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Rob Has a Probst-cast: Jeff Probst Talks Survivor

The host of Survivor, Jeff Probst discusses the Philippines and the future of the franchise.

The host of Survivor, Jeff Probst discusses the Philippines and the future of the franchise.

Jeff Probst, Nicole and Rob Cesternino after America's Tribal Council in 2004

Jeff Probst, Nicole and Rob Cesternino after America’s Tribal Council in 2004

The wait is finally over! Rob Cesternino welcomes the four-time Emmy award winning host of “Survivor” and the “Jeff Probst show”, Jeff Probst to Rob Has a Podcast.

Rob starts off the interview by informing Jeff how this month was the 10-year anniversary of the filming of Survivor: The Amazon. Jeff brought up how Rob was the first player they ever had on the show who was a fan of the show who knew the show backwards and forwards.

Survivor Philippines

Rob commends Jeff on his call that this was actually a great season of Survivor. Jeff is happy that the fans are as happy with the season as he is and hates that some fans feel like he has lost credibility with season predictions for the show. Rob asks Jeff about the wild tribal council from this past week’s episode and how it ranks compared to other crazy tribal councils. Jeff described his role in this week’s show and how this tribal council appeared to be a huge moment in the show. Rob asked Jeff about his “blown opportunity” comment and whether that was for the players or for the audience. Jeff says that everything he does is for the audience and his job is to say the things that the people at home are thinking.

Bringing up Jeff’s relationship with Jonathan Penner, Rob wants to know if Jeff thinks it’s a good idea for players to try and mix it up with Jeff during the game. Jeff says that he is a part of the game and is surprised that more people don’t try to interact with him. Jeff says that he goes to Penner because he is such a great wit and that’s why it works for him. Jeff says that he goes to the people who help to tell the story.

Rob wants to know what it’s like for Jeff Probst to host the show this season with players like Jeff Kent and Lisa Whelchel who are players who have secrets. Jeff says that it doesn’t really change anything for him as the host. Probst loved having Jeff Kent because he is a guy who would’ve been on the show even if he wasn’t a baseball player. Jeff says that him, Lisa was simply a Christian mom and not the star of “The Facts of Life”. Jeff explains how he almost blew Jeff Kent’s cover in the challenge by revealing his name. Rob wonders if the alpha-dog rivalry goes back to his feud with Barry Bonds.

This season, Jeff also got kissed at tribal council by a contestant for the first time. Rob asks Jeff about what happened with Sarah Dawson this season. Jeff says he’s not sure if Dawson was just having fun or just wanted to kiss him. Rob asked if Jeff got in trouble from his wife, Lisa-Ann Russell, but Jeff says that he didn’t catch any heat.

The Future of Survivor

Rob wants to know about the future of Survivor and whether it has a definite life span or if its a show that could go for a generation like Jeopardy or The Price is Right. Jeff isn’t sure but is excited about how this season of Survivor is not showing any age. Jeff thinks that there is some concern about how television as an industry and thinks it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

Rob puts Jeff on the spot and asks him if he will return to Survivor for Season 27 & 28. Jeff says that he is coming back to the show and says that while there is still contract to work out, he’ll be there to host the show. Jeff thinks that Survivor has over used a lot of the great players from Survivor history but thinks it’s important to bring in some new people as well to keep it fresh. Jeff talks about how he really liked the idea of “Redemption Island” because he liked mixing it up.

Rob asks Jeff Probst if other celebrities are coming to him about getting on Survivor after the success of Lisa Whelchel and Jeff Kent on the show.  Jeff says that most celebrities don’t have the “balls” to go out on Survivor.

In the 25th season of Survivor Rob asks Jeff about his favorite moments from the history of the show.  Jeff says that he still vividly remembers how Richard Hatch won the first show after the expected Rudy Boesch to be the winner.  Another moment for Jeff was how Russell Swan almost died in Survivor Samoa.  Jeff also remembers sitting with Mark Burnett in Survivor The Australian Outback when Mike Skupin fell in the fire.

Responding to Criticism

Rob wants to know how things are going with “The Jeff Probst Show” and Jeff says that he is still very much in transition with learning how to host the talk show.  Jeff feels very lucky that Survivor has been pretty free of meddling by the networks over the years.

Jeff turns the tables on Rob and asks him to critique him as a Survivor host.  Rob says that we need to have more inappropriate comments and Jeff says that he loves to do it if he can.  Jeff cites some of his critics and brings up when he said that Penner was in trouble at tribal council and wants to know if that was over the line.  Rob says that Penner playing the hidden immunity idol felt like that was a smoking gun and the only clue he had was Jeff’s comment.  Jeff says that he says things like that to all of the players but the editors only show the footage that is relevant to the story.

It’s the Jeff Probst interview that you’ve been waiting for.  Thanks so much to Jeff for finally coming on to talk about Survivor and coming through on his promise to join us on Rob Has a Podcast.

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • FormerCastaway

    OMG! This is the best day of my life.

  • Who’s left on your Bucket List? Personally, I think you have to get that short hair girl from season 1, and you have to find Brian Heidik.

    • Colleen would be the ultimate get of all time. Ben over at Survivor Oz crossed Greg off the list, but the hottest woman to ever appear on Survivor would trump that. Fat chance of it ever happening, but you know….

