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A Celebrity Apprentice That Was Like Being Hit By a Buick

Michael Andretti lets Adam Carolla be Project Manager for the Buick Verano challenge on Celebrity Apprentice

"Is Anybody Here Related to a Race Car Driver?" (Photo courtesy of NBC)

It was a shocking double firing on this week’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice as Donald Trump fired Adam Carolla and Micheal Andretti. Rob Cesternino is joined by friend longtime Celebrity Apprentice expert Ryan Pappolla to discuss everything from this week’s show.

The biggest moment of this week’s show came in the opening minutes when the teams were assigned with the task of picking this week’s project managers. The teams had to perform a 20-minute presentation about the Buick Verano. It looked as though NASCAR INDYCAR legend Michael Andretti would be the perfect fit for project manager, but he deferred the opportunity to Adam Carolla. Taping the podcast only minutes after the double firings of Michael Andretti and Adam Carolla, Rob tries to figure out why Adam Carolla got fired on Celebrity Apprentice.

Rob suspects that the Buick executives were very unhappy with only getting a limited endorsement of the car from a member of the Andretti family. The Trumps were out for blood but Adam Carolla would not choose two people to bring back with him to the board room. Under normal circumstances, Rob thinks that Donald Trump would have just fired Adam and called it a night but the fact that Donald fired Micheal too speaks to how badly they wanted him gone.

We also try to figure out what Lou Ferrigno has done to put himself in Donald Trump’s good graces. Rob thinks that Donald Trump’s treatment of Lou Ferrigno is very reminiscent of the way Donald treated LaToya Jackson last season, even though the women all said she inept and was “Casper the Ghost”-like.

Also discussed is what, if anything, could have possibly been liked by the Buick exectuives about Debbie Gibson’s presentation, how are the alliances broken up on the women’s team, what will happen next week when Lou Ferrigno is the project manager and why is Donald Trump taking shots at Alex Rodriquez.

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  • WillOlsen

    Gene Simmons was the first Celebrity Apprentice.

  • WillOlsen

    Penn was on Celebrity Fear Factor too.

  • BS

    I think you guys were on the right track with the thinking behind what happened.  The Trumps wanted to just fire Andretti because he was bringing nothing interesting to the show and the editing of the whole episode was setting his dismissal up, but Carolla’s refusal to pick 2 to bring back to the boardroom threw a wrench into the plan.  So Trump being Trump he fires Carolla for not playing by his rules and gets rid of Andretti like he planned.  They wanted to keep Lou because with him in the picture and him being project manager next week it creates the potential for conflict and mayhem to ensue, hence interesting television.

    • BS

      ok lol you guys have got around to what I was saying in my comment

  • BS

    So Debbie Gibson has sang in 3 of the 4 episodes.  She was on the Talk two weeks ago.  You’ll never guess what she did.

    • RobHasALifeVest

      I love how Debbie and Aubrey (neither of which are taken seriously as musicians)
      hate each other.

  • RichieGlanzer

    I thought Corolla quit as well. I think he wanted to put himself out there and get back in the public eye. He realized he did that, so he probably didn’t want to do the work to be on the show.

  • Well Rob Cesterino being on a reality show, you should know better and not talk like an amateur fan. It was OBVIOUSLY Andretti’s turn to step up. Ivanka’s point was, Andretti would NEVER feel completely comfortable in a task on the show, so this task was the closest it was going to get.  He wimped out.

    So if he isn’t gonna step up then, when would he?

    Then Adam probably wouldn’t have been fired if he didnt try and play the nice guy and not bring anyone back… Do you know how annoying that is to him, and to me as a fan watching the show. Quitters suck, even if you are responsible… FIGHT damn it, fight for your charity and yourself.  So honestly, Adam because you were playing like a lil biotch you got fired. You had brought back Andretti, you would have stayed… You lost because Andretti wanted to coast his way to the end.

    • RichieGlanzer

      Its why Celebrity Apprentice sucks compared to the real Apprentice. Imagine how nuts Trump would have went on a regular contestant that didn’t bring two people back?

    • America47000

      I think Andretti was trying to say later that he’s more comfortable on managerial tasks that are more the realm of the regular Apprentice, not the presentation type tasks that have been given the past few weeks that seem designed to take advantage of the celebrities. Adam, being both a performer and a car expert, was much better suited to the task, but the show really glossed over that aspect of it. I don’t think Andretti ultimately would have gone much farther on the show, but I think Adam Carolla was one of the better players and he got screwed over by Trump’s power games. Like, if Andretti didn’t heed Trump’s suggestion to step up, the men’s team was going to pay for not making him. The most telling statements were when Trump listed why the men lost, and Adam was protesting by explaining point by point how they did everything that they were told they didn’t do.

    • RobHasALifeVest

      Clay Aiken said that Andretti was saving money for the next fundraising task.

