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It’s The Return of the Celebrity Apprentice Podcast

Podcasting about Donald Trump and the 2012 Cast of Celebrity Apprentice

It's Crazy Season (photo courtesy of NBC)

After Sunday night’s premiere of the Celebrity Apprentice Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to work with an all new podcast. First off, Rob and Nicole discuss this season’s cast – which Rob worries may not be as crazy as some of the past casts of the show. Rob and Nicole single out a few which could create some real drama starting with former Danity Kane performer, Aubrey O’Day and including Victoria Gotti, Teresa Giudice and even Debbie Gibson.

Nicole on stage with Wyclef Jean

Nicole, just seconds before she interrupts a Wyclef Jean concert in 2005.

In the first episode neither Rob nor Nicole were disappointed to see former super model Cheryl Tiegs go home in the first episode. While she didn’t appear to be that sharp, she was just far too nice to make any good Apprentice Fights.

Rob and Nicole were also both surprised to hear that the men had won the challenge when it had seemed as though the women, led by Patricia Velasquez, had been raising more money throughout the show. In the end, it turned out that the donor that Paul Teutul, Sr. kept promising ended up delivering – though we still have no idea who that person could have been. Rob and Nicole also stated in the battle between Paul and former Star Trek star, George Takei, the podcast hosts are firmly on Team Takei (“Oh my!”).

There is also an in-depth discussion of how to play the game of “Celebrity Apprentice”. Should the contestants not hit their big donors until they are the project manager or should they hit them up whenever it is called for? Plus, should the losing teams be forced to give their money over to the winning teams charity?

Rob and Nicole also try to figure out which Andretti is actually on the show this season and which Andretti was just filling in. Plus, an appearance by former Fugees front man, Wyclef Jean, prompts Rob and Nicole to discuss a memory of a very crazy moment in the life of Nicole Cesternino.

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  • Derek_Sye

    You are ruining me Rob. I had never watched a single episode of Celebrity Apprentice or Jersey Shore until RHAP came around. Now I am addicted to both of them. During the off season I actually had to go back and watch old seasons of Celebrity Apprentice just to get my fix.

  • Derek_Sye

    I don’t see anything wrong with the Celebrities donating their own money. If you have 300k you are willing to donate, more power to you. Having that kind of cheddar shows precisely how successful of a career you have had.

  • Derek_Sye

    Ivanka Trump + Young Cheryl Tiegs = David Healy

  • Derek_Sye

    All the money going to the winner’s charity is an outdated rule. It made sense when the competition was really about selling sandwiches, but those days are long gone. They just need to make a permanent rule change and be done with it.  

  • Derek_Sye

    I honestly can’t see a woman winning this season. Lisa Lampenelli seems bright enough, but I doubt she has the connections to bring in huge donations. Despite all the hype, Clay Aiken might suffer from the same problem.

  • Make no mistake white girl! Nicole is such a trouble maker.

  • Jordan_Kalish

    Instead of Forte, the girls should have called themselves The Glaciers. I also found it odd that they named the team forte right after saying they didn’t want an italian name.

  • Jen

    LOVED the Wyclef story.

  • definitely un-eventful…… BUT, i think there is some good potential. i love how Gotti has “heard that Debbie Gibson is hard to work with” WTF?!?!?!  hahaha….. who has heard of Debbie Gibson in the last 30 yrs?!?!? she is just looking to pick a fight. (which is a good thing)

  • I agree with Nicole on Corrolla…. he seems like he is trying a bit too hard.

  • the “white kids without iPads” line was pretty funny.

  • i already find Arsenio very annoying.

  • i definitely think this season has some crazies. the redhead girl is crazy enough to think she’s talented.

  • i definitely dont think aubrey o day is attractive… and my standards arent exactly very high… i’d pretty much bang anything.

  • i tried googling young cheryl tiegs… and while she is hot, i dotn think there are any nude pics out there.

  • Clay has an edge… plus he seems probably smarter than most of them as well. he should fare well.

  • i think debbie gibson will add A LOT to the show…. which is a very good thing for us, and a very bad thing for her.

  • all i know Patricia Velasquez is from her brief scene in the Mummy fro mthe late 90’s… and DAMN was she HAWT in her brief scene.

  • i found the whole thing about the andretti boys confusing as well…. Trump, please evict whoever it is and move on.

  • my guess is that Paul called a friend, transferred funds into his account and took the check/donation from his friend.  i seem to remember i na past season that they werent allowed to donate themselves (the contestants).

  • haha… as someone that was raised in a family of “Carny Trash” (yup… truth)… calling Penn Carny Trash is an insult to Carny Trash…

  • Gotti will be the star of this season… or at least has the potential to be.  i also found it interesting that the Trumps, who are involved in real estate and construction, said that they were in the same circles as the mafia… LOL. SHOCKING!

  • after hearing that aubrey oday story… i now like Diddy….

  • i actually thin kthat Celebrity Apprentice has gotten further away fro mthe donation challenges in recent seasons…. the challenges dont seem to be as donation-centric as it used to be….  maybe i’m wrong, but maybe one of the interns or Rob’s Fact CHecker can look into it… i would be willign to bet that the first season of Celebrity Apprentice had more donation challenges than the most recent season…. i could be wrong… but to me, it definitely feels like they’ve gotten away from this a little.

