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The Friggin’ 5 is Back: Rodman, CES, Big Brother Drama & More

We talk about Dennis Rodman, CES, Big Brother, The Bachelor and answer your questions

1,2,3,4,5… Do it again!

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Rob returns from las vegas after picking up two podcast awards and is joined by Nicole Cesternino to welcome the return of the Friggin’ 5 for the first time since June 2012.  For new listeners, A Friggin’ 5 is a podcast where Rob and Nicole cover the 5 most interesting stories happening in the world.



Rob starts out by giving everyone a recap of his weekend at New Media Expo and the Podcast Awards in Las Vegas.  Rob explains why it was the RHAP community is really the thing that should be recognized.  Since we won the awards, Rob turns his attention to the big survivor roast for the fans of the podcast, he even name drops the names of some other roasters for the big night.

There’s also a few days left to vote for RHAP at the Stitcher Podcast Awards.  Rob is going to be going to San Francisco to attend the award and wants to know if any Bay Area member of Rob Has a Planet want to meet up on the night of the Awards, January 30th.  If you’re interested shoot Rob an e-mail.

Friggin 1: Celebrity Apprentice News (Starts at 22:21)

Rob and Nicole discuss all of the drama swirling around Dennis Rodman and his latest trip to North Korea.  The former Celebrity Apprentice alum fought with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on National TV, sang happy birthday to North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un and caused an international incident regarding the case of the imprisoned American, Kenneth Bae. Next, Rob and Nicole discuss the veracity of a rumored cast list for the Celebrity Apprentice’s 2014 season.  The news outlet is called @LegitamnetNews and is claiming the following tweet means that Donald Trump confirmed the news.


Friggin 2: Weird Inventions from CES (41:42)

Rob talks to Nicole about CES (consumer electronics show) which just happened in Vegas and plays a game with Nicole. Listen and/or Play along yourself and see which new inventions are real or fake.

Friggin 3: Big Brother Drama (56:12)

Rob and Nicole discuss Evander Holyfield on Celebrity UK and Holyfield’s offensive comments. The Evander Holyfield situation became instantly more unfortunate when Big Brother 15’s Aaryn Gries commented on it to TMZ.

Rob and Nicole then discuss the rumor of Amanda Zuckerman and McCrae Olsen getting engaged before Amanda chided internet followers to not believe everything they read on social media (even though it came from her). Lastly, Rob’s eyebrow is officially raised after watching Amanda (BB15) and Gina Maria (BB15) get pulled over by the police in a video posted to Amanda’s youtube channel.

Friggin 4: The Week in Stupid News (1:10:55)

First, Rob and Nicole celebrate Juanuary as they talk about a bachelor controversy. Find out why Kylie Lewis, one of the recent bachelor rejects, is so upset with bachelor producers. Then, Rob and Nicole discuss the case of a man who allegedly murdered his step-father by giving him an atomic wedgie. Lastly, a New Mexico woman fought with her husband about space aliens and threatened him with a gun that was someplace it shouldn’t be.

Friggin 5: Your Questions and Coments (1:22:30)

Its time for your comments and questions. In the battle of a wrecking ball, would it be Tyson or Miley in the year of 2013? Rob and Nicole talk about everything from Chris Christie, Nicole’s make up routine, Luke Bryan, Brandon Hantz’s latest love, and more.

Special Thanks to Aaron Robertson (@Spi7Fan) for all of his musical creations and Jessica Frey (@JessicaNFrey) for putting together this episode summary for the post.

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Donald Trump must be pissed that Dennis Rodman sang Happy Birthday for Kim Jung Un

So Fired

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Morty

    Glad the Friggin 5 is back!
    Awesome pick for Friggin #1 jingle, Nicole! It was clearly the best choice!

  • Tyler

    Rob please film the roast and put it on the website!! We’d all really appreciate it. We’d rather have it filmed in not such great quality than to not see it at all. I wish I could go see it live but I can’t afford tickets. Huge fan, love the podcast and good luck at the Stitcher Awards. Also no need to thank us for the award wins; we thank you for putting out such awesome podcast. The least we could do is vote for you.

    • Thanks Tyler, I’ll do my best to figure out a video option.

      • Tyler

        Thanks Rob, keep up the good work.

  • jon dunn

    The Ben Folds song from last night’s Community is stuck in my head

    • MattLeveillee

      The only Ben Folds song I know of/have heard is “Rockin’ the Suburbs,” but I’ve seen him as a judge on The Sing-Off…

  • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

    Is it bad that I like Amanda? and lol at BOYCOTT MCDONALDS!

  • Zachary Zarnett-Klein

    Amanda- ye ye

  • Morty

    Rob, I watched that Amanda video, and right before it’s cut off, the cop says in a more serious tone, “You “were” spe….” as the video ends.

    I’d bet the change in my couch cushions that the cop pulled her over speeding legitimately…not knowing who she was…and only recognized her once he was at her window and had her license in hand. He went to check her, found she had nothing out, and came back excited that he had stopped Amanda from Big Brother.

  • Jason Lu Cheng

    More regular Friggin 5, more Nicole too.

