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Whodunnity Podcast Archive: Recaps of about the 2013 ABC Reality Show

8/20/13 - Rob Cesternino is LIVE with the Final 5 cast members of 'Whodunnit?'

8/19/13 - Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark discuss the identity of the killer and the winner of the first season of 'Whodunnit?'

8/14/13 - Rob Cesternino gathers the evidence with Curt Clark to put all the pieces together one more time before the Whodunnit Finale.

8/05/13 - Rob Cesternino and Curt Clark discuss the case of Geno's murder and make more accusations towards their picks for the Whodunnit killer.

7/29/13 - Rob and Curt Clark discuss the latest episode of Whodunnit and interview the most recent victim of the Whodunnit Killer

7/22/13 - Rob Cesternino is back in the SADDLE with Curt Clark to discuss the death of Ulysses in Episode 5 of Whodunnit

7/16/13 - Mourning the loss of Don, Rob and Curt Clark pull themselves together to talk about The Whodunnit Killer's latest masterpiece of the mountain lion in the cupboard.

7/08/13 - Rob discusses the highly combustible dynamics of the Whodunnit cast with Curt Clark after Episode 3.

7/01/13 - Rob and Curt Clark are on the trail of the Whodunnit Killer as they podcast about Episode 2 of "Whodunnit?"

6/24/13 - Discussing the premiere of ABC's Murder Mystery Reality Show, "Whodunnit?" with Curt Clark