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Big Brother’s Adam Poch on This Week’s Super Size Celebrity Apprentice

There is no love lost between Aubrey O'Day and Arsenio Hall on the Celebrity Apprentice

How Aubrey went from "Making the Band" to Making Arsenio Mad.

Adam Poch made it to the top 3 on Big Brother 13 and now he joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the latest 3-hour edition of Celebrity Apprentice.

In the first task the teams were responsible for coming up with a guide for New York City. Teresa Guidice was the project manager for the women while Dee Snider was the project manager for the men. The women had plenty of conflict this week as Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza battled once again. Donald Trump even dragged Regis Philbin out of mothballs to judge which team had the best design. It turned out to be one of the closest competitions in the history of the Celebrity Apprentice as the women lost by just $14.

Teresa ending up choosing to bring Debbie Gibson and Dayana Mendoza to the boardroom with her, despite the fact that Aubrey O’Day raised the least amount of money. Trump ultimately decided to fired Debbie Gibson since she did raise a lot of money and frankly, she wasn’t bringing too much drama.

In the second half of the episode, Donald Trump decided to shuffle the teams sending Aubrey O’Day and Teresa Guidice to the men’s team while sending Penn Jillette, Lou Ferrigno and Dee Snider to join Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana. Immediately, Arsenio Hall was not happy about having Aubrey O’Day on his team.

All through the episode, Aubrey got on Arsenio’s nerves until things just exploded in the boardroom. Arsenio called Aubrey a “me first” player and not a “team first” player. Arsenio even claimed that he found pictures on Google of Aubrey O’Day naked with a gut. Somehow, despite all of the dysfunction, Arsenio and Aubrey were on the winning team this week. After leaving the boardroom Aubrey went off on her own and potentially quit the game.

Meanwhile back in the board room, Lou Ferrigno decided to take Dayana and Twisted Sister front man Dee Snider back to the boardroom. The three spent sometime talking to Donald Trump’s secretary Amanda before returning to the boardroom. Somehow, Lou escaped firing once again as Trump blamed Dee Snider for creating the cube that the Walgreen’s people didn’t like.

We’ll talk to Adam about everything from this weeks show, plus discuss the upcoming Reality Rally and all of Adam’s experiences in the Big Brother house, including meeting Tori Spelling. Plus, we’ll hear what Adam thinks about former housemates Brendan Villegas and Rachel Reilly on the Amazing Race.

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  • apple pie and coffee

    Aubrey spoiled this episode in a 90 minute interview weeks ago! she said her box won the task :)

    • Rob’s Chimp

      I loved Aubrey’s box. The other box caused a lot of itching scratching and discharging.

      • apple pie and coffee

        wow that might explain why Dee was fired, he had to be medevaced for an STD :)

        • Rob’s Chimp

          I don’t know about Dee having an STD. It could be possible. Robs fact checker has to find the odds that some guy in a heavy metal band that dressed as a transexual has an STD.

          • apple pie and coffee

            110 percent :)

  • The King In The North!

    Sorry, I had to say it somewhere. 

    • apple pie and coffee

      had to google it :) got this: Why is the ‘King in the North’ idea so reviled

    • Rob’s Chimp

      Game of Thrones is so much better when I replace the Fire Priestess with Aubrey O’Day

  • apple pie and coffee

    woman, fire thyself ??

  • apple pie and coffee

    Dee and Debbie done

    • Rob’s Chimp

      Don’t forget about my beloved Ginger. Now I have to root for Clay Aiken. Downgrade

      • apple pie and coffee

        OMG the local Mafia Princess in my home town was called Ginger :)

        • Rob’s Chimp

          Did you know that Aubrey O’Day has two dogs named Ginger and Mary Ann? Small world

          • apple pie and coffee

            that must have slipped my mind, i saw so many videos of and by her that i thought she was in a committed lesbian relationship with her room mate but i think she was kidding about it, though they do show some intimate kanoodling on twitter pics