    • cameron w

      Brian Heidik is pure scum.

    • And Heidi Stroebel.
      Oh, and Dr Ramona. Sexy Australian Survivor Doctor.

  • Great interview with Jeff. Although I do wish you could have thought of some names off the top of your head when Jeff asked you just to see what his reactions to some more old school names like Jeff Varner or even you Rob would be!

    And is there any doubt that Survivor Shannon is the person Jeff has blocked on twitter?

  • great interview i personally think probst is a great host and like his grilling of the cast.
    he makes you get another view on things

  • Rob, you came off a little star struck. I anticipate that will be the criticism. I dare ANYBODY – ANY of you motherfuckers – to do a better job than this two time Survivor did. Anybody. Get your own podcast and get the sine qua non of Survivor on for a 45 minute interview, something we’ve never heard before, and do a better job. I’m going to listen to it again – another White Whale crossed off the list. Well, well done Rob.

    • probst is somewhat sensitive. Rc is just being cautious.. I hope he interviews mark burnett next/someday

    • I definitely was nervous doing this one. Jeff threw me off too when he asked me what players should come back and for criticism about his hosting. That being said, I thought Jeff was really gracious and I really appreciate him coming on the podcast.

      • They were both impossible questions in the moment. The first one because it’s putting you in an alienating political position for getting future guests on. And the second? How do you criticize this guy?!?!?! Survivor is what it is, and in your convo he already headed off the main beefs that people have with him. You had an amazing 45 minutes with the guy – who else is getting this interview?!!?

      • WhoReallyCares

        Your amount of nevousness was evident, you might as well have been Dawson staring atkissing him.

        He was a gold-mine and the deed holder, he offered you the deed. You probably would have gotten an extra hour out of Probst if you engaged him with your honest opinions.

        Jeff was game. You were intimidated. (I’m not trolling, it’s just my opinion)

        I think you erred too much on the side of Johnny Fairplay’s dubbing you as the “King of the Softball”.

        I’ll still listen to all of your podcasts and watch every episode of Survivor. I just think you should have had some back-up (Fishbach-up?) in order to get the most out of this, big, one.

        • WRC, I don’t mind you calling me out, but be specific… What is it that you wanted to hear me nail Jeff to the wall for? Jeff did catch me off guard with the returning players but what threw me was that I didn’t want to mention anybody who may be returning for season 26.

          • WhoReallyCares

            I wasn’t looking for you to nail Jeff to the wall for anything. Also,
            my comment had nothing to do with the returning players question.

            way I saw it was that Jeff offered you a golden ticket to openly
            discuss your thoughts and opinions on Survivor and you gave him nothing.
            I understand your reasoning for being diplomatic during interviews,
            but, Jeff effectively said “tell me what you think” and you didn’t do
            so. Listeners of your podcast have heard your criticisms of the show
            before and he asked you for them. I think he would have stuck around
            longer and given you real and well thought out answers if you’d have
            told him. Or if you had just been extra nerdy about the game, he seemed
            down for “deep” Survivor talk.

            I understand being grateful to
            everyone who takes the time to speak with you, and you not wanting to
            upset them for future benefit to the podcast. But, I think, as an
            interviewer you need to interject your own personality and opinions more
            often. Especially in a big deal session such as this.

          • WhoReallyCares

            Excuse the bad parsing, Disqus went funky.

          • You should mention just Shane Powers, Stephen Fishback and some guy called Rob C. – just the best of the best 😉 :) – Great Interview Rob, thank you for it, you did splendid job!

          • damnbueno

            If Rob suggests 3 players to return, then all of a sudden he’s got 100 former players mad at him for not mentioning them. Then it would be harder for him to get Podcast guests.

            Rob was almost in a no win situation. His thoughts on returning players with Probst should be in a private conversation between those two.

          • I don’t know. I think this was more like two guys having a beer together and just discussing who they like. I think that was the spirit in which Probst asked but he then realized that Rob was kind of put on the spot by it. This wasn’t two guys having a beer together, it was public.

          • damnbueno

            Yeah, 2 guys having a beer…with microphones and recording equipment running, and the full knowledge that a legion of RHAP and Survivor fans will hear every word they say.

            There wasn’t any answer Rob could give that would fully benefit him.

          • Z

            That’s a problem then. If Rob is scared to give an answer because of what future guests will think then he’s not a good host. If I wanted to listen to a softball throwing kissass I’d watch Jay Leno.

          • Z, I would have no problem telling Jeff a list of players that should be brought back. I have never said that I didn’t give Jeff an answer because I didn’t want to offend future guests. I didn’t have a list off the top of my head of Survivor players to bring back especially because I didn’t want to mention any of the names rumored to be a part of season 26. Fault me for a lack of preparation, but I was not trying to spare anybody’s feelings.

          • WhoReallyCares

            Rob, you continue to go back to the returning players question when it doesn’t apply. I’m entirely uninterested in the issue and it seems that Z is as well. I, and I think, Z was speaking of potential future guests to YOUR SHOW, not returning players to Survivor.

