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Recapping the Second Week of SyFy’s Opposite Worlds


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Rob Cesternino and Brian Lynch recap episode 4 of Opposite Worlds. On this episode Rob and Brian recap the week that was in the Opposite Worlds house including:

  • Breaking down the decision to send Wyatt in to the Duel of Destiny to take on Jessie?
  • How did being blindsided affect Wyatt in the duel?
  • Who are the players that are doing well in the twitter popularity poll at this hour?
  • Why are the players living in the past wearing heavy jackets instead of loin cloths?
  • Is Jeffry playing a good strategic game?
  • Has Jesse seen the writing on the wall and changed his attitude in the game?
  • How have the new players adapted to the game?
  • Why did Frank go beast mode and throw tomatoes instead of helping to untie the ropes in the worldly challenge?
  • Should we feel bad for Jeffry for being the least popular player of the week?
  • Can anyone from the future ever become the Decider?
  • How did nobody hear the alliance making between Jeffry and JR on the last episode?
  • What is going to happen with the robots on next weeks show?
  • How will the show get rid of 10 contestants to crown a winner in the next 4 weeks?

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LIVE Opposite Worlds Week 2 Recap

Who will be eliminated on the second Duel of Destiny

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • TrollExterminator

    Okay I’m done with this show now that Wyatt is out.

    • Emmanuel

      haha it does seem quit over the top to have let wyatt go. a poor decision that may ultimately keep the past in the past for good!

      • Rosalie Bernard

        That’s why they deserve to be where they’re at. Why risk a guy like Wyatt for an unproven dude? The decision made no sense, and Wyatt had a right to be angry considering that they went back on a group decision made earlier to always send in the new member.

        • Katnea3

          Yup, I agree with you! The risk of sending in Wyatt was really idiotic! However I believe one of the reason for Epoch’s choice was due to Wyatt’s bellicose type personality. But who I really blame for their failure is that little weasel named, Steve! It was Steve who didn’t even push to convince his teammates that he indeed possessed what it takes to have easily won that competition! And so now due to Steve’s selfish behavior – this little selfish weasel may have single handedly lost any chance for Epoch to ever win! Period!

        • Katnea3

          I know…right?!

      • Katnea3

        I agree with you 100%! However now we must decide whom is at fault for their failure. I feel Steve and the blondes are! After all, “The Deciders” make the final decision. The females on Epoch have no clue that Steve manipulated them! And why in-the-you-know-what would they send in poor Angela against FRANK?! The blondes are lazy and joined at the hip with each other! Now that Angela is gone, ( no thanks to them) the ‘gurls” are now forced to do Angela’s job as well! Its about time!

  • Legionwrex

    It looked like at one point Wyatt had the fourth sword but tried to find the fifth sword along with it. Then when he saw Jessie running back he gave he panicked and gave up his lead.

    Had he kept looking for the fifth sword or ran back immediately when he had the fourth he probably would have won. Either way I felt bad for him. But this new guy seems pretty good.

    • Good analysis!

      • Legionwrex

        I try!

        • Emmanuel

          yes, i was curious as to why he ever prolonged after it was revealed he had indeed had 4th sword in hand. per when he did he kept searching for 5th( not sure it was in rules to take 2 swords at once)

          he had defeat in his eye, even his behavior in taking 5th sword in he seemed to already have had given up. what was on his mind?

          • Katnea3

            1) He saw he had no chance of winning and gave up in the end.
            2) I’m also sure you can grab 2 swords or all of them at once! It makes no difference how you do it as long as the player places them inside the slots ‘before’ the other player does.

    • Katnea3

      While I agree with most of your statement. I disagree with you about the new guy, (aka Steve) as he only cares about himself! I cant stand this guy for not pushing to compete in the competition! Steven knows his athletic abilities are strong and yet he kept his mouth shut! Now look what happened?!

