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RHAP Exit Interview with 6th Member of the BB18 Jury

RHAP gets more of our Big Brother 18 questions answered by the sixth jury member of CBS’s Big Brother 18 on September 10, 2016. Stay tuned to RHAP for more exclusive BB18 content and exit press as the season continues!

Question & Answer with the 6th Jury Member of Big Brother 18, Natalie Negrotti

RHAP: If James isn’t in the Final 2, who would you like to see win the game and why?

Natalie: I would like to see Nicole and Victor go far. Nicole, because she played a really hard game and she was able to conceal her tracks. I also want to see a woman win this game. Most times this game is won by men so it would be refreshing to see a girl win. Victor is a competition beast and has won his way back in twice. He is a great competitor and I respect his drive to win comps.


RHAP: What were the biggest factors in convincing you and Michelle to target Victor and Paul the week you won co-HOH?

Natalie: The biggest factors that influenced us were that they were the biggest threats in the house. We wanted to make a really big game move and get one of the biggest threats out and it would have honestly been better for the whole house moving forward because one of the biggest threats was out. We were thinking long term, not short term and we were willing to take that risk. We caught Paul in a lot of lies too. He was fine sabotaging people. That is not a game I would play.


RHAP: Why do you think the house ultimately decided to evict you over James?

Natalie: I mean I did betray Paul and Victor. I got really close with Michelle. I also think that I was a big threat. I started winning or almost winning comps so I think people got nervous. They realized I wasn’t as ditzy and dumb as I portrayed myself to be. They realized I was a big threat to them.


RHAP: Should James try to work with Nicole & Corey or Victor & Paul now? Why?

Natalie: James should do whatever he feels is right for his game. I do think that if he works with Corey and Nicole that would be a smart decision. I also think he can work with Victor because Vic can be very loyal. If Paul gets taken out it can be two against two. At the end of the day, I know James will do what is best for his game.


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