            You have always decided to spare someone’s feeling before disagreeing with them, or, agreeing with their slightlybarely controversial statement. In nearly every interview there’s a point in which your interviewee makes a statement and your only response is “OK *chuckle* *dead air*”

            Boston Rob ended up interviewing you. None of us knew that you still harbored any sore feelings of your time on All-Stars. At least you offered Mariano something. Probst ended up interviewing you as well, yet you gave him nothing.

            The best celebrity interviewers never shied from speaking their minds, including a favorite of yours in Howard Stern. Going to the Stern extreme isn’t desirable for your show. But, his program was always about speaking honestly of himself, his relationships with friends and co-workers, and his thoughts and opinions on the subject at hand. You can say the same about interviewers you may or may not like, but, have been successful: Dick Cavett, William F. Buckley Jr, Tim Russert, Phil Donahue, Johnny Carson, Bill O’Reilly, etc.

            I can sum up in one line:

            I want more Rob in Robhasapodcast.

          • damnbueno

            Rob is no softballer for sure, but there is a line that exists — one that I suspect Rob drew for himself — that we as RHAP fans simply have to respect.

        • ummmm…. WTF? LOL… what do you people think this is? 60 minutes? this isnt some “hard-hitting” journalistic endeavor here…. its a fun interview about a fun show… dont take this so seriously… LOL… what was he supposed to ask? they were fine questions and fine replies… take it for what it is, a light, fun conversation about somethign we all love.. .SURVIVOR… not sure what people were expecting here….

          • WhoReallyCares

            I am, totally, taking a person who’s reply is “WTF? LOL” seriously. Expect a direct rebuttal in the next few years.

            I commend you for entirely missing my point, Frank. Excellent work; way to go.

      • I thought it was great he asked you for criticism. It showed that Probst does care. Not just about the way people perceive him, but about the show itself. Besides, I’m oddly entertained that Probst says the F word. So sue me, I like the crass.

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  • The reason guests like Probst and Boston Rob are so great is because they answer all the important questions, and Rob doesn’t even have to ask the questions.

    And I’m pretty sure Shannon is the guy he blocked.

  • My greatest fear was that this interview was only going to be 15 minutes long. This was a great and lengthy interview. Glad it finally happened!

  • Trevor Chong

    Great podcast! Now when are you going to be a guest on his show!?

    • i’d pay money to see that, rc and nicole on JPS

  • Holy fricken cheeseballs. Awesome.

  • Jasssi

    Hmmm.. he was talking about Phillip as if he was a returning player. Maybe he’s coming back soon?

    • Josh Hanson

      Yeah and ironic that he was talking about not giving it away (in the case of Jeff Kent’s surname). That being said forus it’s the future while for Jeff it’s history. I liked Rob’s interview. I think we forget sometimes that interviews are about the interviewee and Rob does this really well. It was great hearing Jeff roam – especially about returning players!

      • Jasssi

        Yes I really enjoyed this interview and Rob is an excellent interviewer. He always asks the right questions but I love his jokes that he adds here and there. Like in this interview, one that stands out is, “I was only there for 1.1 seasons.” I don’t know why but I thought that was hilarious. Anyways, I’m off topic, but to Rob, I really, really apreciate all that you do for your listeners!

  • Natalie Kuchik

    Loved the podcast so much I listened twice! I am a bit confused though, when talking about returning players who they wore out/keep bringing back Jeff said ‘Parv, Boston Rob, Russell, Phillip…Who is Phillip?! I know Mr. Sheppard only played once. He said Phillip’s name 2-3 times when talking about people they have brought back.

    That would have been the time to plug either Aras or your Survivor know-it-all co-star Stefannnnnn!!

    • I’m pretty sure Phillip will be on next season which has already been filmed.

    • haha. I picked up on the same thing and had the same thought that some of you had. there is only one Phillip. The Specialist. coming to Wednesday’s on CBS!

      • Natalie Kuchik

        Yesssssssssssssssssss! He was so entertaining! Pumped for next season already!

  • I appreciate Jeff giving credit to Amber, which I would not have expected. What I did expect though, was that this would be the epic podcast that it was.

  • GlennHolford

    Rob, I feel like this podcast just graduated.

  • I hope there would really be old school vs new school. It would be so interesting. I think New School Tribe will burn. I want these people.

    Old School Tribe:
    Jerri Manthey (Australian Outback)
    Kathy Vavrick O Brien (Marquesas)
    Shii Ann Huang (Thailand)
    Heidi Strobel (Amazon)
    Kelly Wiglesworth (Borneo)
    Ryan Opray (Pearl Islands)
    Rob Cesternino (Amazon)
    Lex van den Berghe (Africa)
    Brian Heidik (Thailand)
    Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback)

    New School:
    Parvati Shallow (Cook Islands)
    Brenda Lowe (Nicaragua)
    Amanda Kimmel (China)
    Kim Spradlin (One World)
    Cirie Fields (Exile Island)
    Todd Herzhog (China)
    Russell Hantz (Samoa)
    Erik Cardona (Samoa)
    Troyzan Roberston (One World)
    Stephen Fishbach (Tocantins)

    Just me thinking. Hehe.

    • you skipped like 6 seasons though… you need a more diverse cast so if there’s only 2 tribes you need to separate them evenly…. end the old school tribe with Palau or Guatemala since you have Cirie on the new side, although even she could be on the older end of things…

      • Its not about having a diverse cast. Its about getting players that embodies what old school and new school are.

