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Round 382 of Dayana Mendoza vs. Lisa Lampanelli on Celebrity Apprentice

After making Celebrity Apprentice history by going to the boardroom more that any other player in the show’s history, Dayana Mendoza was finally fired this week by Donald Trump. Celebrity Apprentice blogger for Rob Has a Website, Jordan Kalish, joins Rob to discuss everything from this episode where the teams designed jingles for Good Sam.

Rob started off by asking Jordan whether or not he thought that Dayana deserved to be fired. While Jordan thought she definitely should have, Rob played the Devil’s Advocate by saying that in actuality, Dayana really had nothing to do with the things that the executives did not like. She really had no part in creating the jingle that Clay Aiken and Lisa Lampanelli worked to create which the executives didn’t like.

After discussing who had the better fight with Dayana this week (Clay or Lisa) Rob and Jordan try to figure out where the Lisa vs. Dayana feud ranks in the all-time greatest rivalries in the history of Celebrity Apprentice. Rob and Jordan also try to figure out what is coming in the next few weeks of Celebrity Apprentice. With three episodes left, the guys discuss why John Rich and Marlee Matlin are showing up next week. Rob and Jordan also go through the remaining players in the game to try to figure out which players have the best chance to win. Rob and Jordan try to predict what order the remaining players will be fired over the last three episodes.

Rob asks Jordan about the game that Aubrey O’Day is playing this season. Jordan thinks very highly of Aubrey’s strategy and thinks she has a great chance to make the final two this season. Jordan also says that by winning this week’s competition, this marks the second time that Clay Aiken has lost in a reality singing competition.

Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Adam’s theory wasn’t that far off from mine. I just thought Donald liked her because he owned Miss Universe, and it made his pageant look good by having her on. It’s a similar idea, I guess. She definitely should’ve been fired tonight, along with most other nights. I don’t think it’s fair to say that Dayana shouldn’t get fired because her doing nothing means she didn’t do what lost them the task. During every task she just gives a terrible idea so that if they lose she can say they didn’t take her ideas, and she argues with at least one thing every time so if that’s why they lost she can say they should’ve listened to her. Then she does nothing at all so that she can blame someone else for actually doing work, if that work didn’t help them win. Clay and Lisa didn’t cause them to lose this task, they just didn’t quite win, if that makes sense. They thought Penn’s slogan was pompous, but they did like Clay’s jingle, just not as much as Aubrey’s. Dayana wouldn’t have gotten even close to winning if she got her way. And when has Donald ever been consistent with his firing logic anyway? I do think Lisa is a strong player, for what it’s worth. Also, this week was basically Aubrey vs. Clay again.

  • I don’t think any of the men would vote for Tarzan to win, except for one. Jay and Jonas hate him, so I think he only really has a chance at three votes, and I think the only realistic one is Leif, because I think Troy and Michael would vote for gameplay. I don’t think Michael likes Tarzan anyway, while he loves Kat, Chelsea, and Kim.

  • Here’s the Good Sam website you were looking for: promoting CA with the plushie and bobblehead ready for order. 

    • Guest


    • they said it on the podcast

      • They went to this website instead of the main one that’s why they had trouble finding the CA stuff on there.

        • They were at the main site; the reason I know is because I went to the website when he started talking about it, but I couldn’t see anything that Rob was describing, like the banner that said “We’re Celebrating Good Sam…” etc.  Turns out I had gone to the goodsamclub website, and Rob was at the regular goodsam one.  So I guess thanks for linking the real website because goddamn I was confused during that part of the podcast.

  • NO

    The Donald IS consistently inconsistent :) TEAM LOYALTY good night Lou, good night Dayana…Lisa should have been fired tonight for NOT putting Dayana in the skit THAT WAS WHY THEY LOST…

    face it Rob your major method of winning is DIVIDE AND CONQUER :) Troy and Lisa KNEW they could get Dayana fired, because she cannot assert herself JUST SAY NO works in this case…

    Dayana in the top 6 in that melange of misinformation is impressive for the language and culture, Lisa told Dayana YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON !!

    Dayana simply had a tremendous burden with language differences and cultural appropriateness, this was extremely difficult to overcome :)

    Clay is a tool and will never be THE CA he has NO ability to STFU when The Donald comes to a point in the board room requiring SILENCE, Clay is STILL rambling on until The Donald talks over him ??