  • Arsenio’s behavior tonight was absolutely despicable. Aubrey couldn’t open her mouth without him criticizing her. The girls didn’t react nearly that badly to Aubrey when she did the same sort of things. Neither did Lou when Lisa took over. I want to see Lisa and Arsenio on a team so that he can get mad that she’s helping them win just like Aubrey did. The second Donald annouced who won, Aubrey should’ve said, “you’re welcome”. It’s also pretty closed minded for Arsenio and Dee not to want to work with the person who has been called out as the most creative on her team. Clay just hates anyone who threatens his chances of winning. This is the second time he and Arsenio attacked someone for “taking over”, and said they were not a team player. Isn’t a team player someone who does what will help the team win? Like Lisa said in a previous rant, it’s childish to say everyone should get some credit for something, and to put that ahead of how well the task is done. What kind of team player is that? The Jets don’t win games by making sure everyone gets to hold the ball at least once during every game. They do whatever it is they think will cause them to win. At least Lisa acknowledged that Penn and Aubrey are both great team players, because she and Penn seemed to be concerned with actually doing well rather than whether or not someone is better than you are, which is clearly what Clay and Arsenio are concerned with. I hope one of Lisa and Penn wins now. Aubrey needed a team of her, Lisa, Penn, Debbie, and Teresa; in other words, the people who actually appreciate good ideas, and don’t get mad at people who involve themselves too much in the creative process of the tasks. And why does Donald have such a David Healy for Dayana?

    • Rob’s Chimp

      Trump has told us numerous times that he is not gay. That is why he has a David Healy for Dayana. The question is why do I get a David (insert his middle name) Healy for Aubrey?

    • apple pie and coffee

      maybe The Donald is trying to marry off Eric, Aubrey did say she would be honored to be in the Trump Family, is Dayana single ?

    •  “It’s also pretty closed minded for Arsenio and Dee not to want to work
      with the person who has been called out as the most creative on her

      Wanting to work with the most creative person on a team that you keep destroying is like the Harlem Globetrotters wanting the best of the Washington Generals be on their team.

      • Aubrey doesn’t destroy them. There was never a time where they actually disliked one of Aubrey’s concepts. What’s Your Number was Lisa’s. They won two because of Aubrey’s ideas, two were money based and not creative based, the mop and the medieval ones were Lisa’s ideas, so the only time one of Aubrey’s ideas lost was Crystal Light, and they didn’t even dislike the concept. The only reason they even had a chance at the creative ones that they lost were because of Aubrey and Lisa. There was never a time where a decision was a complete blow out (other than Paul’s money in the first episode, and maybe the mop one), and Aubrey was the main one who got the team to be even that competitive with the men. They would’ve been even worse without her.

        • apple pie and coffee

          Michael Norris, as i mentioned in the past i am deeply concerned that Aubrey and her fans see NOTHING about her that has ANY need for self correction, and up to now, i agreed with you, Aubrey has been flawless in SKILL which drives the task, however now i am afraid my new assessment of the NEED for self correction is a FATAL FLAW !! here is why, The Donald in the past has used spies [Big Pussy from Soprano] and LIES [fake gay guy orgy at a hotel] to test SOMETHING in the players, that SOMETHING is a mystery however it did LEAK out of The Donalds mouth many months ago, THE APPRENTICE must deal with people who LITERALLY might KILL anyone who got in their way, this may have been why Kelly Perdew was chosen by Trump ?? i am totally convinced that Aubrey has FAILED The Donalds test, if she can, BY SHEER TALENT and task orientation, draw that passionate [but misplaced] anger from Arsenio, imagine what she might do to a Mafia Don ?? Aubrey is doomed, not because of a LACK of talent or all her creative ideas, and near perfect execution of these stupid tasks, but for the reasons which i think she angered Arsenio, NO MATTER how trivial and stupid Arsenio was, the problem is Aubrey cannot correct herself BEFORE she steamrolls her victims into a Road Runner cartoon pancake, EVEN after Arsenio gave Aubrey a CLEAR indication of a seismic event about to happen, Aubrey insisted on getting her way, AND SHE WAS RIGHT for the stupid task, but if Arsenio had been anything other than the toothless old troll under the bridge to nowhere, Aubrey might have been at GREAT risk…

    • RobHasALifeVest

      I think Arsenio was doing it for airtime.
      He knew after he saw those pictures that she would be a character, and he wanted to fight with here ASAP

      “And why does Donald have such a David Healy for Dayana?”

