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10/28/13 - In this quick update, Rob discusses the two nominations for Rob Has a Podcast at 2013 Podcast Awards and what is in store if we win.

06/14/12 - This Sunday will mark the first Father's Day since my Dad passed away in December. As a tribute, I'm sharing the last conversation that I ever had with my Father, Dennis Cesternino.

11/25/12 - Notorious Denise Stapley fan and sometime Survivor guest-blogger, Glenn Holford, finally unleashes some fury! Also enclosed: a brief farewell bromance for Pete Yurkowski!

08/31/12 - Big Brother Blogger, @TheeSoopNazee is back to take a look at the week in Big Brother which focuses on Dan becoming Master of his Domain once again.

08/15/12 - Chris Bukowski was no stranger to drama on The Bachelorette and now he has three women vying for his love on Bachelor Pad. Bachelor Pad blogger, Jessica Frey tries to make sense of what Chris is up to do in a guest post.

06/27/12 - Our Bachelorette blogger, Parasocial Dude is back to give his thoughts on the final four guys left for Emily to choose from on The Bachelorette

06/28/12 - This summer 17 listeners of Rob has a Podcast got together and played an intricate Survivor Online Reality Game with each other. While the game was played out in virtual conditions, the Survivor game itself was very real filled with alliance, back stabs and all excitement.

06/12/12 - Our Bachelorette blogger, Parasocial Dude is back to compare Emily's remaining suitors to characters created by William Shakespeare.

06/11/12 - If you never saw The Real Housewives of New Jersey before seeing the Celebrity Apprentice, you probably wondered what all of the fuss was about Teresa Guidice. Rob Has a Podcast blogger, Zeke Smith, now explains everything you ever wanted to know about Teresa Guidice.

05/29/12 - Bachelorette Blogger, Parasocial Dude is back to review all of Emily's kisses from week three of the Bachelorette and reveal which of the kisses was the fairest of them all.