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Lex on Boston Rob’s Survivor Downfall

Survivor Lex
Every Survivor fan had to be wondering what Lex thought about Boston Rob getting voted out and we’ve got the exclusive interview with Lex Van Den Berghe from Survivor Africa and All-Stars.  Nicole and Rob get all of Lex’s thoughts about Heroes vs. Villains and talk to Survivor Super Fan, and number one Boston Rob supporter Murtz Jaffer.  On today’s episode we find out:

– What was Lex’s reaction to Boston Rob getting voted out this week?

– Where does Lex think Boston Rob went wrong?

– What are Lex’s thoughts on fellow all-stars Colby, Jerri and Rupert?

– How is Boston Rob’s number one fan dealing with the loss?

We’ll find out all this and more on Rob Has A Podcast!

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Mshock

    This was the first of your podcasts that I listened to. Lex is my all time favorite and LOVED listening to you all chat. There’s some good “not for broadcast” stories there, and I wish I could take you all out for drinks and get you to spill the beans. Thanks for doing the podcast, I’ve listened to them all. It’s such a treat to get all these little insider stories and perspectives. Keep up the good work!

  • Rickyretoncho

    Omg please don’t have that guy Murtz on your show again. It was painful to listen to…too much nonsense.

  • hen

    lex is the man but fuck murtz

  • dirtymagic291

    Hey Rob, is there any reason why this podcast is unavailable?

  • BigDan

    just hearing this again after all these years. wow lex really called it about sandra!

    • Streets_Ahead

      He was down right prescient in that pod cast and had some great insights.

    • Tom Polite

      He knows the game well! I would love to see Lex play again at some point.

  • libbos

    hearing this makes it seem like lex knew who was going to win.

  • Bertinho

    Wow, Nicole is doing the interview with Rob. You know what they say about the ladies. Before you get married they are all podcast podcast podcast, but once you get married the podcasts slow down until one day she is only podcasting twice a seson.

  • Ejay18

    listening to this years after the season aired.. its kinds creepy how much Lex predicted some of the things that ended up happening.. wonder if he has inside knowledge of what happened before the season finished airing.. the part about luck playing a huge part in the game is really really creepy considering that Russell was hammered by Colby for saying that luck did not have an impact in Russels game..

    • Mitzi_Paynor

      I actually just asked Lex if he was spoiled on this season, and he said “Nope! Lucky Guess!”. He knows that I know he WAS spoiled on “South Pacific” (because of Skupin), so he has no reason to lie to me, not that he would any way.

      I told him that it just proves what a savvy player he still is. 😉

      I know he stopped watching a few season ago and I’ve been trying to get him to rewatch the last few installments because they were so good. Will try again to get him to watch 30 so maybe he’ll come back on the podcast.

  • Ejay18

    i LOVE how even after years of having played the all-stars Lex is still determined to argue that he was “playing by a moral code” or whatever during the season and that was why he lost.. He made the wrong decision thinking that Rob will help him get further in the game.. i don’t really think that he made that decision because of his emotional connection with Rob, it was a game move from his part that backfired!

  • Tom Polite

    Its fitting that this episode has more comments and likes than any episode preceding it. I remember being so excited when it was first posted years ago. And I listened to it over the summer again. Its probably my favorite of the first season of RHAP. Lex is great. Would love to hear from him again!

  • josephernest


  • alex haas

    Lex called the best player ever less than half way through the game.

  • Edita

    I am not a Lex fan, but he’s so good here! I really hope we’ll get to hear him again.

  • Coll

    Lex Van Den Berghe is my absolute favourite survivor!!!!! He should get his own show!!!!

  • Kooks

    LOL omg there’s a gilmore girl podcast. Spencer would be happy.

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