  • Guest

    Aubrey is getting fired

    The Donald DOES NOT NEED to be TOLD who did or did not do whatever, and BOTH Clay and Aubrey are CONSTANTLY doing that MOVING FORWARD crap without actually SAYING it [any more]

    Lisa will win over Arsenio, which is the final two IMHO

  • NO

    Rob and Jordan ??? Arsenio WON THIS TASK by pulling out his portable phone and pushed ONE button [not three like 911] to get MASSIVE INSTANT roadside assistance…

  • NO

    Aubrey ALMOST LOST this task for Arsenio because of the cheerleading OBSESSION Aubrey had, this is WHY Aubrey is getting FIRED soon, she cannot criticize herself :(

    Aubrey has CLEARLY demonstrated THE ONE deadly quality The Donald AND Donnie Douch said DAD YOU ALWAYS TAUGHT US AS CHILDREN LOYALTY IS [fill in the most valued adjective]

    AUBREY HAS NO TEAM LOYALTY and i KNOW The Donald is SEEING the FUTURE when Aubrey is giving interviews as The Apprentice [NOT in reality] and she is backstabbing The Donald :( [The Diddy] [The Dummy] ANYBODY except Lisa ??

  • NO

    Arsenio is PISSED because at ONE time in the not so recent past, black MALE performers could ONLY BE on TV if they tap danced and Arsenio had talents WAY beyond the best white hosts like Johnny Carson or Conan O’Brien to INTERVIEW people, this is ALWAYS in The Donalds head this season, Arsenio might take over from Jay Leno !!

  • Trixie02

    NBCUniversal is the parent company of Bravo and E! as well. James Lipton was a judge and Andy Cohen made an appearance. The housewives connection and Khloe Kardashian’s appearance on CA might be explained by that.

    • Id forgotten all about Khloe!

      The Rivers monsters also do E! Joan moreso nowadays

  • Guest


    • Derek_Sye

      Yeah that 90% income tax really ruined the country… oh wait it precipitated the golden age of the US economy. 

      • Guest


        • Guys, Guys, Guys… unless its in the context of talking about the shows we’re following, I suggest we save religious and political debate for the websites that discuss those topics. is for entertainment purposes only – Remember, we don’t talk about anything that matters!

          • Derek_Sye

            Are you trying to say that Celebrity Apprentice isn’t vital to the future of our country??? :-) DON’T YA THINK its important Rob. Don’t ya? j/k obviously. I’ll save my inflammatory comments for when i’m on Celebrity Apprentice in about five years. I’m pretty sure they will have run out of “celebrities” by that point and “guy who trolls comment sections” will make the cut.

          • What are Governor Boneham’s thoughts?

          • Derek_Sye

            Rupert doesn’t think he roars!

          • Jordan_Kalish

            So I guess the only politicians who are fair game on this site would be Rod Blagojevich and Rupert Boneham?

  • They don’t need a Celebrity Survivor to put Aubrey on.  Celebrities more well known than her have been on previous editions.

    • Jordan_Kalish

      That’s a very good point.

    • Jordan_Kalish

      I never heard of her before the apprentice.

    • True. if she were just cast for this season’s Survivor, no one would have been surprised.

  • Guest


    • MattLeveillee

      I was with you when you made the reference to Trump University, but you lost me with the Hindu gods stuff.  lol

      • Guest

        ha ha MattLeveillee not sure which is weirder Trump or Ganesh :)

  • Guest


  • I think Lisa’s animal tattoos would be a whale and a female dog… #TeamDayana

    • Dayana Mendoza’s animal tattoos would be a cockroach and a gazelle.


  • What the f happened Lou?  Did Trump’s producers call Onstar and get turned down by a representive who sarcastically said “Don’t you think you should try Good Sam, that should fit in with the reality circus you have created?” 

    Good Sam, where do I start?  I’m assuming that the company name is supposed to be a clever shortening of Good Samaritan, you know from the story where a person is beaten, robbed, and left for dead, later to be helped by a person who would normally be considered to be their rival, namely the good samaritan.

    So they must be a non-profit company that unquestionably provides a service to all, even those assumed to be enemies (Onstar members, AAA members, etc…), right?

    Wrong.  They are a paid service exclusive to RV owners, represented by a mascot which is basically a generic fat man with a dented halo?  What the f Trump, what the f indeed.

  • senoritah

    Guest REALLY likes to say ditto.