  • Nick Fishman

    Another great recap by both Rob and Brian. You may or may not have forgotten to mention the new choices for the rewards and punishments but there are others things you did talk about. Just wondering what your preference would be.
    They are to give Lauren and one of her choice a spa day while make Jesse and one other te servants for the whole other team. OR Let Lauren go into the future for one hour to socialize and strategize while Jesse is denied access during the joint strategizing.

    Personally i would rather have option 1.

    Keep up the good work and thanks for calling me, nick2s, inquisitive. Means a lot coming from you.

    • Marcus

      Yeah, I think the spa option is best because it’ll be interesting to see how Jesse reacts and an hour to strategize in the future probably won’t get Lauren too far.

      And like Rob, I am definitely liking Jesse this season.

  • Steven

    i really like this show – im pretty sure that it was renewed for season 2 in April. Is that right? good podcast rob!

  • Suzi!

    Luke said they might read some tweets, but they never did, right? I think they’re making this game up as they go along ~

    • Omega Kin

      the word “might” was used for a reason

      • Suzi!

        Yeah, so they can make it up as they go along. And Luke told Rob they “might” have live feeds but no..

        • Omega Kin

          They have live feeds, videos & pics on their instagram, twitter & website.

          You could be right, I’m not in production.

          • Suzi!

            They have live feeds on their website? Got a link?

  • Dan C

    Loved the question from Russell Lindberg about Steve playing Seeker. It was a Harry Potter reference, Rob. 😉

  • Emmanuel

    Lauren seemed to be a great decider but a very poor leader! she choose her strongest player to combat another strong player?? with bringing their athleticism to jr and steve, ha-ha still scratching my head on that one. a dumb move, if they ever want to “brush their teeth,” again. disappointing!

    take out the weak to leave the strong vulnerable! right?? she also has a broken finger which leaves her useless to compete any further.

    all they have now is finesse(thanks to steve) a shaky underhanded alliance. with a mole, wit and angela’s strenth which is futile against tthe team now.

  • Emmanuel

    Jeffrey crying was deployed as a great distraction to his team as to why America disliked him for ratting(albeit mole) on his team in the first place. great theatrical moment to win empathy from america from future polls and his team from any suspicions and “not suspect me to be a threat,” as jeffery said.

  • finsburysghost

    I want to like the show. I don’t find it compelling.
    Show more social interaction.
    Frame the game a little better so we can analyze strategy.

  • Jeremy Carson

    Ugh… why are you podcasting on this instead of King of the Nerds…. I watched the first 2 episodes… The game is too basic and the host is too annoying.

  • William Davis

    Is it just me or does Jesse look like 1990’s Val Kilmer?

    • This is a great call. We need to see this side by side.

    • Katnea3

      Too FUNNY! You are 100% correct! (grin)

  • YEP

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the have-nots? I especially don’t like the females on that team. They call the future team villians. Really? Villians? Team Future aren’t the ones staring through the windows being cocky. They win and go about their business. Glad they lost. I did like Wyatt though. He was on the wrong team.

    • Katnea3

      I don’t like the females on the have-not side either! The blondes have always been in a click, and they’ve made some really bad decisions! However, I don’t NOT like Mercy at all! I’m glad that Lisette shared her opinions about Mercy’s attitude! And I’m also glad Jesse called her out as well. Yup, Mercy will toss anyone under the bus just to try to make herself look better! Mercy also thinks she is hot shite as well. (phifft)

  • Matt Geoghegan

    NOOOO why did Wyatt have to go??

    • Katnea3

      Wyatt didn’t have to go! Wyatt went because that weasel Steve withheld info about his athletic abilities, and did push to compete against Jesse! Steve is one greedy, manipulative player! I also believe that since Steve didn’t push to compete, his actions, (or lack thereof) has marked the end for his teammates ever making it over to the future side! So that and “The Deciders” idiotic decision(s) ended up sending Wyatt home! = /

  • Richie Miller

    Ok I watched that episode over n over if you watch after sword 3 Wyatt found sword way before Jesse you can see it in his hand when he sits it on ledge. Wyatt continued to act like still looking and kept looking over watching Jessie. Wyatt threw that match to get back at his team for picking him. Watch it again.