    • damnbueno

      You’ve got 4 who’ve already played twice, and 6 who’ve played 3 times. Do we really need half the cast to be repeats? We’ve already seen Parvati, Amanda and Cirie on the same tribe. Same goes with Russell Hantz vs Erik.

      Just curious, why include Ryan O.? He wasn’t much more than a follower in Pearl Islands. I’d take Alex (Amazon), Ian (Palau) or Rafe (Guatemala) over Ryan in a heartbeat. If you want a serious competition, include Yul. If you want entertainment, include Shane or Phillip.

      • First of all, its Old School VS New School. Not who played the least. I feel like these 20 can represent their era the most.

        Ryan Opray (Pearl Islands)
        Rob Cesternino (Amazon)
        Lex van den Berghe (Africa)
        Brian Heidik (Thailand)
        Colby Donaldson (Australian Outback)

        These five guys have different image but all are old school players. Ian and Alex are pretty much another version of Colby. Rafe’s game is pretty much on the new school already. A premature version of what the recent players’ game is.

        On Ryan O. I wanted to pick someone who seemed innocent or something. Greg, Mitchell, Dirk, Gabriel, Ryan O, and Brady were the people I was thinking of. Ryan O just felt the most fitting. Well its just me.

        With regards to my new school picks, I picked the strategists and tacticians, not the entertaining ones. If you go into interviews with regards to the difference between Survivor then and now, it has been a consensus that the game is more cut throat and strategic now in comparison to before. And if you want a season that battles old school VS new school, its only fitting to bring players that embodies what the game was before and what the game is now today.

        • damnbueno

          Yeah, I got the Old School/New School concept. You put it right at the top of your post.

          But even with that concept, there are plenty of great players who haven’t had a 2nd chance. Why give so many a 4th chance when so many fans already feel Boston Rob’s 4 try was entirely orchestrated for him to finally win? And Colby was such a dud in HvV (even if he was intentionally sandbagging it in challenges) I wouldn’t want to watch him play a 4th time.

          Personally, I don’t think anyone should get to play more than twice — once against all rookies, and once against all returning players. I like including Ian and Rafe over Colby because they were both good strategists and challenge athletes (7 Individual Immunity wins between them), and had great social games. But they both did themselves in with one huge bonehead decision. I’d like to see them get a chance to erase their reputations. But like your opinion of Ryan, that’s just me.

          I’ve got to wonder how good a strategist/tactician Erik C. could be when he managed to get blindsided while holding an Idol. His entire tribe turned against him. Great players don’t get fooled that badly. He and Ryan stand out to me simply because they both barely made it to the merge before getting booted. I’d guess at the least, someone would have to make the Top 5 to even be considered for playing again, which would also eliminate Alex.

          • Now you’re limiting your choices with the “I don’t think anyone should get to play more than twice”. My main point is the people who embodies old school and new school. That’s the first priority. If it happens that a person plays the game 100 times, so what? That’s what the season is about.

            Erik in his confessionals proved that he knows that game. His undoing is his cockiness. He underestimated Foa Foa’s game. If Samoa ended up merging 6 people from both tribes, this would have been where Erik and John would have shined.

          • damnbueno

            Exactly. I feel if you can’t get the win after two tries, you’re done.

            Nobody embodies Old School/New School Survivor more than Jerri and Russell Hantz, but I don’t want to see either of them play again.

            So why not use Colleen (Borneo) and Laura (Samoa) instead? They’d represent the Old/New concept just fine, and we wouldn’t have to watch Russell tell us how great he is for a 4th time (that’s not a shot at Russell, just an observation/prediction).

          • Well it won’t be good TV if you would be getting the 2nd best. Look what happened at Allstars. Nothing against Amber but I think it would have been an interesting season if Elisabeth was there instead of her.

            If Jerri and Russell fits what the season is about, then get them. I’m sorry but I think you’re being unfair by saying that they shouldn’t play because they played it before.

            Also, good luck getting Colleen on board. She shunned out Survivor a long time ago.

          • damnbueno

            The fact that Amber won doesn’t make All-Stars any less of an entertaining season for viewers. Its the journey that matters, not the result. Besides, a TON of viewers got wrapped up in the Rob & Amber romance. Her inclusion DID make for great TV, even if it wasn’t intended. Are you really saying you weren’t entertained by Rob screwing Lex over simply because Amber won?

            How am I being unfair to those who haven’t played twice if some are given a 3rd and 4th chance? If anything I’m being VERY fair to those who’ve only got to play once.

            Probst himself said in this interview that its very important to bring new blood into the game. We’ve already got some great candidates for another Heroes vs Villains from the last few seasons without including anyone who has already played twice:

            Villains: Abi-Maria, Pete, Artis, Troyzan, Colton, Phillip, Cochran, Sash, Marty, Shambo, John Fincher, Joel.

            Heroes: Malcolm, Denise, Lisa, Chelsea, Kim, Sophie, Dawn, Jane, Fabio, Brenda, Laura, Brett, Ice Cream scooper Erik.

            Some of these players could fit into either category. After all, I never figured out why Sandra was a villain and Candice was a hero.

            How fair would it be to these players if Jerri, Colby, Parvati and Russell all played for a 4th time? Russell would most likely get booted before the merge again simply for being Russell. He’s not gonna change, and we’ve seen his schtick already.