  • apple pie and coffee

    imagine what Arsenio [or was that Clay ?] would have done to Penn if the $14 loss was on the other team, BLUE in the face :)

    • Rob’s Chimp

      I would have grabbed the money and bought Aubrey some New York hotdogs. Then we would have saw Cats on Broadway. Best way to spend that money.

      • apple pie and coffee


  • Rob’s Chimp

    I have not listened yet but I do hope Rob mentions that Amananda had a couple of speaking lines in tonight’s episode. I enjoy the fact that Amananda said with a a straight face that she has ‘seen a lot of stuff’ go down in the lobby. It’s what Marines said when they returned from Vietnam. Great episode tonight but I am done with the show now that Aubrey is gone. First Carolla now this? Why do all my favorites basically quit?

    • apple pie and coffee

      Rob’s Chimp it is NOT official that Aubrey left yet, stay tuned

      • Rob’s Chimp

        Yea!! Thanks for giving me hope.

        • apple pie and coffee

          i am still not sure myself but something tells me The Donald will call her back, now [then] or in finale

    • apple pie and coffee

      as far as Adam Corolla, i think he had WAY better stuff to do with his time ??

    • bunnielebowski

      I don’t think Aubrey is going anywhere. Good call on Amanda. Still waiting for her ipad. Maybe if Adam won she would have gotten one!

  • apple pie and coffee

    Dayana personally raised over $50,000 ??

  • apple pie and coffee

    amazing race is 110 percent LUCK :)

    • I do think it says something that every season there seems to be one or two teams who do well in every leg, making me think that skill does have a pretty big effect, but it’s definitely a lot of luck too.

      • apple pie and coffee

        Michael Norris i was using Dalton Ross’ percentage formula for CA applied to AR so CA=AR – skill = Ferrigno effect – 40 percent = Aubrey effect + 150 percent = Dee factor divide by 2 = 75 percent OR 55 percent skill = zero percent brains :)

        • apple pie and coffee

          for the math challenged that leaves 25 OR 45 percent cab driver deviance to the accidental scientific survival stuff known as LUCK which evolutionary scientists say is 100 percent why humans are NOT extinct :) how many evolutionary scientists does it take to change a light bulb, NONE the light bulb changes itself but it takes ten million years…

  • Gregorian
    • apple pie and coffee
    • bunnielebowski

      Gregorian thank you so much for posting this! It started out slow but well worth the read. It reaffirmed my intense dislike of Trump and slight dislike of Clay. This was a great quote: “It was this episode where Donald Trump understood that he didn’t understand me, and feeling misunderstood by Donald Trump and Clay Aiken is its own kind of joy.”

      • Gregorian

        “Trying to explain to Donald Trump that beauty and art can be more
        important than money is like trying to explain to Donald Trump that
        beauty and art can be more important than money”

        • THAT is a brilliant quote!!! Like…I might use that. As someone who abhors conspicuous consuption with every fibre of my being – and who watches this show in part because of the horrifying absurdity, and in part to keep up with RHAP? That’s amazing. Thanks for posting.

          Penn FTW!!!!

  • apple pie and coffee

    Dayana was once kidnapped in Venezuela, they got $5 from her, and she got ten dollars from them for cab fare home :)

  • apple pie and coffee

    maybe Amandananda is going to have her own show and we see a new receptionist soon?

  • apple pie and coffee

    next week on Celebrity Apprentice, raids the boardroom, arrests Lisa Lampanelli, impounds The Donald’s table in case Teresa hires some goons to turn it over and see what The Donald has hidden under the table ???????????

    • lol

      • apple pie and coffee


  • apple pie and coffee

    the real reason Debby Gibson got fired ?? Crystal Delights is a company that sells sex toys :)

    • RobHasALifeVest

      Is it owned by Crystal Cox?

