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“America’s Player” Eric Stein on Daniele Donato’s Big Brother Game

Eric Stein and Daniele Donato from Big Brother

Eric Stein on his former Big Brother adversary, Daniele Donato

Rob Has a Billy Madison Podcast with Eric Stein

Click to hear the infamous BILLY MADISON podacst with Eric Stein.

On Big Brother 8, America’s Player Eric Stein and Daniele Donato were rivals competing against each other to win the $500,000 prize. Now Eric and Daniel are good friends and Eric checks in to Rob has a Podcast to speak with Rob Cesternino about his thoughts on Daniele’s game in Big Brother 13.

– What does Eric think of Daniele’s game so far? What did Eric say may have been the cause for Daniele’s decision to try to get Brendon and Rachel to backdoor Jeff Schroeder in the third week of the show?

– Does Eric think Daniele’s relationship with Dominic Briones was a good thing or a bad thing for Daniele’s game?

– Who does Eric Stein think might be the greatest Big Brother player of all time?

– What did Eric have to say about the cast of newbies on this season of Big Brother. What trait do all the newbies that stayed in the house all seem to have according to Rob?

– What do Eric and Rob think are the best ways to get ahead in the Big Brother game?

– What does Eric think of Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan? Plus, what did Rob and Eric make of seeing Shelly’s meltdown this week and her phone call to her husband?

– What is Eric’s explanation for all of the items that have suddenly gone missing in the Big Brother house?

– Why does Rob think that Eric Stein has a very good chance to date Porsche Briggs in the next few months following the end of Big Brother 13?

It’s a Big Brother podcast that’s so good, you’d definitely do that for a dollar… it’s Rob Has a Podcast.

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Rob Cesternino

Rob Cesternino is a two-time Survivor player and reality TV aficionado. Rob gives his thoughts on his favorite Reality TV shows as the host of "Rob Has a Podcast" More From Rob Cesternino »

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  • Eric needs to be brought back on big brother, he was the best and didn’t even get to play for himself the first time.

    • Guest

      i think eric is a shoe in for the next all stars. if nothing else, grodner owes him. who knows maybe he will get a couple rigs thrown his way

  • “Cuz I disparaged her on numerous ocassions!”

  • Will Olsen

    Ok Rob. Cough it up, what’s your Words With Friends name?

  • Will Olsen

    The Season 2 Smokers hatef each other

    • Will Olsen


  • Grodner should have made Jessica America’s player and had that Ben kid from Carmen San Diego be Eric’s secret rival. 

  • Avsfan192

    Is Eric Canadian?!?!?!? That would be awesome

  • Will Olsen

    I just watched Eric on WITWICS, and that might need its own mini-cast. Hilarious. I wonder if he still has any of his prizes.

    • Michael

      Eric was robbed! He’s the best Carmen San Diego player of all time! The game is flawed!

  • Avsfan192

    LOL Eric Stein the CM Punk of reality TV. CM Punk is awesome BTW.

  • Michael

    Eric just became my favorite person on the planet for saying what he said about the winners. I’ve been arguing for Sandra, Amber, Natalie, Vecepia, and other under the radar reality tv winners for the longest time. The point is to get to the end and get the votes, not to make big moves and win challenges. The money goes to who does the former. That’s why Natalie W. is better than Russell, Amber was better in All Stars than Rob, Sandra is the best Survivor player ever, and Jordan will be the best Big Brother player ever if she wins again. I’m so glad someone else says it besides just me.

