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News AF 12 | Buying Hef’s House – 1/11/16

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With Danny absent, Rob and Tyson talk about buying the Playboy Mansion, Tetris, Luminosity, Emoji, Peach social media, David Bowie, Tesla, Sean Penn & El Capo, David Ramsey  and more!

News AF 12 – Buying Hef’s House – 01/11/16

  1.       New Year’s Resolutions: Rob – to Journal more (work/time mgmnt/food), Tyson – Brain building games (Luminosity/Elevate/Peak/NeuroNation/Memrize)
  2.      Golden Globes (4:30): Tyson guessed 86% of award winners and won his pool.
  3.      David Bowie (5:10): Tyson had discussion of him during Cards Against Humanity game shortly before the announcement of David Bowie passing. David Bowie + Going on a Date + Tiger
  4.      Playboy Mansion for sale (6:28): $200 million (inflated) price tag (Old owner included at no additional cost). Hef getting a reverse mortgage? Discussion plays out like a sitcom plot.
  5.       Danny MIA (14:10): Danny off ‘on assignment’. Predictive rumors that he has been canned ala his predecessor. Tyson already has a list of replacements ready to go. All turned him down.
  6.      Vasectomy Light Switch (15:40): Internal switches (1 per testicle) to turn on or off reproductive abilities in post-vasectomy men. Rob and Tyson think they should have an app for turning the switch on and off or be able to use the Clapper. Much discussion on reliability.
  7.      Emoji Sex Freaks (21:42): People who use emojis think about sex more often than those who don’t.
  8.    Peach (28:00): New social network app for ios users called Peach. Like a private Twitter network – only goes to friends and friends of friends.
  9.    Australian man formerly known as Jared (28:30): Man wants detailed graphic drawing of male parts to be his official signature. He has had to fight this in court. Tyson recounts signing an ‘X’ on a speeding ticket once. Rob wonders if an eggplant emoji would be better. Rob thinks this may protect his identity from being stolen. Discussion on forgery.
  10.   TrueCar ad
  11.  Tesla with built in Chauffeur (39:53):  Tesla says you can one day have your car (driverless) come pick you up. Jeff Probst has a Tesla!
  12.  The (virtual) Reality of Homesick Astronauts (42:20): Using VR for Astronauts who miss home. Discussion on Occulos Rift and Google Cardboard. Will we be watching VR while riding in our driverless cars?
  13.  Pizza Rat is a fraud! (43:39): Accusation that pizza rat is a trained rat and the person asleep in the video is the trainer/performance art. Is this now actual craptual?
  14.   Adam from Australia (46:40): Australian Penal Colony joke in reference to Australia Jared’s signature. Sean Penn El Chapo interview (goes into Team America story). Question whether criminal or legal element will come after him, comment about celebrities never going to prison leads to Jared Fogle reference and whether he is a celeb or not. Proposed movie plot: El Chapo escapes and only Sean Penn can find him, so the Mexican Government brings him in to solve the case. Sean Penn plays himself (as the I am Sam character). Adam’s top 3 emojis: winky face, pee face (tongue out), love emoji (heart).
  15.  Bieber kicked out of Mayan site in Mexico (55:06): Pantsless Bieber climbs up on ruins. Ruining it for everyone. Rob ponders covering the ruins in itching powder to keep the naked Biebers off of it, Tyson says Bieber already itches.
  16.  Martin Shkreli on Blab (56:40)
  17.   Hashtag (58:35): #DrDredElChapoIamSean #MakingAnElChapo #HefsLandlord #BellyButtonKnob #RobTysonAndTheOtherGuy
  18.   5-Star Review of the Week (59:14): Best Source for the News by DMKill0398


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