      • apple pie and coffee

        sorry i do not know, just saw it mentioned somewhere that the garden of crystal delights might be a trademark of the sex toy company, google the name, it does exist, maybe why the song was not a winner ??

        • RobHasALifeVest

          Oh, I was just making a joke (the kind Nicole appreciates)
          Crystal Cox doesn’t actually own the “Crystal Delight” sex toy company

          • apple pie and coffee

            WOW RHALV !! had to google Crystal Cox what a mouth on her :) minus 2.5 million for  defaming the founder of an investment group, WATCH OUT AUBREY, talk is not cheap these days :(

  • I think that Aubrey will be back next week.  In the previews, there is a man standing behind Theresa in the boardroom shots.  If Aubrey is gone, there would only be 8 left in the boardroom at this point, and noone would need to stand.  Alternatively, they could have brought back a fired contestant to replace Aubrey.

  • I believe the purpose of the cube box was because people could go into a Wal-greens and then purchase (or receive for free) this box that has all your “walking essentials” inside. That’s what I thought, so anyone correct me if I’m wrong.

    • apple pie and coffee

      hey Morgan yes the Walgreen site has coupons and a lot of goodies, with coupon the cube is only a dollar…sorry the coupons need to be printed as far as i can see, cannot afford the ink :) 

      • i print anything i want at my local library, .10 a page, so i dont need a printer at home…u can use their computers for free

        • apple pie and coffee

          hey Debbie, yes i have a local library that does i think 15 cents a copy but i am a shopper at my grocery store chain where my sister worked for 20 years and i give her at least a dollar off per gallon on 30 gallons of gas monthly, one month $2.50 off when gas was about 3 dollars !!

      • GinaElizabeth

        I went to a Walgreens store and the boxes were free.  Inside is a pedometer and a tote bag.  You just have to sign up for the program, which means giving your email address and probably seeing lots of Walgreen coupons in your inbox.  Are they $1 online?

        • apple pie and coffee

          sorry Gina i missed your question, that was a comment on the Walgreen site, someone paid one dollar at their W store, my guess is each W store can do whatever they want with the stuff ?? i saw no online buying ability on the site, i registered but i cannot print so i just looked around :)

  • BeetlePimp

    God Adam is horrible how did he even get on a reality show?
    Must have fooled the producers really good to let him in the BB house but let’s
    be honest he’s not capable of doing so. You have Rob who’s a mastermind thinks
    on nth level all the time and Adam can’t even think level one.  Rob is carrying this interview by himself is
    painful to hear. I’m guessing if you’re on Survivor you need a lot of Adam’s riding
    your coattails cause they can’t think of anything by themselves they will
    always vote the way you want them to, they can be manipulated like a 10 year
    old and you get to be the star of the show because you’re up against people with
    no personality. Win win win win! Not for a podcast though.

  • Great big brother podcast…when does the celeberity apprentice one come out?

    Kidding, Kidding.

    I know Rob is probably trying to make up for Nicole’s crazy schedule and unavailability, but not being a big brother fan, from my perspective these celeb apprentice podcasts are becoming, random guy Ive never heard of talks about apprentice for 10 minutes then about someone called Rachel everyone but me is obsessed with for the rest of the hour.

    Other than that though great podcast! No really Rob your talented and have many good qualities.

  • Derek_Sye

    Adam seems like a nice guy, but the whole bacon/tori spelling/metal shtick is really getting old.

  • God Adam is boring…just like he was on Big Brother.  

  • BobbyKe

    Don’t like Adam at all, so I’m not listening to this podcast. I’ll wait for Rob’s Apprentice thoughts on the Wednesday Web Show

    About the actual Apprentice episode, I was embarrassed at how hard Arsenio went @ Aubrey. It was uncalled for & his outburst was far worse then anything Aubrey has done. Yes, Aubrey is controlling & abrasive, but she’s also smart & creative & she basically won them the task. Arsenio never at any point made any notable effort to work with Aubrey or control her. He didn’t know how to work with her & that’s his problem, not Aubrey’s. Arsenio’s outburst was over the top embarrassing & I don’t blame Aubrey for not wanting to deal with Arsenio

    Remarkable that Teresa & Dayana are now 2 of the Final 3 women with Debbie & Aubrey gone

    At this point, I’d be shocked if the final wasn’t Clay v Lisa. They’ve made by far the least amount of mistakes of anybody

    • bunnielebowski

      I agree with most of your post, but while Arsenio
      should have been grateful that Aubrey did all the work, working with her looks
      very difficult and he probably just snapped. My picks for the end are Penn and

      On another topic – what the @(&% was Debbie
      wearing in the boardroom? Looked like an 80’s jazzercise outfit gone wrong. She
      could have easily left the building and gotten a job on the corner.