  • It winds me up that its so obvious that trump can pick who he wants to win. How did the men lose?

  • Openalltheboxes

    If you weren’t aware that this show had no integrity before, well now you know. 

  • I think Adam Carolla had about as much chance of being credited with a win by the Buick people as Mike Volkswagen or Dave Sportage – the name set him up for a loss from the start. Note to Penn Jillette: don’t volunteer to be project manager for the upcoming Schick razors presentation, or your team will also lose no matter what.

    • PorkStoreKiller

      Nicely done, sir. 

  • The men clearly did the better job on this task. But not listening to Trump when he told them who to pick as PM, and to a lesser degree Adam mentioning Tiger Woods to the Buick guys, the task was lost before it began. 

  • I don’t know what they wanted from Andretti.  They complained that he wasn’t project manager and was under utilized then they said he was bad at doing the presentation.  So basically they were saying “Michael you suck at public speaking and boy do we wish you would have done more public speaking.”

    I started listening to Adam’s podcast because he was so funny on show and it’s now my second favorite podcast.  Rob, you should try to convince Nicole to adopt Alison’s sign off line.

    • You should check out Adam and Norm MacDonald breaking down the lyrics to Kenny Rogers’ “Coward of the county” and “Ruby, don’t take your love to town”. Search for it on youtube. Funny stuff.  

      • PorkStoreKiller

        Wait.  Adam Carolla and Norm MacDonald aren’t the same person? 

  • So, I’ve been trying to figure out Carolla’s “You Suck” gag line.  I think what he was going for was that the first couple interrupters were fake interrupters pointing out features of the car.  Then you are expecting Paul to do the same, but all he will say is “You Suck!” I think the problem with the gag is that it is too “inside baseball” in that dealing with bad hecklers is everyday life for comedians and political candidates (athletes can just ignore them), but not many other people.

    As for the women winning, I think you are missing how powerful Aubrey O’day was with her “safety” speech.  It got me a little teary and it’s exactly the kind of heart tug that car executives would want to see in a commercial pushing the personality of the car.  Of course they couldn’t be very happy today with Aubrey immediately admitting that the made the story up.As for the firings, I take it immediately at face value.  It seems that this season (Penn and Carolla talked about it on the podcast) that there was a rebellious streak in the contestants that they weren’t going to turn on each other in the boardroom.  Calling out the weakest people on the task in the boardroom is kind of what creates boardroom drama. When someone pulls a Corolla and doesn’t want to bring others into the boardroom, it removes tension, and removes the surprise from the last period of the show.  So, I think Burnett put it in Trump’s head that if Adam insists on just bringing himself that they will punish the team by firing 2 people.  It’s a very “Hunger Games”-type lesson to the contestants that they need to follow the rules of the game.

    • That’s fair.  I was kicking myself after the podcast for forgetting to discuss that on the show but I tweeted as it was on:  Did Aubrey O’Day just pull a Jonny Fairplay?  DId her team know that she was lying about that because she used it as a cop out in the boardroom?

  • Hey whoever runs this blog Michael Andretti is an INDYCAR legend, not Nascar. That’s a very big mistake as there’s a big difference for those who care. Obviously this blog does not.

    • There is a huge cultural difference between Indycar and NASCAR – to those who know it: NASCAR is the kind you see in Talladega Nights, with a huge Bobby and Junior and Jimmy quota (with the occasional double-threat name comprising both the Jacobian and Robertian genus) and cars that look like cars, while Indycars feature Brazilian playboys, wayward Brits and cars that you would actually recognize from your pyjamas, with the fins and the struts and the funny noses and the whatnot, as featured in that awful Sylvester Stallone F1 movie Driven – and Michael Andretti is actually a huge name in the Indycar world, one of the all-time greats, third all-time in wins, etc – much more so than Marco Andretti, who is essentially a nobody with a famous name. It’s as if Ken Griffey Sr. had to bail on the Apprentice and the producers managed to wangle Ken Griffey Jr. to replace him. I still don’t understand how they managed to trade up so easily – what was Michael Andretti doing (or not doing) that they showed up at his door, said, hey, your son has to miss a day or two for a funeral, you mind committing the next couple of months to some reality show so that Donald Trump can fire you for no reason?

      My guess is that by the time it became clear to Andretti that Trump was going to fire him, he was thinking, look, I want out of this chicken-bleep outfit as much as anyone, but not like this…I did these jokers a favour on short notice, and they’re doing this?

    • I stand corrected.

      • PorkStoreKiller

        After you fixed that error, Rob, I hope you didnt waste any space in your mind committing to memory the differences between NASCAR and INDYCAR. 

        It’s like knowing the difference between Journey and Foreigner. It only really matters to a very small number of people.