            Survivor is at its best when it’s unpredictable. Including 3 and 4 time players increases the predictability factor because we all know what these players are gonna do.

          • damnbueno

            Yes, Erik knows the game very well. He came up with a great plan, that if it worked, would have removed 1 Foa Foa and Russell’s Idol.

            But Erik failed miserably in executing that plan. He did a horrible job of earning his tribe’s trust, and in fact, achieved the exact opposite.

            If you can inspire 7 of your tribe members to withhold the truth from you, that means you played a bad game.

            Cochran got further than Erik did, and Erik wasn’t nearly as entertaining to watch as Cochran was.. That alone tells me Erik shouldn’t play again.

    • That is such a terrible list. I was going to go into each of those choices, but I’d be wasting my time with half the list. Maybe only 5-6 of them “deserve” a second or third chance.

  • GlennHolford

    “I hear them in my head!”

    – Jeff Probst Inappropriate Out-Of-Context Sanity Comment
    08:30 in

  • You should have pulled out “Bring Back Yul Kwon!!!”

  • “This season, Jeff also got kissed at tribal council by a contestant for the first time.”
    Whoever writes these…shouldn’t.

  • Jeff (on his out of context inappropriate quotes):

    “I like doing it.”

  • Ryan Oakley

    This was such a great interview, got chills when he was talking about trying to bring you back (and he sounded completely, 100% genuine)

  • I feel like the best part of this podcast was the nicole cozys up to Probst as Rob akwardly touches her arm pic.
    Wish Rob pushed Jeff a little harder, but understand why he didnt push the multi emmy winner really hard. It was fun, glad it happened, but would have been cool to see Pobst challenged a little more.

  • I do feel like there was a serious missed opportunity to speak for the fanbase on returners. He was definitely asking for feedback and wanting to know who Joe Blow fan would like to see return. There were tons of acceptable answers to this question in my mind, but Fishbach seems like a pretty slam dunk safe and respectable answer.

    Fun interview though, i really enjoyed it a lot.

  • I wonder if Jeff Wilson feels left out.

  • Don Crosse

    Who allowed that idiot, former baseball loser, to say something negative about President Obama (taking taxes out the the money he wanted to win)? This bozo could be the poster boy for why the wealthy (he bragged about making over 60 million dollars in baseball) should be taxed at higher rates. Imagine if this clown had to actually work for a living?
    Please keep the millionaires off Survivor unless they are donating the money.
    I was disappointed in the Producers of Survivor who allowed this moron an opportunity to make a political statement the week before the election.
    Jeff I hope that you’ll ask him about his effective tax rate during the final show…I’ll bet he doesn’t pay anywhere near the tax rate he cited on air.

    • Rod Ironwood

      Geez, calm down.
      I’m an Obama supporter, and I was kind of indifferent toward Kent, but I thought his closing rant was kinda funny. Plus, his vote-off was the day AFTER the election, and taxes on game show winnings are all the same…39% I think.

      Also, Kent was low-balling (out of modesty?) his former earnings in baseball…it was 86 million! Maybe it was 60 or so after taxes, though…

      • Mike

        I too voted for Obama and thought Kent’s comment was absolutely hilarious. You might want to consider investing in a sense of humor.

        • Rod Ironwood

          Ummm, I said it was funny…

          • Mike

            Sorry, was replying to the initial comment though I clicked reply on yours.

          • Rod Ironwood

            Ah, got it. I agree then.

    • salomey5

      I don’t care how much money Kent has in the bank or what his political leanings are. This is a TV show and a game. What I want to see is people playing to win. Kent was playing to win and he made for good TV. As a Survivor fan, that’s all I’m asking for.
      So for all I know, they could bring a pro athlete every season if they’re all gonna play this hard.

  • This was a fascinating interview. What really intrigued me is how concerned Probst is with the criticism of his hosting. It’s clear that he really listens to what the fans are saying yet doesn’t understand it. His perspective is totally understandable, though. I think he was very candid and Rob did a great job with the interview. This obviously is a different type of interview than you’re going to have with a former player. Excellent job, Rob!

  • Pamishere

    This was a great interview Rob. awesome questions and i love the way Jeff answered them. I love your passion for the game and until today, you’re still stoked and excited to speak with Jeff.

    And like Jeff, I would like to know who are the players that you’d like to have return on the show, now that you’ve had some time to think about it. Who do you think will make for a good show and who do you think most deserve to come back?

  • Phillip? :O Did Jeff accidentally gave away S26 cast?

    • PorkStoreKiller

      I caught that as well.

    • I would bet that he did give away a cast member with that comment…

      • damnbueno

        But come on really, would anybody be surprised to see Phillip come back? Or Cochran for that matter?

  • I’m curious how much it would take them to release full TCs online for those who are interested. I feel like both free and paid digital distribution could be used beyond the “secret scenes” it’s used for now. I’m sure there’s a lot of interesting strategy talks that can’t be aired the first time around, but could make it into a digitally distributed “spoiler edit”

  • No Survivor Jeopardy mentions? you had the host of Rock And Roll Jeopardy on!!

  • Rob, I love that brought up the inappropriate comment thing. I was afraid that you wouldnt bring it up!!Jeff seemed to have a good sense of humour about everything!!

