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The Incredible Boardroom Fight on The Celebrity Apprentice

Lou Ferrigno and Lisa Lampanelli have an epic fight in the Boardroom on Celebrity Apprentice

Don't call him a Lou-ser (photo courtesy of NBC)

On this week’s Celebrity Apprentice, the two teams had to create a commercial for the people at After looking at both commercials the executives decides that the team led by Dayana Mendoza had the worse commercial and Donald Trump fired, the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferrigno. Rob Cesternino and Nicole Cesternino are back together for a Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

The big question this week was going to be if Aubrey O’Day had quit the game or not. Upon hearing what Arsenio said Lisa Lampanelli went on the war path and started a fight with Arsenio. After an explosive few minutes with plenty of name calling, cooler heads prevailed. Within minutes, we find out that Aubrey returned to the game because she wanted to help her charity out. Arsenio Hall and Aubrey were able to bury the hatchet and Arsenio apologized to Aubrey.

Meanwhile, Teresa Guidice was the project manager of the winning team this week, creating an ad featuring a lot of double entendre. Most notably, the add featured Paul Teutul Sr. dressed as, Ivanka put it, a dweeb.

The other team had a relatively conflict free experience with their task until they got to the boardroom. Lou Ferrigno tried to throw Lisa Lampanelli under the bus and got into a huge fight in the boardroom. Lou was ultimately done in when the Trump’s asked the team whose commercial they thought was better. Lou said that he liked the other team’s commercial better than the one from his team. The Trumps felt like this was an act of betrayal and Lou was fired.

On the podcast, Rob and Nicole take sides in the fight between Lou Ferrigno and Lisa Lampanelli, try to figure out just how sincere Arsenio was with his apology and discuss the latest rantics of Donald Trump, Jr. aka Donnie Douche on a celebrity apprentice edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

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  • photo courtesy of NBC? Looks like you took a pic of your TV with your phone.

  • So glad to hear from Nicole again, we missed you!

  • Yulgize will be pleased if that means what I think ūüėČ

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Penn and Arsenio were podcasting a few weeks ago and mentioned that someone on the show spent four hours talking to the camera in the limo after getting fired.  I think we saw that firing tonight.

    EDIT: I have no idea why the picture is showing up in this post too. Weird.

  • dea

    I lost respect for Donald Trump. I never have made up my mind about Trump, but when one is
    ask: ‚ÄúTo give an honest answer‚ÄĚ and then gets fired over it, leaves integrity in question.

    Trump should be fired for setting a bad example to thousands of viewer “That honesty doesn’t
    Besides the disruptive and disrespectful person was Lisa, she should have been fired long
    ago. Lisa was not a team player, and it’s Dayana job as team leader to confer with members of the team for their input, which she never did.
    Lying is the new order for America, per Donald Trump.

    • Amy

      So you’re saying you started this episode with respect for Trump?

      I do not understand this comment at all.

      • apple pie and coffee

        a simple example would be if Lou¬†was The Apprentice and¬†said to a business prospect:¬†THE TRUTH IS I AM DISLOYAL TO MR TRUMP,¬†and you could do better dealing with some other real estate magnate ?? whether Lou actually was disloyal DOES NOT MATTER !! IMHO that is what Lou put into the mind of the Trumpets :) actually Lou was right Dayana had a VERY POOR ad which totally missed the marketplace, the branding, and Lou’s excellent ideas, IT IS NOT DAYANA’S responsibility to ACCEPT Lou’s ideas, it is Lou’s responsibility to SELL his ideas to Dayana, the fact that Lou failed to sell Dayana when Lou KNEW he was right was a fatal error. i am pretty sure The Donald had a vision of Lou NOT selling a Trump business prospect on closing a deal with The Trumpets, if Lou cannot sell to Dayana, who can he sell to ??

