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BAKER’S DOZEN: The Game of Shadows

We need to talk about the people we weren’t talking about, the castaways who weren’t getting confessionals, the players who are out there for just as many hours as the rest of ‘em, only they’re not getting camera time. In Book VII of The Republic, ancient Greek philosopher Plato imagines a conversation between his brother Glaucon and his teacher Socrates which outlines an analogy for human existence: Most of us are chained in a cave while shadows – cast by objects moving in front of the fire of “truth” – move on the blank wall in front of us. We can’t directly witness reality; all we can see are the flickering images of truth distorted by the process of projection. Only a philosopher, freed from her shackles, is able to perceive truth by looking right into the heart of the fire.

SurvivorSurvivor Caramoan

INDIVIDUAL GAMES: Even Troubled Waters “Gota” be Bridged

This week we see that the social game on both tribes has not so much cracks but gaping fissures. What's wrong with Bikal besides Brandon, who's playing the best game on Gota, and when did we start failing the Bechdel Test? The lesson we should be taking away from this week's episode of Survivor is that the social game is harder than you think it is.

Survivor Caramoan

Baker’s Dozen: Why Everything You Think About the Survivor Premiere is Wrong

As The Contrarian, I am going to use this Baker’s Dozen to disagree with a fair number of the post-premiere prevailing opinions as well as make arguments which you’ll be inclined to dismiss out of hand. I promise you, though, that my opinions and observations are not as foolish as they might at first seem…

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Amazing Race Recap: Was Bora Bora Boring Boring?

The Amazing Race is back, and with it blogger Jessica Liese, who breaks down a slightly blah first leg and throws down predictions for next week. As happy as I am that The Amazing Race is finally back on, if we're being completely honest, this first leg in Bora Bora was a little Boring Boring. It isn't the first time the show has started with a whimper rather than a bang – in fact, this seems to happen more often than not. (One season, the Race tried to do a two-hour premiere and spent practically the entire first hour cruising around on the LAX parking shuttle. Scintillating stuff.) With 11 teams to keep track of, nobody gets enough screen time, and everyone is adjusting to both the intense travel and the cameras that are constantly in their faces. It typically takes a few days for teams to forget they're being filmed and let their true personalities out.