  • PorkStoreKiller

    I was very excited for this podcast, and it almost lived up to the promise. A couple bummer moments though when Rob wasnt prepared to rattle off a list of potential returning players and when Jeffrey seemed oddly lost to answer Rob’s various questions about events/people that were great/memorable/interesting. I realize Jeffrey is a busy dude, but I thought he would come to the podcast a little more prepared for those obvious questions.
    I do think his description of Swan’s near death added texture to that tale, but I felt this was the opportunity for Probst to tell us things we’ve never heard before. Like Billy Garcia getting his pants set ablaze, there has to be tons of cool unaired anecdotes over the last 25 seasons that Jeffrey could have used to dazzle us all.

  • Do we know which fromer survivor that Jeff banned from twitter

  • Will Jeff get a Tundra Hat? I wanna see that photo.

  • What timing, getting Jeff coming off an amazing episode. Excellent podcast and the surprise wow factor was awesome when i went to this site.

  • Amazballs Podcast! You really made the most of the time you had with Jeff and managed to pack a lot of insightful content into a little under an hour. My only concern now is how you are going to top this.

  • Enjoyed this a hell of a lot more than I expected. It’s the first time I’ve heard Jeff talking in a situation where he wasn’t asking the questions, and it was nice to get *his* insights.

    I really liked his answer to the “You interfere too much!” criticism, the whole “I’m speaking for the audience” thing. Considering how often we’re screaming at our televisions, I think it’s a fair enough concept that the host should be saying the things we’re screaming. Of course, sometimes I’m screaming at Jeff (though mostly when he’s berating a tribe for not voting off the weak), so… I guess that’s why we need Penner.

    On the downside, I cried a little inside when he said how surprised he was that Denise was so popular. I kind of expected he’d feel that way, but it’s still frustrating.

  • Awesome podcast. I love when Jeff is uncensored, is allowed to speak his mind and answer his critics. Evidenced here as well:

    In terms of the former castaway blocked – No question about it, it’s Shannon 2 Epsiodes Elkins.

  • steve

    i never heard of this website until this summer. now it is one of my favourites and i check it couple of times a day for updates. keep up the great work

  • jeremiahp

    Great interview Rob! I know you were nervous (hell I know I would have been), but you did great! Do you think Jeff would come back on the podcast down the road?

  • To get Rob back on Survivor, I would suggest doing a Brains vs Brawn season. You could have people like Stephen, Rob, Cirie, Todd Herzog on the brains side. On the Brawn side you could have people like Ozzy, James, ect.

    • Dave L

      Would the brains come from behind to win every challenge that ended with a puzzle?

      • BogDa

        I think that would be the way to even it up. That’s how the villains won the early challenges in HvsV —Boston Rob was great at puzzles and Stephanie and James were not. The villains were noticably the inferior team to start with.

    • Mike

      It is definitely a good point by Jeff to be honest. I’d always felt like, ‘Wtf Survivor, how isn’t Rob back, he’s one of the best characters they’ve ever had?!’ but Jeff’s point made a lot of sense, because I feel the same way about Rob. There’s no way it’s not correct if you’re out there to vote Rob out of the game at the first possible opportunity, and there’s very few players you can say that about, and most of the others did in fact go out very early (See: Cirie in HvsV and Russell in Redemption Island, for example).

    • or Best never win VS Winner doesn’t deserve (all vote by fans)

    • BogDa

      I’d love to see a “Brains vs Brawn” season.

      Here’s my dream cast: —-Trying to cast people who havn’t come on over and over again…

      Men: Rob C, Stephan Fishbach, Cochran, Todd, Marty. (Alternates:Yul, Chris)
      Women: Eliza, Cerie, Corrine, Deena, Pei-Gee. (Alternate: Kristina)

      Men: Malcolm, Jeff Kent, Joel (Fans), Ian, Fabio.
      Women: Denise, Kim, Sophie, Brenda, RC, (Alternates: Kelly Wigglesworth, Kat)

      I think these teams are actually fairly evenly matched. There is no Boston Rob, or Ozzy on the brawn team. Cerie is the only recast from Heroes vs Villains).

      • BogDa

        Kim could also be on the brains team. But I wasn’t sure who else would be a “brawn” women.

      • damnbueno

        Ian was one of the smartest to ever play. He was a better strategist than Fireman Tom. He just had one gargantuan brain fart. Malcolm is pretty smart too. And a brains team has to START with Yul. How about Grant for the Braun team?

        I’m not sure why you put Eliza on the brains team. She plays more out of fear and emotion than strategy. She’s never looked long-term at all.

        Brenda and Sophie seem more like Brainy players too, but I agree there’s a huge lack of brauny female players who’ve at least made it to the merge. I’d probably take Eliza and Deena off the Brains team, put Brenda and Sophie there instead, and use Kelly and Kat on the Braun team.

        • BogDa

          The women for brawn is a problem, and no doubt the producers would have a similar issue –perhaps why this hasn’t happened. Sophie, Brenda and Kim are all brains, but have strong challenge ability. Sophie beat Ozzy in that crucial challenge. That was huge and she won other immunities. Beating Ozzy won her the game in large part.