    • Adam was quite entertaining and give some good insight to Reality TV.. you should give it a listen. well worth it

    • GinaElizabeth

      I’m willing to give Arsenio a break, and after reading Clay’s blog on, it sounds like there was yet again a good deal of editing/producer manipulation.  There is also no mention of Aubrey walking out, so I think it’s a safe bet that she’ll be back next week.
      (It’s really more of an episode recap with a few behind-the-scenes tidbits thrown in.  You can skip to the end.)

  • Adam’s right about women being too emotional.  They let their emotions ruin their game~  Also Aubrey tried to make Arsenio look bad as possible and I don’t believe it was a slip-up; she tries to undermine everyone except maybe Lisa~

  • RobHasALifeVest

    You guys forgot to mention the funniest part of the show:
    After Arsenio’s Wheel of Fortune presentation thing, he said “Now let’s go get something to eat!”
    Like, how cheesy is that? Is this a Scooby Doo episode?

  • Ok wait – you’ve got mods now Rob – that’s great, this beast has got too huge for you to babysit. But I came back here to check if Adam might have responded to my post on what he thought of F**ked Up, or any other post. And…it’s not here. So was it deleted because I dropped the F-bomb? That’s actually the name of a very prominent Punk/Metal band – #1 album of 2011 according to Spin magazine. The lead singer goes on Fox News. 

    It’s your website Rob, and your rules are your rules. If I don’t like them – sucks to be me, don’t post with a potty mouth. But if that’s the policy that you want to keep it “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” free, just let your audience know. I’ll respect that.

  • Honestly, I agree with Adam… I dont think that Dayana isn’t trying ot purposely flying under the radar… I think that its primarily Lisa who is so absolutely jealous that is blaming her for everything and refuses to try and incorporate Dayana’s ideas.

    To me, i am positively baffled how Lisa is considered a “strong” player when she has done nothign but contribute to failure. Her “creative” prowess has gotten them but a bunch of losses. the 2 women wins were driven by a fund raising task and a task where Dayana was the project manager! unreal…

  • LOL at the Joe Namath reference… one of the best youtube clips ever.

  • I thougth Regis looked like absolute SH!T….

  • i think you guys are confusing Debbie Gibson with someone that has boobs.

  • Joan Rivers Also “Quit” and was back the next episode….

  • to quit on the Celebrity Apprentice is pretty bad too though… you’re representing a charity…. its an insult and a slap in the face to the charity and the peopel that the charity represents. 

  • yeah….. Amazing Race is BY FAR the most luck based show…. how many times have we seen somone in the lead at the end lose it by getting a bad cab driver…. has Adam ever seen any of these shows?

  • Adam, being called “funny-ish” is very VERY complimentary….. i’m doing all i can to not bail on this podcast.

  • Adam, somone saying you didnt sdeserve to win is NOT a statement made simply for “entertainment value” its a statement made because you were awful in the house. i’m sure you’re a very nice guy, but c’mon man…. you seriously dont think you played a great game, do you? no one else does.

  • Adam saying that Metallica had a couple of bad albums just outted him as a metalhead poser.

  • Adam, honestly……. i dont know. this was just awful.

  • Adam, i promise you…. if you go to ANY event to make the argument that Big Brother is more difficult than SURVIVOR… you’ll be the only one that thinks that.

    you can basically apply what is hard abotu BB and apply it directly to SURVIVOR and then add on all of the other stuff you mentioned.

  • i promise people wont be pretending to be like Adam to get on the show… (assuming casting learned from their mistakes)…

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