JFP Unleashed: Jonny Fairplay on Survivor Nicaragua

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Marty was the latest castaway to go home on Survivor Nicaragua and Rob Cesternino and Nicole are joined by 2-time Survivor, Jonny Fairplay was a walk on the wild side of Survivor. On this episode we discuss:

– How good of a Survivor player was Marty Piombo? Which former Survivor do Rob and Jonny Fairplay think that Marty reminds them of most?

– Why does Rob compare Sash and Brenda to Stephen and J.T. from Tocantins?

– What does Jonny Fairplay think of NaOnka?

– And how did Jonny Fairplay inadvertently help invent The Survivor Hall of Fame?

It’s a Survivor Podcast so good, even NaOnka might say something nice about it (but probably not)… it’s Rob Has a Podcast

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