    • Ben

      I know!!!!!! I saw that too. Why aren’t more people picking up on this? I liked Wyatt at first but he turned out to be such a cry baby.

      • Katnea3

        Because it didn’t come off that way to most people! Now then, there is a slim chance that Wyatt wanted a close race to scare the bejesus out of his teammates, and thus it backfired on him?! However, I highly doubt he did that! But, IF he was idiotic enough to pull a 100K temper tantrum, then he needs to be locked upside in a funny farm! So until proven guilty, cut Wyatt some slack with regards to the so-called “cry baby” title…eh? ; )

        • Ben

          He’s a nice enough guy and he was my favorite to win but he came off as a cry baby in this episode. Even before the race began he was whining about being chosen and then he threw a temper tantrum at the end. That’s not what I expect from a combat veteran, I’ve never met one who’d act like that.
          I mean come on, it’s not like he was going to go through the entire game without being chosen for a challenge. He could have just been trying to find the other sword so he could run back with both but if that was the case, why did he quit that strategy to return the second to last sword? I don’t know. It’s weird. It sucks because now I don’t feel like watching the rest of the season because there’s no one to root for. If only Charles hadn’t broken his leg, he seemed like a really cool guy from what little we saw of him.

          • Katnea3

            I so agree with you with regards to really liking Charles! Yeah, I like Charles soooo much that if this show ends up continuing on, I hope they give Charles a 2nd chance to compete again! (smiles)
            And as far as Wyatt goes, he wasn’t whining about being chosen to compete, he was whining about the pre-agreement he already had made with his teammates!
            His team had already agreed that anyone new coming into Epoch, would automatically be the next person to compete. But even more importantly was the fact that Wyatt knew it was NOT a strategically sound move to send him in then! Period. And yes, Wyatt didn’t have to give his teammates ‘the finger’ at the end of the competition either. However, I look at it this way…. Wyatt was pissed off, hurt, and freezing! His teammates not only betrayed his trust, they cost him a possible 100K!
            I also don’t think Combat Vets take betrayal lightly either! In fact, I’ll bet that if YOU that had the one screwed over by your teammates, (combat vet or not) that maybe, just maybe, you too would of had the same ‘human’ reaction as Wyatt had displayed? Hmm? ; )

            Lastly, I too feel that Wyatt was searching for the other sword during that competition. And that in the end, his strategy failed him. And I also agree with you that most of the current contestants are not worth rooting for at this point. But just give it some time and you will probably find another player to root for as well…eh? (smiles)
            Heck, I’ve even forgiven Jesse and I like the guy now!
            I mean clearly Jesse never intended to hurt Charles like he had! I even wonder if the Frank-Beast had been the first player to compete on that tower…. that he (Frank)wouldn’t have ended up with same awful fuel filled adrenalin nightmare as Jesse had? Guess we will never know that answer…..

            And actually if you really think about it, that whole tower competition was insanely dangerous to begin with! That competition tower should of had a max height of only 3 feet if you ask me! So sadly enough, the want of high ratings simply trumped any proper safety precautions in the end …eh? (sigh)
            Oh and btw, during Wyatt’s exit video, he asked for America to keep an eye out for Steve! This is due to the fact that Steve withheld his skill abilities, didn’t push to compete, had INSIDE info due to watching the show, and that he manipulated the Epoch females so easily! And I agree with him! Heck, I didn’t even have to watch Wyatt’s exit video to come to that same conclusion about Steve! And it was also clear to me that the Epoch females didn’t care for Wyatt’s somewhat aggressive personality either. So unfortunately, Wyatt ended up putting a target on his own back sadly enough.

          • Ben

            Someone’s crushingggg onnn Wyattttt 😉 Just kidding haha.

