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Celebrity Apprentice 2012

05/21/12 - Now that the dust has settled on Celebrity Apprentice and Arsenio Hall has won, did the right person win? Rob breaks down why he thinks Arsenio won over Clay Aiken with Celebrity Apprentice blogger Jordan Kalish on our Celebrity Apprentice finale podcast.

05/18/12 - Jordan Kalish is back to give us a preview of the Celebrity Apprentice Final Two, Clay and Arsenio and breaks down the results from this week's Celebrity Apprentice draft.

Rob Cesternino talks with Celebrity Apprentice enthusiast Ryan Pappolla about this weeks Celebrity Apprentice Episode which saw the final five trimmed to three after the firing of New Jersey Housewife Teresa Guidice and Lisa Lampanelli. Teresa was fired as the losing project manager this week and Lisa was fired after John Rich and Marlee Matlin (the finalists from last year's Celebrity Apprentice) returned to give an interview... which apparently Lisa did not do well at. […] Read More

04/04/12 - Rob's Celebrity Apprentice blogger Jordan Kalish is back with his latest thoughts on this weeks show. Upon further review, Jordan thinks that instead of Dayana Mendoza, the person who should have been fired should have been Good Sam.

04/30/12 - After weeks of being at each other's throats in the game, LIsa Lampanelli vs. Dayana Mendoza finally came to a head this week as Dayana was fired by Mr. Trump. Rob Cesternino is joined by Jordan Kalish to discuss the fallout from Diana's firing and who will win The Celebrity Apprentice

04/23/12 - The greatest Survivor writer of all-time, Mario Lanza, joins Rob Cesternino to discuss his thoughts of this week's Celebrity Apprentice episode. This week the teams had to create a Macy's in store display for Donald Trump

04/18/12 - This week Teresa Giudice emerged as Jordan Kalish's MVP this week after demonstrating her terrible improvisational skills. Jordan explains exactly is in the running for the least smart person on Reality TV right now.

04/15/12 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down the latest edition of Celebrity Apprentice and debate whether or not American Chopper, Paul Teutul Sr. should have been fired for losing the puppet show challenge. Plus, we take sides in the feud between Lisa Lampanelli and Dayana Mendoza.

04/13/12 - Rob's Celebrity Apprentice blogger, Jordan Kalish is back with a very fake interview with the latest person fired from Celebrity Apprentice, Lou Ferrigno. Check out Jordan's interview and his MVP's from the latest Celebrity Apprentice

04/08/12 - Rob Cesternino and Nicole break down the latest episode of the Celebrity Apprentice featuring the big fights between Lisa Lampanelli and Lou Ferrigno in the task. We discuss whether Lou deserved to get fired in a Celebrity Apprentice podcast.