  • BS

    I totally believe the interaction with the cop was genuine and not a
    prank. Reasons: 1. Amanda likes to record stuff and shares photos all
    the time so I find it believable she would have her phone out. 2.
    Apparently the cop is commenting on one of her instagram posts &
    clarifies that he pulled GM over for speeding before realizing who it
    was. Once he recognized her, he was excited because he was a BB fan.
    Here is the link to the instagram post . He is commenting as saintcl89. 3.
    Most importantly, how and why would Amanda and GM get a police car and
    guy in uniform to pull off such an elaborate prank? Lol come on Rob!

    the ring post, eh I feel like its a harmless prank. Amanda was in NY
    and McCrae was in FL at the time, so their fans who follow them knew it
    was 99.9% likely false. I can also understand her sentiment to not take
    everything on social media so seriously because people read so much
    into everything they say and do on twitter etc. although it might not
    have been the best way to express it. Also there is a precedent for this
    type of thing when McCrae posted a pic of a sonogram a couple of months

    PS. CONGRATULATIONS on another podcast award Rob!

    • Thanks for getting more out of this story… I always try to get it right (but seldom do).

      • BS

        haha Don’t be too hard on yourself Rob, you do a great job! You wouldn’t have that award if you didn’t. I’m a huge fan of Amanda and follow her posts closely so happy to help get it figured out.

      • Suzi!

        If McCrae really popped the question Amanda would do a lot more than post a pic of the ring I think. It’s just Amanda playin.

  • TrollExterminator

    I’d like to know the back story on how Evander Holyfield got onto Big Brother UK. The only thing I’ve heard about him in the past couple of years is that he went bankrupt after having made over $100 million dollars in his career.

    I just read a story about Holyfield on Big Brother UK and apparently he talked about punching a horse before being evicted, which upset people in the house.

    • WesHolt

      Well, his financial issues were probably part of the reason he was on the show, because the celebrities get paid to be on the show. However, It was very apparent the entire time Evander had no idea what the hell he had gotten himself into, as happens a lot with American celebs who go onto the show, but he took it to an entirely different level and seemed to be completely out of the loop the entire time. Really, the only thing that made him an interesting housemate was just how unaware he was.

      He told the story about punching a horse (which, from my understanding, was also pregnant) to a woman who had nominated him previously because she “couldn’t live with someone who didn’t believe animals had souls,” so yeah, she got pretty upset.

  • Michael Norris

    This would easily be the best CA ever if that list were real, but there are way too many big names for me to buy it. There’s no way Ramsay, Lopez, Ludacris, or Michele are doing it, as much as I would love it if they did. I thought I heard a rumor that Taylor Hicks would be on though.

    • BogDa

      The least likely is Ramsay.

    • toast

      If Penn can do it, there has to be a few current celebs that are happy to make fun of themselves for the fortnight or so it takes to film the show.

      Ramsay might be feeling he needs an Image Refresh.

      • Kevin Wong

        I thought that MasterChef did that. To be honest it’s the most tolerable of his Fox shows.

        In any case, celebs are generally willing to make fun of themselves in the name of charity. You should probably think before you speak on BB UK though.

      • MattLeveillee

        Isn’t a fortnight two weeks?

        • toast

          Is “fortnight” not said in the USA?

          • MattLeveillee

            I think it’s more of a British/Australian term…

          • toast

            I forget how long it takes to film a series, but it surprised me how short it is. They pretty much do an episode a day with not many breaks.

          • MattLeveillee

            No wonder why the celebrities on Celebrity Apprentice seem so tired in the Boardroom! I thought it would be easier for them because they get to sleep indoors, eat food, etc., as compared to Survivor, and less stressful than the Amazing Race. Also, I’ve lived in Sydney, Australia, and they say “fortnight.”

    • Brad Talk

      I heard somewhere that Taylor Hicks would be on as well. But then I also read that this was “leaked” in order to gage public reaction. From what I’ve been able to tell people LOVE this cast. But who knows, we can only hope…

  • Carlos Vidal

    Vibrating Panties – enough said

  • belinda

    The roast is turning into a practice RHAPcon run. 😀

    On hotels, if there are a lot of you guys, then it might be possible to get a group rate at a hotel.

  • jsizzlefresh

    I really enjoyed this podcast. It’d be great if you did F5 every month (or at least more frequently than it happens currently). #nothing

  • BogDa

    The ending theme song is amazing.

    • toast

      Need more weiner news.

  • Brad Talk

    Rob Has a Typo-under Friggin 3 “Gina Maria.” lol, but I really hope that cast list for Celebrity Apprentice is real. Even if only half of those people are on it will be one heck of a season. Kenya, Gordon, and K Michelle?? Then add Criss Angel, Snooki, and LiLo to the madness?? Come on, how can you not be PRAYING this is real?! Rob, you’re gonna be doing podcasts for the upcoming season, right…?

  • Snappy

    F1: love the list! I am with rob…it’s too good to be true

    F3: the Americans on big brother uk don’t do very well on the show. If you are going on the show you should watch the show and see what it’s about. They pick the worst people to represent USA.

    F4: When you know you are going on the bachelor you should keep the drinking to a minimum. There is always people drinking way too much on that show and say too many dumb things. Not a good first impression slurring your words.

    Love the friggin 5!! Please do more :)

  • Steve Flowers
  • dsharden

    Loving the Friggin Five back…….#RHAP the Seinfeld of podcasting.

  • MattLeveillee

    I don’t think they’d cast Andy Dick on Celebrity Apprentice…he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live with Ivanka Trump, drunk, and hit on/tried to touch Ivanka multiple times.

  • Hornacek

    After Rob and Nicole sign off, there is 5 minutes of silence.

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