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Jersey Shore Podcast Archive: Recaps of the MTV Reality Series

01/13/12 - It's a dark day in the Jersey Shore house after Vinny Guadagnino is calling it quits. Rob and Nicole discuss whether or not they even want Vinny to return to the Jersey Shore house and some new theories about why the girl who stole Pauly D's necklace ended up returning it to the house.

01/08/12 - The Jersey Shore is back with the season premiere of Season 5. Find out why Rob thinks that The Unit is despicable, why Ryder is fascinating and why Vinny should receive a lifetime ban from all things Jersey Shore.

10/24/11 - The Jersey Shore cast spent the entire season in Italy, but after this past Thursday's finale and reunion show it's time to say Arrivederci to the Jersey Shore for this season and Ciao to a new cast of Celebrity Apprentice Contestants on Rob Has a Podcast.

10/05/11 - Our favorite reality stars are traveling the globe from Jenna and Ethan on The Amazing Race, Snooki and the Jersey Shore Gang in Italy and Parvati and Boston Rob are going around the world.

09/27/11 - Rob and Nicole are back with another Friggin 5 talking about Jenna and Ethan on the Amazing Race, Snooki wild week with her boyfriend on Jersey Shore, The Rob Has a Podcast Internship, Parvati's Surgery and your questions on Rob Has a Podcast.

08/31/11 - The Friggin 5 is back to cover the drama caused by Shelly in the Big Brother house, The Situation getting beat up by a wall, Rupert's potential run for Governor of Indiana, Matthew Fox hitting the bottle and a woman and your comments.

08/17/11 - The Friggin 5 makes a triumphant return to talk about the latest from Big Brother, Jersey Shore, and which Survivor contestant is allegedly dating Lindsay Lohan... all on the Friggin 5.

08/08/11 - America's favorite guidos are heading to Italy to spend a few weeks on vacation for the Jersey Shore season 4. Rob and Nicole break down J-Woww's plastic surgeries, The Situation's secret affair with Snooki and the lovefest between Pauly D and Deena Nicole on our Jersey Shore podcast.

04/04/11 - For reality TV fans, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Meat Loaf had one of the all-time reality TV meltdowns but we said goodbye to Survivor winner Richard Hatch who was fired by Donald Trump. Don't miss our most recent Celebrity Apprentice podcast.

03/27/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down everything that went down in the Jersey Shore season 3 finale including the final breakup between Ronnie and Sammi and a wild party that ended in a fight for Vinny and Deena Nicole on Rob has a podcast.

03/19/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole discuss Ronnie & Sammi Sweetheart's latest breakup on Jersey Shore, The Situation's performance during the Comedy Central roast of Donald Trump, Snooki's appearance on Monday Night Raw & much more in a Jersey Shore edition of Rob Has a Podcast

03/13/11 - The drama never ends on Jersey Shore. Just when it looked like Sammi and Ronnie were going to live happily ever after, we meet Arvin who says that Sammi was looking for him right after the breakup. All this & more on Rob Has a Podcast.

03/07/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back to talk about the latest episode of Jersey Shore which featured the return of Sammi Sweetheart to the house, another battle with the toilet, Snooki and Vinny's crazy relationship and a cheesy prank in the Situation's bed.

02/27/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole talk about the latest episode of Jersey Shore 3 featuring a taxi cab trip to Times Square for Snooki and Deena Nicole, a toilet that doesn't seem to work and The return of Sammi Sweatheart on Jersey Shore.

02/16/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back for their 100th podcast and this time they are picking the winners of Survivor: Redmeption Island and talking about the crazy drama on Jersey Shore between Sammi and Ronnie. It's a Survivor / Jersey Shore edition of Rob Has a Podcast