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It Still Hurts: Brenda Lowe’s Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview

Brenda Lowe speaks in her Survivor Caramoan Exit Interview on Rob Has a Podcast

Brenda speaks about the Highs and the Lowes of Survivor

Listen to the Podcast:

After last night’s gut-wrenching episode, Rob welcomes Brenda Lowe, who got voted out on Survivor. In Brenda’s exit interview, Rob asks her about her feeling about last night’s betrayal, the strategy in the game and the differences between this Brenda and the Brenda from Survivor Nicaragua.

Rob starts out by asking Brenda about her feeling about the betrayal by Dawn last night and if it hurt any less last night than when it actually happened?

Rob brings up the twist on the reward challenge and asks Brenda if she thought it was fair that she was put in the position of having to choose who got to spend time with their loved ones. Going back to when Brenda saved Dawn’s retainer from the water, is Brenda sorry that she did that for Dawn? Will Brenda help Dawn find her retainer if she loses it again?

In the immunity challenge, Brenda decided to let Dawn win immunity. Was that a mistake to not try and go for immunity at final 6 or does Brenda still think that was a good decision.Rob is interested in knowing whether Brenda ever thought to target Cochran in the game since it seems like nobody is ever coming after him.

When Brenda’s Dad came to visit, Brenda remarked that her dad told her to remember to “be humble” during the game. How much did that change the way she played on Survivor Caramoan from the Brenda we saw in Survivor Nicaragua.

Brenda looked to have a knee injury during most of the game. Rob asked about what happened to Brenda’s knee and if it was finally starting to feel better during the game. Finally, Rob asks Brenda if there is anything she wants to let her fans know after watching last night’s show.

Watch Last Night’s Survivor Know-It-Alls:

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  • Alex

    Brenda is a disgusting and disgraceful human being, Dawn was just playing a game.

  • Tom Polite

    On one hand I feel bad for Brenda and on the other not at all. She didn’t play a great game and I’m not surprised she went when she did. She hadn’t made a move yet and didn’t make one in time.

  • apollo Rising

    To: Alex Gomory Keisler: You’re obviously a misogynist who will not say anything kind about intelligent, strong, beautiful and sexy women like Brenda who is beautiful both inside and out. Because a rather homely looking man like you doesn’t have opportunities to date beautiful, sexy women such as Brenda you choose to tear them down. You reject them before they can reject you because you know you don’t stand a chance. Guys like you are frightening because in secret you desire these women and have perverse thoughts about them. You’re a twisted sexual predator who is capable of attacking and harming attractive vulnerable women because you feel so inferior. I would expect to see someone like you convicted of heinous, violent crimes against women. It’s vey obvious you have serious problems and need help. I hope you get the help you need and don’t harm anyone in the mean time.

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