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05/27/11 - It's been just over one year since the climactic series finale of LOST, and Rob Cesternino and Ryan Pappolla are back to talk about how one year's time has changed LOST (the finale and the series) in both of their minds. They break down the finale, the final season and all things LOST on a LOST edition of Rob Has a Podcast.

05/24/10 - It was the finale that had everybody talking... especially Rob. Find out what Rob thought of the LOST finale and the big controversial ending on an all new LOST episode of Rob Has A Podcast

5/20/10 - There's only one episode left on LOST and there's a new Jacob in town. Rob Cesternino breaks down everything from "What They Died For" as we try to get in the mind of Ben Linus and discuss Jack's new job as protector of the island on a LOST edition of Rob Has a Podcast

5/19/10 - With only one episode left to go on LOST, Rob Cesternino has put together the definitive list of the top 15 LOST moments, with video clips of every moment. Weigh in and let Rob know what you think about the LOST Top 15.

5/12/10 - It's the LOST backstory 3,000 years in the making... it's the story of Jacob and the Man in Black and Rob Cesternino is back with an all-new LOST podcast with fellow podcaster John Norton. We try to figure out where we stand with only three and a half hours left of LOST...

5/05/10 - This week's LOST was the BOMB! Unfortunately for a bunch of our LOST heroes, that bomb was on a submarine. Since whatever happened, happened... We'll sort through all the carnage on an all new podcast.

4/21/10 - Rob goes digging for LOST answers with Tara Bennett, lead author of the upcoming LOST encyclopedia and LOST magazine as they discuss the latest LOST episode, "The Last Recruit".

This week on LOST we saw how things are going in the alternate timeline for Hurley and how he meets Libby. Joining Rob to talk about it all is writer and LOST magazine photographer, Gordon Holmes. On this episode we find out: - What are the ethical impiications of dating a girl from the mental institution? - Why are Locke and Desmond trying to kill each other? - What was with killing off Alana? […] Read More

4/07/10 - Survivor's Jonny Fairplay calls in to talk about Desmond's game-changing Flash Sideways from this weeks LOST episode, "Happily Ever After"

Jin and Sun may be star-crossed lovers on the island but in their alternate timeline, they’re not having any more luck. Rob breaks down all things Jin and Sun with Nuzzy, the host of “The Nuzzy & The Guy Podcast”. On this episode we’ll find out: - What is going on with the “V” countdown clock? - Why does Rob have such hatred towards Jin and Sun when they seem like such nice people? - […] Read More

We learned all about Richard’s backstory on a shocking LOST. Rob tries to make sense of it all with writer Steven Brandon. On this week’s episode we try to figure out: - What is really going on between Jacob and the Man in Black? - Why does it seem like the smoke monster’s abilities keep changing? - How does Rob feel about the possibility of the last season of 24? Find out all this and […] Read More