    • Matt

      I agree with that point to some extent, I have always thought Sandra and V get the shaft by history due to how they played (anyone that wins should be given a lot of credit, no matter how they did it), but at the same time, Jordan could win the game 100 times in a row and I’d still say that Dr. Will was the greatest big brother player of all time. As awesome as his performance already was when he won BB2 (which alone was enough to put him at least tied with Dan’s performance in BB10), the number he did on Janelle(a top 10 all time big brother player in her own right) in BB7 is still unbelievable to this day.
      He convinced her to go against her friends and make a bunch of moves that helped him and Boogie, while sabotaging her own alliance, which turned the entire house(her alliance, as well as the floaters she was nominating in place of Chilltown) against Janelle, which in turn always kept the target off of Chilltown and on Janelle, forcing her even deeper into their grip because she needed Chilltown to keep her safe (and the beauty, of course, is that she only needed them to keep her safe because Will talked her into torpedoing her own game and alliance), and they were still basically aligned with Janelle the entire time while they were taking advantage of her insane challenge skills to make it look like Will and Boogie really wanted her out the whole time.
      If either his veto key didn’t get stuck at final 5, or heck, if he didn’t have a girlfriend that he was worried about betraying, he could have kept Janelle company until the veto ceremony so she didn’t have time for girl-talk with Erika, he probably would have won that game as well, while coming in with a bigger target on his back than Richard Hatch had in All-Stars. The game Will played in All-Stars, with the deck as stacked against him as it was, with a pre-formed power alliance(that won the first 4 HOHs), with his status as both the only former winner and also the most notorious, deceitful, untrustworthy player in Big Brother history, is nothing short of magnificent. But you’re right, doing what I just described is definitely equal in terms of skill to sitting around being nice to people and letting Jeff get his hands dirty and do everything for you. Don’t get me wrong, there is a skill to being Amber or Natalie or Jordan, but I’m still going to say there’s more skill in doing what Dr. Will or Heidik or Todd did.
      As a sabermatrician, it’s hard for me to argue against larger sample sizes, but to me, the stats don’t correlate in larger sample sizes as well as they do in baseball, since a hit is a hit is a hit. In reality TV, if you play aggressively, it puts a bigger target on your back the next time you play, but to me, that shouldn’t factor into it, as the goal is to play to win the game the first time, and just because the way you played puts a bigger target on you when you come back the second time, to me, that shouldn’t factor into how one judges your overall performance, and if you happen to do well again when you come back with a big target on your back(ala Will in BB7 or Parvati in HvsV), I give you significant bonus points, but I personally can’t hold it against Fireman Tom or Rob C that their first
      games largely dictated how they would do the second time around. Not to mention that the stats are even more corrupted when taking into account half-All-Star seasons where people play like sycophants, basically rooting for Stephenie or Jordeff or Boston Rob to win. Or you might even get a pre-formed alliance like the Micronesia alliance in S20, or JJBR in BB 13, or Season Six in BB All Stars). The purest assessment of performance to me is how you would do if you played a game where no one knew who you were each time.
      The other thing I’ll say is that it’s unfair to compare Sandra and V to Jordan and Amber. Coattail riding only works if you have someone with a nice tailed-coat. What Sandra and Vecepia do can works any time regardless of whether Jeff, Rob, or Russell are there.

  • Michael

    Rob’s Jordan impression (at about 1:48:52) is exactly the same as his Russell impression.

  • Amy

    I think the reason Dani is so involved in the idea that the game is big moves is that that’s why she lost in BB8- Dick was the big over-the-top character and Dani was doing the quieter things, and that’s part of why Dick smoked her.

    As for the fast-forward, I think it appeals to people who don’t give a damn about what I think are the most fun parts of watching BB.

    Eric’s analysis is spot-fucking-on, and not just because I’m blindly Team Dani. (Although, admittedly, that helps.) Also, I’m single and from NYC and in the rigiht age range, but sadly, Eric’s out of my league.

  • Cjfast11

    LMAO at eric on carmen sandiego. he hasnt changed a bit. he is my favorite bb player of all time and i hope he comes back for a future season so he can finally play his real game.

  • marcojay

    Jeff screwed up by trying to backdoor dani and not straight up nominate her (which I am happy about being a Dani fan) now Dani has a chance at not losing an ally. If she wins the veto and takes Kalia off the block, Jeff will probably put up Adam as a pawn, then Porsche just needs to reconnect with Rachel and get (maybe using a little guilt about being the only one to vote to keep Brendon the first time) her vote. THen it’s 3-2 and Adam’s gone.  

  • Epuni

    One of the funniest podcasts ever.  Eric is so awesome.  I hope he makes it onto All Stars 2.

  • Rob, taking away cigarettes from the smokers sounds like a good idea on paper but let me tell you that in practice it makes the live feeds almost unwatchable since 99% of the discussion after that is about cigarettes. They’ve done that in various degrees over here in the Finnish version of the show and it’s just horrible. We’ve had maybe one nice meltdown over that, yes, but the other endless hours of whining that it has also created have by no means been worth it.

  • Bunnie Lebowski

    In follow up to Eric wondering what marketable skills he has for a job… He would be a GREAT Jewish Beard! Jewish women with the stereotypical mother who wants her daughter to date/marry a “good Jewish boy” would hire Eric to accompany them to a family gathering, such as a Shabbat dinner. This would then get the nagging mother off her back for at least a few weeks on the topic of why she doesn’t date Jewish guys.
    Rob, next time you talk to Eric perhaps you could suggest this. If he needs guidance on the process, there is a good Seinfeld episode out there about it.

  • Monica

    Wonderful podcast.  You and Eric have great Banter.   We want MORE. 

  • Dr Will Hatch

    Maybe seasons with returning players are cast to favor the veterans because of the bad taste in left in everyone’s mouths during Survivor: All Stars when winners and big threats were targeted early. That’s what everyone hated about ASS, right?

    Oh, and this cements Eric as the funniest guest ever.

  • MattBroady

    Any chance Celebrity Big Brother UK may be covered in future podcasts? I have a feeling it will be a lot more interesting than BB13 after this week is over…..

