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Survivor 2016: Kaoh Rong Recaps, Reviews and Interviews About Survivor on CBS

The long running CBS Reality series is entering it’s 32nd season in 2016 with “Survivor: Kaoh Rong which premieres on February 17, 2016. The show pits a group of Americans in exotic locales where contestants outwit, outplay and outlast each other to earn the million dollar prize. A contestant is voted out of each episode at tribal council where Survivor’s host, Jeff Probst, informs the person who got voted out “The Tribe Has Spoken”.

Survivor airs on Wednesday nights on CBS at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT in the US. Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach host “Survivor: Know-It-Alls” following each episode at 9:15 pm ET. Rob also will have an interview with the player who got voted off the show on Thursdays following the episode and a full episode recap with a former Survivor contestant on Rob Has a Podcast.

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06/28/16 - Rob welcomes the creator of "Survivor: Brooklyn", Matt Pavlovich, to the studio to discuss the Survivor games he created which include Sophie Clarke, Andrea Boehlke and a Season 33 player.

06/20/16 - We rank all of the tribes that started off with 6 people from the 3-tribe seasons to determine Survivor's most iconic 6-person tribe with Mike Bloom

06/16/16 - Kaoh Rong's Nick Maiorano joins Rob to discuss his game in Survivor Kaoh Rong and the mindset of the jury.

06/12/16 - Rob talks about 3 crucial negotiating tactics used to cut deals on and off Survivor with Negotiations expert, Mike Botta

06/09/16 - Kaoh Rong's Michele Fitzgerald joins Rob to discuss her winning strategy on this season of Survivor and much more.

06/06/16 - After all the talk about Edgic in Kaoh Rong, we'll take a closer look at the system which analyzes the Survivor edit looking for the winner with Edgic enthusiast, Zach Vosseler

06/02/16 - Kaoh Rong's Cydney Gillon joins Rob to discuss her strategy on this season of Survivor and much more.

05/28/16 - Rob Cesternino catches up with Anna Khait at Jason Somerville's Run It Up Reno Poker Event to discuss her game in Survivor Kaoh Rong

05/28/16-Sarah Freeman explores the different perceptions of how Michele emerged victorious in Kaoh Rong.

05/27/16 - Rob Cesternino is joined by Survivors Tyson Apostol, Boston Rob Mariano, Stephen Fishbach, Anna Khait for a live podcast at Jason Somerville's Run It Up Reno Poker Event.

05/23/16 - David Bloomberg discusses the reasons why Michele Fitzgerald won Survivor Kaoh Rong and why the other finalists lost.

05/20/16-Scott Gallagher contemplates what the ending to the season means as it leaves him with more questions than answers.

05/20/16 - Josh Wigler joins Rob to discuss the fallout from the Kaoh Rong finale and answers feedback from the season finale.

05/19/16 - Rob Cesternino talks to the final 3 players from Survivor Kaoh Rong. Winner Interview starts at 2:00, 2nd & 3rd place interview starts at 16:40

05/18/16 - LIVE after Survivor 32: Kaoh Rong FINALE, Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your questions LIVE after the FINALE