          I’d love to see Yul back but I can’t see them ever casting him again unless they do an all winners season. He’s too smart for the game. In some ways its amazing he was ever cast on the show.

          I think Eliza is a smart player, but I agree with your accessment of her. I’d just like to see her play again as she never disappoints and has the same quality Penner has of being able to survive votes over and over again.

          I think the Brawn team could easily be filled in with Stephanie, Boston Rob, Rupert, James, Ozzy, JT. But we’ve seen that before.

          Maybe the way to go is a season of the all-time greatest STRATEGIC PLAYERS and forget about the brains vs brawn thing. Then Rob C would deffinetly have a place.

        • BogDa

          Actually someone who was AMAZING at challenges but is largely forgotten was Gabriel in Marquesas.

  • bunnielebowski

    Absolutely awesome podcast, Rob! Where have you been hiding your interviewing brilliance?? It was great how way you navigated the conversation, kept it relevant and always entertaining. There was one part that was a teeny bit disappointing: when you didn’t stand up for your (and all of our) frustration at him becoming more and more of a “6th player on the court”. Although it sounded like Jeff explained this as part of the game’s evolution. At any rate, it is easily forgivable since the rest of the show was just pure awesome-ness!

    • Mike

      I do think Jeff addressed that somewhat though in the case of something like Penner 2 weeks ago. We see 40 minutes, they have 72 hours, Jeff probably says that type of stuff to everybody, as he said, so it doesn’t look like anything, but when you edit it in to a 40 minute show, boom, foreshadowing!

  • Great interview. Probst forgot to give Teddy Roosevelt credit for the “It’s not the critic who counts” quote.

  • WOW!!! The Probst interview came to pass! This is such a great interview. I actually like Jeff a lot here, what a cool guy. Excellent interview Rob! THANK YOU and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I truly appreciate your podcasting passion and the totally awesome show – keep up the amazing work.

  • justin

    who else is on your podcast bucket list? l’m guessing cirie?

    • Mike

      Cirie has already been on the podcast Justin. If I recall, it was the preview podcast for Nicaragua, but she definitely does need to come back.

  • Am I the only one that got a chill when Jeff brought up Rob returning
    to the show? Seriously, Rob, this is what you were born to do. “The
    Smartest Player to Never Win Survivor” must fulfill his destiny. I pray
    we find you on season 27.
    *Ben Affleck voice*
    Look, you’re my favorite ‘Survivor’, so don’t take this the wrong way. In 20
    years, if you’re still podcastin’ here, comin’ on in my computer talkin’
    “Celebrity Apprentice”, still workin’ internet sites, I’ll fuckin’ kill
    That’s not a threat, that’s a fact. I’ll fuckin’ kill you.

    Look, you got somethin’ that none of us have–

    You don’t owe it to yourself. You owe it to me. ‘Cause tomorrow I’m
    gonna wake up and I’ll be 50. And I’ll still be doing this shit. And
    that’s all right, that’s fine. I mean, you’re sittin’ on a winning
    lottery ticket and you’re too much of a pussy to cash it in. And that’s
    bullshit. `Cause I’d do anything to fuckin’ have what you got. So would
    any of these fuckin’ guys. It’d be an insult to us if you’re still here
    in 20 years. Hanging around here is a fuckin’ waste of your time.

    day I come by your website and I check it out. I have a few drinks, and
    a few laughs, and it’s great. But you know what the best part of my day
    is? For about ten seconds, from when I Google and when I get to your
    url, ’cause I think, maybe I’ll get up there and and “Rob Has A
    Podcast” won’t be there. No goodbye. No
    see you later. No nothing. You just left. I don’t know much, but I know

    • JimmyDanger, this may be the most epic comment in the 3-year history of Rob Has a Website. Thanks for saying that. I just hope you know that I do this because I love to do it, so while going back to Survivor would be a thrill – this is something that I’ve worked very hard to create and would miss doing very much if I ever had to stop.

    • if there was a definition to the word AMAZINGNESS… this comment would certianly be under consideration. love.

  • Mike

    Great podcast Rob, was really impressed with how candid and game Probst seemed to be about everything. He definitely didn’t come off as a company man like I honestly expected he might, which made the podcast a really great one.

    The only critique of Jeff I’d make is something Stephen brought up on know-it-alls… that he was surprised people liked Denise. Given that, it definitely seems to indicate why Survivor has had trouble casting compelling women on the show, because Denise is just a massive home run for casting.

    Oh also, as someone that purposely has tried to avoid reading the S26 cast, I don’t know if my comment is unnecessary, but the number one person that hasn’t been back yet and really needs to be in my humble opinion that I had hoped you would mention is Todd. I understand there are a lot of great male Survivors, but Todd was a great player and more importantly for the TV show, a great character.

  • Phillip Stanford

    Never thought i would see Probst doing a podcast, somebody else who i thought played a Cesternino-like game was i think his name was Jim from Ozzy’s tribe in South Pacific, the Marijuana dispenser, he knew a lot about the game and was some what funny, i think that would be a good podcast as well

    • In general, I disliked that season, but Jim was awesome. South Pacific had a decent cast, but IDK what happened.

  • “I am a tool” get that drop.

  • Only 13 minutes in and it is really pretty amazing and like no other conversation out there. You are uniquely positioned, Sir. Reality On.

