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Survivor 2014: Recaps, Reviews and Interviews from Survivor Cagayan

Rob Cesternino covers Survivor Cagayan all week long on Rob Has a Podcast. Join us LIVE every week at 9:15 pm ET for Survivor Know-It-Alls with Stephen Fishbach.  We will also have interviews with every player when they get voted off the show.  Plus we will have interviews from former Survivors each week and our expert Survivor bloggers have daily blogs all through Survivor 28.

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4/16/14 - LIVE at 9:15 pm ET, The Survivor Know-It-Alls, Rob and Stephen Fishbach, recap Episode 8 of Cagayan, "Bag of Tricks"

April 15, 2014 - After the chaos last week, it was something of a relief to have a... quieter week of Survivor, where we had time to see how the merged tribe has shaken out before another upheaval happens—and one surely will. There are plenty of strong and/or aggressive players left in the game, and all we lost this episode was a background character.

Confessional of the night: “In my opinion Spencer had some pretty good arguments. I would not want to sit next to Tony. I think he's too charming and everybody likes him. Morgan is annoying and she's a bitch, but she's going to stay that way, so she's not really a threat. You know, she's just extra luggage we're carrying around here." - Kass... Another truth and another mistake by Kass.

April 13, 2014 - We’ve been trained by the first six episodes of Survivor Cagayan to expect an unpredictable outcome. The exception might be the Alexis vote, but even that wasn’t a certainty at the time. Last week’s Tribal Council included enough chaos to spread across multiple episodes. The question is whether more surprises will come in the upcoming weeks now that one alliance has control.

April 12, 2014 - The care Kass received from the editors tells me that she will strike once more, but I also think that she is overly optimistic about players getting over it and we know that the two present jurors won’t be voting for her. It seems certain however that the jury will have the final say on her move.

4/10/14 - Malcolm Freberg joins Rob Cesternino to talk about Survivor Cagayan Episode 7

Kass helped get one of the true threats out this season. I think Kass, although maybe a tad crazy, helped out everybody else left in the game. So for that reason, you have to give her props. It seems like it all comes down to likable personalities when moves like that are made.

Previously on This Week in Survivor History… The Barramundi tribe traded their shelter for rice, Cochran began his metamorphosis into a challenge beast, and Boston Rob made Lex an offer he couldn’t refuse. Six years later, Boston Rob was slayed on Heroes vs. Villains and future pop star Lisi Linares didn’t have more than one person to vote with her in Fiji. Read on to find out what happened.

4/10/14 - Talking with the Latest Player Voted Off of Survivor Cagayan

4/09/14 - Special Guest Aras Baskauskas joins Rob Cesternino to Recap Survivor Cagayan Episode 7