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Survivor: South Pacific

Two-time Survivor player Rob Cesternino covers Survivor on Rob Has a Podcast. With interviews from former Survivors and recently voted off contestants, Rob brings you wall to wall Survivor coverage. Plus, read our expert Survivor bloggers who are breaking down every aspect of the Survivor Strategy of the players.

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12/20/11 - It's the Survivor South Pacific exit interview show you've been waiting for... Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk with the Survivor South Pacific winner Sophie Clarke, Rick Nelson, Brandon Hantz, Albert Destrade, Coach Ben Wade and Ozzy Lusth.

12/19/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are LIVE on Monday morning 12/19 to take your calls and discuss everything that happened on the Survivor South Pacific finale and reunion show at 10:00 am EST / 7:00 am PST

12/16/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to discuss the big blunder from Brandon Hantz on Survivor South Pacific on giving the immunity necklace to Albert Destrade and then getting voted out of the tribe by Coach.

12/09/11 - Tyson Apostol triumphantly returns to Rob Has a Podcast after a recent visit to China to discuss the differences he is seeing in his Survivor Tocantins and Survivor Heroes vs. Villains tribemate, Coach Ben Wade.

12/08/11 - John Cochran created a lot of drama during his time on Survivor South Pacific and finally he joins Rob Cesternino and Nicole to talk about it all on his first Rob Has a Podcast appearance.

12/02/11 - Jonathan Penner has played Survivor with Ozzy Lusth on two separate occasions and once famously flipped on his tribe around the merge which makes him the perfect guest to discuss what's happening on Survivor South Pacific.

12/01/11 - Dawn Meehan and Whitney Duncan were both done in on Survivor South Pacific after John Cochran flipped to the other tribe. Find out what they have to say now that Cochran too has been voted out on Survivor South Pacific.

It's Black Friday and Rob Cesternino and Nicole wake up from their turkey and wine induced coma to bring you an all-Survivor edition of Rob Has a Web Show. Today Rob and Nicole will be talking with Jeff Pittman from the Survivor website True Dork Times. Rob and Nicole recap how their thanksgiving was. Nicole kept her promise to make macaroni before she served a Thanksgiving turkey. Meanwhile Rob was very fixated on discussing a […] Read More

11/18/11 - Phillip Sheppard was in the center of everything on Survivor Redemption Island, this week he joins Rob and Nicole to talk about Coach, Cochran and all the latest in Survivor South Pacific.

11/17/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole speak with Jim Rice and Keith Tollefson from Survivor South Pacific mostly about what they think of John Cochran and his decision to betray them and the Savaii tribe on Survivor South Pacific.

11/11/11 - Rob Cesternino talks to Erinn Lobdell about watch Survivor Tocantins tribemate, Coach Ben Wade for the third time, John Fincher on NOT picking rocks and Nicole Cesternino on her Vegas trip and Survivor feuds.

11/04/11 - AJ Mass is a fantasy sports writer at and the author of a new book "How Fantasy Sports Explains the World". AJ reveals what Fantasy Sports has taught him about playing Survivor and John Cochran's decision to flip on Survivor South Pacific

11/04/11 - John Cochran made the Survivor move that everybody is talking about, including Rob Cesternino and Nicole. Rob and Nicole break down why they like the bold move Cochran made and whether he has any chance left to win the game on Rob Has a Podcast.

11/03/11 - Christine Markoski spent most of Survivor South Pacific on Redemption Island before being eliminated by Ozzy this week. What was Christine really going to do after the merge? We'll find out on an interview edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

10/28/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole were flabbergasted by Ozzy's big move on this week's Survivor South Pacific and they break down all things Ozzy with Monica Padilla from Survivor Samoa on the latest Rob Has a Podcast.