  • You did a great job Rob! You are a really good interviewer – always asking interesting questions, always witty and funny no matter how nervous you are. Congrats!

  • BogDa

    Dear Jeff

    In response to the comments about how the male characters are the best characters. I’d agree with you to a point. But the main reason that’s the case is because of casting. Here my points…

    Of all the possible women to cast on all-star seasons, the producers always lean towards young Hot babes. All-stars was a great example. Choosing duds like Amber and Jenna Lewis over possibilities like Deena, Teresa or Helen. All-stars would have been totally different with older women filling out the numbers. On heroes vs villains we get Danielle and Candice over players like Twila.

    Out of the greatest women characters the show has had the following are not what I would consider “Beach Babes”: Sue Hawk, Kathy, Cerie, Shi-Ann, Holly, Dawn, Kelly Wigglesworth, Teresa, Twila, Helen, Gandia, NaOnka, Lisa Wenchel, Lydia, Angie (Palau), Denise, Corrine, Deena, Kristina, Sandra, Pei-Gee, Courtney (China), Courtney (Exile), Sophie, Alicia (One), Alicia (Australia). All the women above are unconvential, and were cast for character instead of looks.

    Those hot babes are great, but the vast majority turn out to be little more than eye candy. Out of the hundreds of hot babes on the show, very few have amounted to great characters and all-stars potential: Parvati, Amanda, Jerri, Ami, Coleen, Eliza, Jenna M, Heidi, Brenda, Lindsey (Africa), Natalie (Fans), Stephanie, Danni, Sugar, Kim, Kat, RC, Abi-Maria.

    Out of all the women to play Survivor you can’t find any worthy of returning for another chance to compete against some of these male returning players? Really?

    Of players who have never played twice, I think any of the following would be great returning players: Kim, Brenda, Sophie, Denise, Lisa, Deena, Corrine, Pei-Gee, Natalie (Fans), Holly, Dawn, Angie (Palua), Alicia (One), Kat, RC, Abi-Maria, Kristina and Stephanie (Redemption).

    Returning Women I’d love to see again: Eliza, Cerie, Parvati, Ami, Kathy, Shi-Ann, Jenna M.

    It’s time to give some of these women another chance!

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  • I was a little disappointed that Rob dropped the ball when Jeff started asking Rob the questions (i.e. “What can I do to improve? and “What contestants would you like to see back on the show?”) It was a missed opportunity to let Jeff know the what the fans want (through our representative Rob).

    Oh well, I still absolutely LOVED the interview and thought it was a great episode! One of the best!

  • is Abi a new villain, or is she just the dumbest person to ever play the game?

  • LOL at Jeff reading this quote, LOL…. WTF?

  • Loved the interview! Thanks to the two of you for doing this.

  • Gotta love Rob C. sucking some serious knee-caps. In all seriousness, the last couple of weeks with Boston Rob and now Jeff Probst and then earlier this year with Russell Hantz…. you are really turning this Podcast into kinda a big deal. Very excited for you and proud of you. Keep up the amazing work. Great Job!

  • Lauren

    Peih-Gee, Michelle Yi, Sierra, Christine Shields, Stephanie Valencia, Jane, Holly, Brenda, Corinne, Brenda, Alina, Abi-Maria, Crystal, Kim, Kat, Alicia, Natalie Bolton, Twila, Stacy, Taj, Sydney, Sally, Tracy, Shambo, Christina, Christa, Neleh, Shii Ann..

    Yes, I refuse believe they don’t have good women to return.

  • Lauren

    Peih-Gee, Michelle Yi, Sierra, Christine Shields, Stephanie Valencia, Jane, Holly, Brenda, Corinne, Alina, Abi-Maria, Crystal, Kim, Kat, Alicia, Natalie Bolton, Twila, Stacy, Taj, Sydney, Sally, Tracy, Shambo, Christina, Christa, Neleh, Shii Ann..

    Yes, I refuse believe they don’t have good women to return.

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  • Josh Thayer

    Fantastic interview Rob, well done. Huge fan. Very frustrated with the pattern Survivor has fallen into as it continues to bring back former contestants. I love the show so much and one of the strenghts of the show is its brilliant casting. I feel, and I may be alone in this feeling, but I feel that only the previous winner should be brought back to defend the title and that the remainder of the contestants should be fresh. What would be great for teh returning champ to estalish relationships without being immediately targeted would be immunity from the first tribal counsel. Just a thought. Will continue to be a fan regardless of producing decisions but what is so exciting about Survivir to me is that new faces and personalities bring the viewer a new adventure as they live vicariously through the unpredictablility of new contestants. The former players’ style, personalities and gamesmanship is well known to the audience and I think the enjoyability of the show suffers from the fan perspective.

    Rob, again, terrific interview, love your brain and your personality. Keep up the good work.

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  • Hey guys! if you want to travel here in Philippines to see the locations of suvivor please let me know. I’m in travel business. Visit my website:

    or email me: philtravelbug [at] gmail [dot] com

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  • Guest

    “Rob, I will eviscerate you!” Did you edit that out of this podcast, @robcesternino:disqus? 😉

  • Guest

    “Rob, I will eviscerate you!” Did you edit that out of this podcast, @Rob Cesternino:disqus ? 😉

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