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Troyzan & Abed in the Morning: Gordon Holmes on Survivor, The Return of Community

Discussing the return of Community to NBC and Survivor One World

No need to beware the ides of March when Community is returning

For many Community fans, the worst was feared when it was first announced that NBC was sending Community off to a hiatus but those same fans can rest easier knowing Community has returned. Community airs it’s first new episode in three months when it returns this Thursday, March 15th at 8:00 pm. Number one Community fan, writer for Xfinity TV and curator of The Survivor Hall of Fame, Gordon Holmes joins Rob to discuss his two favorite shows.

We start off with talking some Survivor and Rob asks Gordon Holmes if he thinks Colton Cumbie has already become the most hated Survivor of all-time. Rob and Gordon break down the latest Survivor happenings from this week’s show including Gordon’s crush on Chelsea Meissner, how badly Gordon and the men are doing in the Survivor power rankings and how will a switch change things on Survivor: One World.

Turning to Community, Rob and Gordon discuss what the future may hold for the students of Greendale Community College. Rob shares some stories from the Community Panel at this years Paleyfest. Rob brings up how show creator Dan Harmon has been teasing that someone on the show is going to die before the end of the year. Rob and Gordon both make guesses as to which Community character is going to be killed off.

Later the guys discuss what are the chances that Community will be back on NBC for season four, why Rob thinks Alison Brie is a little overrated in his book, how Jim Roush as Dean Pelton is pushing Chang out of the picture and whether everybody in the cast really does hate Chevy Chase.

Finally, Gordon takes your questions and comments from Facebook about Troy and Abed in the evil timeline, Undertaker vs HHH at Wrestlemania and the Survivor Hall of Fame’s potential voting changes.

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Gordon Holmes’ Survivor Power Rankings

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • aj

    this is streets ahead

    if you have to ask you’re already streets behind

  • Just wanted to add that Gordon was wrong on the schoolyard pick swap. Someone apparently missed FvF tribal swap with the classic “Troy” and “Poverty”.

  • aj

    Also – just in case anyone hasn’t seen the epic 2 minute trailer for the rest of the season NBC put out –

    they went all out for this trailer! can’t wait until the rest of the season

    • aj

      btw – if you watch the trailer closely you can tell who is going to die. 

  • aj

    Rob – you were right – there will be no reruns, we will be getting a new episode all the way through until May 24th. 

  • Actually they did tribe pickems in Gabon for the beginning and the first swap. And in Nicaragua they had captains who picked people to get from the other team.

  • What they could do is, have the Jury vote out one of the tribe, like vote for who they least want to win… then vote from the remaining 2, 

  • Derek_Sye

    Gordon Holmes doesn’t find 18 year old women attractive…. yeah right. The lady doth protest too much.

  • Rob also recalled the Nicaragua swap incorrectly, i believe they picked rocks to decide on leaders and Brenda(?) and Holly had to choose three people from the other tribe to join their tribe.

  • Seems Rob confused Nicaragua’s switch with Marquesas’ switch. Nicaragua was that dreadful switch where one person was chosen to write the 3 or 4 names (LaFlor and Espada, respectively) of people from the other tribe they want on their own tribe.

    Luckily, if the previews are any indication, it looks like we actually are getting a randomized switch similar to Marquesas’ buffs-under-discs.

  • Courtney Stodden married Doug Hutchinson, the actor who played Horace Goodspeed on Lost. Horace was a important member of the Dharma Initiative, and he father of Ethan Rom(the guy who kidnapped Claire).

  • what should happen in the case of a tie: russell hantz picks the winner.

  • Rob_jr

    Rob, stop living up to your moniker (T.R.T.S.)!

    There was a freakin tribal swap on a MvF season that YOU WERE ON! Couldn’t you pull this out of your bag o tricks to slam a very unimpressive (on this p.cast) Gordo??!?!?!


  • Rob, I have no idea what you’re on about when it comes to both Alison Brie herself, and Annie as well. Firstly, in terms of Annie, how can you watch episodes like A Fistful of Paintballs (especially that one… the way they play against her inherent naive girl-next-door persona with the badass Western lone gunman is exceptionally done by Brie… she absolutely killed it in that episode), the second Documentary episode, the episode when her and Shirley are badass cops, or even her wonderful scene in the D&D episode Sepinwall mentioned in his last Community post and not love Annie as a character. I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily say she’s the best, if only because Troy and Abed are just such phenomenally well-drawn characters (and Abed is the heart of the entire show), but outside of those two, she’s my favorite character. As for the second part, I’ve seen her do plenty of interviews and definitely didn’t get that overly flirty vibe from her at all so I’m not sure where you’re coming from on that.

  • My main take away from this podcast is that Alison Brie is the horniest person of ALL TIME.

    • It’s true.  Or as Alison Brie would say “Oh, Yes… oh, YES!…. oh, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!”

  • lisa08

    In case of Final Jury tie: whoever has most individual immunity wins would seem to be one of the most straightforward way to break a tie. If its still tied you could also count votes against in the entire game since those are two of the objectives of the immunity and don’t get voted off

  • Tom Polite

    Glad to see Community actually did get the 6 seasons (even if the final season will switch from NBC to Yahoo! Screen). It’ll be interesting to see if they come back from an unspoken summer trip, thus setting up the movie. I hope so! I think its an awesome idea.

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