  • i agree with Nicole… its part of the risk, and i have to believe that the people giving the donations understand this. whether it be from being one of the 137 peopel that actually watch the show, or from the project manager asking for the donation letting them know via full disclosure.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! that russell simmons moment was frigging hilarious.

  • Carol Alt = Cheryl Tiegs (except Carol Alt has held her looks & figure)…

  • haha… love the wyclef story…. you’re a pretty classy chick Nicole! are you sure you’re not from Buffalo? (thats meant as a compliment!)

  • Rob, your George Takei impersonation is a little too spot-on.

  • honestly, why isnt Penn crazy? have you ever seen an interview with him? he’s about as crazy as anyone….. i also think your being incredibly kind with labeling him as intelligent.

  • i think Clay is definitely the favorite and idont even know who lisa lampenalli is. i’m honestly shocked you think this cast has “more big names”…. ????

  • haha… look at you trying to recover from the kindle comment… you just spoke the TRUTH!… if my kid ever walks around with a kindle fire, please someone call child protective services!

  • ooooooh! i’m excited about Chris from Vanuatu on the podcast… please dont be afraid to make it a super long edition (or a possible 2 parter) as i think that he’ll have good insight on this season (One World) as well as discussing his season woudl be very good…. be sure to find it on youtube or somethign to brush-up!

  • After Paul Sr. – let’s just call him Scaramouche, if that’s all right – bought the win after essentially dogging the challenge, I think a discussion needs to be had as to whether Celebrity Apprentice is flawed. Patricia-Velasquez’

    If they don’t disclose to the donors that the cash might go elsewhere, then accepting the donation would technically fall within the criminal definition of fraud, so either the donors are aware or there are some big sleeping giants lying around the world of Celebrity Apprentice… 

    If donors could be guaranteed that their cash is going to the charity they’re coming out to support, you’d think the amount of money raised could go higher – so if Trump gets such a kick out of saying “We raised bazillions of ducats for charity,” he would have an interest in altering the rule so that the winner’s incentive isn’t to get all the marbles but just to not get fired and maybe get the usual $40 000 bonus (e.g. from Cafe Metro this episode) that goes the way of non-donation challenge winners. All the cash (and more of it than now) would still be “raised for charity”.

    Nevertheless, injustice pulls in an audience more so than fair rules. Viewers now pulling for Patricia Velasquez might be more inclined to tune in to future episodes than if she had just won, and the story arc had ended in a single episode.

  • RichieGlanzer

    The problem I have with the Celebrity Apprentice is many.
    1) Shouldn’t there be celebrities? I mean I never recognize more than 2 female celebrities. And this year I think it was 1.

    2) I hate these fundraising tasks. Just make it fundraising and forget the sandwich part. We all know you can spit in the sandwich and it wont change the outcome.

    3) The best part of Apprentice is the boardroom. But Trump is a softee when it comes to firing celebs. 

    Yet I’ve never missed an episode. But I would. 

  • TonyDeCro

    there are no young photos of cheryl tiegs on the internet. the only picture of a young cheryl tiegs is cave painting located in france, dating back 60,000 years. :)

  • kaj

    Man, everyone was too nice. They need to find people as kraazy as Busey and Meatloaf, hell, they should just pit them against each in a Celebrity Apprentice: Redemption Island. Get on this Burnett! This is the only context where I would want to see another Redemption Island again.

  • Wow, total role reversal between Rob and Nicole about the Marco and Michael Andretti debate!

  • Please answer this question for next week, as someone who doesn’t get this. Here it is.

    Other than a huge haul for your charity, and the (sorta) fame what is in it for these people?

    • PorkStoreKiller

      They get paid to appear on the show.  During last season, we learned that about half the cast were in various stages of bankruptcy.  Most of the people who accept would basically accept anything that would pay them TV money.  

      With that said, it is a big of a shock that they are able to land people like Penn Jillette.  That guy probably makes more money each year than the GDP of many small countries.    

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Here’s how I would handicap the cast after the first episode (no opinion of Andretti)

    No shot of winning:
    Lou Ferrigno
    George Takei
    Tia Carrere 
    Aubrey O’Day
    Victoria Gotti
    Arsenio Hall 
    Teresa Giudice

    Solid Players: 
    Adam Carolla
    Clay Aiken
    Dayana Mendoza
    Debbie Gibson
    Dee Snider

    Front Runners:
    Lisa Lampanelli
    Paul Teutul, Sr
    Patricia Velásquez

    Penn Jillette

  • PorkStoreKiller

    Rob and Nicole forgot to mention yet another Trump “I’m not gay” declaration” when he said he wasn’t interested in the Mr. Universe pageant and then felt the need to spell out why he wasn’t interested in being around fit, built dudes.   This could almost be a weekly segment.  

    Trump needs to hire Survivor Rudy to go around to random folks and say, “You know Trump?  Trump, right?  You know him?  Yeah, he’s not queer.”       

  • ToledoDave

    Celebrity Apprentice is flawed. The competitions is meaningless.  The least they could do would be to make the donors come in, buy and eat the stupid sandwich like Russel Simmons.  This show could be one episode, whoever brings the most money to the board room wins.

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