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Survivor 2014: Recaps, Reviews and Interviews About Survivor on CBS

The long running CBS Reality series is entering it’s 30th season in 2015 with “Survivor: Worlds Apart” which premieres Wednesday, February 25th. The show pits a group of Americans in exotic locales where contestants outwit, outplay and outlast each other to earn the million dollar prize. A contestant is voted out of each episode at tribal council where Survivor’s host, Jeff Probst, informs the person who got voted out “The Tribe Has Spoken”.

Survivor airs on Wednesday nights on CBS at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT in the US. Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach host “Survivor: Know-It-Alls” following each episode at 9:15 pm ET. Rob also will have an interview with the player who got voted off the show on Thursdays following the episode and a full episode recap with a former Survivor contestant on Rob Has a Podcast.

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Hope and Despair

04/18/15 - Michel Trudeau breaks down the story and the edit from episode 9 of Survivor 30: Worlds Apart, "Livin' On The Edge."

04/17/15 - Scott Gallagher recaps episode 9 of Survivor 30: Worlds Apart, "Livin' On The Edge."

4/16/15 - Jonathan Penner joins Rob to recap Survivor Worlds Apart Episode 9

04/16/15 - Rob Cesternino hosts an exit interview with the latest player voted out of Survivor Worlds Apart voted out of Season 30 on April 16, 2015

04/15/15 - LIVE after Survivor: Worlds Apart Episode 7, Guest host Josh Wigler joins Stephen Fishbach to answer your questions LIVE about episode 9, "Livin' on the Edge."

04/14/15 - Sarah Freeman discusses what to do in your Survivor Individual Game when it seems like you can't win.

04/12/15 - Dan Heaton takes a look at the strategic game being used on Survivor Worlds Apart, episode 8, "Keep It Real," and the ways players are setting up the board for the next charge.

The Battle Is On

04/11/15 - Michel Trudeau discusses where the battles are developing on Survivor Worlds Apart, episode 8, "Keep it Real".

Survivor Meets Clue

04/10/15 - Scott Gallagher recaps episode 7 of Survivor 30: Worlds Apart, "Keep It Real."

4/10/15 - Rob Cesternino recaps Worlds Apart Episode 8 with Sophie Clarke and takes your voicemails with Mike Bloom

4/09/15 - Rob Cesternino talks to the latest player voted off Survivor Worlds Apart.

04/08/15 - The Survivor Know-It-Alls recap the merge in Episode 8 of Survivor Worlds Apart Season 30 LIVE after the CBS show on April 8, 2015

04/06/15 - Catherine Lucas discusses when and how to leverage a Hidden Immunity Idol on Survivor Worlds Apart.

04/05/15 - Dan Heaton takes a look at the strategic game being used on Survivor Worlds Apart, episode 7, "The Line Will Be Drawn Tonight," and the complexities of the post-merge game.

04/04/15 - Michel Trudeau discusses power couples on Survivor Worlds Apart, episode 7.