  • apple pie and coffee

    Mom and Dad, Lou is NOT an extra :) I AM …

    Films starring me, as an extra:

    Bob Roberts with Tim Robbins;

    Against Her Will with Walter Mattheau;

    Lorenzo’s Oil Nick Nolte and Susan Sarandon;

    Darrow with Kevin Spacey;

    Oksana Baiul for The Hallmark Hall of Fame;

    Sudden Death with Jean Claude Van Damme;

    Desperate Measures with Michael Keaton.

  • apple pie and coffee

    Trump is trying to marry off Eric so Dayana stays and may become Dayana Trump !

  • apple pie and coffee

    urban dictionary:
    gang bang  When a street gang finds a random person on the streets and beats the ever living hell out of him. Usual ending with the removal of the victims shoes which are then strung from power lines. 

  • apple pie and coffee

    how to manage Lisa [which i did on twitter] ASK her a sensory perception question…my tweet: LISA WHICH PLAYER SMELLED THE BEST? Lisa tweeted back: George Takei had a great cologne, but i use Eau de TWAT..

  • apple pie and coffee

    my definition of a Trump CA boardroom: a melange of misinformation, unsubstantiated assumptions, character assassinations, and self serving innuendoes.

  • Nicole, a Celebrity Apprentice podcast without you is like a Lady Gaga album, I’ve got no interest in listening to either.

  • phant0mz

    I spat my ice cream at my monitor when you guys started talking about gangbangs in the boardroom. Well played Rob, well played…

  • Great to see Nicole back. Apprentice podcasts with Nicole are the highlight of mine and many others’ Rob Has a Podcast week. Keep it up, y’all!

  • Lisa Lampanelli looks like if Livia Soprano dyed her hair and put on enough make-up to shame a prostitute. Not a good look, honey,

  • TarafromLI

    Great podcast…always fun when it’s the two of you together. ¬† Rob? ¬†Team Pillowtown or Team Blanketsburg?

  • I don’t think Lisa should be blamed for coming up with so many concepts that lose. Unusually this season, most of the tasks have been matters of the executives loving both teams. At least that’s what Donald says, so if they lose, it’s despite her ideas, not because of them. She keeps her team competitive with the other team. They’ve never lost by a landslide. Her team would be dead in the water without her.

  • I thought it would be interesting to point out that everyone left except Lisa has won money for their charity. Great episode.

    • Aubrey’s my favorite, but I really hope Lisa’s team¬†wins next week, with an idea that’s hers, and maybe even with her as PM. She needs the boost, although it would make Clay the winningest person left, which would be hard for to swallow.¬†Also, Dayana lost just as much as Lisa, and she doesn’t really¬†do much, so I think she should go first, but that won’t happen since Trump loves her.¬†Although, did Aubrey “win” money for her charity, outside of the time she cried for it?

  • BobbyKe

    Correction for Rob – It was Arsenio that said about Lisa she was the pot calling the kettle black after Lisa insulted Arsenio for using bitch & whore & Arsenio in his confessional came back with “Lisa’s the last person who should ever be complaining about somebody using bad language, that’s the pot calling the kettle black right there”

    Glad Aubrey’s back. Glad things got smoothed over between Arsenio & Aubrey. They both handled themselves well this week. More Aubrey means more entertainment. Aubrey is what makes the show interesting. It’d suck without her

    Lisa’s teams video was just boring. Just a waste. I don’t believe Donald when he said the executives liked it. No way they liked that stupid snoozefest. Lisa is nowhere near as good as she thinks she is

    Also, I WANT PENN FIRED. 2 weeks in a row he leaves mid task. Unacceptable IMO. I’ll be very upset if he gets away with this one more time

    And while Lou deserved to go, the reasoning Donald used was Stupid. He asks Lou his opinion of which team did better, Lou is HONEST & says the other team & Donald bitches him out & betraying his team when he gave his honest opinion. So apparently Donald WANTED Lou to lie? Just totally stupid. Just fire Lou fire being worthless, not for being honest

    • My theory is that I think Lisa was really criticizing the degradation towards women. It would be like if Lisa called a black person the n word out of anger, and Arsenio told her not to say that, and then proceeded to call her the n word. She was mad at the context of the word. She didn’t, as a man (although Nicole would disagree with that part), call a woman those words. This is just what I think Lisa was thinking. I don’t agree with her if it is. I don’t think anybody should be calling anybody those sort of things under any circumstances.

