    I love the podcast and I think Nicole is so funny but I think something is wrong her microphone because it’s really hard to hear her sometimes :(

  • Stephen Fishbach

    I promise that I didn’t leave the above comment. Though I agree with it entirely.

  • Joey

    I hate Eric Trump! The whole time in the board room his argument as to why people (Curtis) should be fired was “Well, when I was there you didn’t even talk to me”…I never thought I’d miss Don so much haha

  • Natalie

    “Every moment he is on screen he is attacking you with douchy-ness” greatest line by Stephen.

    I would like to know what hair products these Trump sons use because they need to switch to something else.

    Nicole- I totally have a girl crush on Ivanka too!

    Ivanka is good on camera, beautiful, and smart. The Trump boys (minus Baron who we did not get too see that much) is just awkward, stiff, and weird…on camera. Can you imagine them trying to hit on a girl?! Awkward….

    I love how Cyndi dropped “John Adams” mini series name a million times, you would have thought she was in the movie, or on the soundtrack with how much promotion she gave it.

    I think Cyndi was close to around 30 when she actually broke out into mainstream.

    I think Maria is just trying to fit in with Bret/Sharon. She looks like a follower and it makes her look pathetic. I used to like her but now I don’t.

    • lisa08

      Every time I see the name Baron I think of the Red Baron. When you say his name out loud on your podcast I think of a woman who cannot get pregnant. Just sayin’. Trump’s trying to add more self-importance by naming his kids Tiffany and Baron. It’s just gaudy. Ick.

  • Subuhi

    Hey Rob and Nicole. Loved the podcast.
    It was hilarious. Much better than the actual Celebrity Apprentice. (Actually I didn’t watch the show. Well not anymore anyways.)Eric does look douchy. Like I’d definitely want to punch him in the face. (Like, look at his smile, it’s totally smug and douchy.)

    -I love that you always get off track. It makes listening to the podcast so much more bearable. Especially when you go back to Survivor, its contestants, its challenges, the buffs.
    Seriously, it’s cool, I personally don’t think that anyone of us minds that you go off topic.
    I’d love to see Coach on a dating show.

    Also, I LOVE Stephen!!
    He’s so funny and awesome.
    I hope you keep bringing him back.
    Stehpen: If you’re writing for People next Season, you should definitely do the “Stephen’s Survivor Book Club”. Because really, who doesn’t want to discuss Italian Politics as it applies to Survivor?

    Nicole is right. <— Greatest statement EVER! People should live their lives by this statement here.
    1.There is a Double-Elimination on this Thursday's episode. (Jeff mentioned it in his EW blog). So we'll be down to 6 by Friday. And then I guess they'll be on track for the TFC.
    2. Guys can have butter faces. And 'The Situation' does have a butter face.

    I have a question.
    Can you open next weeks show with either your (1) Porno Name, or (2) Your Jersey Shore Name?

    • lisa08

      I was going to say the same thing, but I’ll just adds more flavor to your podcast when you drift off topic. Sometimes that’s how new segments can be developed.

  • Oatestache

    I just wanted to point out that Bret has now left the hospital!

  • Am I the only person who thought Eric didn’t look THAT bad? If anything, he only inherited really bad genetics. I blame Trump.

    I really hope anyone but HRP wins this thing. It’s like she hasn’t been told to shut the hell up enough times in her life.

  • sshaaz


    I believe you’ve officially created a monster. Any Celebrity Apprentice podcast without Stephen will now pale in comparison. Not that they wouldn’t be entertaining, mind you…but as it stands, I cannot drink a soda while listening to you three.

    As happy as I am sure we all are about you’re upcoming wedding, I’m probably not the only one who is wondering this: How long will the potential podcast embargo last during the wedding/honeymoon? (Not that we are selfish or anything :P)

    • Jackie

      Stephen is good but Rob and Nicole are able to carry the podcast on there own. Stephen is a nice treat but let’s not give him all the credit.

      Great podcast. I don’t watch the show, don’t need to watch the show, all I need is some Rob and Nicole and my week is complete. You should give out a The Rob and Nicole douche of the week award.

      • sshaaz

        Oh, absolutely. Rob and Nicole are great without Stephen. But if Rob and Nicole are like an ice cream sundae, Stephen isn’t just a cherry on top…he’s a second helping of ice cream sundae. I hope he keeps watching.

  • Another great installment guys!

    As another Australian listening I have to take issue with some of the comments. With regards to the comment that we are all smug, out of all my friends I am the only smug one. Also it’s interesting to hear that Aussie women are apparently really easy because when I was going to the states a year or two ago all my friends told me how easy American women were. Not sure which is true because I do pretty well with the ladies everywhere (oh, wait that could be my smugness coming through).

    • lisa08


  • Oh and with regards to your quest to get Blaggo hours of research (ok, 1 google search) led me here:

    You can also tell Rod what’s bugging you and subscribe to a free newsletter.

  • Well done, Matt. The governor has been formally requested on the podcast.

  • BS

    Nice podcast, Stephen’s a great guest to have on the show. Don’t watch Apprentice but do listen to your show. Since I love Survivor here’s a Survivor related comment:

    About merged tribes, I remembered the All-Stars season as having a late merge as well so I checked on it and it looks like they merged on Day 25, the same as this season. I guess with so many big personalities being in the game, they like to drag it out a little bit on seasons with returning players.

    Looking forward to the next Survivor podcast:)

  • lisa08

    If Bloggo was kept on for too long then Trump might look like a Bloggo Sympathizer?

    Oh yes, I am the answer girl! You almost came up with the answer on your own when you were talking about the VH1 shows that might have been the feeder for Brett Michaels to get his Rock of Love show. Remember Behind the Music? That was what really brought the hair bands back into our consciousness. It seems like that show was playing on a loop every weekend and it was always the same story….lots of sex, drugs and big hair until something terrible happened that caused the break-up of Band X. It was a cautionary tale that Britney, Lindsay and Amy Winehouse didn’t tune in to see, I guess. Sometimes you just need to experience the pain and humiliation for yourself, huh?

  • jamesrankin1

    Hey guys, really enjoying the podcast. I watch all three shows and could’nt believe you do a show on all three of them! Stephen is a great guest host. I think you should always sneek in a few survivor questions. I wonder if he could shed any light on what I’m calling the Eliza – JT fued that was uncovered on the survivor podcast with Eliza. Keep up the great work.

  • cburger

    Stephen bringing up “The Corner” and Rob talking about “John From Cincinnatti” was hilarious. I also think Rob didn’t get enough credit for his Seinfeld reference two episodes ago. I couldn’t stop laughing when he brought up “the maestro” when they were talking about Coach.

  • Jessica C

    Hi Rob & Nicole,

    I was watching Sunday’s episode with you in mind. Did either of you scream at the TV when Holly survived being fired and Cindy was given the boot?? I wonder how long it took Cindy to change into a new outfit before she left in the car. I was surprised that she got fired cause usually she can do no wrong in the Trump camp.

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