            But nah, I got you. Wyatt’s a nice guy, I just didn’t like how he came across in this episode. I would have really liked to see him leave on a high note.

            You’re right about the platform thing. That was ridiculous. As soon as I saw they were going to be on a giant platform armed pikes that have electricity shooting out the end of them I thought to myself… “Oh, this has got to be fake.” Then two people got injured and I realized the producers were just sort of… eccentric to say the least. Great idea for a show though, really brilliant premise.

            I can tell the show’s not scripted at all, so that’s brilliant. There would be a lot more senseless drama. But I’d like to see some more interesting characters next semester. I love everyone on the show but I’d like to see some real eccentric people, someone to really love and someone I can love to love to hate. Frank’s a bit too aggressive but he’s not a villian, he’s a nice guy that’s just a little too roided up. I don’t get the appeal of JR, he’s just a sneaky guy and none of the girls are particularly well fleshed out. Who are they and why should I care?

            More in-depth back stories on all of the contestants, who they really are and what they’re really about would have helped. Still a great show though. Cheers!

          • Katnea3

            Yup, once again you bring some very good viewpoints that I also agree with! And I must also admit that Wyatt actually rubbed me the wrong way most of the time! (hah)
            But yeah, I do believe that Frank (aka beast man) is a nice guy deep down. After all, it was Frank who volunteered himself to go over to the Epoch side with Jesse. Of course the reason he did this, was probably due to wanting more PR points for himself, as well as gleaning even more 1:1 info from the so-called enemy players…eh?

            And if you think about it…. the players on the future side really haven’t had their buttons pushed much either. I mean survival on the Epoch is stressful at best! I really hope Mercy ends up over there! Because if that ever happens, America will see plenty of drama flow out of her!
            Hmm, actually most of the players on the future side would exhibit lots of drama if ever transferred to the past! However, I think Lisette and Jesse would keep their cool the best though? (especially Lisette!)
            As far as not having too much background on the contestants goes, I’m kinda used to it because I watch “Survivor” and that show offers about the same amount of background as this show does. (shrug)
            I think Jesse had the right idea to throw the match to let the Epoch players win the competition and start living in the future. Both Jesse and Lisette understood that by doing so, America would of loved this selfless act as well as supporting them as popular favs! On the other hand, I’m thinking that Jesse also understands that most of his teammates would buckle in a heartbeat if they are ever transferred to the past and so this would help to push him ahead when his teammates exhibit meltdown after meltdown while living in the past. (heh!)
            And as far as putting in too many love to hate personalities goes, I fear too may intense personalities may come off as being scripted? I also agree with you about JR! Why is he so well liked when he is taking extra nutrition for himself?! And why do people like the Epoch females (Samm and Lauren) so well?! They are not only idiot Deciders, they are in a click together! I felt sorry for Angela being put up against Frank! I knew she wouldn’t win. (sigh) The Epoch players are so worried about Frank they cant see the forest for the trees! Angela should of been put up against another female! Yes, perhaps the Epoch players are right where they belong…eh? ; )

    • Katnea3

      I hear what you are saying but come on now! Would you throw a chance at WINNING 100 THOUSAND DOLLARS?! I think not! Even Wyatt isn’t that stupid!

  • Melissa

    Does anyone know where I can watch this show if I don’t have cable?

  • Paul Corlson

    Way to much talking in the live show

  • Rosalie Bernard

    I love Jesse and Frank from the “Haves”. Unfortunately, their team, in my opinion, is being punished by the voting public simply because they are winners. They deserve to be where they’re at because they earned it. This is a game and people will get hurt, so Jesse should not be made to feel guilty about what was clearly an accident. The “Have Nots” clearly have not earned a stay in the “World of Plenty”, and I really don’t feel sorry for them at all. They all compete with the same challenge and if they keep losing, they deserve to go back to the hell hole. I hope Jesse’s team will win the vote to chose who goes up against who for the next elimination challenge. Good luck Team Jesse!!!!

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