  • So happy Nicole is back, not the same without her.¬† Great podcast.

  • Wow, that new picture of Rob at the top of the site couldn’t be any creepier. I love it. Nicole’s picture should be on the other side though.

  • Kos

    Was that a legitimate confirmation that Christy didn’t mean to vote for Jenna?

  • Rob + Nicole + A few drinks = Hilarious podcast. I for one DO miss you on the podcast more. I laughed harder on this one than I have in a while. Great!

  • I told my husband that I wanted to be Ivanka- he said, “you just want to DO Ivanka.”¬† I replied, “I mean, I’d take that as a second prize, but if I could become Ivanka, then I could just do myself AND be beautiful.” ¬† He just nodded and then his face got this amazed look on it like I had the best idea ever.

    I’m so sick of Lou.¬† And Dayana.

  • i missed you, Nicole!

  • Lou is garbage and his firing was looooong overdo, BUT… Lisa is clearly insane as he did NOT threaten her.

  • WHy does Dayana deserve to be fired, but Lisa shouldnt? trust me, i dotn think Dayana is that great, but atleast she has a a project manager win under her belt… Lisa keeps being touted as this major “player” but all she does is head up losing ideas.

  • Interesting, i guess we define the “Gary Busey-esque” contestant differently… i generally regard that kind of player as delusional, emotionally unstable and prone to crazy non-sensical outbursts… and to me that person this season is clearly Lisa Lampenelli….

  • I agree that both Arsenio and Aubrey came off well…. i also think that Aubrey is actually pretty damn smart….. very bright girl… i just also think that she is incredibly self-absorbed, immature, and arrogant.

  • my wife buys the entertainment book every year…. the app is totally amazing, you never need the book again…. its spectacular.

  • whoah! little circles? what is happening? LOL….

  • yeah, the commercials werent even close…. the one with Paul & Aubrey in it was far & away the better ad.

  • Nicole, just curious…. why are you surprised that Lisa went along with the losing commercial? serious question here….. she goes along with loser ideas EVERY week…. i wasnt shocked at all…

  • There is NO WAY that Lisa’s team can lose next week with her & Penn on the same team having to produce an entertaining puppet show. they write & perform for a living…. its borderline fixed that they are on the same team for this challenege…. i just cant envision a scenario in which they dont win a challenege in which they have to produce a comedic entertaining show… its what they do for a living.

  • The women won with Dayana as a project manager for the window task…. wheneevr Lisa headed up “creative” the womens team lost, LOL…

  • of those 3, i would probably take in this order: Lou, Aubrey, then Lisa…. Lou because i woudl then just be able to do the entire task myself and just let Lou work on petty busy work so i could handle the bulk of the task myself (i¬†trust myself more than any of these other clowns), then Aubrey because i think she is really smart and i woud lthen just try to manager her crazy ego as best i could…. i think Lisa would be the hardest to manage… she seems incredibly unstable and irrational.¬†smiling at you at one moment, while¬†flipping out on you the very next moment… plus i think she adds the least (well Lou adds the least but i think he doesnt think he does the most like Lisa does)…¬†

  • i dont think Lous is unstable… i think he is just an idiot. shocked you guys think Aubrey isnt unstable given that she walked off & quit¬†her other show she was on too….

  • only 100%? thats all you give???? slackers….

  • All Dayana hatred is a form of self-hatred. ūüėČ

  • Lisa really roasted Lou this week.

    A member of the Unintentional Comedy HOF will be missed dearly. 

  • SurvivorTrev

    Lou gives 110%. ¬†Even his facial muscles are giving 110%. ¬†That’s why they’re always twitching. ¬†I think it’s a side effect of steroid use. ¬†As I recall Jose Canseco’s facial muscles were also giving 110%.

    • Trixie02

      I thought he was trying not to turn into the Hulk.

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