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Friggin 5

6/11/14 - 1,2,3,4,5... DO IT AGAIN! The Friggin 5 returns to count down the biggest stories in the world of Rob Has a Podcast.

1/10/14 - The Friggin' 5 is back and Rob and Nicole have the 5 most interesting stories happening in the world in one podcast.

Rob Cesternino and Nicole are spending Friday night making the first ever LIVE edition of The Friggin Five at 11:15 pm ET / 8:15 pm PT. So grab a drink and join us LIVE for FIVE... A Friggin 5.

6/15/12 - It's time for the Friggin Five... 1) Redneck Island with Jonny Fairplay 2) The Latest Drama inside and out of the ABC Glass House 3) Boston Rob and Amber have baby number three 4) A Squid wants to make you pregnant in the face 5) Was that Matthew Von Ertfelda on the Pitch?

06/08/12 - The Friggin Five returns to discuss whether Miss USA is rigged, LInked in gets hacked, Rob needs a name for his twitter followers, The Mets throw a no-hitter and have a surprising Dickey plus your questions and comments!

06/01/12 - Rob and Nicole kick off June with another Friggin 5 to discuss the coming Zombie Apocalypse, A new show for Jeff and Jordan, Rob's interview with Vincent Pastore, Reaction to this week's Mad Men and the twitter feud between Dominic Monaghan and Matthew Fox.

05/25/12 - In the return of the Friggin Five, Rob and Nicole discuss the Idol Finale, Preview the Glass House, Discuss Bill Clinton's latest photo op, Guess Kim Spradlin's animal lookalikes and discuss Dan Harmon leaving Community.

10/05/11 - Our favorite reality stars are traveling the globe from Jenna and Ethan on The Amazing Race, Snooki and the Jersey Shore Gang in Italy and Parvati and Boston Rob are going around the world.

09/27/11 - Rob and Nicole are back with another Friggin 5 talking about Jenna and Ethan on the Amazing Race, Snooki wild week with her boyfriend on Jersey Shore, The Rob Has a Podcast Internship, Parvati's Surgery and your questions on Rob Has a Podcast.

08/31/11 - The Friggin 5 is back to cover the drama caused by Shelly in the Big Brother house, The Situation getting beat up by a wall, Rupert's potential run for Governor of Indiana, Matthew Fox hitting the bottle and a woman and your comments.

08/17/11 - The Friggin 5 makes a triumphant return to talk about the latest from Big Brother, Jersey Shore, and which Survivor contestant is allegedly dating Lindsay Lohan... all on the Friggin 5.

07/18/11 - Rob and Nicole are back with a Friggin 5 covering Reality TV's emmy nominations, Parvati's adventure around the world, Carmaggedon, the latest Weiner scandal, your comments and much more on Rob Has a Podcast.

07/04/11 - It's the fourth of July and Rob and Nicole are back with 5 new segments of fun - Find out about Jeff Probst's new talk show, the new cast of Big Brother, Shannon Elkins' thoughts on the Bachelorette, a review of Love in the Wild, Chris Hanson-gate, Rupert's New casino game and much, much more.

06/10/11 - Rob and Nicole are back once again with a Friggin 5 to discuss: Survivor 23 rumors, Sugar Kiper on Celebrity Rehab, The Ultimate Murlonio, The Bachelorette, Teen Wolf, Nicole's medical advice, Anthony Weiner, Mad Libs & more

06/03/11 - The Friggin 5 is back as Rob Cesternino and Nicole cover the latest 5 topics including: Jeff Probst posting on Survivor Sucks, Summer TV Shows, Anthony Weiner's Weiner, The latest Jersey Shore Drama and Your Comments.

01/04/11 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole are back with an all-new Friggin 5 breaking down the newest season of Jersey Shore, the Jets, crappy reality shows, 2011 movies and much, much more on Rob Has a Podcast!

12/19/10 - Rob and Nicole and attempt another carcast and this time it's a Holiday Edition of Friggin 5. Listen to Rob and Nicole drive as they talk about movies and the holidays on Rob Has a Podcast.

12/08/10 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole present their first ever "Friggin 5" of the 5 topics they want to talk about starting with the season finale of "The Walking Dead" on AMC. Check out what made the rest of the list on a Friggin 5 Edition of "Rob Has a Podcast"