  • Did you notice at the start of the show, when Dayana took her winnings from last week to her charity, she ‘only’ presented a check for $20,000?  Last week’s task dealt with Ivanka’s clothing line.  I guess since dad Trump was giving $20k, Ivanka didn’t feel the need to give anything as the corporate sponser of the week?  (This week, Buick gave $30k on top of the $20k Trump gave to eventual PM winner Debbie).

    • To be fair, it was only $20K last week. I remember because I commented on how cheap that was.

  • (Also, any possibility that when Trump/producers pitched the idea of Buick being the focus of this week’s task, Michael was hinted at by Celebrity Apprentice as being the PM to help convince Buick of getting on board?)

    • That was my theory as well.

      • PorkStoreKiller

        Do we wanna take it a step further and suggest that Andretti avoided being project manager BECAUSE of his fear of being associated with Buick?  Not because he dislikes Buick, but because he has a relationship with other car companies? 
        Like when the Nike-flared members of the Dream Team didn’t want to wear the Olympics warm-ups that featured the Reebok logo.
        Sorry if this idea was already floated; I’ve not listened to the podcast yet.

  • RobHasALifeVest

    Aubrey O’Day is hilarious.

    In Big Brother 12 terms,
    everyone expected her to be a Rachel, but she is transforming into a Britney.

  • RobHasALifeVest

    I don’t think Adam really wanted to play anymore after he found out he lost.

    It was incredibly unfair that Michael was fired, but part of me is glad about it because we all just saved 2 hours of our life.

  • I think the women won when Aubrey spoke. She messed up the name twice, but other than that, it was incredible. I think that may have swayed them. If it weren’t for the fact that Trump hates her, I’d say she has a decent chance of winning.

  • Tam5115

    The way Trump is about Lou, reminds me more of how it was with Gary Busey rather than LaToya. 

    Trump was determined to fire Andretti. It wasn’t fair but I really did forget the guy was even on the show. Never saw him do anything or say anything.

    I’m only watching in the hopes that someone pisses Teresa off and she goes on one of her tirades and shoves Trump. 😉

  • Rob Has a Naked Neighbor Video Cast – Needs to happen, stop teasing us damnit! 

  • Liked Ryan on the Lost podcasts, and he was great again on this one.

  • TarafromLI

    The “you suck” segment of the QandA was only there to give Lou something to do.  Lou was supposed to act as a bouncer and eject the unruly heckler.   Editing leads us to believe it fell flat, but I surmise it worked just fine in the whole context of the presentation.   Adam will be missed; Arsenio and Lisa now need to step it up with “the funny”.  Altho, I found Penn’s comment about being in the trunk of a car in NY with Gotti gone hilarious.    

  • I am just unhappy because the guy who was willing to call Trump out on what he says, Adam, is gone and Trump just wanted to fire Michael no matter what. And I love the Mole. Each season of it was great. Also, Annette, who was an former secretary for Trump, was the winner of My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.

  • Pretty apparent they used Andretti in the hopes of getting a free endorsement. When in-the-dark Andretti didn’t take the bait, he became indispensible. Who ‘they’ – pretty apparent the sponsor of the task. Flagrant mistreatment of Andretti. I puke on ths show now, because the redhead is a bootlicker. ths show now, because the redhead is a bootlicker.

  • PorkStoreKiller

    These pictures of a hunting trip by Eric Trump and Don Jr are the greatest unintentionally funny things to hit the internet since the double rainbow video. 

    • curtis swanton

      lol they make lil donny look like such a fool!

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Although he’s no two-time celebrity reality champion like Dennis Rodman, Adam Carolla is far from the biggest failure among celebrities.  That title probably goes to Vincent “Big Pussy” Pastore.   Here’s his resume:

    In Celebrity Fit Club, he barely lost ten percent of his weight, then he signed up for DWTStars and couldn’t keep up with the workouts.  He dropped out before episode one.  We all remember his embarrassing turn on Celebrity Apprentice where he was trying to convince both sides he was working with them and they both basically told him they’d rather have him work for the other team.   After that, he lost to Kathie Lee Gifford’s family on Celebrity Family Feud before his appearance on Shark Tank where one of the investors said of his idea, “this is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen on this show”

  • RobHasALifeVest

    Was that a podast-editing error, or a really long awkward silence?

    • RyanPappolla

      Podcast-editing error… however, if you want to hear Rob and I have really long awkward silences, just ease drop on our phone conversations when I am trying to convince him that my love of the Power Rangers is a worthwhile waste of my time!

  • I am wondering Rob, whether you and Nicole ever say hi to the naked neighbor? I mean, do you know her personally? Great podcast as usual…I watch celebrity apprentice only because you are podcasting about it. 

  • Oddley enough, Adam was out fourth on DWTS as well.

  • ferrigno’s a big dope.  bad actor 2.

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