  • Jodi

    How has no one responded to Eric’s plea for a date!   
    I can’t believe that no one responded after the Saved By The Bell podcast, and still not after the Billy Madison podcast (both of which I listened to till the end!)  So I just had to respond this time!  Eric is one of my favorite BB players!  He is hilarious and totally got screwed out of playing his own game on BB8!  When the two of you podcast together, I can’t stop laughing.   
    I’ve been listening to Rob Has a Podcast for over a year now and love every episode.  Even the not so great car-casts keep me entertained.  Nicole is awesome and I miss her when she doesn’t join you. 
    Anyway, back to my “application” for a date with Eric…  I am a nice Jewish girl originally from Long Island, now living in Manhattan.  I am 31 years old, not that tall at 5’4 (and a half) and think Eric and I would have a great time on a date.  We definitely have a lot in common, although, I am employed.  It sounds like we watch most of the same TV shows, and both like our independence… I wouldn’t mind Eric disappearing for weeks at a time (well maybe not weeks, but days at a time is cool…).    In the battle of Shampoo vs. Conditioner, I totally agree that Shampoo is better.  And, for some reason, even though my guy friends have done despicable things, I still love them and can laugh about it!
    So hook this up!  If it doesn’t turn into a love connection, I’m sure we’d at least have a fun time and a good laugh!

  • Blue Duck

    Dani should start telling Rachel about all the things she’s gonna do to Brendan if they’re in the jury house all alone together.

  • I was a big jeff and jordin fan during bb11, as everyone was I think (and most ppl still are juding from jokers).  But i must say I really can not stand Jeff anymore.  His whole game is that he is going to yell, threaten and intimidate anyone who wants to nominate him or talk about nominating him.  What a tool,  can you not have any better strategy then bullying women?  He thinks everyone should just hand him the game, and it looks like they are on their way to do that.  I really hope something changes this week or the rest of the season is going to be awful.

  • Michael R

    I think we need to stop all trashing of Shelly right now.  She is actually trying to campaign to save Daniele because she knows she has no shot to win staying with Jeff/Jordan and Rachel but Adam REFUSES to budge at all.  He is the one who should get all of the scorn from Big Brother fans.  He is completely useless.  I can’t wait until he gets back to the real world and finds out how he is not beloved by the BB fanbase but rather is universally despised.

    • Mike

      I definitely agree that the hate on Shelly has gone way too far, but at the same time, I feel like Rob acknowledged that the week that she screwed up Kalia’s head when she was HOH, and now the Shelly voice is primarily just for entertainment purposes. Also, I’d say the diary room probably wants to keep Daniele more than Shelly herself does, because honestly, even if you’re a Daniele hater you have to think that the season is going to be REALLY boring if Dani goes. It’s just 6+ week long Jordeff coronation without Dani given that every non-Shelly newbie is worthless(especially Adam… Evel Dick is your favorite player and you play this much like a pussy? Really?), and Rachel has no real friends left.

  • Tarapacatte

    What does PT mean re: Dom’s nickname?

  • David Martinez

    OMG the Survivor Cast is up and the new returning players are Ozzy nd “Coach.” I dont like Ozzy that much but i kinda am a “Coach” fan. When will u do a Survivor South Pacific Preview?

  • Jane

    Sorry to see you are spending so much time on Dick’s show.. Your podcast is so, so much more intelligent and enjoyable.

  • George

    Big Jeff went out throwing a tantrum like a little man, standard.

  • Daniele getting evicted is just as heart-breaking as Eric losing on Carmen San diego.

  • Curt Clark

    So…if the jury started at F10…does that mean we potentially have a Final Three, with 7 jurors?  Or are they going to do Final Two, 8 jurors…and America casts a vote? Or…something else?

  • HAHA…. comments on smokers was hilarious…. “more promiscuous women”  “stained teeth”  haha… love it.

  • I absolutely agree that Porsche is playing a VERY under-rated game.  Same with Jordan.

  • Eric… if you’re “retired” how did you swing this? does your family come from money or something?  or did you hit the lottery? you get lucky in the market?

  • I agree 100% with you guys… the Fast Forward is a HORRIBLE twist… its totally unfair. it was neat the first time or two…. but now 6 seasons in a row seeing it unfairly evict players that normally wouldnt be evicted it needs to be retired.

  • If you do a Big Brother edition of the “best players as voted by the fans” podcast… PLEASE limit it to Top-10 (versus a top 20)…. with less seasons (with each season have less players than SURVIVOR), coming up with 20 players would be a stretch at best… a top 10 works though.

  • This is one of the best podcasts ever in my opinion… Eric was very insightful & interesting… I feel bad that the guy cant get laid… Eric, if you happen to come into town (Buffalo) for the Bills/Jets game on Nov 6th… I can either hook you up with a sympathetic friend or take you up north to Canada and get you laid by a hooker.  Let me know ….

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