    • Guest

      guest has a problem with disqus which runs this software forum :) disqus does NOT allow comment boxes to be deleted [except maybe by RobC or the site host?] ?? they do allow a LOT of free forums so never look a gift horse in the mouth :) but i really would like to see disqus allow deletion of ones own comment box while at present one can only edit the contents, ALSO i just discovered today that one of my disqus RobC handles was TM trademarked so i have tried to erase any of those user names too

      if a photo has been attached to a comment that photo cannot be edited in any way SUCKY would be my rating for DISQUS but free is free and you cannot get your money back :)

    • apple pie and coffee

      well apple pie and coffee has not been trademarked :) so i would like to say ON BEHALF of DISQUS, i had this same free forum software on my own website and it is GREAT IF the host [RobC] takes care of it !  sorry my previous photo avatars are deleted from DISQUS so i will NOT be using any avatars AT ALL because it is just to much trouble to update every version INSIDE DISQUS, by the way ROBC does a GREAT job here with this forum, another forum using this same DISQUS software is so messed up that posting a single comment is nearly impossible, thanks Rob…

  • Derek_Sye

    This episode was pretty annoying to me. I’m no Dayana apologist, but this episode was very culturally insensitive. People were really surprised that someone who has only spoken English for three years would have trouble writing a song. I’d like to see Clay or Lisa write a song in Spanish.  And then they go on to complain that Dayana doesn’t know enough about American music history… really… really… I want to hear Lisa explain to me about Argentine music from the 60s… Lampenelli is just a bitch, pure and simple. 

    Lets not forget that, even though Clay and Lisa got their ways entirely, they still LOST.

    • If I’m picking players for a basketball team, and I have the choice between a good high school player who’s been playing all his life, and someone who just learned, and got pretty good for the short amount of time they’ve been learning, it might be more impressive for the latter to have learned as quickly as he did, but the former is still more likely to be better. Lisa was absolutely right not to allow Dayana to write. She has a good excuse for why she wasn’t able to do it, but the bottom line is that she wasn’t able to do it, so she deserved to be fired. Lisa and Clay’s song lost, but could you imagine how bad it would’ve been if Dayana wrote it? They made the right choice.

      • Derek_Sye

        So you think that they would have double lost if Dayana wrote it? Maybe they would have even triple lost… Nope. I’m fairly certain that at worst, they would have only lost the same amount.

        And to be clear, my argument wasn’t that Dayana is a great player. Just that the way she was treated in this episode was unfair. Maybe it was something about the way Lisa attacked her during the challenge. Clay even joined in by making fun of her trouble with English. Or maybe it was the multitude of ways Lisa thought up to call Dayana stupid in the board room.

        • From their point of view, they had a better chance of winning if Lisa, someone who could rhyme, wrote the song. Maybe it was wrong for them to make fun of her, though.

  • Why does the title on this tab say Diana Mendoza?

  • PorkStoreKiller

    When Rob mentions hearing about the Adam Carolla theory about NBC versus Trump over whether to include Dayana, he of course means he read it in last week’s comment section, in a post by PorkStoreKiller.  Rob knows where to go to get interesting anecdotes and brilliant analysis.  

  • Rob’s Chimp

    I think that the Brown M&M is played by Vanesa Williams. I don’t know why this excites me.

  • bunnielebowski

    Great podcast but FACT CHECK (I will try not to write a diatribe):

    Pit bulls are not human aggressive by breed. Please learn about them and how they
    are notoriously amazing family pets. Did you know Helen Keller owned one and it
    was her faithful companion and assisted her? Even those dogs that are horribly
    abused and tortured by “people” preparing them to fight STILL remain human-friendly.
    Case in point: Animal control officers repeatedly report that when rescuing
    fighting pit bulls as they are suffering from horrible wounds, the dogs cuddle
    with them instead of striking out from pain (which most all other dog breeds
    will do to the officers when in pain).

    Unfortunately there are anomalies, and then in comes the media who reports the pit bull breed
    in a dog story over 30 times more frequently than another dog-related story
    where the breed was known (but not reported). Another issue is that most dogs labeled as ‘pit bulls’ aren’t (! Also, after ‘mutts’ pit bulls are the most common dog breed/mix in the US, so if they were so vicious wouldn’t there be attack reports flooding the nightly news?

    Pit bulls are incredible, amazing dogs that get a BAD RAP, and perpetuating this
    stereotype further maligns the breed. Please go to the American Temperament
    Test Society site ( and see for yourself that they are one of the most
    stable dog breeds. In fact, pit bulls/am staffs are of more sound temperament
    than Australian Shepherds, Boxers, Collies, Weimaraners, Cocker
    Spaniels, Dachshunds, and many many more.

    Sorry for the rant but as a pit bull rescuer I was sad to hear RHAP making a negative
    reference to this wonderful breed.

    Now back to your program. :)

  • BS
  • I really wanted to be in Diana’s shoes and argue for her. I feel like if she puts some points across like the fact that lisa refused to work at one point, that lisa has a go at her for working and not working, the fact that you shouldnt have to earn respect to be talked to normally. Also the amount of eye rolling was ridiculous and I agree that clay was rude when Dayana was asking him something.

    I don’t think Lisa is that good at arguing, being a bitch? she’s good at that.

  • where’s all of your respect for project manager?

  • Good Sam vs. Mr Met

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