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Survivor: One World

Two-time Survivor player Rob Cesternino covers Survivor on Rob Has a Podcast. With interviews from former Survivors and recently voted off contestants, Rob brings you wall to wall Survivor coverage. Plus, read our expert Survivor bloggers who are breaking down every aspect of the Survivor Strategy of the players.

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05/17/12 - Rob Cesternino hosts a look back at the most recent season of Survivor through the lens of Rob Has a Podcast, you'll hear from each of our Survivor guests and the actual Survivor One World players as we look back at the best moments of Survivor One World and Rob Has a Podcast.

05/14/12 - It was the first ever all-female final five in the history of Survivor and they're all here to speak with Rob Cesternino and Nicole about their time on Survivor One World... including the big winner, Kim Spradlin. We'll also hear from Sabrina Thompson, Chelsea Meissner, Alicia Rosa and Christine Cha on our big finale interview show.

05/13/12 - We've waited all season long for one night... the 3 hour Survivor One World Finale & Reunion Show. Rob and Nicole will be live at 11:15 pm ET to take your live questions and video calls in our official Finale Night Recap.

05/10/12 - Julie Berry played in Survivor Vanuatu where the women dominated the men, except for one guy. This season on Survivor One World, the women have dominated and finished the job. Julie Berry joins Rob Cesternino to compare her season and preview the Survivor finale

05/10/12 - For much of "Survivor: One World", one man has captured the hearts and minds of the Survivor watching nation... and that man is Greg "Tarzan" Smith. Tarzan joins Rob Cesternino to talk about his entire experience, what his strategy was and describe a number of poop-related things.

05/04/12 - Jerri Manthey is a three-time Survivor player and became one of the most notorious villains in Survivor history during Survivor: The Australian Outback. Jerri discusses her entire Survivor adventure and give insight into the Final 6 players of Survivor One World on Rob Has a Podcast.

05/03/12 - Rob Cesternino talks with Kat Edorsson, the latest person voted out on Survivor: One World to try and figure out whether Kat was voted out for being a threat or whether she was voted out because she was a threat to win the game.

04/26/12 - Finally, John Fincher has come home to Rob Has a Podcast. The Finichelor is back to talk about the winning ways of Kim Spradlin as she knocks her biggest competition, Troyzan out of the game on Survivor One World. It's a live in person podcast on this week's Survivor edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

04/26/12 - Troy Robertson aka Troyzan became the latest person voted out of the tribe on this week's episode of Survivor One World. Troyzan joins Rob Cesternino to talk about everything that happened to him on this season of Survivor.

04/20/12 - Tyson Apostol is a member of the RHAP Mount Rushmore and now he triumphantly returns to Rob Has a Podcast to discuss the latest issues for Troyzan on Survivor One World. Tyson discusses if Troyzan has a chance vs. the women and so much more in a marathon edition of Rob has a Podcast.

04/19/12 - Rob Ceseternino talks to Leif Manson, the latest person voted out of the tribe on Survivor One World. Leif discusses why he struggled as a Survivor player and tells us which players in the game he was actually working with on Rob Has a Podcast

04/13/12 - Last season Sophie Clarke was the winner of Survivor South Pacific and now she becomes the 7th Survivor winner to join Rob this season on Rob Has a Podcast. Sophie talks about where exactly Jay and Troyzan went wrong in their quest to emulate Sophie's winning performance from last season.

04/12/12 - Rob Cesternino talks to Jay Byars about being blindsided by Kim Spradlin and the women on Survivor One World. We find out why Jay told Kim about Troyzan's hidden immunity idol and why he felt so secure working with the women on Rob Has a Podcast

04/06/12 - Stephen Fishbach joins Rob Cesternino to talk about the dominating play of Kim Spradlin on Survivor One World. We try to figure out who might be able to unseat Kim as the probable winner of Survivor One World on an all new podcast.

04/07/12 - Rob's Survivor Blogger, Richie Glanzer is back to talk about where Jay Byars might have gone wrong during this week's episode and how he might be able to rebound going forward on Survivor: One World.